I Want to Hold the World in My Hands

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elusively found the Arrow-tail Poisonous

The three poisonous bees galloped forward while dragging the power of the town.
These ordinary poisonous bees, which had been frightened by the power of the sword, completely ignored the three people behind them as they ran forward.
The two of them were still unconscious.
Zhen Wei firmly grabbed the two of them.
Tied to their waists, the two were dragged flying.
Their speed was extremely fast, and the black forest beside them was constantly shuttling back and forth.
The venomous beast dodged far away from the poisonous bees, and then there were more and more "Black sandalwood" on the road.
Zhen Wei thought, "It seems that we are coming soon!" Then he saw more and more bees around.
Stealth suddenly became a little nervous.
Then, as he had expected, these poisonous wasps began to scream wildly and rushed toward the three giant poisonous wasps, but the three wereps didn't seem to hear them.
He didn't see anyone desperately fly toward the honeycomb.
Then, a group of Poisonous Bees were dragged behind them.
Zhen Wei looked at the back and broke out in a cold sweat.
He thought, "Oh my God!
Did I do something wrong?" There were at least hundreds of them in the back, but maybe these three poisonous wasps had already been scared to run, otherwise their speed couldn't be a little faster than those poisonous wasps!
Then he saw that it was pitch black and there was not a single trace of light in front of him, and he could only hear a series of creaking sounds and huge buzzing wings flapping in the air.
This feeling was incomparably terrifying!
They were faced with unpredictable dangers and living creatures.
This feeling of nervousness and stimulation was incomparable, and their hearts were constantly beating in the air.
Suddenly, he thought that he didn't have a flashlight, but the problem was that he didn't have one.
The wind kept whistling, and then the speed of the poisonous bees began to slow down.
It seemed that Zhen Hui was here.
The problem was that tens of thousands of poisonous bees were flying toward him.
This kind of horrible buzzing and strange creaking sound was really annoying.
Finally, the three poisonous wasps flew into a nest like nests and collided directly into this huge honeycomb.
The huge honeycombs were as hard as stone walls.
Zhen Wei was almost crushed, and all the bones in his body were almost smashed.
He felt a huge pain, and his face was directly touched.
He cried out in pain, "Damn it!
Right now, it's probably all covered in blood!" When his lips hit the stone wall and the teeth, he felt the pain of his lips breaking and bleeding.
The woman couldn't see anything black, and then she heard the buzzing of a large group of poisonous wasps as soon as she let go of the steel wire.
These poisonous wasps' creaked and strange roars made everyone dizzy.
The buzzing sound of flapping wings made people shudder.
He cursed in his mind, "Damn it!
It's so noisy even though it's disgusting." However, it was surprising that these poisonous bees didn't attack him.
The Poisonous Bees had surrounded Zhenwei and the other two.
Zhenwei thought that things were not going well.
He couldn't see what these Poisonous Bees were up to.
It was really horrible.
All of a sudden, Zhen Wei felt breathless under the suppression of a great force.
He thought, "Uh!
This is..." He could clearly feel that his body was separated from Xiang'er and the Abel.
It was as if he was forcefully pulled apart.
He wanted to stop it but was powerless to do so.
"What kind of damn feeling is this?" Then he heard a group of poisonous wasps roaring strangely and the buzzing of their wings suddenly stopped.
At the moment, there was a weird silence.
Zhen Wei thought to himself, "Damn it, what's going on?" The surroundings were so silent that it was as if they had entered a state of stillness.
It was just too unbelievable.
At this moment, Zhenwei's entire body was paralyzed on the ground.
He opened his eyes but could not see anything.
This feeling was terrifying and disturbing.
He wanted to speak but was powerless.
This kind of feeling could only be felt under the pressure of the Dark Devil and a small girl, Shan De Quinn.
Unexpectedly, he felt it again.
"Is it possible that the king of bees can't be so powerful?" This problem disturbed the prestige and worried about two people.
Xiang'er was the most worried.
If Xiang'er died, she would really suffer a fate worse than death.
