Modern Cultivation
Soul Breaking Stars
There was a statue standing in the middle of the yard.
The statues were lined up in a row.
The statue is made of unknown materials.
This statue has been drenched by rain and blown by wind for a long time, and it didn't leave any traces.
The statue in the middle is carved by a scholar in Confucian clothes.
The long clothes float with indescribable grace.
Those eyes that have gone through vicissitudes of life are staring at the blue sky with unyielding eyes, as if the blue sky and the white clouds

Chapter 121   Chapter 121
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The Path of Cultivation
In this society, human resources became a very important source of energy after human cultivation. The energy of an ordinary light cultivator was enough for a thousand people to use in a day. Haifeng's company mainly provided services in this area. The employees in the company poured energy into a specific pipe and transmitted it to a particular factory. As long as it was processed simply, it could be used as a source of energy for the general public.
King of The Dao
Yue Fan, a 22-year-old young man with hundred of millions of assets, all this money was earned through hard work by himself. Thinking of his working experience in these years, YueFan felt a little ridiculous. Three years ago, Yue Fan was just an unemployed ordinary person.He had no parents since he was young. He grew up in an orphanage and later worked as a porter in a supermarket. He was eventually fired because he broke some expensive items. Since then, he has become a professional gambler, w
The Real Dragon Warrior
With a dull sound, the man went straight into the ground, leaving a hole in the ground with about a thickness of 10 meters. Two thick and long arms stretched out from the dark hole in the ground, and gently pressed on the ground, Xiahou's entire body jumped out with a dust. Only Wu Zhenjie can parachute in this way. He has reached the eighth rank of Xuanwu ninth turn, his body was stronger than diamond, and his defense and self-resilience were amazing.