I Want to Hold the World in My Hands

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Du Lu Qi

He looked at the fifteen yuan given by the teacher of the school, which was a little more than ten yuan.
"Haha, it doesn't matter.
Let's finish the task now." After all, this game was to solve the main task.
It was said that the era would change with the task and everyone would see different scenes in the future.
Although they stood next to each other in the same village, the characters they saw would be different.
This was a special effect of the game design.
However, the situation would not change now, because they were still in the Novice Village.
Zhen Wei took over the third part of the newbie task of the teacher of the school and defeated 20,wild boars.
After catching 20,little civet cats, the village was not too far away from the village.
The awe-inspiring town spirit brought Xiaolin with them as they galloped away.
Soon after, they arrived at the mountain-pigs' gathering ground, where there were many low-grade creatures.
They also spotted the nearby little civet cat.
However, the little civet cat was just too adorable.
Xiao Lin had always insisted that Zhen Wei should not be killed, but for the sake of the task, he had to constantly explain to Xiao Lin.
Finally, Xiao Lin reached an agreement with him.
He would never help him kill the little civet cat, but the mission was obviously to catch him with the sack, not to kill him.
The wild boar was not as powerful as it was before, but it still hurt badly from the impact.
The moment when it was about to charge toward him, Zhen Wei directly rolled away and cut twice from time to time, and then flashed away again.
With the help of Xiaolin, Mount Pig soon died.
It didn't take long for the twenty wild boars to arrive.
Then, he saw what the wild boar had fallen, and saw the boar's tusks.
After picking up more than a dozen, seeing that it was about to level up, it began to fight a bit more.
Soon enough, rumbling sounds rang out!
Xiao Lin was also greatly shocked.
The golden light suddenly appeared on Zhenwei's face and the system's command to rise to 3rd-tier.
Suddenly, a small gift box appeared in his backpack.
It said that it could be opened at the fifth watch.
After seeing it, Zhenwei didn't take it seriously.
It was obviously a gift box for novices.
After picking up more than 30,wild boar's fangs, he was unable to peel them without any relevant aristocratic skills.
In any case, the low-level area of leather was not worth a lot, but he was wrong.
This kind of wild boar skin was the most important kind of leather for skin-refinement.
He could be born more than ten times.
The future could be said to be very valuable, easy to fight, and very popular in the future.
Soon, they caught some lively and difficult to catch little civet cats.
Twenty of them were caught quickly, and suddenly they seemed to think of something.
These civet cats could be stored in the space storage bag (Space Bag), so could those wild boars be caught and sold?
Zhen Wei was very business-minded.
All kinds of people wanted to make money.
How could he miss out on this idea?
Xiaofeng wanted to fight against the wild boar but all the players here had abandoned these corpses of the wild boars like maggots.
They looked around and found that the mountain was full of them.
They didn't have to take action to solve it.
They caught dozens of wild boars in one breath and put them into the space to find the money all over the mountain.
"When I have time, I'll come back to "pick up the body" again!" Xiao Lin rushed back to the teacher and continued to take a task.
She was a little impatient and wanted to find her father.
So Zhen Wei agreed to help him find his father after finishing this mission.
This mission was not difficult, and he ordered the teacher to get some things for him.
He took these wild boars to the mountain production shop and found that a pig could only be sold for five yuan, and he sold a total of forty pigs for two hundred yuan.
He was a little surprised that these wild boars were so worthless, but the real reason was that the currency here was too high!
Then he went to the designated area and searched for a long time.
Finally, he found the textbook he had lost.
He rushed back and found that the completion of the mission was nearly 50%.
The system instructed him to open the skill open the window.
He had a new skill, the second stage of attack.
As the name implies, he had to fight twice in a row.
Well, this was the first skill he learned, so he tried it.
The time limit was short!
Xiaofeng could use this skill all the time!
He didn't need to be proficient in this skill!
So it was meaningless to call her many times, so he gave up and took Xiaolin to the location of Shi Liuen's disappearance.
When she arrived at the coordinates (150,136), she found a parcel.
When Xiaolin saw the parcel, she grabbed it and opened it, and suddenly began to cry.
"This package is..." Zhen Wei curiously walked over, but the next moment, he was dumbstruck.
The parcel belonged to Shi Liuen's head!
How could this be?" Zhen Wei roared.
It turned out that the disappearance of Shi O'Brien had something to do with the leader of the bandits nearby.
He stared at the crime scene, and the head of the bandits directly beheaded him to warn others.
Xiaolin cried loudly.
She couldn't extricate herself from it at all.
She kept comforting her, but she still cried to death.
She cried like this for more than half an hour.
Zhenwei also stayed with him for more than half an hour and finally got up.
Task Tip,New task.
Team Task,Kill the leader of the bandits, Du Luqi, and ten confidants.
After looking at the description for a moment, he was shocked,"The Mountain Thieves' Leader, the Rank Eight" was only at the fourth level, how could he fight an eighth level BOSS alone?
