Eastern Fantasy
Management of Network Reincarnation
Xiao, who fought side by side with him, had an epiphany after the war and achieved the position of the ancestral god.
With the supreme divine power, the fragmentation of the place where the Huaxia people lived was avoided, but since then, the whereabouts of the gods or Chuanxiao have died or disappeared.
The realm of the gods cannot be without a master for a day.
Therefore, there will be those who have made outstanding achievements, the emperor of heaven, who is expected to return to the grand c
The Unconstrained Young Master
Haoyu's massive dragon body hovered in air, unlike the winged dragon that needed to flap its wings to fly. This was the difference in strength.The people on the ground looked up at Haoyu hovering in the sky.Wang Zi also opened his mouth wide in surprise. He never imagined that Haoyu's strength was so terrifying. He understood now that the skill that Hao Yu had just was really superficial. If Hao Yu wanted to kill he, then he would have already died and nothing would have left.
The Ancient Dao God
I was kind in the world but others were arrogant. I turned into a hooligan and devoured the blood sword.I killed the evil hooligan God and demons. I rebelled against the heaven. I was cold-blooded and angry, and blood flowed into rivers! The counterattack of waste wood, the rise of genius, when the foot reaches the peak, who will compete with each other in the world? Humans, elves, orcs, gods, demons. War, conspiracy, brotherhood, beauty. The same continent creates different brilliance, and let'
The Lord of The Universe
All this land under heaven belongs to the king, all the people are the king's servants.The world is so big that I don't know it's tens of millions of miles away.So far, noone dares to call himself the Lord of the world. Shangguan Yi is a son of a noble family and has a noble status. He is aspiring to compete in the world and become the leader of the world. He is above all the people. He is the leader of all the people.