I Want to Hold the World in My Hands

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Why Does This Game Make Everyone Go Craz

However, this time, he was shocked to hear that the couple on the next bed actually mentioned this word.
The legends of a new world were extremely shocking.
Why did his Honor mention this virtual game online?
So he asked curiously, "May I ask what this game looks like?
Everyone seems to be having a crazy discussion." But the next moment, the injured middle-aged man said excitedly, "You don't know how many years I've been waiting for, but the virtual world of this Genesis has finally come into being." Breaking the thinking of all games, breaking the limits of all games, surpassing the technology of mankind, and even changing the future of mankind!" "What change to a human's future?" Looking at the excited middle-aged man, Zhen Wei guessed that this man should be in his fifties!
Not only that, but even her wife was so excited that she said that she had never played games in her life.
But this game attracted her deeply.
The reason was that Rohan could not understand.
Then, he heard the middle-aged man say what kind of profession he was playing.
What kind of profession was he playing?
Zhen Hui, the War God?
The woman also said that he was going to play the 'Light Imperial Guards'.
He couldn't understand it at all!
There were no other gamees like this that he had played in before.
They were warriors, Berserk Warriors, Magic Swordmen, and Shield Warriors.
Knights, mages, Priests, Assassins, and so on.
Of course, there were those who played with robots before.
But it seemed that their description was not the same!
So he curiously used the ear-pendant engine network to check.
It was the official website of the legendary system of the New World.
This website was luxurious to the extreme, and its administrative system was completely different from that of the general web.
It was so special!
Xiaofeng felt as if he had entered the game world and the official website was clear.
He entered the official website instead of the page type but the comprehensive 4D.
Although there were still many unclosed words, it was much better than the official sites of other virtual worlds.
Even the official website was so diligent and the company had never seen such a game.
No matter how careful and exquisite it was, it still lost to the official website of this game.
At first, he raised some interests.
He had never thought that there was such a game that could attract him so much, starting from this official website!
He saw a single character on the screen and said, "I'm sure the value of this game will never fall like other games." It could even become a part of each human's income and life!
It was a game beyond the game.
It made him crazy.
He thought, "How is it possible that a game won't have a spindle lag or a game surpassing the game?
What kind of game is this?" He continued to read.
Very few official website allowed him to read it for so long, even if he used to make money through it.
He continued to read the outline of the game.
According to the author's introduction, the author was said to be a very powerful scholar, and he had been on the top of the world since he was a student.
"She earns billions of dollars at such a young age.
What kind of person is she?" The most terrible thing was whether this author started from scratch or he started his business.
In the past, his family was also poor, so he didn't know if he had debts.
But what did it mean to earn billions of dollars in teens?
Zhenwei could only earn 20,000,yuan a month, and he couldn't earn 100,million yuan if he worked 24,hours a hundred years a year.
"It's ridiculous that he earned billions of dollars when he was at the same age as me!" He continued to read.
The author asked why he chose to develop the game and spent a lot of time developing this new world legend.
The reason was,"Change the current situation of humanity!
Ask a hundred people to play games, study, and work hard, which one would you choose?" The answer was that 90% of the players chose to play games.
Why did everyone choose to play games?
Because playing games could make people forget the pain and pressure of real life!
Why did those bad students recognized by the universities not know how to study?
He couldn't even answer some of the simplest questions, but when he played games, he could quickly explain the questions that were tens of times more difficult than these questions in detail.
These barrier tasks couldn't even be solved by the author himself!
He would always be the best in the university, and there were no problems for him to defeat.
But there were many obstacles in the game that he could not answer!
And these students who claimed that they could not study could actually analyze it so thoroughly!
Therefore, he began to study books and read a lot of related books.
He found that there were many reasons why these people didn't like reading books.
For example, family background, economic factor, school classmates, school style, school style, The resources of the university, the teachers of the school, the pressure of parents, the problems of teaching materials, and so on.
There were thousands of reasons, but these people were sent through the game to vent their pressure and fear.
So it's very difficult for the author to answer these very simple questions, but these difficult customs tasks can't be solved by the author, and the other party can actually solve them!" The author began to think deeply.
If studying was used in the game, then how terrifying the matter would be without him realizing it and becoming a top character?