She struggled to get up, but could not.
This kind of feeling was desperate.
"How could it be possible to meet such a terrible demon king!
How could [Sword Tiger Cliff] have such a powerful king-level creature?" Then he felt a warm current flowing from his mouth in the darkness, and then his whole body ached.
"What's this feeling?" Then he lost consciousness.
At this moment, something strange happened.
Just as the poisonous bees were going to separate the bodies of these three people and hand them to the humming king, Dr.
Du and Xiang'er woke up unexpectedly, but only Zhenwei was unconscious.
He didn't know what was going on.
It turned out that the three people were regarded as sacrificial offerings to be eaten by the Lord of Bees, and the sacrificial offerings would first be used to wash the inside of their bodies before being consumed.
During this process, the average person would have died long ago, but Zhenwei's body was different from the average person's.
The two of them, on the other hand, were highly toxic due to the effects of poison on their bodies.
However, when the poison came into contact with each other, it actually caused the unconscious person to become unconscious!
The two of them had woken up.
Although the poison had not been neutralized, it made them temporarily awake.
The strong pressure almost made them faint again.
Both of them could see nothing in the darkness, but their bodies instinctively knew that they were in danger, and it was very dangerous.
Death and blood were everywhere.
At this time, the two cried out in fear, and then a magical situation happened.
Poisonous Bees and Bee King saw that the two of them did not die of poisonous wasps but sobered up.
This surprised the poisonous wasp group and the bee king.
Their original plan to swallow the three of them was temporarily dispelled and released a strong pressure so that the two of them could breathe.
They couldn't see the Hornet King, but the Horne King could see their faces clearly.
One of them was a fat man and the other was a thin woman.
The surroundings were still silent and horrible.
Xiang'er's weak voice shouted, "Brother!
Where are you, where are you sobbing?
Brother!" She was afraid that her body was very weak at this time, but she couldn't find the majesty.
It was dark all around, and she cried out of fear.
The first Du was very scared at first, but he immediately calmed down because his mother's life was in danger, and her life was more intense than fear.
He closed his eyes and calmed down.
He thought to himself, "I should be in the Poisonous Bee Nest right now!" The instant he woke up, a powerful pressure was released, making him feel much better.
However, the strong sense of fear did not reduce a lot because of this.
He was still scared and his teeth were trembling and clattering.
"I'm probably going to be eaten up!
I'm sorry!
I hope I can be your son again in the next life." She closed her eyes, waiting for death.
Xiang'er was crying on the side.
Maria's initial urge to die suddenly came to her mind.
"Oh right!
Where's the expert?
Are you there with the beauty?" Following the sound of crying, he groped his way and touched Xiang'er's shoulder.
"Ah!" He let out a cry.
Maria said, "Don't be afraid.
Don't be afraid of me.
I am Ah Du!" Xiang'er was so scared that she couldn't find her brother, but she wanted to grab something to relieve the uneasiness in her heart.
She directly grabbed Landlord Du's body and held it tightly.
Third Du felt extremely flattered.
He had never been hugged by any girl in his life, but now he was held tightly by a great beauty.
That kind of feeling was really indescribable.
Zhenwei was still unconscious.
The two of them hugged each other in fear and did not know what to do.
The unknown fear was more terrible than the known fear.
The darkness was always the devil in people's hearts.
It always made her fear infinitely increase.
Although Xiang'er seized the breasts of her husband, the fear was still there.
She cried on the fat breasts of her husband.
This kind of feeling was like the feeling of lying on the chest of a mother.
Xiang'er had no mother since she was a child, so she was particularly dependent on this kind of feeling, while Maria enjoyed it.
It was strange that five minutes later, the swarm of bees did not attack them.
The strong stench of blood and stench around them was smelly.
The two of them were crying together.
But five minutes had passed and they were surprised to survive.
Maria was the first to speak.
"Why didn't they eat us?
Don't they feel hungry?" Or you think I'm too greasy?" "It's strange that the pain in my body seemed to ease a lot.
