Biography of Virtual Goddess

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Transforming into a Rich Girl?

"Ah!" "Ah!" "What the hell is this?" A sharp and sweet scream came from the luxurious room.
A beautiful girl was sitting on the bed, staring at the mirror not far away.
In the mirror, the girl was petite.
Her delicate and lovely facial features seemed to have been carefully carved by the heavens.
She had a small nose, watery eyes, and a red face.
Her black and soft hair was blown by the wind.
She was wearing a thin large shirt.
Her white and slender legs were more attractive.
The shirt was just enough to cover the girl's underwear, which was very attractive.
"What is this place?" Lin Yi, that's not right.
His current name should be Lin Yiyi.
A beautiful 15-year-old girl!
"Shouldn't I be at a temple in the suburbs?
Why would I become someone else?" Lin Yiyi's memory still lingered in the temple in the suburbs.
She made a wish in the legendary temple with her two old friends who had had a hard time together.
They made three wishes in front of the tree.
They were to be the most rich and powerful rich men, to be the handsome man who subverted the world, and to be a perfect girl!
But I want a perfect girl to be my wife, not her!
Damn it!
Lin Yiyi's delicate little hands clutched her head in a frenzy.
"How could this be?
I'm such a little girl!" Lin Yiyi recalled the incident that had just happened, and the bitterness in her heart was hard to describe.
Looking at the white arms, the delicate waist, and the slight bulge in front of her chest, Lin Yiyi instantly wanted to vent her anger.
But when she saw her little fist, she immediately rejected this idea.
"Are you kidding?
What can this little pink fist hit?
Smashing the wall?
It's not me who will be in pain." "Miss Elder, it's time for you to get up and enjoy your breakfast!" Miss Elder?
The memories of the owner of his body instantly flooded into his mind.
This world was not the world in her previous life, but a country named Celestial Empire.
As for Lin Yiyi, she was even more extraordinary.
Lin Yiyi's Lin family was one of the most powerful families in China.
Lin Yiyi's father was the head of the top consortium in Celestial Empire.
He had a very strong background and countless wealth.
Now she was in the manor prepared for her by the rich parents.
There were hundreds of servants in the manor!
"Is this true?" Looking at the hundreds of square meters in front of her, Lin Yiyi, who was decorated into a pink room, seemed to accept this fact.
The room of the original owner was not only horrifyingly large, but the paintings and decorations were also invaluable.
"First Miss, please watch out for your manners!" In a panic, he found a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans on his body.
When he opened the door, he was met with censure from a middle-aged noblewoman.
Liu Di.
This was not an ordinary servant of the Lin family, but a teacher who was invited by her father to teach her etiquette and supervise her life.
"What are you looking at?
Why do you look so fierce?
Do I owe you money?" In the face of a serious-looking, wealthy-dressed woman, Lin Yiyi truly had unspeakable suffering.
"Look at your hair, it's still messy.
And the collar of this dress hasn't been fixed yet!" "I'm sorry, Teacher." In order not to expose herself, Lin Yiyi chose to give in.
No matter how much trouble this damn teacher was tormenting him.
In Lin Yiyi's previous life, how would she know any kind of shitty etiquette?
He was just an ordinary worker sleeping in a shabby rented house.
If it weren't for the two besties' support, he would have starved to death on the street.
"Good morning, Miss Elder!" "Good morning, Miss Elder!" "Miss Lin, please keep your mouth shut!" Chatter?
Lin Yiyi was so nervous that she sat at a luxury table and peeked at everything around her.
"Are you making a movie?
Why do I need so many people for breakfast?
It's just like a parade!" Looking at the servants standing in a row respectfully, Lin Yiyi was speechless.
When she just walked into the big, ridiculous-style dining room, the orderly greeting of these servants gave her goose bumps.
Lin Yiyi quickly spat it out after she drank the so-called mouthwash.
I'm sorry!" This very vulgar action made Liu Di glare at her.
Was this a mouthwash?
Oh, my god!
It was not mouthwash at all, but bird's nest!
Moreover, this tender and refreshing taste was no ordinary bird's nest.
It was definitely a first-class bird's nest!
To think that I would be using it to rinse her mouth!
