I Want to Hold the World in My Hands

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Let My Mother Go!

"Open the door!
Open the door!" "Open the door right now!
Or I'll set fire to it!" There was a big man outside the door.
He shouted drunkly with a bottle in his hand.
"Leave him alone!
That b*stard made us so miserable!
Don't open the door!" A middle-aged woman said to her son.
"But he's going to set a fire!
Mom, I'll protect you no matter what!
I won't let that person hurt you anymore.
I've had enough of this life!" Liang Zhenwei, the second grade of senior high school this year, said.
The drunkard immediately panted, causing the iron door to tremble violently.
None of his neighbors dared to come forward to stop him.
This society had already been like this.
Without love, people's hearts would gradually fade away.
People respected people with high social status and high economic income.
On the contrary, poor people had low debts.
Her friends and relatives were like enemies, hiding far away and even turning a blind eye to being bullied and humiliated by others.
This time, she didn't need to kick him.
The drunkard stopped.
His mother held her son and cried bitterly.
Why would he marry such a man?
What had she done in her past life?
In the past ten years, he had been beaten up every day.
There were many big scars on his body.
With tears flowing down, he held his mother in his arms.
Her heart ached when she saw the many wounds on her mother's body.
Less than ten minutes later, the man was hit by a big hammer with a loud bang.
Bang!" His mother was shocked again.
Hiding in the room with Zhenwei in his arms, she dared not come out.
Now it was night.
At 9,o'clock in the evening, the loud noise aroused the curiosity of the neighbors nearby.
They stuck their heads out to have a look, only to see that it was the poor family again, and the news spread very frequently.
They were lazy and didn't pay attention to it at all.
These people used to be good neighbors.
Before they owed debts, they lived a very good life.
But ever since Mr.
Xu's business failed, he had been drinking all day and paying a lot of debts.
If he was in a bad mood, he would beat his wife and children with sticks.
Zhenwei's mother had even helped her father to settle some of his personal savings.
However, the debt was simply too huge.
She couldn't afford it at all.
As a result, the husband blamed her for not taking out more, and she even went to their parents' home and fought with them from time to time.
What was even more hateful was that he tore her mother's clothes at the entrance of the street and burned them in the street, but the crowd saw it but did not stop him.
For several times, her mother wanted to commit suicide, but she thought of her young self-control.
She could not swallow medicine for charcoal, nor could she swallow it.
Once she was found, she would be beaten by poison.
This kind of life was about to collapse.
Finally, in the middle of the dark blue paint, there was a large printed pattern on a large iron plate.
The iron gate with no key sticking out was broken on the outside of the iron railing.
The man smashed open the iron gate and rushed in.
He took the long-handled construction site and used his hammer to heavily knock on the door of the locked room.
There was another loud bang.
How could the wooden door withstand such destructive power and be smashed into a big hole in an instant, and then it was knocked open twice with a loud bang.
When the man saw the two hugging each other, he was so angry that he wanted to kill his wife with the hammer.
Zhenwei was shocked and rushed forward to grab his father's hammer.
From a young age, Zhen Wei had suffered a lot and had to be wary of his father's rudeness.
He had learned martial arts and fighting skills since a young age and came forward to grab his father's iron hammer.
With the other hand, he hit his father's right hand where he felt the pulse.
A huge pain came from his chest, and the violent father was knocked away by his might.
"Damnable unfilial son, if you dare to talk back to me, I'll beat you to death." After that, he gave a heavy slap on the face, hitting Zhenwei's cheek.
The force was so strong that it knocked Zhen Wei out heavily.
As soon as he finished his attack, he rushed to his weak wife on the ground and grabbed her hair.
He picked it up and punched directly on the bridge of his nose.
Instantly, blood gushed out of his nose.
He did not stop but continued to fight.
In a rage, Zhen Hui hit his fierce father with the big hammer on the ground.
Unexpectedly, the strong man turned around and grabbed the shovel directly.
Kicking at Liang Zhenwei, Liang Zhenwei saw that the other party was strong and grabbed the top of his head.
Liang Zhenwei let go of his father's kick and turned around to kick his wife.
Zhen Wei burst into tears and shouted, "Let my mother go!
You bad guy!" Hearing this, the man turned his head with anger and said, "Humph!
If I let your mother go, then who will let her go?" After that, he continued to kick her.
"You blame yourself on others.
You blamed yourself on us, so we have to hide from your debts everywhere.
You b*stard, how can you not blame others for your fault?" Zhenwei couldn't bear the abuse.
"I, XXXX, do you dare to say it again!
Say it again!" Before he finished his words, he rushed to Liang Zhenwei with an iron hammer.