What's wrong with the beauty?" "Hmm!" Xiang'er said with curiosity, and then shouted, "Ah!" She pushed the fat man away.
The third Du felt a little embarrassed and thought, "Alas!
If I had known this, I wouldn't have screamed, but I could have hugged a little longer!" Third Du,"Strange, don't you find it strange that these poisonous bees didn't eat our beauties?" Xiang'er was angry.
"Don't tell me you want to be eaten up!" Third Du's face was full of grievances.
"I don't want to be eaten either!
I'm saying..." At this time, the Hornet King's claw lifted up Maria.
Maria suddenly lifted up her collar and shouted, "Ah!
My God!
Don't eat me!
Ah!" It was so crazy that she screamed.
Xiang'er heard this voice and was scared to scream, "Brother!
Brother, where are you!
Brother, sob." She covered her face with her hands and cried.
With a foul smell blowing on the cheeks of the fat body of 3,Du, Maria almost threw up and shouted, "Don't eat me!
I don't taste good!
I am very greasy and eating it will make me feel sick!
Believe me!
I will get sick if I eat the hoof plague!
Let me go!" Don't eat me if it's not good for my health!" The Hornet King was very impatient with this noisy fat guy and wanted to kill him directly, but he was not interested in why this human did not die on the spot because of the poisonous bee juice.
The scary crimson eyes of hundreds of red eyes stared at the fat man's research.
The huge bloody mouth opened the terrible rows of teeth and huge steel-toothed claws, and the tongue stuck out of the mouth of a terrifying tooth.
It was like an eyeless huge mouth with sharp teeth opening in all directions to form another huge mouth.
It was incomparably terrifying.
The second mouth was just about to swallow Glazed White, but the moment it opened it, it was like a huge mouth that was about to swallow her.
Suddenly, like an old disease occurs, she let out a roar.
"Roar, roar!" A terrifying roar rang out.
Maria was flung out and she felt dizzy.
Then, she heard a group of poisonous wasps screaming.
Instead of killing the two people, she flew to the side of the Hornet King.
Maria was thrown a hundred meters away.
With a loud bang, she hit the big tree and coughed up blood.
Xiang'er was blown ten meters away by the strange roar and fell to the side.
Zhen Wei's body was also blown ten meters away and fell down with Xiang'er.
Xiang'er found that he was not a fat guy.
However, her brother quickly grabbed it and shouted, "Brother!
Brother!" Touching Zhenwei's face, she confirmed that it was really Zhenwei.
She cried, "Brother!
Are you okay, brother?" "Brother!" She leaned forward and held Zhenwei, who was lying on the ground, with tears streaming down her face.
Zhang Du coughed a mouthful of blood and was unconscious for a moment before waking up.
It hurts!
Ouch, cough, cough, cough, cough, it's just a little harder!
The divine pig has been smashed into pieces!" After coughing up a few mouthfuls of blood, she could barely stand up.
She listened to the humming of the bee king, as well as the many poisonous wasp's creaking and squeaking weirdly, "Looks like this wasp king seems to have some sort of serious illness!" "Roar!" The Hornet King roared, and then its breath weakened.
Xiang'er's tears kept falling on Zhenwei's cheeks.
At this time, Zhenwei shook his eyes and struggled to open his eyes.
It was still dark in front of him, but Xiang'er's cry was clear and strange.
Then she feebly said, "Xiang'er, you are awake." Xiang'er was happy for a short while after hearing Zhenwei's voice, and then she cried again, "Brother!
Sob sob sob sob sob." She lay on Zhenwei's lying body.
Zhen Wei helplessly raised his right hand and patted Xiang'er's back, saying, "Don't cry!
Xiang'er, you are the bravest!
Cough, cough, cough!" Poisonous was rampaging in his body.
The pain was so clear that it felt as if his body had been corroded by a highly toxic acid fluid.
His stomach was as painful and unbearable as his organs, but he endured the pain and comforted Xiang'er.
Third Du's left arm was dislocated and she walked in Xiang'er's direction, crying.
Even though she didn't have a good eyesight, her hearing was excellent.