Growing up in happiness!
In fact, when the author was studying, he tried to turn these complicated numbers and characters into funny phenomena.
Small general points turned into the track to study racing.
It could also calculate the output output of energy, and it could reduce tire wear and tear!
This was the concept of game!
Although there were many people who had this idea in this world, the game they played was still bad!
They didn't even want to play it, so how could they study?
In addition, because of the gap between the teacher and the student, the gap between parents and children, the teacher did not know what the student was thinking, and the parents did not know what to talk about with children.
Only Niannian talked and did not interact with him.
She watched the child hiding in the door all day.
There was nothing to talk about, which led to the alienation between adults and children.
This caused children to lack the filial piety to their parents, and even gave birth to many social events.
But if this game came into being for the first time, Breaking the thoughts of the teacher and his parents not playing games, he began to interact with the child and changed the way the student went to the school.
The teacher also understood the student's thoughts.
He could even play with the students and talk about his homework with them.
His parents knew about children at home and could interact with them in the game.
He could even have a meal.
This was not equal to solving thousands of social events.
He learned a lot of knowledge unconsciously and happily in the game.
Without knowing it, he became more powerful and more knowledgeable, and he could also get the thrill of the game, indirectly changing the life model of human beings and making society better.
Players were given various positive ideas and energy in the game to improve their mental level.
The top managers of the major companies and businessmen were busy dealing with official business all day long.
There was no time for him to improve his spirit.
It wasn't that he didn't want to, it was that he didn't have the spirit and time, and there was no time for children to discipline him.
Now there were so many drugs.
It was not because they wanted to take drugs, but because they couldn't find a way to satisfy themselves.
He used the stupidest method to take drugs to improve his mental level.
He fell into depravity because he couldn't find his target.
Because of this principle, he created them frantically.
The author of this game wanted to contribute his own strength to society.
He wanted mankind to be better.
More people and even the weak populations would come to help them through the game.
The author began to play the game crazily and played all the major games in the world, but found that these games seemed to be unable to let him play for a long time.
And he couldn't learn too many things, wasting time and money.
In the end, he decided to do his own game, observe the views of the world's game, create a unique thinking, and create an unprecedented shock!
The more people looked at the awe-inspiring building, the hotter they became.
How could just the simple view of it make them feel like they were about to collapse?
Her mother, who was looking at her son with wide eyes on the bed, asked curiously, but Zhenwei was completely caught in it and couldn't control his excitement.
He had also thought about this point of view!
He didn't expect that the author had the same thought as him!
This made him extremely excited.
No matter what, he was going to play this game!
He continued to read the introduction, "The reason why the game currency in the past was greatly reduced was that the major game companies did not have a supporting cannon to prevent this kind of romance from happening." Because most people wouldn't be able to think of these things.
Even the best engineer would be able to do the same, but the author is different.
He figured it out." Zhen Wei was completely attracted by these words, and he couldn't wait to look down.
"Because the game currency dropped sharply and the value of the game seems to drop sharply.
In the end, the majority of players were forced to leave the game to find a new target." This is one of the important factors in the game's final failure" "As things become more and more worthless, people will become less and less interesting.
What's the purpose of playing games?
If you lose the interest, it will be called a game." Watching this scene, Zhenwei frantically nodded his head.
The mother next to him was shocked.
Seeing her own son crazily nodding his head made her look like a fool!
As a result, the author of this place just kept him in suspense and deliberately did not explain, which made Zhenwei's crazy heart suddenly pour a basin of cold water.
He only said a string of words after that.
"As long as you come to play, you will find the goal of your life to become a top outstanding figure and find unprecedented pleasure, and continue to exist!" The couple next to him secretly laughed at the sight of the excitement.
This world-shocking giant product was definitely not as simple as it looked!
Zhenwei looked at the introduction of the game profession and found that there were more than 30,professions!
He was stunned!
He used to play the warrior type.
He only liked the thrill of close combat for warriors, but he saw that there were five or six types of warriors.
At the early stage of the warrior, the warrior needed to transfer his profession at the tenth level, and the type of transferring professions was the same.
In the future, "Swordman" would transfer to the job of Sword Emperor and Imperial Concubine Xiao.
In the future, Manic Warrior would transfer his profession to become a Fierce War God.