So he called out the window of the chat room which was originally closed.
He saw several players shouting and shouting on the channel and he also heard their voices.
Zhen Wei was startled.
It turned out that this could be converted into voice messages.
He immediately closed the voice and looked at the subtitles.
She quickly found an ID called sleepless at night and selected a Whispered message,"Hi!
Hello, can I team up with you?" The next moment, a "crystal" sounded and asked if they wanted to join a team so that they could agree.
There were another five people in the team.
He was the sixth one.
Zhen Wei suddenly found that this team could form twelve people!
It could even be transformed into a small team with a total of 60,people in five teams!
Few players could form a team like this.
There were so many players in this game and there were only five players in this big team.
This was a big team that was even more amazing!
There were 300,players!
It was really exaggerated.
Later, captain sleepless said, "We need more people later.
That BOSS is too strong.
We need at least eight or nine people.
We don't have any tonics now." It turned out that he needed a master in the low-level district!
It seemed that a master was more valuable than those games in the past!
Moreover, it was said that in the future, the transformation could be changed into a priest's attack and healing.
It was said that the transformation time was very short and it would only take 10,minutes.
It seemed that the tonic had been liberated in this game.
Soon, another two players joined the team.
One of them was a tutor and the other was a distant player.
Xiaofeng didn't know what they would transfer their professions in the future.
Because the long-distance attacker was similar to the warrior.
In the future, there would be many types of players who could transfer professions.
For example, the marksmen, the snipers, the raiders, and so on.
It was strange to ask the raiders.
This assault army could be transferred from a warrior to a long-range attacker profession, and it was also a profession that could be used in close-range combat and a long-range attack.
After waiting for a while, the eight of them went to the mountain villains' lair.
No one applied to join them, and they were lazy even though they hadn't slept.
Mingya Mountain Village, in the eyes of the players, was an instance zone.
These eight people didn't count the NPCs who could hold a small instance zone of ten people.
It was strange that these people wanted to kill the leader of the bandits.
However, the task seemed to be different.
No one was with Xiaolin.
They were all children and no one knew whose child it was.
This must be a family that had been persecuted by bandits!
Along the way, there were hundreds and thousands of bandits and some wild wolves attacking them.
These hill thieves and wolves alone were a big problem for them, and the team's tonics were all busy.
The eight of them had three warriors, two mages, two teachers, and one long-range player.
None of the three warriors knew how to get the shield, but they found that the three warriors' equipment seemed to be the worst amongst the most powerful.
One of them held a long ax while the other held a lance.
They looked at the two pieces of equipment with curiosity.
They were all white.
"It's indeed better than me.
Maybe my saber is too poor!" After all, it took 5,levels to solve the NPC's weapon mission.
Now, it was only 4,levels, and everyone's levels were almost the same.
Of the two or three soldiers of the fifth rank, that wasn't considered a warrior.
Zhen Wei and the other two warriors were number one, but these bandits' attacks were very painful.
He was in great pain after being hit.
Although this game had turned the number of pain into 30%, it was painful!
At a time, he could only attract two of them to fight with him.
He had to fight for a long time, which was far worse than those little monsters outside.
Now, he needed to exercise Zhen Wei for a long time.
He only had 240,Health Points, but he had a little more than a warrior's Health Points.
As a mage, he only had 150,health points, and his long-range attacks were 180,and even 5,levels.
Being hit by this mountain bandit made them spit more than 40,mouthfuls of blood, so they dared not to fight with him directly.
They could only roll and beat him.
Once the opponent came at him, he would use rolling over and over again.
Then he would make one or two consecutive hits and then get away.
Relatively speaking, it would be much easier for other long-range attacking professions to deal with him.
He was fighting while standing next to Lou Cheng.
He didn't need to move at all.
How awesome!
But Zhen Wei knew that this was the fate of a close-combat profession.
Only with super skill could they be qualified.
Two bandits had beaten them for more than 30,seconds.
The bandits' blood volume is 900,in total.
The mightiness of the first attack is less than 20,points, the mage is a little higher than 20,points, and the long-range attackers are more than 10,points.
It was still skill damage.
He just hit it for more than 30,seconds, but the NPC would also participate in the battle.
It was all 20,to 30,numbers.
Soon, they continued to attack forward.
Zhenwei and the other warrior named Crazy Dragon with Saber and Sword loved to rush to attract monsters.
The two of them seemed to be competing on who would be able to pull back the mountain villains.
This Sword Bladed Mad Dragon's skills were obviously not bad!
None of them had been struck by the bandits, but the other one called Violet Sword was not.
He had been hit by the bandits all the time.
"A quarter of being chopped to death, and the bandits will use the second part to attack.
Blood could be said to be spat out.
In an instant, over a hundred Health Points had been lost.
Half blood!
The two players were rolling and dodging the skill.
The other exigency master behind him rushed to help Violet Sword to heal his HP.
He only needed to add more than 30,points at one time.