This was Mabo Village's village.
With all the unique features he had, his eyesight was poor, but his hearing was excellent.
He could clearly distinguish the location of any sound among all kinds of strange sounds, so he could accurately go in the direction of Xiang'er and Zhenwei.
Thirty seconds later, they came to Xiang'er and Zhenwei's side.
The strange roar almost could not be heard clearly, but Maria heard it clearly and dragged her painful left arm.
He bent down and said to Zhenwei, "An expert!
An expert!" Zhenwei didn't seem to hear him and roared loudly,"An expert!
Do you hear me?" Stealth finally heard the strange roar clearly.
The noise was mixed, buzzing and shaking the wings to disturb.
He paid attention to the words of Maria.
As her strength increased, Zhenwei still had an extraordinary ability.
Xiang'er couldn't hear it, and even Zhenwei didn't hear anything when he just said something.
The voice of Zhenwei was completely covered up.
However, with her words in Zhenwei's ear, Zhenwei could hear her voice.
The first message was,Master!
I can hear your voice clearly, but you don't need to speak loudly.
Save your strength!
Listen to me, please." Zhen Wei was surprised.
"This Maria's Internal Strength is obviously weak.
She's not strong enough.
How could she listen to my weak voice?
I can't channel my Internal Strength right now!" He thought to himself, "He doesn't seem to be hiding his true strength.
He's obviously a weakling.
Does he have any special abilities?" Third Du didn't know what Zhenwei was thinking and continued, "Master!
Listen to me!
This Hornet King seems to be seriously ill.
I don't know what strange illness he has.
Would you like to take this opportunity to give him a fatal blow?" Zhenwei thought to himself, "I can't imagine how powerful this wasp king is by giving it a fatal blow.
Just the oppressive force alone knows that the edge of the sword intent that I just got has no way to deal with it." "Moreover, I'm so weak now.
It's impossible to deal with these poisonous wasps and this wasp king." But he couldn't think of any other way.
It was an unsolvable trap, even if the wasp was weak.
The relapse of the strange disease was definitely not a terrible creature that we could deal with right now!
Desperate moment, this short period of survival made the three feel desperate.
Zhen Wei had said that he couldn't beat Wang, not to mention his current weak state.
Zhen Wei thought to himself, "Could it be that I'm really going to die here today?" He felt a sense of despair.
At this moment, the light of the Glock appeared suddenly.
Only the light of Zhen Wei could be seen.
The new event triggered the strange disease of [Prince Bee] Zhen Wei looked at this line of words in astonishment.
Looks like there's hope!
While looking at the explanation of the new mission, no one else could see it.
The two people beside him were also in complete darkness.
They were in a panic.
Zhenwei's despair was suddenly put at ease.
While reading, he also listened to Lou Cheng's description, "'Lavaata Poison Bee' originally belonged to 'Cous Chide Zhou'.
The original 'TranCompany''s guarding wasp.
A thousand years ago, it was persecuted because of 'TranCompany'.
This wasp was born.
Being used by the tyrannoon of Go'er Emperor caused the turmoil of Senchi De Zhou because of the turmoil of the four strong men in the Clan-leading Company.
At that time, King of Bees, 'Ramanas fixtures', had escaped and led a swarm of bees to attack the [Schide Empire] before they were wiped out.
At that time, King of Bees, 'Yala Bebe' had fled from 'Schide Zhou' when he was still young.
With less than a hundred 'Labobe Poison Bees' left the Western Regions, he passed through the 'Michi Dehai' to the middle of the map center of the Phantom Mysterious Sea.
Unexpectedly, the climate here was hot and there was no suitable forest area as a habitat.
They moved again and came to the East Heavenly Deity Continent located in the east of the world, while the west side of the "The Western Underworld Wilderness" was located in the west.
It was also not suitable for the Poisonous Bees to rest.
They went east to the Doomsday Plain and finally found the black forest on the Sword Tiger Cliff in the southeast of the Doomsday Plain.
He also found this piece of black sandalwood and built a nest.
