Urban Romance
Love Blooms In The Wounds
When she was desperate, he rescued her like an angel, but what people couldn't imagine is that he was not the prince charming in her imagination and would save her, but he had other motives.
After knowing the truth, she kept telling herself to learn not to be distracted, to learn to treat to every action he gave.
However, she couldn't control her body and couldn't control the heart that was attracted to him...
In his gentle feeling, she could not help falling in love with him, but when all the t

Chapter 59   Chapter 59
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Scoundrel Met You
Winter is warm and sunny, and the time is quiet. Lai Yiyi was lying on the balcony basking in sun with his head resting on Yang Yifan's legs. "Oh, how could I meet you, a rogue." "Who are you talking about?" "A rogue is you. "Oh~" "Ah, Yang Yifan, you are a big rogue." "Then I'm a rogue, If I meet you, I will be content in this life.""Yang Yifan? " "Huh? Are you going to die? It seems that you are too comfortable!" "Ah, No!" Meeting you is my fate, and probably my calamity.
Transmigration: Unparalleled Beauty
After experiencing betrayal, I became the leader of Beggars Sect once I transmigrated. I waved my hand, and all the Beggars Sect's brothers would took action at the same time. If this person was outstanding to the point where everyone would be jealous of him. However, if she wanted to live a peaceful life, there would be people who would attack her everywhere. I, as a modern person, could be bullied by a bunch of uncivilized ancient people.What's going on? There are so many beautiful men. What a
Unbreakable Love
Wang Yuehua was a young woman with ideals and ambitions. She didn't want to live her life in poverty in the countryside, so she planned to start a new life in a big city. When she first arrived in a big city, she was enchanted by the red wine in a big city. Slowly, she began to live in a city. Her hometown gradually moved away. Her cousin came to a big city to look for her, and there was a gap with her that had never existed before. After Maqi arrived to the city, he began to work hard. He would
  TiexiaoWang Yuehua w