He wouldn't be able to recover after being chopped for more than a hundred times.
At the sight of this name, Zhen Wei secretly shook his head.
It was a very handsome but skillless fighter.
The two mages in the back started a crazy attack with a ranged player.
One of them didn't have enough health points but only used skills to attack.
It seemed that he was also a narcissist.
This guy had been wearing a cloak all the time and she didn't know whether he was a man or a woman.
She only knew that he was called (The Light of the Morning) like a man!
He should be a man.
Zhenwei didn't bother to deal with them at all.
He could only concentrate on avoiding them and secretly cut them with two knives to give them a kick.
Although the damage was very low, it was better than letting these two guys rush over.
Killing Mage and the long-range assassin were good.
Two of them were killed within 20,seconds.
They kept moving forward, leaving fewer bandits in the periphery.
The more players went inside, the more players there were.
If they died in the instance zone, they could be reborn, but they would have to wait for a long time.
But it was better than being banned from entering the game and waiting for a few hours outside!
At most, he would die for no more than three times, otherwise, he would leave the game directly.
You should know that for the first few hours outside, it was equivalent to waiting in the game for many days, one or two minutes in the game.
The punishment was much easier.
Besides, it didn't matter if experience was deducted in the Novice District.
Soon, the purple sword was killed.
He had good technology and he also had a tonic who had no other great functions.
He also had a tonic who had no blood supply.
How could he survive?
However, it was good that he died.
This instead caused Zhen Wei to stop paying attention to this guy.
He had to roll on the ground.
He had his own combat talent.
In addition to the exercises in the real world, now when he entered the game, he had this skill that could roll over without injury.
It was difficult for him to hit him!
The other one wasn't 'Cang Qi' either.
His skills were definitely not inferior to Zhen Liang's.
As expected, he was a famous 'Mad Dragon with Saber and Sword', even though he was holding onto a long axe!
It was wonderful!
Looking at his furious roars and furious slashes, Zhen Wei felt that it was a little ridiculous.
This Saber and Bladed Mad Dragon was so crazy!
How could it not be called the Giant Axe Mad Dragon?
At the beginning of the mage period, there were two skills.
One was the fireball skill that everyone knew, and the other was a ranged skill!
The Prairie Fire!
Two fire skills.
Although the CD was a bit long, it was still very useful for two mages to use Prairie Fire.
With two explosions, Frightened, he suddenly burst into flames everywhere.
He thought that there were bandits or mages among them, so he hurriedly ran away from the fire.
However, the two bandits lured by him turned around and rushed to the two mages at the back.
Zhen Hui was shocked and rushed up to see the two bandits escape from the fire.
The mage was furious, "What are you doing, you little bastard?" Both the male and female mages were burning with anger.
"What?" Zhen Wei asked curiously.
"Don't you know that the prairie fire is very long?
Why did you let the bandits leave?
What are you running for?" "It turns out that you were the ones who had released the flames.
Why didn't I see that you had thought that there was a Necromancer in the bandits?" I was afraid of being burned to death, so I escaped!" "Hum!
Hurry up and pull the monster back!" the female mage said angrily.
"Oh, okay!" Soon after, Zhen Liang rushed out two strikes and pulled away the bandits.
Mage temporarily stopped attacking and Zhen Liang pulled the two bandits into the fire.
It didn't take long for the fire to go out.
This fire field could cause more than 20,points of damage to the bandits per second.
It was not a bad thing.
However, seeing that the two bandits had not lost much blood due to the Prairie Fire, the fire was extinguished.
The two mages were furious.
However, he had already let go of Zhenwei after scolding her just now.
He could use the Prairie Fire for two minutes, lasting for twenty seconds, and continue to attack within a range.
Now the mage could only use the fireball skill which only needed to use CD for less than two seconds to continue to attack the single target.
This was not a big deal for the long-range player.
He could only stand there and continue to give DPS to one of them.
He was only at the fifth level now and had no ranged skills!
He could only do it until the eighth time.
From beginning to end, he would fight with one another.
Soon, one of them fell to the ground.
He and the other mages were currently attracting the attention of the two bandits, who were dragging the two bandits with them.
"Never get hurt!
What kind of skill is that?
That's why people always say that you don't want to play the warrior-like profession without profit and loss." Soon after, the revived Purple Sword ran back here and rushed in as soon as he came back to life.
This time, he learned to be a little smarter.
He would roll over.
However, he would still be hit, just that the probability was a little reduced.
The team's tonics only needed to take care of him.
Therefore, he did not have too much mental pressure.
After the four bandits died, everyone picked up some items, including some minced meat or a pile of other items.
He continued to rush forward, and several waves dragged on four or five of them.
After coming out and taking care of them one by one, together with the wizard's Prairie Fire Technique, more than twenty minutes quickly passed until it reached the mainland.
This time, it was an elite group, and four or five bandits were brought along.
"That's terrible!" The Wild Dragon with Saber and Sword shouted.
As a result, the Purple Sword directly rushed into the tower and went straight to the strongest mountain bandits.