From then on, the black sandalwood had become the kind of wood that Lafite loved.
The taste of it unexpectedly made Lafite like it.
The young bee king, Yuckal coefficients, had allowed the swarms of bees to reproduce in this black forest for a thousand years.
However, the time in the magic matrix in the black forest was mutated.
One year in the black forest was equal to ten years in the outside world.
Therefore, a thousand years in the outside world was equal to a hundred years in the black forest.
Now, Lord of Bees, Yradhabi, was at the ripe age of a hundred years, but because its long life was not illuminated by the sun, He suffered from a strange disease.
This kind of strange disease plagues [Yd Rao coefficients], and there are three ways to cure this disease." Zhen Wei really wanted to know what would happen next and continue reading.
"The first one,[Blackstone] X3,with [Adult Snake King] X1,and use the work540,to give it to Prince Bee to prolong 20,years of life.] He thought to himself, "Shouldn't I go to hell to find those 'Blackstones' and 'Lord Snake Gallen of Adulthood'.
I wish it would die earlier." He continued to listen.
"The second one,[Black duvet] X3,with three human hearts that have just been dissected] can extend the life of the king of bees for ten years." He thought to himself, "Three, Xiang'er and I are just right.
Damn it!
No wonder those poisonous bees didn't kill us.
We'll let the bee king kill them himself!" "In the past, the bee king would always use bee pulp to wash the human body after consuming human hearts.
After the human internal organs and organs are washed away of dirty blood, the human body would be dismembered and the heart would be dug out to eat.
The body will be discarded.
Humans will suffer from organ failure and pain when they consume the venom." He thought to himself, "Could it be that the warm current that I just ate is poisonous wasp juice?
Then why am I not dead?
Even if I didn't die, the other two will still be fine.
How can I be healthier than me?" Of course, the current strength of their body could not be compared with that of ordinary people.
Although they would not die, it did not mean that they would not have any sequelae.
They still had to detoxify, and the two of them just happened to be like this.
The clash between the two kinds of toxins resulted in the current clash.
As long as the poisonous sac and the juice of the poisonous lotus vine were added to the poison, the two of them would be able to recover.
The two of them had also unexpectedly regained their consciousness and their might was now extremely weak.
It was impossible to fight against these tens of thousands of poisonous wasps, let alone this extremely powerful wasp king.
He could not wait to know whether there was any other way to resolve the crisis of the G-Pel.
"Third,[Blackstone Fruit] X3,with [Poison Bug eggs], 1000,and cleaning off the cladding equipment and giving it to Prince Bees for a ten year's worth of life." Despair rose in his heart.
"Where am I going to find these 'Blackstoned Fruit', 'Poison Bug eggs', and my work!
I've run out of time!" "Wait!
'Poison Insect Egg', he recalled carefully that he seemed to have this kind of thing!
He didn't get 100,000,poisonous ant nests back then!
"Oh my god!
Such a thing from so long ago should come in handy at this time!
My God!
We're going to be saved!
But the problem is the 'Black Date' and the ' Swordsmanship-seeking workers'." He looked at the image of the Black duvet and shouted, "Oh my god!
There's hope!
Isn't this the fruit of the strange plant I got on the Sword Tiger Cliff?" The first one Du had a puzzled look on his face.
The Queen of Bees was in unbearable pain and the group of bees had already surrounded the three of them.
They planned to split their bodies immediately and save the Queen of Bees.
The situation was extremely urgent and there was no time for him to think.
The three of them were lifted into the air and let out strange, buzzing sounds.
The bee king lay weakly on his side.
The group of bees were so nervous that they were about to tear the three of them into pieces.
This caused the Ring of the Clan to burst into a flash of light.
This light made the peaks shocked.
The most shocking thing was the familiar feeling of the Hornet King [Yd Rao coefficients] and the familiar feeling of his father.
They looked at this human who was about to be cut into pieces in astonishment.
This sudden accident also shocked the three people.
Zhenwei looked at the ring that burst out silver light in astonishment.
He finally saw the situation around him, but he saw it clearly.