Through the second profession, he would be promoted to the highest level.
He could apply for special conditions to be promoted to Emperor Dao (Assassinists could also choose to be a wild warrior of the second profession) "Steel Shield Cross" transferred to Godly Shield General or Dragon Shield Marshal in the future.
In the future, 'Dragon Rider' would transfer to Dark Shadow Undead Knights or Sacred Dragon Knights.
"Demonic Swordman" transferred to Sword Devil Sword Demon Jugg Jugniang in the future.
"Soldier Special Combat Mercenaries" would transfer to Battle Machine Devils in the Future In the future, 'Swordsman' would become the Purgatory God of Swords (Swordsman of multiple blades and streams of swords) (I can use both blades, swords, sticks, and sticks.
A single blade, two blades, three blades, six blades (claws, and so on.), and even nine blades in total.
(Each hand could hold three blades with a pair of feet.) There were three kinds of professions for "Doushi Martial Arts Master" in the future,one was the title of the Flashing Sword of the sword system, one was the demon title of the wolf fist of the fist system, and the other was the king title of the divine spear of the spear system (Going through the very difficult transfer conditions).
"Doushi boxing hitman" transferred to flying shadow boxing overlord in the future.
Flying Shadow Fist King must pass through special training or special second profession to become the Fist King!
What's more, I'll see some other special things, such as how the little sister of Rinloran transferred to the Bloodthirsty Lord, the Mightful Cult Master, the Beast Trainer, and so on.
What's more, there were dancing Devils, dancing enchantress, rock and rock revolutionist, founding adviser of the empire, Farewell God of Zither, and so on!
I guess I didn't see it, but there are nearly 30,kinds of students who can be selected directly!
How satisfying!
Looking at these professions alone was enough to make him feel hot-blooded!
In the past, he would habitually choose close combats or Berserkers, but today he saw a new professional swordsman and swordsman!
This made him very interested.
With just a thought, he could go straight to the commentary.
All of them were voice explanations, and there were also animation explanations.
There was no need to work on reading them word by word.
He felt extremely relaxed.
These disabled people could even enter this world to play and change the appearance of the game.
Even doctors could point out disability and blindness as democracy through virtual reality.
In the past, those outdated virtual games were fine, let alone this one!
( parry,Not everyone in this game can get permission from the sect to transfer the profession successfully, so there are still a large number of players who have not transferred the sect successfully and are still working hard!) (or giving up original ideas to other sects and career, so many small sects will recruit new players.
As soon as they are eliminated by big sects, they will immediately send someone to negotiate and get the disciples.) In fact, this was also the sorrow of small sects.
They could only pick up the leftovers of big sects!
He clicked into the comment of the very first professional "Swordman" and saw that he would be a Sword King in the future.
It sounded very cool!
He saw a long sword on a powerful swordsman's waist and a huge sword on his back, which was so cool!
The light sword was as light as the wind but had no edge!
The fast sword was as fast as the lightning and slow as the thunder!
The thin sword pursued and assassinated, the huge sword destroyed the heaven and the earth, one fast and one slow, one light and one heavy Soul-chasing Seal.
They combined in weight and weight, looking down on all the heroes!
That's cool!
I'm too lazy to see the second swordsman!" He decided to choose a warrior to transfer his profession and become a Sword King!
And he had decided on an ID.
His ID was "Heavenly Sword's Might"!
"If this game can make me earn money, then I can also earn money when I take care of my mom here!
This is the idea of Zhen Liang now!" Then he sent a message to Xie Tianming, who was chatting with other students in the school.
Xie Tianming's ear plaque rang a few times.
He checked the message and found it was from Zhen Wei.
The comments said, "Tianming, I just looked at the game you told me before.
I think it's very interesting!" My profession and my ID have also come to an agreement." Tian Ming was overjoyed to call back, go back to Zhenwei and pick up the phone, saying, "Really?
That's great!
Nianci and my sister want to play together!
Let's form a group!
It's fun to play the game together!" Zhenwei replied, "Okay!
That's great!" "How are things going with your mother?" Tian Ming sent back a message with concern.
"Ah is so much better!
But moving is still not convenient for me to take care of at any time." "Toad!
Didn't I not see you for a long time?