The crowd shouted, "Purple Sword, come back!" As a result, it was too late.
When the mountain villains saw a human rushing to them alone, and the others were about to help him, Purple Sword had already died.
The bandits' elites had more than 190,blade strikes!
The problem was solved in two strokes.
Zhen Wei scolded in his heart, "What an idiot!
Why would I team up with him?" Then, the team leader, Ye Wumianzhe, spoke of tactics.
Ye Wumianzhe was that male mage.
He could tell that Zhen Wei's skills were very good when it came to assigning missions.
The Saber and Sword Mad Dragon was not bad either.
He had assigned the Saber and Sword Wild Dragon to defend against the mountain bandits' elites.
As for awe-inspiring the sect, he had to hold back the four bandits with great difficulty.
"Stop the four bandits, Boss!" Zhen Wei was secretly shocked.
Two were fine, four!
It was difficult!
Tie Ding would definitely be struck!
He quickly assigned the tasks.
The Saber and Sword Mad Dragon directly charged at the bandits elites, while the might was aimed at the four bandits.
Each of them had two blades.
He pulled the bandits away and saw four bandits fighting back and forth.
Crazyly slashing to suppress power, desperately dodging, from time to time using a knife to block the attack, but using a knife to resist the attack would also be injured.
However, even if the damage was reduced by half, it would still be reduced by nearly 30,Health Points, which would be timely supplemental for the blood of the male tonics behind them.
The task was to delay.
Then he would let them deal with them one by one, and then he would deal with the elites later.
This captain's head was still full of health, Zhen Wei thought to himself.
More than 30,seconds passed quickly.
It was impossible for Zhen Wei not to be injured.
Two bandits were easy to deal with, but four of them were hard to avoid.
He had just dodged the attack, yet he had already launched a sneak attack from behind.
Fortunately, he hadn't used some of the potions given by his own Quest.
Even though the amount of potions sent was very little, it was still enough for now.
The player had two skills of blood recovery.
One skill was one-on-one supplement, and the other was continuous Headlamp regeneration.
The second death penalty of Violet Sword lasted five minutes.
This was what he deserved.
No one would sympathize with him.
After more than one minute, he finally finished off the four bandits.
He let out a sigh of relief and turned to rush toward the bandits' elites.
As soon as he arrived, the pressure on the wild sword-wielding dragon was reduced.
This elite bandit was not as easy to deal with as the four bandits.
He had at least three strikes of his skills.
This caused the Dragon of Saber and Sword to be in a state of panic.
Although it had only been slashed once in a minute, the skill had deducted 200,Health Points from him.
He was scared to death.
He only had 240,Health Points.
Just like Zhenwei, he was exhausted in an instant.
Moreover, he almost couldn't endure the great pain and began to devour the NoviceMS crazily.
Even a single jar would only make up for 50,bottles!
Stealth-suppressing took part in the battle and quickly shared the pressure.
Both of them kept rolling and dodging skills, attacking from time to time.
The ranged players behind him did their best with ease.
Two minutes later, the elites of the bandits fell to the ground.
"Crash!" A broadsword and a cloth gown were spurted out.
They were both green.
Of course, the broadsword could only be given to warriors.
Everyone could wear the cloth gown.
Of course, everyone wanted the scimitar.
As for the captain, he would choose the Dragon of Blades or the Wariness to remove the dice.
The Violet Sword didn't have the right to equip it.
This was a special design of this game, which could be divided into captains and contribution index, as well as compete with each other.
It was really awesome and could directly get the green knife.
Of course, he immediately put on the clothes and the tonic who didn't know how to add blood took them away.
Although he was a little unhappy, he was at least giving DPS.
Zhen Wei changed into a green knife.
Looking at the green name and the white steel knife, Attribute: Physical attack +12 Defense +1 Attack speed 23 Weight,3 additional attributes,physical Piercing +5 Zhen Wei was ecstatic.
It was physical penetration!
Although it was not high, it was better than nothing.
His old knife's attack was only 5,points.
How could he not be happy when he was twice as upset as he was now?
It took him more than half an hour to get rid of the Mountain Thieves' elites who had improved his attack power by a level and took a large amount of time.
Along the way, he sprayed some props, and when Zhen Wei got a cooking scroll, he forgot that he didn't get anything else.
Anyway, it was not his own business.
Now he could kill more than 30,bandits at one stroke, and so could the elites of the bandits.
It would be different if he had physical Piercing.
These bandits only sprayed a green knife and no more weapons.
He picked it up.
After half an hour, they went straight to the leader of the bandits Du Luqi.
Purple Sword came back a lot and was no longer as bold as before.
Now, listening to the captain's instructions, He was very sad to be assigned to a machete.
Although he was angry, he could do nothing about it.
After all, he was the only one who had died in the whole team.
During this period of time, everyone rose to a higher level.
Zhen Wei had ascended to Lv 6,while the rest had reached Lv 6,or Lv 6,respectively.