The opponent was at least eighty-five, and very strong.
Although the power of the opponent was also one hundred and eighty, the opponent was not a fool who was not good at fighting at all.
He directly swept out the heavy bag.
Zhenwei's head was almost smashed.
Zhenwei hurriedly dodged.
This room was not very big.
It was only about the size of four square meters.
The dressing table was completely broken by a sweep.
The glass splashed, and Zhenwei's mother was still crouching on the ground hugging her head.
Her weak body couldn't tolerate the rudeness of the other party.
As soon as Zhen Wei dodged, he rushed to a sweeping leg, but his opponent directly smashed the hammer down.
Zhen Wei was scared and quickly withdrew his leg to avoid it.
At this time, Zhenwei's mother rushed forward and hugged her father.
"Please let us go" pleaded pitifully.
"Hmph, hmph, hmph!
If I let anyone of you off if I let me off, wouldn't my business fail?
If you didn't bring out the money, I would be full of debt." The man said fiercely.
"I gave you all my money.
What else do you want to do before you let go of us?" Her mother, with disheveled hair, continued to say with tears on her face.
XXX, X XI XXXX." The man continued to curse.
He grabbed his mother's hair with his right hand and pulled her hard.
He elbowed her face with his left hand and once again spat blood.
This time was no small matter.
Her mother suddenly lost consciousness and fell backward.
However, the man refused to give up.
He turned back and started to punch and kick again.
Seeing that the other party did not resist, he continued to beat him.
"Stop, stop!
What are you doing!
Let go!" Several policemen wearing yellow reflective vests and dark blue cap rushed in and caught the violent man.
Finally, someone called the police for help.
Five or six policemen rushed into the drunk man.
The other two police officers rushed forward to check the dying lady and immediately called an ambulance.
The drunkard continued to roar crazily.
He even injured a police officer, and it was difficult for five or six police officers to catch him.
One of the officers pulled out his short gun and aimed it at the air.
With a loud bang, he fired another shot at the drunkard's thigh.
A blood hole was created.
The drunkard fell onto the ground and was suppressed.
"Let me go!
Let me go!
This is my family business, what are you doing!
Get out of my way!" The drunk man was still struggling crazily.
Several neighbors couldn't hide their curiosity and came over to investigate.
They saw that the dark blue iron gate was broken and the indoor goods were scattered.
They saw several police officers were talking inside.
This was an old and connected apartment.
The pipes were exposed, and each of the neighbors lived in the row.
The lights were not strong or dim.
One or two of the failure rates flickered, and the floor was covered with mottled, rough grey slates.
Almost all the neighbors were dark blue or dark green external iron doors.
Only a few of them were white iron.
The corridor was small enough for two people to sit side by side, and both sides of the door were occupied.
Seeing that his furious father was subdued by the police, Zhen Wei rushed to his mother, who was lying on the ground, and cried bitterly in his arms.
Someone come to save mom!
Call the ambulance!" The overwhelming grief came from the ambulance.
The furious drunkard was handcuffed.
After decades of improvement, this kind of handcuffs had surpassed the technology of the past decades.
It was simply difficult for the tiny needle to be untied, and it was several times harder than the handcuffed decades ago.
Seeing that he had to take out his electric shock gun, the police officers snorted!
The tall and strong man fell to the ground several times and was taken to the police car by five or six policemen.
Soon after, the ambulance arrived.
Several medical staff rushed upstairs to carry the unconscious woman away, and Zhen Wei got on the pure white ambulance to the nearby hospital.
After entering the hospital, the medical staff quickly put the patient on the bed and rushed to the emergency room.
"Excuse me, are you the patient's family members?" "Yes!" "Excuse me, you are a patient." "My son." "I have some information here for you to help us fill in." "Okay." Zhenwei filled in the data following the nurse's instructions and answered some questions.
Then there was an anxious wait outside the door, walking back and forth with great anxiety.
After nearly two hours, the emergency room finally opened and the doctor came out.
"You can go in and see the patient, but remember not to affect the patient's emotions." "Doctor, how is my mother?
What's wrong with her?" Zhen Wei asked hurriedly.
This male doctor, wearing a large pair of short-sighted glasses and a white mask, looked like a 40-year-old middle-aged man in a green surgical robe and said, "There are many wounds in the body.
The biggest part is in the brain, and the brain is seriously hit and the skull bleeding.
We just made an emergency cut and removed the blood clot in the skull.
Don't let the patient have emotional ups and downs." "Won't it hurt the cranial nerves and cause the post-actional difficulties?" Zhen Wei continued to ask anxiously.
"I may suffer some inconveniences in action.
