I Want to Hold the World in My Hands

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The Game Begins

Soon, two weeks passed.
Zhen Wei couldn't wait to apply for a account.
He rushed to the front to apply for it.
Most of the students were still in class, and their university was in the middle-term exam at this stage, so it could be said that his school was ahead of the class.
Very quickly, the request was completed.
Once the request was completed, then one could enter the game.
This game would also have to download and analyze it.
He took more than half an hour to complete the Yuecheng and quickly insert it into the system.
A series of animations made him dizzy, and he didn't want to miss the ten-minutes of animation.
He read it in this way.
The splendid animation paragraph made him excited.
After officially entering the virtual world, the beautiful young lady walked out.
Zhen Wei was almost dumbfounded.
This beauty looked too much like a real person.
She did not have any flaws at all.
Besides, with her hot figure and perfect face, she made everyone who didn't have a girlfriend excited, but thinking that she was just a virtual character, she felt a little cool.
"Hello, my dear player.
I'm the leader of the legend of the New World.
My name is Xue'er.
I'm glad that you can enter this legendary magical world.
There are extraordinary eyes, the record of the brain waves, the record of the red membrane, the record of the brain waves, the record of the red membrane, the record of the red membrane is complete." The ear-head owner had a spectacle mask that could be used to identify the red shirts.
This Xue'er continued, "Would you please extend your hands and let the mirror identify the records?" Zhenwei stretched out his hands and looked at the fingerprints on both hands, because he had known to identify them.
"The fingerprint record is completed, and you can enter the fossil system." Zhen Wei was suddenly transmitted to a strange platform, and he was surprised to see every single one of himself!
More than 30,people looked exactly the same as her.
They were scared to death.
Xue'er walked in slowly and said, "Dear player, please list the name of the user." "What's the name of the user?" Zhen Liang was dumbfounded.
"The user's name is different from the user's ID!
The user's name refers to the player's name or name," Xue'er said.
"The bright and soft eyes look at Zhenwei, and he puts the flashlight from time to time, causing Zhenwei to hit him." The user thought for a while and said his real name was Liang Zhenwei.
My sobriquet is Awe, or I'll just write it as a warning to others.
"Zhenwei is going to create the main character.
This game can create three characters and can use different IDs.
But the users would all use your name to suppress their power.
In case something goes wrong in this game, everyone can only do this once in his life.
Therefore, this system was very strict, and there was no chance that someone would be stolen or robbed.
If it was a big event, it might even block the game players forever.
And solve it through the law!" "So strict!" Zhen Liang was shocked.
This game was really amazing!
Then he quickly walked to the warrior position, chose the warrior, and then entered the warrior area.
Behind him, there were nearly 10,people who looked exactly the same as him.
These were the appearances of their professions that would transfer professions in the future.
He saw that everyone was domineering, but he still resolutely chose the future swordman's path.
He went to the swordman's place to talk to himself.
"But this Zhenwei, who told me that you really wanted to be a swordman, did not hesitate to tell me that you wanted to be a real master on the road to the fantasy world." Although it was a little strange for her to talk to him, she still spoke respectfully.
Each role can have three recommendations letters.
This recommendation letter is only at the beginner stage.
You still need to get a middle-grade recommendation letter from the task.
One could only determine whether a person was strong if he/she could successfully transfer his/her profession after reaching the primary and intermediate levels.
Therefore, he/she had to figure it out before the founder was founded.
Zhenwei certainly chose to be the first swordsman, but after thinking for a while, he chose to be the Assault hydrology and the Shield Cross.
"After all, I'm a man who likes to think, and it's not bad to choose a big boss.
Now that the Dragon Knights have already been selected, I'll choose the cross." Although they could only choose a profession to transfer professions, they could choose the other two professions after reaching the peak of the level.
The transport commando's introduction was that this was an extremely heavy firepower job, one that could even carry Lei She's light cannon later on.
It's really good to coordinate close combat with long-distance combat.
I don't want to be an archer.
I choose this assault army.
There are two ways to go in the assault army." One was the mass assault army that he chose, and the other was the light guard that the lady on the bed next to him had said before.
These two completely different ways of fighting.
In the future, he would be able to transfer to the highest level of Godly Cannon Marshal.
However, he still liked his Sword King more.
And it would take a lot of time to practice in the future.
He was just thinking about it and was not sure.
He wanted three recommendations.
After officially becoming a warrior, Xue'er came out to speak again.