In the face of the bandit leader, he still unconsciously felt the pressure.
Seeing that he was sitting in front of the big table and teasing the beautiful woman, the woman was not properly dressed, and the Du Luqi's hand was rubbing her body.
He wanted to invade this beautiful girl.
When she saw the crowd crying for help, she thought, "Who can save me?" Zhen Wei and the others were enraged.
Zhen Wei was the first to step forward and shout, "Damnable bandit leader!
Let go of that woman!" Du Luqi was about to attack this beautiful girl when he was stared at by such a fierce gaze.
The leader of the bandits was shocked to see that no one responded after shouting in anger for a long time.
He threw down the woman next to him.
He held the big knife beside him and rushed over directly.
Suddenly, the music played, stimulating everyone's nerves.
The sudden sound startled everyone.
The leader of the bandits, Du Luqi, rushed over, and three soldiers rushed out in one breath.
The leader of the bandits was blocked by the machete, but three of them were blown away.
They turned around and rushed toward the one with the highest DPS, Night Sleep.
Ye Wumianzhe immediately turned around and ran.
His basic skill was also rolling, and his skills were also very good.
He dodged the scimitar directly.
Then, Zhenwei and the other two rushed to Du Luqi again and cut him a few times.
Five o'clock appeared on the bandit leader Du Luqi's head.
At 8,a.m., 15,a.m., and after that, he turned around to hack at the man with the highest damage, Zhen Wei.
The bandit leader had 6,000,Health Points!
It could be said that the eighth-level BOSS had a total of 6,000,yuan.
His Health Point scared the most person to death, but he was only killed 15,X2,and 30,Health Point.
Although there were eight NPCs, the damage to Du Luqi was negligible.
The point was, "Dulu Qi can still take medicine to recover his blood, my God!" Everyone hit him for a long time, and only less than BI of the points had been deducted.
When he deducted one-third of the points, he roared and suddenly swept across the crowd.
He didn't have time to react.
He just died.
He died for six hundred!
Purple Sword and the attacking tonic master, as well as the female mage, were directly spit out.
The remaining five people struggled to hold on.
Zhen Hui was also startled.
Without warning, he suddenly attacked.
He was scared to death.
The third punishment for Violet Sword's death would be ten minutes, and the other two would be more than one minute.
Soon, they rushed back to the battlefield and continued to attack, constantly dodging the other side's big sabers.
He kept attacking the opponent's legs, trying to interfere with their actions, while the Crazy Dragon with Saber and Sword was crazily attacking Du Luqi's back.
It made Du Lu Qi tired.
Although the hurt of these people was very low, Du Lu Qi was still confused.
Soon, another furious chop was made.
They knew that the other party only had less than half of the Health Points left, so they added more strength!
Seeing that his Health Point was almost one third, the ground of Dulu Qi suddenly shook, and at the moment of impact, everyone was dizzy on the spot, It was over.
When Zhenwei was about to be hacked to death, B Tonic released its state, which immediately added a simple lifting effect on Zhenwei.
The master of the tonic had one move to release and release control effect on him and one teammate to release control effect.
Fortunately, this tonic master was clever, Although she didn't replenish her blood, it really saved his life.
Zhenwei quickly avoided the machete.
Seeing that he failed to cut Zhenwei, Du Luqi looked at Zhenwei in surprise.
He thought to himself, "Why is this possible?" The next moment, however, the bandit leader was hit by another two strikes from his feet.
The bandit leader was shocked.
This made him neglect his guard, and he deducted 30,consecutive coins and 60,in one go!
Stunned, the leader of the bandits suddenly took out a strange bottle.
As soon as they turned around, they drank, instantly returning to a half-blood state.
Everyone was shocked.
We relied on fighting half a day to fight against a third, and now, we were only half of it!
They had just finished drinking when they hacked down with anger, scaring everyone to death.
Fortunately, everyone had long prepared themselves, avoiding this wave of attacks.
Five minutes later, it was finally back to one-third, and another earth shook.
However, everyone became smarter.
When he lifted his big foot, the captain roared, "Jump!" Everyone quickly jumped up.
As the ground shook, the leader of the bandits was also a thief.
He hit one after another.
Ye Wumianzhe was dumbfounded.
He saw him raise his big foot again and once again roared, "Jump!" Or someone else had not been able to react in time and faint from the shock.
With 200,blood being deducted, the thin skin directly died.
It was the female mage again!
He frowned at the dead female magician and continued to glare at the bandit leader.
Zhen Wei and the Dragon with Blades and Swords were safe just now.
Fortunately, they could see Du Luqi's movement in front of the crowd.
Before the team leader shouted and jumped, he was already prepared.
After evading the killing move this time, the bandit leader's Health Point was quickly reduced.
There was only one-tenth left, and he suddenly roared and became furious!
"Wildness state" everyone was shocked!
They didn't expect that the low-level BOSS could be so furious.
He was still furious even though he didn't become violent.