It's not life-threatening for now," the doctor said slowly.
Then the nurses pushed the patients out of the emergency area and sent them to the emergency area to stay.
"The room is currently full, and it may not be available until tomorrow," the nurse said slowly.
"Please tell me what kind of ward you want to take, which are generally four people's ward, three people's ward, double people's ward, or single high-level ward." "I want a double ward." "Okay, we should have a room at noon tomorrow.
Please wait until noon.
The hospital's costs and related medical expenses will be calculated when they are discharged from the hospital." "Okay." In fact, they had no money now to pay for the medical expenses, and they didn't even pay insurance.
The tuition was also based on the assistant school loan.
He barely managed to make a living by working, so he was able to sustain his daily normally thrifty lifestyle.
Now the home was broken and he couldn't move back home.
It seemed that he had to move again, and the landlord was no longer willing to let them continue living here.
How could he go there to bear a huge amount of medical expenses?
The next morning, a nurse brought breakfast.
She fed her mother, lying on the hospital bed, and chatted for a while.
They were all sighing about how hard they could live in the future.
With no income, debts, underground banks, bank debts, and more than 10,million debts, how could they return the debts?
Although this was his father's debt, his mother's policy was also blocked.
Even Zhenwei's account would be taken away as long as they paid for it.
They would be confiscated by the bank if they were just short of a payment.
At noon, a nurse in pink nurse's uniform came to inform them that the room was empty.
The nurse buttoned the drip and got on the bed.
Then she pushed the bed cart to the elevator, accompanied by Zhen Wei.
Seeing the nurse press the eighth floor, she slowly went up.
After a while, the elevator door opened and came to room 809.
Entering the room, he saw a wounded middle-aged man and his wife next door.
The middle-aged man's feet were crushed by the heavy vehicle and his bones were broken.
But obviously, he could eat on his own, so he ate the food in the lunch box and looked at Zhenwei.
She looked at her roommate who had just moved in and continued to eat and watch television.
The injured man was full and robust, and his belly was a little rough.
He ate with his fingers thick and thick calluses.
It seemed that he was a " nobleman on construction site"!
The nurse was very familiar with describing the things and decorations here, as well as changing the injection and changing the medicine at a fixed time.
As for Zhenwei, he would leave after taking medicine regularly and getting the antidote.
Then, he would continue to accompany his mother.
He didn't take leave today, and the final exam would be next week.
He had no time to prepare, and he didn't have the energy to prepare.
The doctor said that her mother's brain was damaged and it would be inconvenient to move, so he had to take care of her all the time.
Zhenwei was also very considerate and took care of her all the time.
Her mother also felt very pleased.
He didn't take leave or go to work this day, so he could only concentrate on taking care of his mother.
The next day, the teacher came to the hospital with his classmates and sent some flowers and fruit to comfort them.
Zhen Wei thanked his mother in a hurry.
Zhen Liang had been very independent since the middle period of the country.
He earned all the tuition fees by working and earning by himself, so he was much more mature than his peers at the same age.
Although he liked playing games, he did not have the right to reality.
He was also very good at earning some money through the game.
However, game, for him, was only a tool to make money, not an entertainment.
This world had already used virtual online games.
Even an instant strategy game like Llevel had already been used in virtual reality, so everyone now had a plug-in tool for the virtual world connection.
This ear-plate architect could connect anywhere.
As long as he could pay the phone fee, he could use it as long as he hung up on the ear.
It could be controlled by the mind, so it could be used at any time and any time.
Also, it could be used on the Internet to search for information.
In this era, even mobile phones were not used.
As long as it was a earring owner, it could do everything it wanted.
His ear-pendant version was called technical equipment January 25,which was produced by a big brand, but it was also bought by his classmates with second-hand.
It cost him more than 100,dollars.
If it was a brand new earphone, it would cost him at least seven hundred dollars, which was equivalent to twenty or thirty thousand dollars.
He couldn't afford it at all.
Recently, the students had been promoting the birth of new virtual world games.
In the past, many virtual games were outdated.
He didn't want to waste time on this game.
Even if he made virtual reality, the designers who made this game didn't have a new mind at all.
It was still the same as a hundred years ago.
It was just that the online game had become virtual, and it still would not last long.
Then the other players continued to look for the next game.
He continued to waste his time and spend money.
Soon, he would give up and find another game to play.
He kept circling the game.
The money he wasted could not be used at all.
The only way to earn money was to spend it and then stop playing this game.
Days ago, he had heard from his students that there was a new virtual game that was completely different from the past.
Everyone was looking forward to it.
It had been tested for more than three years and it was ready to work.
However, the idea of Zhenyuanzi was to say something about creation.
