Western Fantasy
Silver Strings
Shangguan Xianche, a Chinese-British hybrid, is a member of the Gullie family.
His memory was blocked due to the crime of killing his brother two hundred years ago, and his memory fell into reincarnation.
His real name is Greaveldo Xian.
He was born in a musical family, he was extremely fond of music.
He was cold on the outside and hot on the inside.
Before he met Lan Tang, he had a very bad attitude towards people, and was often called a young Satan by outsiders.
He was neglected by his family

Chapter 128   Chapter 128
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Adventure Tour
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The sky was covered with gray clouds, the rain kept falling, the rain kept passing across my face, and I walked forward step by step, without a goal. I just kept walking mechanically. There was a cool wind blowing in the distance, I couldn't help but stand in the cold, I slowly looked up and looked ahead, I walked quickly to a forest, looking from a distance, the forest was covered with a layer of rain, and it was almost dark. What's more, I don't know the name of this glommy forest, and I actua
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