Biography of Virtual Goddess

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Vulgar Travels?

At the center of the Tianhua City.
This was the center of Tianhua City.
Tianhua Plaza was a pedestrian street with a strong commercial atmosphere.
Many famous shopping malls across the country were located here.
It could be said that the Tianhua Plaza was the economic center of Tianhua City.
"Wow, which rich family is this?" "Who knows?
Which young and handsome rich boy is it again?" "Humph, what kind of son of a rich family are you talking about?
The really handsome rich second generation would not be so low-key.
Should they get off in this alley?
It must be a fat guy with a fat face." Many people saw a luxury car driving into a somewhat remote alley.
They began to talk about it.
It was just that a thin monkey-like guy's argument was obviously different from others'.
The thin monkey-like guy's name was Zhao San.
He was a ruffian in the Sky Magnificent Square.
He had sneaky eyes and thievish eyebrows.
Usually, his hands and feet were not clean, and the residents around him also hated him.
"Hey, Zhao San, you're wrong.
Maybe it's the opposite of what you said.
Others are afraid of showing off!" "Yo, Old Zheng, do you want to make a bet?
If I lose, I'll run naked around the Tianhua Plaza.
If you lose, give me 500,yuan.
How about that?" Zhao San looked straight at the old man, who was a little drunk, with his only skinny eyes.
The old man's surname was Zheng, and people who were familiar with him called him Old Zheng.
Today, under the effect of alcohol, Old Zheng glared at Zhao San with dissatisfaction.
He patted his chest with pride and said, "Okay, Zhao San'er, I'll take a bet with you!
I'm looking forward to the scene of your streaking naked." "Humph!" Su Mo snorted.
Zhao San didn't pay attention to the damn Mr.
The reason why he was so confident was that he had been staying in the Sky Enhanced Square for many years.
He had seen so many rich people before, so he believed in the conclusion he made based on this reason.
"First Miss, I'll see you off here.
You can go to play after tidying up your appearance.
If you want to go home, you can contact me!" "Well, thank you, Uncle Chen!" "This is what I should do, my dear Miss Yiyi." Lin Yiyi sat in the car as she carefully sorted out her clothes.
The so-called low-key car that Lin Wancheng mentioned was this Rolls-Royce Phantom worth more than five million yuan!
This was the most low-profile car?
How much money did the Lin family have?
Due to the fact that her original owner was still young, she could not find any memory of the Lin family's total assets.
Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Lin Yiyi heaved a sigh.
"Alas, it's so troublesome.
He asked me to wear a skirt to go out for a walk.
Damn it!" Before going out, Lin Yiyi, who was wearing a plain shirt and jeans, was stopped by Liu Di decisively.
It was said that Armani's clothing was of low quality, and he forced himself to change it.
She picked herself a valuable hand-made white floral dress.
The girl in the mirror wore a straw hat because of the weather, and the white dress made the beautiful girl look purer and more innocent.
Her legs exposed in the air were as flawless as white jade.
Clatter!" "Oh, my god!" "What's this?
Is it an angel that descended upon the world?" When Lin Yiyi opened the car door, everyone's eyes were focused on her.
"What's going on here?
Didn't I ask Uncle Chen to get off the car in the alley?
Why are there so many people here?" Feeling the burning eyes of countless men around her and the cool feeling under her skirt, Lin Yiyi felt uncomfortable for the first time.
No way!
"I, Zhao San, have miscalculated!" The most confused one was Zhao San, who was arrogant just now.
Who was this?
An angel?
Looking at the girl in the floral dress in front of him, her delicate facial features and beautiful and lovely appearance were irresistible.
A simple straw hat made the girl feel as though she were born in the countryside.
Feeling everyone's attention on her, Lin Yiyi quickly ran away from this dangerous place.
"Hey, Zhao San!
Where is the streak?" "How dare you!" Poor Zhao San looked at Old Zheng, who had a cheeky smile on his face, and couldn't say a word anymore.
He turned around quickly and ran quickly!
You!" "Haha, come here, everyone.
Our poor Zhao San'er knows to be embarrassed.
It's a miracle!" The crowd looked at Zhao San, who was running away, and broke down in their hearts.
"You guys are really boring when you are watching the fun." When Lin Yiyi got out of the car, she quickly got rid of these boring onlookers.
As for the waves caused by her, she directly ignored them.
"Sob sob, Yiyi, you're finally here!" When Lin Yiyi arrived at the cafe they had agreed on, she finally met the legendary friend.
Luo Qianqian, what are you doing?" Luo Qianqian was one of Lin Yiyi's good friends.
She was also petite and had a cute, round face.
Her appearance looked very immature, and her lovely round face was not fat.
Her tender and beautiful face could be regarded as a beautiful woman.
However, what kind of game was this little girl playing at this moment?
"D*mn Yiyi!
I just want to hug you, don't I?
Why do you have to be so violent?" "You!
Sigh, alright.
It's my fault.
Tell me, what's wrong with you being so flustered?" In her memory, Luo Qianqian was a little confused.
She was always stupid and did things without thinking.
When he saw her just now, what he received was a bear hug.
Fortunately, he avoided it.
Although he had few chances to be embraced by such a beautiful girl in his previous life, he would be hurt if he was directly held by her like this.
Luo Qianqian looked at Lin Yiyi, who looked calm, and said nervously, "Yiyi, bad news!
Liu Yicheng, that bad guy, is here to harass Sister Xiaodan again!" Dan-jie?
Listening to Luo Qianqian's description, Lin Yiyi soon knew the whole story.
Luo Qianqian's address of Xiaodan was Liu Xiaodan, who was the oldest classmate in this small circle.
Liu Xiaodan, Luo Qianqian, and himself were once the campus belle in junior high school of the Tianhua Foreign Language School.
Therefore, it also attracted many crazy pursuers.
Liu Yicheng, whom Luo Qianqian mentioned, was born in a rich family.
When he started school, he was a student in the graduation class of a senior year and often pestered Liu Xiaodan.
Today was the day the three of them agreed to go shopping together.
This damned Liu Yicheng somehow found Liu Xiaodan in a coffee shop and waited for him.
"That bad guy is so annoying.
Relying on his good family background, he insists on confessing his love to sister Xiaodan again!
And he even threatened sister Xiaodan in public!
He even threatened Sister Xiaodan with the Tianhua Associate Fund!" "Well, I got it.
Qianqian, take me to have a look." Looking at Luo Qianqian's bulging face in front of her, who looked so cute and dancing in excitement, Lin Yiyi finally decided to intervene in this matter.
What kind of thing was this!
"Why is Liu Yicheng so childish?
He threatened the woman he likes with such an immature means!" "Yiaaa yiaaaaaa Just as Lin Yiyi waved her hand and was about to step forward, she realized that she had lost her composure.
Now, her behavior was not in line with the original owner of her body.
Luo Qianqian squinted at him like a little fox, which made Lin Yiyi feel very uncomfortable.
"There seems to be something wrong with Yiyi today!" "Ha-ha, what's wrong with you, you innocent boy!" "Aiyo!
" Lin Yiyi cheekily tapped Luo Qianqian's head.
The latter's mouth twitched as she moaned pitifully.
Her appearance was very lovable.
Luo Qianqian was the softest one among the three.
Liu Xiaodan and he often bullied this lovely and confused little guy.