Hundreds of virtual games in the past had not said that they wanted to create a new one.
As a result, he didn't have much of a difference.
He was so tired of playing, it was hard to earn real money, and the currency kept falling wildly.
He couldn't save it at all.
Therefore, he directly gave up the business of making money by working in the game.
He could only work hard to maintain his family, and he also gave up the game.
Three days passed.
Zhen Wei had been taking care of his mother all this while.
He had always been worried about money, and now he had no work to do.
"He can't take care of his studies in school, and his mother's health is in distress.
She doesn't know what to do at all.
At that time, I can't pay the medical fees.
What should I do?" All day long, he had a worried look on his face.
Usually, Zhen Wei would take care of the baths in the bathroom for three days.
The couple by the side thought that the child was very filial.
Every once in a while, he would bring something for Zhen Wei to eat while praising him.
Zhen Wei was very happy with his mother, and their relationship was not bad.
Even though they had only known each other for two to three days, they still had to wait for about one o'clock this afternoon.
The lady next door asked Zhenwei what happened to her mother, but Zhenwei told her that her mother had made up a very realistic excuse in a car accident.
When the lady asked his father again, she suddenly saw Zhen Wei's serious expression.
Zhen Wei immediately realized that something was wrong and quickly changed his words to ask which school he came from.
"High school in the catchphrase!" "I've never heard of it in senior high school," the lady said doubtfully.
This high school was private and not that famous.
Of course, he had never heard of it before!
It was because he was a low-income household that there was a subsidy.
This special school tuition could be over one-third of the wages, so he had a chance to continue studying.
His mother hoped that he could go to college.
Moreover, to be able to graduate into a good university and become famous and find a good job, his grades were also very good.
They were all top three in the class.
He even often got the first place.
Zhen Wei had been working hard since he was young, and his family was poor.
He had nothing to ask for, but God had sealed his door and blocked his window.
Fortunately, he was given a smart mind.
He could read and respond quickly, and his mind was strong.
He had a good figure, a good height, and a good face, which was his only capital.
There was nothing else!
None of the girls he used to like rejected his family background.
Good friends used to treat his family's business as a bargain.
They were not really in a relationship.
None of his relatives treated him sincerely.
Except for his mother, since his father's business failed, he had to go out to work to pay debts.
And work was also full of problems.
They were often bullied, often looked down upon by those rich people at school, and often beaten up.
The reason was that those who had no money were not qualified to live at all.
They were these private obstinate alpha 393; their children always took him for fun.
Fortunately, during the summer holiday of his first year in high school, his strength soared by more than 20,centimeters, and he changed from a small body to a tall man in his twenties.
But this life of being bullied did not decrease.
Because he studied martial arts, defended himself, and fought in close quarters.
After the summer vacation of senior high school, he made a blockbuster, which made those scoundrels who took him for fun less teasing.
However, the other side also found more outsiders, as strong as they could, and as many people as they could fight, they had to fight more.
It was also because of this kind of life that Zhen Wei cultivated such a powerful combat fighting skill and agility.
His running speed was also different from ordinary people's.
There was only one good friend in school who was sincerely nice to him.
This person was called Xie Tianming.
Although this person came from a good family, he was still kind-hearted.
There were no enemies at school, but because of their good relationship with the town, they were often targeted.
However, he did not stay away from the town because of this.
This was the most touching thing in the school.
A few days ago, Tianming had been telling him the release of this new game.
It seemed to subvert all the old-toothed games in the past.
This game was called "The Legend of the New World".
It had been tested for many years and was finally open now.
Of course, he did not care about that, because his deep-rooted thoughts were also caused by these boring games.
He had no extra time to play games.
After class, he would work, and it would be late to go home after work.
At eleven or twelve o'clock, he should go home to read books.
When it was one or two o'clock, he would go to sleep.
He had no extra time to use because he had to get up at 5,o'clock in the morning to have breakfast and take a taxi at 6,o'clock.
This legend of a new world will be released next week.
This is not just the time for the mid-term exam, but Tianming said that he had been forced to go to check in.
Even though it would only be unproductive next week...
He had already decided on his ID, and he had no doubt chosen the Divine Dragon Horse of a long army after announcing his 20,to 30,professions.
And his ID said that he was a Dark Knight, Tian Zhan.
Every time he finished class, he would listen to it.
He excitedly said on the other side how interested this game was.
He had been talking about it for a whole month and he was almost bored to death.
He had to work every day, and then from time to time had to face his bad father, his debt owner, and all kinds of forced him to move for dozens of times.
Still, they couldn't escape this demon and those creditors.
They really were all-pervasive.