There were tens of thousands of poisonous wasps and the horrible giant wasp king.
The wasp was at least two stories high, no different from a giant beast.
This feeling of despair was simply uncomfortable.
Xiang'er and Maria saw the face of the humming hornet king and the surrounding swarms of bees and immediately fainted.
Zhenwei looked at the ring in astonishment, and then something shocking happened.
The bee king actually bowed its head and landed on the ground.
When the group of bees saw this, they immediately followed suit.
They lowered their heads towards the suppressive pressure of the town like they were worshiping a god.
This action once again caused the awe-inspiring prestige to soar.
He thought to himself, "Could it be that G microfilm said that this [Shoot-tailed Poisonous Bees] are wrong?
Or should I say that 'Laglow Peak' is really one of the guardian beasts of the clan?" He was even more certain as he looked at the behavior of these Poisonous Bees.
Sighing, he said, "It seems that I won't die today!" After a sigh of relief, he thought of the right new task!
But those things are all in the homeland, and we can't go back to get them now.
What should we do?" Suddenly, the Ring of Clan-leading burst into light.
This strange feeling caused Zhen Wei to have the illusion of being able to travel through time.
He tried to put it into his divine thoughts, and then he was able to control everything within a thousand miles to obtain everything.
However, there was no way to enter the teleportation zone.
He thought to himself, "Looks like it's either my mental energy isn't strong enough or I'm limited!
At the very least, I know that the impudent ring actually has such a great secret ability!
That's great!" Looking at the swarm of bees worshiping, he only wanted to quickly break through these two events and to remove the poison from his body!
No matter what kind of poison he was poisoned, he had to get " bee Gonz" plus "poison bag" and "poison package" from the bees.
The juice of the [Poison Lotus Vine] can be used to neutralize and neutralize the poison, which is equal to solving three problems.
So through the special ability of the ring, we can take out the things from our homeland through the time space.
However, because his willpower was too weak, he was only able to obtain one at a time.
After repeating it a few times, he finally picked three of the magic spring's strange plant fruits that were twining around the strange stone slabs, and also took out a barrel of acid fluid.
"Poisonous Spider egg" took out.
The acid liquid was a tool that could be used as a work tool according to Zhen Wei's speculation.
He didn't expect that what he left at the moment was really useful!
Then he threw thousands of poisonous ant eggs into the barrel, and the silver light of the ring did not weaken.
Then he saw that the poisonous ant eggs in the yellow liquid wooden barrel were bubbling.
The tough shell of the egg peeled off, revealing the glittering and translucent body of the egg, which was really impressive and fascinating.
Then he took out the medicine bowl and smashed the three 'black dummies', and then he opened a hole in the barrel to let the acid flow out.
Leaving the insect eggs behind, he slowly took out the medicine bowl and turned it into viscous liquid.
Finally, he smashed it into a disgusting black-green sticky object, which was as sticky as strong glue.
It was difficult to remove the stick even if he were to use it.
Then he walked up to the front of the bee king.
He was as small as a small creature in front of the bee king.
The bee king looked at this human who had the God's Ring.
Then he saw the strange and disgusting sticky substance in the medicine bowl, and then handed it over.
But the next moment, he regretted, because the humming king directly swallowed the medicine bowl.
Zhen Wei roared, "It's my medicine bowl!" However, it was too late.
The huge wasp had its sharp teeth lined up by its mouth and its huge pincer opened its mouth.
It even swallowed a snake mouth.
Zhen Wei roared, "Damn it!
You want to compensate me with one!" Then the humming king ignored him!
Then the terrible expression of the Queen of Bees eased a lot, and with a "crystal" sound, the task was completed, and she got the new ability "the voice of the beehive" to talk to the Queen of Bees.
With the magnetic sound of the king of bees, Zhen Wei looked at this strange new ability in surprise.
The point was that he could understand what the king of bees was expressing.
What the hell!
The Hornet King said, "Thank you for saving my life!
The mighty Divine Clan, I, [Ya'd6.5%] am willing to use my life to protect you!" The two people beside him could only hear a strange roar.