Everyone began to flee because the leader of the bandits was out of control.
He was so fast that all of them were scared half to death.
Soon, the master of the tonic died.
The long-ranged attacker was very skillful.
He managed to dodge two or three attacks, but the Mad Dragon with Sword and Saber was not careful.
Nine hundred numbers jumped out.
Even though his HP was only increased by a bit, it was still only a bit over three hundred.
It was several times more Health Points!
He died on the spot.
It was his first time to die, so he could be resurrected in a minute.
Fortunately, he then rushed to Zhen Wei and chopped wildly.
Zhen Wei didn't have the confidence to fight with him.
They ran wildly!
They ran as much as they could.
When they saw the other side suddenly come to the ground and shake, they were furious and scared shit out of fear.
He kept running, jumping, and dodging madly.
He didn't dare to resist at all.
The next moment, he shifted his target and rushed to the highest output, the sleepless night.
He was able to dodge one round of his attacks with his skills, but Du Luqi was so angry that he slashed out.
Ye Wumianzhe just happened to roll away.
But as soon as the waves came to an end, they charged towards the nearby earth and began to tremble.
With a bang, more than 200,lives were deducted from the sleepless night, and they all died.
After more than two minutes, Dulu Qi finally ended the crazy state, no longer continuing to expand his attack.
Finally, a few minutes later, Du Luqi fell to the ground and died, shouting, "I, Du Luqi, have dominated the world for decades, but today I actually fell into the hands of several weak people.
I don't worry about it!
I don't worry about it!" After he shouted with emotion, he left the world.
In an instant, a lot of things were sprayed out, including sixth-class green armor and leather armor, short cane and long stick, and two fine bows.
Two weapons, one sword, one knife, the sword was still blue!
This thing obviously made all of the fighters' eyes light up.
They really didn't know how tough it was, but since it was blue, it was definitely not bad!
But a green sword was given to the Violet Sword, while a blue sword was used to control the power of the sword.
Why was he so lucky?
As a result, he sold the green knife to the crying Crazy Dragon Sword, sprayed a few jewels and props, as well as some tonics.
Each of them also received a pass certificate from the leader of the bandits, Du Luqi.
This item could be exchanged for the leader of the guards, "Da'en"!
In the end, everyone walked towards the exit of the exit.
The sharp-eyed might spotted a treasure chest in the corner.
His speed slowed down.
He didn't sleep that night and went out first, but the playboy noticed.
Suddenly, he saw that the warrior with the Heavenly Sword's might slowed down.
He looked at him and saw that the other side was walking at the back and slowing down.
Then Zhenwei saw this narcissist and thought, "F*cking narcissist narcissist!" If it was the Crazy Dragon of Saber and Sword and Night Everlasting Sleep who saw me, they would still be able to accept it.
It turned out to be you, the damn playboy!
In the end, the two of them were locked in a stalemate and did not leave.
Ye Wumianzhe and the others were puzzled, but they could still form a team after the task was completed.
Night without sleep, they dismissed the team and 30,seconds later, all the players in the instance zone were forced to leave the team!
Zhenwei had a bad feeling, so he just said, "Why don't you go out?" The playboy tonic looked around and found nothing unusual, so he just went out, although he still had some doubts in his heart.
Watching this damned playboy leave, Zhenwei rushed to the Treasure Chest hidden in the dark corner and found that it was not locked.
When he opened it, he was shocked.
It was a blue helmet, a wrist guard, a scroll, and something like a card!
After he was done, he hurriedly threw her into his bag.
Suddenly, the beautiful woman who had just been thrown to the side with disheveled clothes spoke up.
"Thank you for saving me.
I'm your man!" "What?" Before he could react, he was sent out.
But suddenly, he found that this woman had become his concubine!
What Zhen Wei was shocked!
Looking at the window that suddenly jumped out, he saw a beautiful woman on it.
But she was shy and dared not look at him.
seen through the window to see if she could enter the home where she served her darling.
He had no idea what was going on.
In fact, he was curious, but as a result, he was directly transmitted to a virtual space, a home-like place.
The clothes of the beautiful woman, who was not well dressed, were torn to pieces.
She didn't know what to do.
She stood still and lost her mind.
He had never met such a wonderful body.
Except for Xue'er, it was rare to see in real life!
Zhen Wei felt curious and touched the finger on the woman's back.
It felt so real.
As a result, he was slapped heavily.
With a loud bang, Zhenwei's left face was slapped.
He looked at the beautiful girl in shock.
She was very pretty, probably less than 20,years old.
Zhenwei looked at the young girl with an apologetic expression and said, "Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to!" The girl's face and figure were so perfect that she turned her head around to look at Zhen Wei without any hesitation.
She was simply a super goddess, but there was already a woman in Zhen Wei's heart.
She was Liu Ruoyun.
The young girl said, "From today onwards, I'm yours!
Thank you for saving my life, so I won't be harmed by that scoundrel." As he spoke, he actually began to cry.