"Destiny Liang, please set the character name next!" Zhenwei was surprised and called him Handsome Brother!
Damn it!
Was this woman a human or a computer?
All the NPCs in this game world were the same as humans.
There was nothing called NPCs.
They were human beings.
Although they did not know that they were not human beings, they were human beings in the game, and there was no difference.
They also needed to live, support their families, and be chased by creditors.
The landlord urged them to do so.
Everything was the same as living in real life.
Zhen Wei said without hesitation, "My ID is Heavenly Sword's Might." "Well, once the setting is completed, everyone in the team will call you Heavenly Sword, except Xue'er, but for me, humph!
I will call you Zhenwei Handsome Brother!" Xue'er's beautiful face was full of laughter, which made it hard for him to suppress his anger.
He wanted to hug her, but he didn't dare.
What's more, it can set its original appearance.
The appearance can be adjusted, and the appearance can be beautifyed by 30% and Ugly 30%.
There were also tattoos, which could be adjusted within 10,centimeters.
The hair could be set, the skin color could be fine, the muscles could be fine, and so on.
Zhen Wei did not hesitate to choose the same appearance, but he beautified 10% of the effect.
This effect could only make him a little dark circles and a little ambitious.
As a whole, he didn't change much.
He was very handsome, so there was no need to change too much.
The tattoo on his cheek was directly tattooed handsomely.
The pattern resembled that of an elf.
His hair was originally black, and when it was turned into gold, it instantly became countless times more handsome.
Xue'er, who was next to him, screamed wildly.
He shouted so loudly that his heart was in a mess.
His eyes were blue and purple, and his muscles were slightly adjusted, which made him a little stronger.
Thus, he didn't need to adjust his height anymore.
He was already eighty-two, but he still wanted to scare people to death.
After dressing up, Xue'er, who was next to him, rushed over and kissed him crazily.
This Xue'er was really like a human being!
This action stunned the commanding general in situ.
Xue'er hugged Zhenwei for nearly five minutes.
Suddenly, like a frightened puppy, she let go of Zhenwei and apologized to Zhenwei with her face blushing.
As a matter of fact, the actual power of Zhen Wei was not as strong as he thought!
Xue'er could only meet Zhenwei when she went in and out of the game.
Xue'er was very disappointed at this point, and then Zhenwei would formally enter the game.
Xue'er, who had stepped into the portal and officially entered the game world, reluctantly said goodbye to Zhenwei and nearly cried.
Zhenwei was almost unable to enter the game world.
If this happened every day, it would be terrible!
But this feeling was so good!
He secretly turned Xue'er into his little girlfriend in his heart!
As soon as he entered the teleportation portal, the scene around him changed, and he was sucked into the portal by a powerful force.
Looking at the cloud objects that were constantly moving and couldn't be seen, it was colorful as it entered inside.
About ten seconds later, he finally landed on the ground.
This dizzy feeling made him dizzy and he fell to the ground.
He arrived at the Noob Region, the Yabala Village.
This village was a small village in the city of Bodiya.
Obviously, there were not many players here, and they might be crowded in a few hours.
They hurried to leave.
From time to time, new people came in the air.
There were a variety of stores in this village, such as mountain products, sea products, noodle shops, markets, chicken-raising people, pig-raising people, blacksmith shops.
The clothing store, market collection, pawnshop, pet family, horse-raising man, driver, and ordinary houses were too many to count.
The first task was to talk to NPCs in the town.
Of course, it was impossible to talk with NPCs in the chat window.
He was surprised to find that he ran faster than he did in real life when he was talking to the merchant Heidi.
It was so cool to have such a Pentium as a novice.
He rushed to the groceries businessman, Betty.
After chatting for a while, He actually didn't want to leave and still wanted to talk.
That was terrible.
The design of this game was really terrible.
Even the NPC was so good at chatting.
She almost didn't want to leave, so she also let him walk down with a little reluctance.
One of them was a weapon merchant, Dyon.
He quickly ran to the blacksmith workshop to find Dai Yin, talked about some things about weapons, and asked some questions about games along the way.
It was amazing that this Dagon could answer it.
Of course, there were some confidential questions that he did not know.
He only knew some information around the village.
He had lived in the village for decades and rarely left.
He wasn't very familiar with the outside world.
However, he knew all the nearby villages and forests, which were not like those games he had played before.
This NPC was no different from human beings.
It was just too scary.
