Biography of Virtual Goddess

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Do I have to learn how to spend money fi

In the Lin Manor.
This manor located in the southernmost area of Tianhua City was the dream place for all citizens.
In the middle hall of this manor villa.
At that moment, Lin Yiyi was nervous and excited.
"Yiyi, I've heard and heard everything." Lin Wancheng!
This skinny, white-skinned middle-aged man in front of her was her father of this life.
Her hand-made Armani suit and Jiangziton's hand-made limited-edition watch were all dazzling to Lin Yiyi's eyes.
Looking at her rich and elegant father, Lin Yiyi fell silent.
From her memories, Lin Yiyi had found all the records of this father.
This was a tough guy to deal with!
This was the evaluation given to him by the original owner of this body.
Lin Yiyi.
The original owner of the body was an obedient and rebellious little fellow.
After his mother died in a car accident, she began to hate wealthy and restricted life.
She even began to want independence.
He cooked for himself and took care of himself.
This gave Housekeeper Chen and Lin Wancheng a headache.
When they saw their daughter washing clothes, their heart ached for her cooking.
Therefore, Lin Yiyi went against Lin Wancheng and invited Liu Di, the teacher, to have sex with her and brainwashed her.
What Lin Wancheng said was the full name of Housekeeper Chen, Chen Zhihe.
"Yiyi, do you know why I made money?" After lighting a valuable cigar, Lin Wancheng smiled kindly, as if the little angel in front of him were everything to him.
"Who knows why you're making money!" Although she thought so, Lin Yiyi still nodded faintly.
" "It's for you!
My dear baby daughter, I'll give you the best things in this world!
I'll make you the happiest princess in the world!" When Lin Yiyi was about to speak, the damned guy suddenly stood up and raised his hands, which startled Lin Yiyi.
"The Mercedes S grade?
The BMW 7,grade?
My dear daughter, our hand-made limited Ferrari.
Isn't it good to have a Rolls-Royce?" What the f**k!
Hearing a limited edition of a hand-made Ferrari, Lin Yiyi instantly felt dizzy.
Lin Wancheng only sat down when he saw Lin Yiyi lower her head and felt that his daughter had realized her mistake.
She handed a third of the cigar she had just lit to Housekeeper Chen and said, "Zhihe, change to a new one!
There are only a few seconds to taste this cigar!" "What the hell?" "What kind of cigar is worth at least 500,yuan?
This guy threw it away?
And he only took a few bites!" This was his living expenses for a month in college!
Looking at the cigar that was thrown away by Housekeeper Chen, Lin Yiyi kept staring at the cigar with her watery eyes.
"Yiyi, I know Wei'er's death is a great blow to you.
I admit that I didn't fulfill my responsibilities as a husband.
But you can't deny the life I provided for you because of this." Looking at his daughter's eyes wide open, Lin Wancheng thought that his daughter's stubborn temper had become worse again.
Since Dong Wei's death two years ago, this daughter hated her so much.
She blamed herself for failing to protect Dong Wei's mother.
"She had a big fight with me and said that I wouldn't pick her up at that time." Since then, his daughter began to be frugal.
She hated this kind of easy life.
She even learned to cook by herself and cleaned the room herself!
The apple of Lin Wancheng's eye was doing chores like servants every day.
If this were to spread out, what would be the face of the Lin Family, a huge family, be like?
Dong Wei?
Her mother?
When Lin Yiyi heard Lin Wancheng's words, she recalled her mother's accident.
From his point of view, this matter couldn't be blamed on Lin Wancheng at all.
The original owner of this body was still young, and his thoughts were not very comprehensive.
"Dad, I think you don't have to worry.
I did all these myself just for..." "Hey, hey, what are you doing?
You!" Just as Lin Yiyi spoke comforting words.
Suddenly, he stood up and stepped back as if he had seen a ghost.
Lin Wan stood up again as if he had hit an evil spirit, with tears in his eyes.
Housekeeper Chen, who was standing at the side, also sobbed, "Master, it seems that Miss Elder has finally opened up!
Congratulations!" "Yiyi, you haven't called me dad for two years.
I like this name more!
Haha, it's very kind!" "Ah!
Dad, don't!
I'm almost out of breath!" Was this damn guy crazy?
While Lin Yiyi was not paying attention, this damned guy held her tightly in his arms and cried bitterly.
In her memory, Lin Yiyi had indeed not called Lin Wan father for a long time.
Feeling the warmth of her embrace, as well as Lin Wancheng's trembling body, Lin Yiyi gave up her resistance.
Tears, crystal-clear tears fell silently.
She recalled her parents in her previous life, who she would never see again.
Because she made a wish with her besties, they would be separated forever.
"Alright, my dear daughter.
How are you going to learn how to spend it?
This card costs ten million, you'll pass this week after spending it!" Pu!
After calming her emotions, Lin Yiyi suddenly spat out a mouthful of water.
She looked at her father in this life and said lightly, "Dad, no way!
Do you want me to spend all my money in a week?" "What?
Do you still hate your dad?
It's only ten million yuan.
You can use it for fun, don't you?" Ten million?
Just for fun?
I didn't need so much money in my previous life!
Looking at the black gold card in Lin Wancheng's hand, Lin Yiyi was really convinced by her rich father.
After receiving the bank card with her fair lotus-root-like arm, Lin Yiyi smiled and said, "Yes yes yes, my dear Dad." "Well, that's right.
My daughter needs to learn how to spend first to achieve great things!" "Why?
Why can't you spend money to be a prodigal?" "A prodigal?
Yiyi, I don't mean to criticize you.
Don't you understand such simple logic?
Do you want to be a prodigal now?
You don't even have the strength to do so!" What the hell?
He didn't have the strength to be a spendthrift?
Looking at his angelic daughter's puzzled expression, Lin Wancheng cleared his throat and said, "Ahem, Yiyi, with your current strength, it's really hard for you to be a prodigal.
Do you want to succeed?
You must learn how to spend money first." "Now, all I want you to do is to use the money with the appropriate amount of money for your identity.
As time passes, a habit will be formed.
When you become an adult, you will still spend money like this, which will force you to make enough money for yourself.
This starting point is very high!
Do you understand?" "At the same time, it will also expand your horizon.
After graduation, at least you won't go to the stall, right?
A stall is such a low-level business that you can't support your own life!" "F*ck, what kind of heresy is this?" Let me spend my money to make myself a habit?
Will I have a high starting point after I'm an adult?
This theory is too bullsh*t!
Only by learning how to spend money can you achieve great things!
Today, Lin Yiyi finally understood what it meant to be truly pushy!
If I surrender, isn't it just spending money?" Seeing Lin Yiyi obediently take the black card, Lin Wancheng grinned.
He didn't look like a top well-off entrepreneur at all.
Then he looked seriously at Housekeeper Chen Zhihe next to him and said in a harsh voice, "See Miss and friends next.
Respect Miss requires low-key opinion.
Let's drive the broken car that Boss Li sent a few days ago." "Okay, Master.
I got it!" "Yiyi!" "What's that?" Lin Yiyi, who was about to leave, was stopped by Lin Wancheng.
He turned around and saw Lin Wancheng, who was full of smiles but a bit wicked.
He took a sip of the Martin in his hand and said with a grin, "Don't try to fool me with buying real estate.
I demand that you can only spend ten million yuan to buy what you can use or spend it reasonably.
I will follow the whereabouts of this card, understand?" Holy sh*t!
What a freak!
Lin Yiyi nodded and finally bid her farewell to her strange and rich father.