"Miss Yiyi, the breakfast I prepared for you today is a kind of kiling breakfast." "This is beef God's beef, the best snow beef, and fresh milk that just airlifted from New Zealand this morning!" "Budling with the God of Bull?" Shit!
Isn't that an item worth nearly 200,dollars?
The fresh milk from New Zealand air transport?
Lin Yiyi instantly felt dizzy as she looked at the wisps of breakfast that were being brought up.
Was this Miss Elder a national treasure?
He ate such fine and expensive food every day!
Bitch!" "Uh!" "Uh!" "Oh no!" When Lin Yiyi took a bite of the steak, she looked up nervously at the damned Liu Di.
Sure enough!
The latter's eyes brightened when she saw that she was adjusting her gold-rimmed spectacles with a rough look.
"You damn old woman, do I have a grudge against you in my previous life?" Good heavens!
My father in this world, why did you find such an old devil to take care of me?
"Then, I don't want to comment on your dress.
I won't object if you want to keep a low profile." "Thank you, teacher." After breakfast, Lin Yiyi and Liu Di sat on the leather sofa in the living room under the watchful eyes of the servants.
Lin Yiyi was no longer in the mood to observe this incredibly affluent manor.
What she wanted was to get out of the old woman's clutches as soon as possible.
"Housekeeper Chen, let Miss Elder pick the car for the trip later." "Yes, my dear lady." The gray-haired, kind-looking housekeeper, Old Chen, bowed respectfully and opened the booklet in his hand.
He took out a pen and a piece of paper, ready to record.
"So, please choose today's car, dear First Miss." "Choosing a carriage?" Only then did Lin Yiyi realize that the owner of the body seemed to be preparing to set out today.
He seemed to be going shopping with her classmates.
Lin Yiyi was studying in a Tianhua Foreign Language School, and she was a senior high school student after the summer vacation.
Although this school of foreign language in Tianhua City was a private school, it was not a legendary school of the rich nobility.
In the school, only a few people knew her real identity.
Because of her outgoing personality, she had made many friends.
However, because of her family background, she had to pick up and pick her up by car every day after she went to school, so she seldom had time to play with her friends.
Today was a day that this little fella was looking forward to, only, right now, she occupied her body!
"Then keep a low profile.
How about the BMW 7,series?" Lin Yiyi didn't want to be so ostentatious.
Besides, she didn't expose her identity in front of her school friends.
These friends and classmates only knew that she came from a good family.
Every time they got on the bus to the school, they got off at a remote place.
"Oh my god!" At this time, Liu Di, as if he had seen a ghost, pretended to hold his face and screamed.
This ghastly action caused Lin Yiyi's hair to stand on end.
"You crazy woman!
Why are you so nervous about nothing?" Looking at Liu Di's reaction, the gentle housekeeper, Old Chen, smiled and said, "Miss, there is no such a low-grade car at home!" "Miss Yiyi, why does your taste become so vulgar?
Can you take that kind of low-end car?
The Lin family doesn't have the model that the upstart likes!" Did the BMW 7-series come from a nouveau riche?
Or a low-end car?
When she heard Liu Di talking about this, Lin Yiyi's delicate little face was filled with shock.
Then he smiled like an angel and asked tentatively, "Housekeeper Chen, why are you asking me for a Mercedes-Benz S-class mount?" "I'm sorry, Miss Elder.
I didn't!" "President Maserati?" "I'm sorry, Miss Elder, but there is still no one!" Upon hearing this, Lin Yiyi was already speechless.
God, there was no luxurious car in his previous life?
And these two guys seemed to be very surprised.
"Are you all right, Miss?
Are you having a fever?" Facing Liu Di, who was touching her forehead, Lin Yiyi was petrified.
"Damn it!" Even a local tyrant was so shameful!
It seemed that his taste was just at the upstart level!
Old Chen, who was kind and kind, looked at her gently and said, "First Miss, I can understand that I don't want to expose my identity when I go out with my friends.
However, this is also what Old Master worries about." "Miss Elder, don't forget Old Master's request to you.
I think you'd better talk to him.
He will arrive in half an hour." "Er..." Lin Yiyi instantly collapsed on the sofa, "Master?" Of course she knew who the master that Housekeeper Chen was referring to was.
He was her biological father of this life, a father who had lost his wife and only his daughter.
When she thought of that, Lin Yiyi could not help but have a headache.