Strong Female Protagonist in Time Travel
The Fierce Female Trainer
In Lingyan Temple, the most famous thousand-year-old temple in Jiangning Prefecture, a woman in a red wedding dress is climbing the stairs with difficulty, and this woman is our heroine Xia Guo.
Xia Guo is not a person of this era, she is The youngest archaeologist in the twenty-first world, because he accidentally opened the ancient stone carvings, he thought that he would report to the King of Hell because this, but he did not expect that she did not die but transmigrated to a woman named Huan
Transmigration: Phoenix Dancing In The Nine Heavens
The man finally fainted, dragging his heavy body. In the haze, he seemed to have arrived at the clear and deep Moon Lake. The sun was bright and the reeds were hidden, the water was as flat as a mirror and the breeze came to send the fragnance of green grass.Snow-like petals drifted down from the pear tree beside the lake. They were gentle and graceful, and they unhurriedly sprinkled on the surface of the lake, causing faint ripples. Then, together with the lake, they quietly returned to silence
Evening Niang
"""Evening mother, I will never abandon you."" Open an eye from the coffin that instant, the ear still seems to be still echoing this sentence, small heavy male voice, taking magnetic sex appeal, but listening to it makes a person hit from the bottom of the heart chill. How strong is this woman's residual thoughts? The moment she regained consciousness, the memory fragments and resentment belonging to this body suddenly came over her like a mountain. It was too much for her to bear, and she almo
Phoenix Songs in Chaotic Times
A certain egg was thrown into another world with love by Grandpa God, and what she warmly welcomed was... war, a bloody war! Hardships and hardships are unforgettable! A beautiful man, a beautiful man who is so beautiful that there is no reason for it! Involved in the years of war, Jin Lin is not in the pool! Transform into a special strong woman, both civil and military! Overturning the mountains and rivers is brilliant and composing a world-shattering legend! The wind and clouds are throbbing