I Want to Hold the World in My Hands

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Life Skills

There's nothing else.
Let's talk when you have time the other day.
Why aren't we arriving next week?" Zhen Liang said on the phone.
He wants to take the exam again!
He's so annoying!
He hates exams!" "The exam is very simple!" "Come on!
I'm not as powerful as you!
There's nothing wrong with being powerful.
Let's break it first." "Let's go." After hanging up the phone, it was about five o'clock.
The nurse who brought the dinner came in and ate it casually.
After treating the medicine for his mother, he opened the official website to study.
Zhenwei liked to play life skills of games very much, and few life skills of games could make him crazy.
Only the previous game was good, but in addition to life skills, it had few merits, so he gave up.
But he saw the life skills of this "legend of the new world" and was shocked.
So many life skills to choose was really wonderful!
"Cooking, literature, fishing, breeding, planting, planting, mining, a pile of them." These were basic science and could be directly access to the advanced level.
"Studying and mining technology, herbal collecting, hunting, cutting trees" these are learning classes, and the slaughter is equivalent to peeling skin.
Harvester could only choose to reach the advanced level and read below.
"Forging, sewing, skin making, alchemy, medicine, inscription, engineering, music, beauty hair..." These skills would be divided when they reached the medium level.
The above skills could be trained to the medium level, and the middle level and above must be divided into factions.
For example, for forging, one had to choose the type of armor or weapon making.
Moreover, one could only choose to learn three advanced skills, which meant that at most, one person could learn three high-end skills, and the same skill could not be chosen.
When a player reached the 70th level, he or she would not be able to learn how to make weapons after learning how to make defensive equipment.
After learning how to forge high levels, he or she would choose to tailor and make high levels of skin.
He could not learn any other advanced skills like the High-Level Alchemy.
He could only learn the other skills at the intermediate level, but he could not practice life skills as simple as that.
But it was said to be very interesting.
It was really a coolly efficient system, and many drawings had to be obtained through different pipes.
Sometimes, the price of the drawings was several times higher than the finished product.
Then he saw some novel artefacts, high-end engineering science,carpenter engineering, can be used to make everything!
Any wooden engineering can be made!
"In the past, everyone has a family in this game, and there are even other homes or territories that can improve the scope of the territory through purchase." There was also a special game that gained territory through the promotion of the official rank!
In addition,In the game, the Health Points are equal to the amount of damage that a character can bear, that is, the strength of the body.
When the strength of the body reaches its limit, the player will lose the ability to fight and act.
In this game, there was also mental and willpower.
Everyone's mental and willpower varied, and as one's character strength and mind fluctuated, it could cause the opponent to lose consciousness, sense of failure, and fear of losing their ability to fight.
If a game was too simple, it was absolutely not long-term.
There must be a single challenge, and there must be a strength that made people want to continue.
That was the way!
There were too many, too many and too many functions in this game, which was very special.
However, it would take a long time for him to figure them out after a long time of studying.
He had to study the fusion of properties (mercapto and mutant form (and special changes) carefully and slowly.
This game was too extensive and profound.
Even I, a person who had played the game all over the world, felt that there were so many things that I had to constantly explore and think before I could understand.
If he had his own home, it was really good.
He had many games, but he had done very badly.
He did not take any game seriously.
In this game, they could build their own houses and make their own furniture.
Of course, there was no family that could not be made by a carpenter in an engineering industry.
They must buy furniture from players.
Not to mention that they might not even be able to get the desired designs, so everyone had their own source of income, and they would not want to get the second one.
That was because players could enter the second and third professions after reaching the highest 70th level in the game.
After all, it was not easy to do the exercises.
He didn't want to waste his time on the game.
After turning 70,he still had the time to use the equipment.
It was not the time to study it!
Zhenwei continued to look at life skills.
He had a unique feeling for the life skills like cooking, but this game strengthened and strengthened the cooking.
He saw a scene that he had never seen before.
He fell in love with the cooking of this game crazily.
He would be crazy if he only looked at the explanation!
Not to mention to play it at that time!
Unexpectedly, cooking had so many cooking books, even hidden, special, and a lot of things and a lot of banquets.
They could be provided to be used before the battle of a large team and to see a large number of special items, as long as they could get some special cooking books.
She could make a lot of money!
What kind of cuisine and dessert she wanted to make could be done by herself.
She could taste the advanced cuisines that she had never had before in the game.
These cooking food banquets would definitely provide strong and powerful support for the team, and they could coexist with other potions!
It could also reduce the distance between friendship and other potions.
What a great game!
The hunger effect in this game was the same as three meals, so cooking was inevitable.
Fortunately, everyone could learn it!
And they could all be promoted to the advanced level!
This game would eternally set the maximum level 70,so wouldn't it improve again?
This was the layout of this game world!
There would be no fun to practice until the end of the 70th year.
Zhenwei continued to read some of the explanations.
It said that although the upper limit of this game was 70,and so on, he had Brexit level.
However, one of the requirements was that the experience points were far more than that of the 70,players, so it was basically difficult to reach the fifth level!
Moreover, there must be a lot of conditions.
And in this game, experience points can be used on many things, such as upgrading special skills.
To solve some peculiar problems was beyond imagination.
Even the experience points could be sold!
It was stupid for Fa Zhenwei to see this.
In this game, players must buy experience money- attent capsules.
Each player would be bound and can't trade.
You can get it through certain special tasks and drop the experience points when you attack the BOSS.
These experience drugs can be used to store experience points.
The higher the grade, the more it can be stored and can be reused, although it may not be used forever.
In addition, you can get a deal in the market.
Middle-level experience capsule can be used through experience NPC NPC.
The commission for refining crystal balls was sold to players.
After all, the experience points required were very scary.
They were far more expensive than leveling up, and leveling up was even more necessary!
Strong skills or some special equipment were needed, and some obstacles were also needed!
It was a great luxury!
It was so scary that this game could be used for profit everywhere!
But it could also be seen that this game was worth a lot of money!
The more he watched, the more alarmed and excited he became.
This game could make him become a rich man.
As long as he could rely on his intelligence and wisdom, he would only be able to become a wealthy man.
And this tube was "The world of virtual reality games in the world of the world legends of the New World.
R.." He had long been tired of playing games that could increase a lot of levels, such as 200,400,or even 1,000,levels.
There were so many games in the game, but they were brainless.
This game was really different from the past!