They even tried to ask Zhenwei for help after chatting for a while.
However, Zhen Wei rejected him first, and he would accept his missions later.
Now that he had not even met and met the other NPCs, he had already accepted a bunch of missions.
How could he accept it?
Very quickly, he ran over to find Wu De, the weapons and equipment dealer outside the Blacksmith Workshop.
This person wasn't a Forger, but a person who specialized in business transactions with Dyon.
This person was often not in the blacksmith workshop and often ran around for trade.
Now that he had returned, the awe-inspiring authority of the city came to him and spoke to him directly.
This Wu De turned out to be the owner of more than a dozen nearby villages.
After talking, he was a little shocked that this NPC was so good at doing business.
However, the other party said, "There's no way.
In order to earn a living, I have to run all over the place!
I didn't earn much, and now I have fewer people, and I have fewer sources to earn!" When more and more people come later, more players will come in and he can make more money!" F*ck!
Zhen Wei was dumbfounded.
Wasn't this an NPC or a player's words too cool?
After chatting for a while, she actually added an NPC friend!
Seeing that one more person named Wu De appeared in his friend's special stand, he was a little dumbfounded and decided to form a team out of boredom.
And this NPC was very humorous.
Zhenwei laughed!
Then, Wu De said on the team's chat, "Why do you have to play the instance zone?
You're still at a low level.
Don't expect me to take you there!" Bullshit!
Was this what the NPC would say?
He immediately dismissed the team and heard from Wu De that he could tell him that he had something to do after he left!
Just like that, Zhen Wei watched as the NPC left.
If there was something, he could keep it a secret!
He began to have a special idea about this world.
Next, he was going to talk to Village Chief and had no idea where Village Chief's home was.
It was not nearby, and the village was so big, so they quickly found several kids who were playing and asked.
They didn't know where the village head's house was.
Zhenwei was a little dumbfounded.
He went straight back to the grocery store, but as soon as he entered, it was not Verry.
Zhenwei was dumbfounded.
"Excuse me, is Miss Wade here?" This person did not show his name.
Zhenwei thought he was a player, but the other party said that he was the brother of Betty's brother-in-law.
"Her name is Vera.
It turns out that she's replacing someone else!
I was so lucky just now.
I pointed out that I needed to find Vera." If she had been a little slower, it would have been Hira instead.
She asked where Hira had gone to.
She said that her sister had gone out.
"I didn't tell her where to go, I think I'll be back soon!
I still have something to do later, so I can't go to the restaurant!" Zhenwei was already a little accustomed to this place's NPC.
It was no different from reality!
In this era, there were a lot of Workshops making money by using the game, but it had nothing to do with him.
He was just a single player now.
He asked Hira where the village head's house was.
After a quick explanation, Hira left the store and headed straight for the village chief's house.
He found that he didn't have the function of GPS now.
He just asked Villa.
It was said that the NPC would need to buy the GPS.
Now the village had no such high-tech goods except for maps, but he couldn't afford the maps now.
He could only foolishly send the location indicated by Lilla to the chicken-raising house, and then go around the river.
He followed the river and saw a small bridge leading up the stairs.
When he reached the end of the river, he saw a house in the distance.
He thought to himself that this must be the village chief's house.
There was a small courtyard on the outskirts of Village Chief's house, where there were some garlic and peanuts.
A few dogs were reared outside the house.
Two of them were completely black and the other one was black and white, while the two black dogs were slightly larger.
There were several big trees planted next to them.
At this time, there was no one outside, and they were shouting crazily at the sight of people.
Zhen Wei ran over and knocked on the door, but no one answered.
He waited a little longer and knocked twice more.
Someone answered.
"You're here, who's there?" A girl's voice rang out.
The one who opened the door was a girl about fifteen years old.
She was very pretty and asked, "Who are you looking for?" "Hello, I'm sorry to disturb you.
Is the village head here?
I'm here to explain the mission!" "Explain the task." "That's right!" "What mission?" "It's the task of the Novice District!
Let's have a talk with the village chief." "Oh!
It turns out that there is a task like this in our village.
Wait a minute.
I forgot that the new players want to solve the task.
I'm sorry!" "Yup!
It's fine." Zhen Wei had long since gotten used to this kind of NPC which was no different from a real human.
Here, there was no difference between players and NPCs.
He also felt that he was no different from NPCs.
"Cough cough!" A deep voice came in from outside the door.
"Come in and sit down!