You have to take care of your mother in the hospital?" "Yes!
But if this game is opened later, we can meet each other every day!
Although I may not go back to school for one or two months!" "Why did you take so long a month or two?" "Because I have to take care of my mother!
Or else!" "Alright!
Let's talk after class." "Alright!
Why don't you give it to me later?
I'll finish my class later." "Okay!" Tian Ming hung up the voice call for "ie-phone".
This kind of ear- cereals could be taken for classes, because the class needed a lot of information and use, but every classroom would be installed with a sweeping device.
Stop the students from doing other things during class The time of the exam must be forced to be removed, along with the schoolbag placed at the front and the back, just like the exam 200,years ago.
However, their bags had already become capacity storage device, which had doubled the capacity and reduced the size by a lot.
Besides, they also had light effects.
It could effectively reduce the weight of 20,kilograms.
Generally, the bag was at most a dozen kilograms or more, at most 20,kilograms, so it became almost emotionless.
After Zhenwei hung up the phone, he helped his mother chop a lot of pears and cut many pieces.
The pear was cold and delicious, and his mother also smiled very happily.
Although he was not in good health, he was extremely honored to have a filial son.
Suddenly, a thought came to Zhen Wei.
He wanted to make money in the game to help his mother bear medical expenses and earn living expenses.
He also helped his mother buy an ear-pendant.
His father had smashed his mother's old one.
Now, he could be said to have lived a primitive life for several years.
This was because there were no phones in those years.
There were only ear- Muni drivers.
What had happened in the past?
The game helmet had already fallen to the edge of the world, let alone the headgear.
The ear-end engine now was several times stronger than before.
He didn't know how many times it was convenient.
More than an hour later, it would be school time, and Tianming would call me later.
Zhenwei got up and went to the toilet.
When passing by the couple next door, they would nod and smile habitually, and the other side would also nod and smile.
When Zhenwei came out of the bathroom, the middle-aged man on the bed next to him said, "Young man, what's your name?" "Ah, you can just call me Ahwei!" "Hello, Evely!
Don't call me elder brother!
I'm still young!" After that, the woman beside her burst out a mouthful of biscuits and said, "I don't want to hurt you, hahaha." The uncle also burst into laughter.
Zhen Wei and his mother also burst into laughter.
For many years, their mother had never laughed from the bottom of her heart.
It was the first time in so many years that Zhen Wei had seen his mother laugh.
He was very happy.
Therefore, he wanted to help his mother buy an ear-end master.
He wanted his mother to be happy!
And he would get rid of the haze of the game through it.
Two hours passed quickly, and the voice call from Tian Ming rang.
Tian Ming!" "Hey!
Why did you call me to call you?" "No!
Let me talk to you about the world of virtual games in the legend of New World." "Oh!
By the way, what kind of profession do you want to choose?" "I want to be a Sword King after choosing a Sword Master!" "It's true!
That profession is very fierce!
Even though my Dragon Knight is even more fierce, hahaha..." "I don't think so!
I think my swords will be more powerful!
Hahaha!" "Humph!
It's a roar.
We'll know when we fight in the PK!
Hahaha!" "By the way, I heard that this game can only be played for ten hours a day, so one hour in a game is equal to one day in the game.
Isn't it too awesome?" "Yes!
I'm as powerful as you!
Hey, hey, hey!" "Heh heh heh!" "What's your ID called?" "The might of the Heavenly Sword!" "Tranquility again!
What are you not awe-inspiring?" "No, I didn't!" "Where did your confidence come from?" "Hey, hey, hey!
God gave it to me." "Why don't you hit the wall!" "Ha, ha, ha, ha." "By the way, Teacher He said that he also wants to talk about it today.
Now, everyone in the class has said that they don't want to talk about it.
Even Old Li Gu, that old bald Buddhist monk, heard that he wants to form a teacher group." "It's true!
It's amazing!
Group of teachers!" "Really!
Why are you lying to me?
Your father, I am very well-informed!" "Tsk, tsk!
My dad is currently in closed door meditation in the training room.
It should be a while before he breaks through!" "Yes, he's right!
There are many masters who are in seclusion with him!" "Yes!
I believe that your martial arts must have improved by leaps and bounds!" "Ha ha ha ha." Xie Tianming laughed.