However, looking at Zhen Wei's inexplicable conversation with the bee king, Zhen Wei said, "Why didn't you speak your human language just now?" Hornet King, "I can't speak human language!
It's because you have the ability to communicate with us!" Zhen Wei was stunned and said, "What did you say?
I got the ability to communicate with you?
This is the so-called 'The Voice of a Hornet'." Hornet King,"Correct!
The others don't understand our language, but you can!" Zhenwei said, "Really?
That's wonderful!
Hahaha!" Zhang Du and Xiang'er looked at Zhenwei in shock.
The Zhenwei ring was glowing with a bright silver light, so they could see each other clearly.
They looked at each other with a puzzled expression and said, "Big brother..." "Brother, you are talking to bee." Xiang'er looked at Maria in shock.
Third Du replied Xiang'er with a stunned expression, "It seems to be the case.
I was right.
This man is really a master!" When Zhen Wei heard the conversation behind him, he twitched his mouth.
He continued, "By the way, bee king." Hornet King,Don't call me Hornet King!
Call me [Yala coefficients]!
I respect the descendant of God Clan!" Zhen Wei nodded and said, "Mmm!
[Ydala's Fragil] Can you tell me where the Poisonous Lotus Vine is?
I want to dispel the poison from my and the other two's bodies!" Hornet King,"You don't have to look for it!
I already have the antidote!
You can take it directly!" Zhenwei was overjoyed.
"Is that true?
That's great!" Then the elite and poisonous bees at the rear quickly took out a container made of a strange poisonous vine.
As soon as it was opened, a strong scent of honey made the three of them instantly intoxicated.
Zhen Wei was stunned and said, "This is..." Hornet,Honey after reconciliation, this is a honey that can detoxify all kinds of poisons, after eating it, it can detoxify all kinds of poisons!" Zhen Wei was overjoyed.
He quickly stepped forward and licked his index finger.
A sweet scent permeated his mouth and melted.
It was truly a delicacy in this world!
Then he said, "Xiang'er, Maria, come here quickly.
Take a little and you'll be able to detoxify!" The first time she was shocked, she didn't dare to go forward and said, "It can't be poisonous, right?" Stealth indicated that this was not poisonous and could cure hundreds of poisons!
The two quickly came forward and licked it, shouting, "Oh my god!
It's so delicious!
It won't be too sweet or too greasy!" After eating for a while, the humming king said that there were still many other things.
It would be good to bring them with him, so he had to take them.
In fact, he had wanted to take them all for himself for a long time.
The toxins on the three people were relieved, and two major events were solved.
Next, they needed to be made use of ' SharePoints' to rescue the strange disease of Maria's mother.
The king of bees gave them a stone wand's ' bee paste'.
Then, he gave Stone thrown to 'Cow King Mi', saying that he wanted to leave this place as soon as possible to solve a big problem.
Hornet King said, "I respect the descendant of the God Clan.
I am willing to protect you with the things you need to protect!
Let us help you!" Zhen Wei,There's no need!
You can't help in this matter.
When the time comes, I'll set up a guild organization in the [Xing Dan City] to protect you guys!
When the time comes, move this black sandalwood forest over!
That way, you all will have a place to stay as well!" If Hornet King agreed, Zhen Wei would never have thought that things would develop to this extent.
He then accidentally saw that his own level had reached level 42,and looked at his own level in shock.
At this moment, she felt the refreshing feeling rushing to her head.
She didn't expect that she had been promoted by seven levels here!
It seemed that she didn't need to deliberately upgrade her level!
She should hurry up to catch the mount!
At this point, he said, "By the way, how do we go to the territory of the Saber-toothed Tiger?" The bee king asked in confusion, "May I ask what matter the descendant of the god race has to go to the Land of the Fine Toothed Tigers?" Zhenwei said, "Oh!
I just want to catch a mount!" The Hornet King had no expression on his face, but he said like a cheerful giant pair of pliers, "That's easy!" Zhen Wei was stunned and stood rooted to the spot.