Xiaolin, pour a cup of tea for the guests to drink." This was the village chief, who was called "do as much as you can" I'll introduce myself simply.
"Young man, what's your name?" "My name is Zhen, Heavenly Sword's Might" almost revealed his real name.
"The name of the Heavenly Sword is so powerful!
So you haven't heard of the Heavenly Sword in your life!
It's amazing!" The old village chief spoke slowly.
"Ha ha ha!
Is that so?" Zhen Wei was a little embarrassed.
Of course, he was not a member of the Heavenly Sword.
"Here comes the tea.
Please enjoy your tea." Although the girl was about Zhenwei's age, she still looked a little childish.
"Let me introduce her to you.
This is my granddaughter, Xiaolin." "Nice to meet you!" Xiaolin looked at Zhenwei and said.
"Hello!" Zhen Wei nods and gives a smile.
"I heard you came to solve the task?" "Yes, village chief." "Alright, let's talk about it from where we came from," the chieftain thought for a while before he continued, "Let's talk about the stories of the village!" Just like that, the village chief and Zhen Wei talked about some matters related to the village.
After that, they talked about some trivial matters before Zhen Wei was about to leave.
However, she was stopped by the village chief.
"Chief, what's the matter?" "I have a job here that needs your help.
Can you promise me?" Village Chief looked at Zhen Liang with sincere eyes.
Zhen Wei thought to himself, "Can I not agree?
I still have to stay in the village!" Of course, he agreed at once.
The job was to find her son, who had been missing for many days, Xiao Lin's father.
Xiao Lin's eyes immediately turned red when she heard her father's name.
The Village Chief was obviously unwilling to go with Zhen Wei, but in the end, he still allowed his daughter to follow Zhen Wei out.
Zhenwei looked at the girl who was one head shorter than her.
He was in a hurry to return and return the mission.
He didn't have props or teleportation for completing missions directly now, so he went back in the same way.
He ran very fast.
But the little girl could keep up with his footsteps, which made him feel surprised.
"You can keep up with my speed?" Zhen Wei asked curiously.
It turned out that this game could increase the player's own constitution by 50%.
That was to say, he would be faster if he ran so fast and increased his speed by 50%, if the sports players came in even faster!
But this girl could catch up with him so incredibly, although she was an NPC!
But Yan Zheke didn't seem to care about it at all.
She was not panting or blushing at all!
Soon, Zhen Wei galloped to the teacher of the school who accepted the task.
"Congratulations on completing the first obstacle and then the second obstacle.
You defeated 20,Thieves near the village and brought back 20,tokens!" After the completion of the mission, Zhen Wei had obtained ten yuan worth of Profound Eerdant Silver.
He had no idea where the ten thieves were, so he had to ask the teacher.
After the teacher's brief explanation, Zhen Wei would probably understand.
Therefore, he rushed towards the gathering place of the Thieves.
Later on, he thought about buying a map for him.
He then rushed into the grocery store and found that Verdi had already returned.
Therefore, she asked Verdi for the price of the map.
Then, she called out the catalog for Zhenwei to read.
Zhenwei saw a map of the vuldala Village worth ten yuan!
Just like that, all the money he earned from the first mission disappeared!
Fortunately, all he got was ten yuan!
( additional,Xuanming coins are also called Xuan ingot, making it into an ingot shape.
Of course, this is the currency of the East Heavenly Deity Continent, not the global currency of the world.) Each continent and different ethnic groups would have different kinds of currency or equal value to exchange for goods.
Of course, some regions could be opened to currency exchange.
He didn't know that the Xuan Ming coins were very valuable.
He took a map, which clearly marked the nearby area.
There were also some groups of creeps.
With the map in hand, they were now much more relaxed than before.
With Xiaolin in their hands, they rushed towards the Thieves' gathering place.
Looking at the tens of thousands of Thief texts, how would they dare to easily barge in without any skills?
They could only use this wooden stick in their hands to attack.
After picking up a rock and throwing it at one of the thieves, the Thief touched the back of his head and turned around to see a damnable, sneaky person.
With a knife in hand, Zhen Wei rushed over and pulled the Thief out of the lair.
It seemed that they were a little too far away from the thieves.
Just raising the wooden stick to hack at the Thief, the System showed,Low-grade Thieves don't have any special skills.
Zhen Wei rushed forward to attack the Thief.
As a result, two or three numbers appeared on the other party's forehead.