Zhen Wei looked at this girl in shock.
He was at a loss, but this girl actually took the initiative to hug Zhen Wei.
Zhen Hui was even more stunned.
He stayed rooted to the spot and did not dare to move.
After a long while, he slowly pushed the beautiful young lady away.
This beautiful woman's helpless and indifferent eyes gradually recovered and became softer.
Zhen Wei said that he wanted to go out.
The young girl nodded timidly.
She left the family who served her.
Since she killed Du Luqi, Xiaolin had left him.
Now, he had finished the task above his head and asked him to return to the village head's family to talk with the village head.
Zhen Wei rushed to the dressing department to find an aunt to talk with.
He bought a set of women's clothing from the aunt and sent it to the family of the concubines.
And named this woman.
Originally, she had a name, but now she became his pet, so he changed her name.
Zhen Wei couldn't think of a good name, so he thought of a good Xiang'er, who had a good temperament.
Of course, she would not object to this pet girl and would like the name very much.
From now on, she was Xiang'er.
Xiang'er's personality had been greatly changed, and she was called Zhenwei's master.
Zhenwei was still somewhat unaccustomed.
"Master, Xiang'er wants to come out and take a walk!" Xiang'er pleaded with Zhen Wei, but Zhen Wei couldn't do anything to her.
Anyway, she was wearing clothes now.
Then he let her out.
The moment this beautiful woman was released, all the nearby players were stunned.
She saw her ID Xiang'er.
It seemed that she was a player.
Zhenwei felt the embarrassment in the eyes of others.
Other players looked at him with envious and jealous eyes, but he could do nothing about it.
Everyone thought that she was his girlfriend.
She was really beautiful, and her eyes were full of electricity.
The girl did not look at anyone else.
But players would be shocked if they looked into this woman's eyes by accident.
This was the voice of the nearby players.
In the entire game, Zhenwei was the first player to have a pet.
The official did not explain that he was the pet of the company.
So they didn't know there was such a thing at all.
Then Zhen Wei thought of something.
He was not equipped with weapons in his hand, so he opened the backpack window.
He clicked on the equipment bar and found the blue sword he had just acquired.
He looked at its attributes.
[Du Luqi's Divine Sword's limited level is level 8,and his range of equipment for warriors is limited.] Physical ATN +25 Physical Defense +2 Explode Points +10 Explosion Damage +10% Physical Piercing +5 Attack speed 31 Weight,4 attributes,30,lightning attribute magical damages when attacking Zhen Wei looked at this powerful divine sword and cried out in alarm.
After killing Du Luqi, he immediately rushed forward.
Now, he was at the seventh level of the near-death stage.
He had just finished the task and almost reached the eighth level.
Unfortunately, he couldn't equip himself with any equipment now.
Later, he looked at the other equipment.
He got a blue helmet and a blue wrist guard, which were red in color.
It was obviously a set of equipment, which limited the player's level by ten grades!
They couldn't wear it!
He looked at the attributes: Blue gaming helmet,Ya Dusang's brilliant shining helmet, level 10,light armour!
Defense +25 Life +100 Extra Defense +10 Physical attack value +5 chased by attributes +5,lightning and ice resistance The effects of the Set Out: Two pieces of equipment,Defense +15 Three pieces,Defense, 20,Health +50 Four items,Defense +30,Health Points +150 Five pieces,Defense +45,Health + Changfeng Physical Attack +10, Blue wristband,YaDusang's brilliant handguard LV 10,light armor Defense +10 Life +40 extra defense +5 Physical attack value +5 Attribute +5,Lightning Resistance and Ice Resistance "It also has the effect of the suit!
And its attack power!
It's really a divine costume at the current stage!
It can rise by one step." For me, I still haven't returned the village head's mission, but I'm leveling up!
He hurriedly ran towards Village Chief's house and saw that Village Chief's house was filled with white cloth.
It looked like he was going to mourn it again.
He went forward and knocked on Village Chief's door.
Clump, clumsily!
Not long after, Village Chief walked out.
Thank you, Zhen Wei, for taking vengeance for their Gilen.
Your mission experience points are 600.
You leveled up in an instant.
The sudden smooth stimulation made Zhen Wei's whole body feel so good, as if he was floating like a fairy.
This feeling was so great!
Looking at the items given by the mission, there was also Village Chief's token, thirty Profound Yuan Profound Note Gold, and Village Chief's token.
Zhen Wei didn't know what he was doing, so he asked the village chief about it.
The village chief said that he would bring the token to the blacksmith workshop in the village to find Lai Ken and talk to him.
Without saying anything else, he asked Zhen Wei to leave.
Zhen Wei's head was filled with questions as he ran towards the smithy.
He entered the smithy and when Dagon saw Zhen Wei, he immediately greeted him.
"Young man, you are finally willing to come back and help me, right?" Zhen Wei walked forward and passed the Village Chief's token to Dai Ben.
Dai Ken opened the envelope and read the contents.
He was shocked.