"What?" Then, thousands of elite soldiers left and looked at the Queen of Bees in shock, "Who are they?" The bee king smiled and said, "Please wait for a moment!" The picture came to the frightening scene of thousands of elite battle soldiers.
After leaving the black wood forest and arriving at the territory of the Saber-toothed Tiger, a group of Saber-toothed Tigers were frightened to escape at the sight of these terrifying battle soldiers.
This was a bee of thousands of elite soldiers!
It was extremely horrible!
Then he saw that all the Sword-toothed Tigers, the White Tiger and the Tiger King were taken away directly.
One was a giant wasp caught a giant tiger, and two werep caught by the giant Tiger King at the same time.
In less than half an hour, he caught thousands of Giant Tigers.
Zhen Wei, Xiang'er, and Maria looked at these Giant Tigers lying on the ground and did not dare to move.
He really had a feeling that he couldn't describe.
The first checkpoint rider rode a giant saber-toothed tiger and Zhen Wei rode on the tiger king with Xiang'er.
The remaining groups followed behind the tiger king.
The humming king ordered the thousands of elite poisons to stand in formation to escort Zhen Wei and others out of the black forest.
The place where they came out was actually the huge plain at the other end.
It was below the territory of the Sword Tiger Cliff, followed by dozens of "Swordteeth Giant Tigers" of "Swordteeth Giant Tigers" of thousands of "Swordteeth White Tigers".
The scene was very spectacular.
After that, they said goodbye to the Hornet King and group of hornets.
It was already two days later.
There was only less than half a day left in the black forest.
At this time, Zhen Wei received a lot of messages.
Tian Ming's hundreds, and everyone's tens of rings.
Looking at the time, they were shocked to find that it had already been two days!
"My God!
How could time go by so quickly!" In fact, it was because of the Black Forest Magic Field that the space fell apart.
flowchart Du Xin said anxiously, "Expert, I will go first!
After so many days, I am afraid that my mother has already, already, can't hold on any longer!" Zhen Wei nodded and said, "Leave your contact information!
Including your friends!
Tell me if you have anything to say!
I'll go back to Xing Dan City first!" The first Du nodded and ran away riding on the giant saber-toothed tiger.
Zhen Wei looked back at the lineup behind him, which was really like an army.
He had an awe-inspiring feeling.
He patted the back of the giant tiger king and said, "I'll go home first and you wait obediently!" After bringing Xiang'er home, everyone asked with concern.
What they were most worried about was their mother, Little Die, and Yi Jun.
Xiang'er became furious the moment she saw Little Die and tightly hugged the prestige-suppressing Little Die.
Xiao Die pouted her mouth and glared at Xiang'er.
With a snort, she left.
Seeing this situation, Dott quickly caught up with Xiao Die.
A few days later, when Nuo's top-notch disciple woke up, Han Qi was in the distance.
Zhenwei glanced at him and said, "You are all awake." He smiled.
Han Jin was a little shy and took a few steps back.
He didn't know what to say.
He obviously felt that his body was much stronger than before.
"This must be the gratitude of my benefactor.
I really don't know how to repay this great kindness." Father, He Long, Xiaoxian, Tianming, Yi Jun, Nianci, Mother, Father Xie, Little Dream, and Ya Ku all came to greet Zhenwei.
Zhenwei looked at Father Xie in shock.
Since when did you come here?" Mr.
Xie laughed and said, "Ha-ha-ha!
A few days ago, you were not here!" Then Zhenwei saw the two strange buildings and asked, "What are they?" Ai Jun and Nian Nian smiled warmly, "The bath!" Zhen Wei's face was full of doubts.
"Why do you guys have to cover up the bathhouse?" Father said, "Baby-and-benefit-worship-worship-worry-worry- wk also copied his father's tone of voice and said, "You bath-worry-worry-worry-worry-worry-worry-worry- Everybody laughs out loud at the same time.
Zhen Wei's face was full of black lines.
"Truly a bunch of stupid people!" He continued, "Time has already passed for two to three days.
We have to hurry back!"