The Thief's HP was slightly reduced, but the sudden pain caused him to cry out in pain.
At this moment, Xiaolin hurriedly took out her whip and waved it at the Thief.
More than ten points of damage appeared on the Thief's head and his HP was rapidly reduced.
Zhenwei was shocked.
It turned out that Xiaolin could help him in this battle, and she was stronger than him!
Just like that, after a short while, the Thief died in a restless manner.
Zhen Wei picked up a small amount of money that the bandit had dropped.
Only two corners!
Some of them were poor enough, and then they picked up the Thief's knife, searched their bodies, found the Thief's keepsake, and exchanged it for a Thief's knife.
Holding the cheap knife picked up from the rogue in his hand, he looked at its attribute: Physical ATN increases by 5 Attack speed is 20,(The faster the attack speed is, the faster the attack speed is) None of the others.
gray name,the inferior knife is obviously of the lowest grade It was much better than the wooden stick from before.
Following that, he used the same trick and threw another stone at a Thief.
Fortunately, this low-level district system did not have a high level of intelligence.
Otherwise, how would he be able to pull out another Thief?
The number increased by 6:7,in the end.
If it went any higher, another Thief would have died after a short period of time.
I used the same old trick again, but this time, I set up an extra trap with a knife!
A bandit just fell into the trap.
Laughing, "Hahaha!
So dumb!
I'll beat you to death, I'll beat you to death, haha!" Following that, he ruthlessly abused these foolish thieves.
Soon, his twenty Thief missions were completed.
Afterwards, he opened the equipment platform out of curiosity.
He was greatly shocked.
There were a lot of kinds of equipment needed in this game!
There were still many unexplored and needed to be at the same level or level.
But they were a little surprised and there were also some equipment that could be switched to the equipment.
There were four keys and three sets of battlefield equipment.
He didn't know what the battlefield was like now, so he didn't look at it.
Then he saw a lot of various equipment on his body, including the basic right-hand suit, left-hand suit, head, and the face of his head.
Plus the shape of his nose and mouth, he had four light- Ear ornaments!
It turned out that in this game, there were two earrings on both sides of the ear.
It was really cool!
Although the other two earrings were not open yet and the level restrictions were different, it was OK to have two earrings.
(Each of them was different).
He then looked at Xiang Lian, who had two positions in total.
One was only opened after reaching the 50th level.
"I've only been waiting for a while!
It's still a long time!" He looked at the basic breastplate, belt, underwear, shoes, and the back.
Of course, he knew these basic things.
However, when she looked at him, she saw that he had never seen him before.
He was wearing a ornament!
He explained, "Both armors and weapons have special pendants that can be hung on.
They are classified as pendants and can enhance abilities." So special!
For his current warrior profession, he didn't have a scabbard, such as a holster or quiver, or ammunition box.
He had not yet transferred his profession and become a swordman, so he only opened up a scabbard.
The scabbard was also equipment!
It needed to be in the 30th level.
"It's so awesome!" Looking at the shoulder armor, elbow armor, and knee armor, he could see everything clearly.
It turned out to be the opening of the 50th grade.
Well, now it was not the time to think about this.
He knew the glove.
However, he saw a wrist guard above the gloves.
It turned out that the wrist guard and the gloves were separated!
That's right, wrist guard and glove are indeed different in real life.
It's different from other games.
He had seen the spoils of war X2,and the ring X4,before.
Then he came to see the seal, the medal, and the totem shoulder strap.
He hadn't seen these things on his shoulder straps, but he saw that they were at the fifties level.
"Well, sure enough, things I haven't seen are only opened after 30,to 50,grades.
I don't need to study it now." Returning to the teachers of the school at full speed to complete the task, the level was directly doubled.
A feeling of happiness made Zhen Wei want to roar.
This feeling was like taking stimulants, making the body feel like a fairy!
It was so cool!
Looking at those drug users, he didn't have to take drugs anymore.
It was more enjoyable to get a promotion than to take drugs.
This kind of carefree feeling lasted for nearly ten minutes.
It was cool enough.
It turned out that there would be a fairy-like state for one to level up for ten minutes.
It was really cool.
One day in the game equaled an hour in real life, and now it was in the daytime.
The breakfast took more than seven o'clock.
The game was opened at 7,pm, and Zhenwei was the first to enter!
It was less than an hour in the game.
What was amazing was that this game could check the actual time and found that it was still over seven o'clock.
It was really awesome.
The life here was like another person's!