"Did you defeat the mountain thief, Du Luqi?" Zhen Wei nodded and quickly took out the card of Du Luqi, the leader of the bandits, and showed it to Daiken.
Daiken took it and checked it for a while to make sure that it was correct, then he looked at the awe-inspiring power with a look of disbelief.
"Heavenly Sword's might!
I'll keep it in mind!
In the future, if you come here to buy something or repair equipment, I'll give you a 70% discount!" Then he helped Zhenwei to put on a long knife and a suit of armor, although they were all white, white-white battle armor.
However, it was much better than the equipment on his whole body now.
He could wear all the eighth-grade suits now.
He put on a heavy feeling.
The overall defense of this white suit of armor was very impressive for the current awe-inspiring power.
Although it was not as good as the 10th blue suit, it was also very good.
The whole seven pieces were in order: Helmets, cuirass, belt, gloves, wrist guard, trousers, and shoes.
All of these added together were much better than the original ragged clothes.
He had more than a hundred points of defense than before.
Now he could be said to be very tough!
Looking at the super- fairer-looking armor on his body, he read the notification through the window.
He could learn martial arts from the martial arts teachers in the village.
Looking at the map, he found that the martial arts coach was in the woodman practice ground.
He quickly ran to the wooden man practice ground and found a large pile of wooden men.
After looking around, he ran.
He saw a bunch of players practicing using the woodcutters with NPCs.
Most of them were around Level 5,and a few of them had already reached Level 8!
Zhenwei looked at the tall and well-built martial arts coach, Huo Chong Nian, and then at the coach, Yue Mingjun, who was teaching magic arts next to him.
After finding Huo Chong Nian to talk, Huo Chong Nian called out the window and picked out the skills that he needed to learn from Zhen Wei.
He could click and learn skills.
He could learn a Qing Kung movement movement of "Water Formula".
If he looked at its ability, he could jump and fly for a short distance.
He chose to study without hesitation.
The learning fee was 15,yuan.
He only had 80,yuan now.
One Water Formula required almost a quarter of his property!
( additional supplement,Xuanming currency is also called Xuanyin) He looked at other skills and found that he could learn three other skills.
One was called Sweeping out the Maple Leaf.
This move was a range skill, a skill of the leg.
It cost fifteen percent of the learning time in five seconds.
Without any hesitation, she learned it.
Then he looked at the other two moves.
One was called the Sword of Condensation, which could cause physical damage to all objects within five meters in front of the front.
The longer he spent on Qi Gathering, the more harm he would suffer.
All close-range weapons were usable, and the learning fee was 30,yuan!
How could it cost 30,yuan!
All of a sudden, she only had 20,yuan left!
Feeling a little guilty, she looked at the last skill she could learn.
Basic war aura,reduce the player's physical damage by 10% within three minutes, and increase the player's HP by 5%.
The cooldown time is 30,seconds.
It was a very practical skill!
But the learning fee was 50,points!
He sighed and left the sight of the martial arts instructor in low spirits.
Right now, he only had twenty yuan left on him.
He had to take on missions and kill monsters.
He had to rush up to the tenth class and head towards Bodiya City to become a professional swordsman.
Now, he looked at the task window and saw the blacksmith, Dyon, transporting ore back from the mine of Aji and killing the Thief who attacked along the road.
To protect the safety of the mine owner.
He looked at the map without saying a word.
It was so far away!
Now he had some water Formulas that he could use.
There was no need to run around with his mission.
He taught the water formula to Xiang'er.
Now, both of them could use water formula.
He was just in the smithy, wearing a white steel knife that he had just made for himself.
He gave it directly to Xiang'er.
After all, Xiang'er knew martial arts.
Looking at the introduction of the window, he found that Xiang'er was of her current attributes.
Physical ATN of 15(* 8) Magic Attack (2) Physical Defense 20 Magic Defense 10 Attack speed (20%) Transitional speed 30 "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, not very long?" Xiang'er had three skills.
One was Night-swipping Sword Art, the other was Palm of the Wind, and the last one was Water-pointing Art he taught her.
The two of them exerted their full strength, and gathered their luck and some water.
Swoosh swoosh!
A quick leap was three Chi long.
Those who had not learned how to draw water were all envious.
There were very few players who reached the eighth grade along the way, so everyone saw that the two people who flew up were all jealous.
"This game is very special unless the technology is too difficult and it can be taught to human pet or guard mercenaries." And the qualifications and levels must be met.
Of course, some taboo skills can only be learned by oneself but not taught.
Xiang'er has already reached the eighth level before he knew Zhen Wei.
Of course, study was possible.
Xiang'er liked seeing many strange animals along the way.
Zhen Wei promised her that as long as she learned the basic hunting skills, he would help her catch a few animals.
Xiang'er was very happy and held Zhenwei in her arms.
Some of the players passing by stared at Zhenwei fiercely and pretended that they didn't see it.
Xiang'er had changed a lot.
He thought, "Xiang'er, you really don't know women!"