Biography of Virtual Goddess

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In Soul Cleansing Cloth Cafe.
It was a luxurious western-style coffee shop.
A cup of coffee was worth hundreds of yuan.
Common people didn't come here often.
Most of the people who went in and out here were young people who wanted to save face because of the style or rich people.
"Xiaodan, I really like you.
Can you be my girlfriend?" At this moment, there were not many customers in the shop, and there were only a dozen people in total.
In a corner near the window, a young man was holding his hands proudly and looking straight at the girl with a look of disdain on her face.
The young girl was about fifteen years old, but her face showed this rare maturity.
She had a standard oval face, a well-defined outline, eyebrows like green jade feathers, and skin like snow.
She had the aura of a classical beauty.
"Senior Liu Yicheng, I've told you.
I don't want to think about these things now.
Please don't harass me anymore." Frankly speaking, Liu Xiaodan detested this Liu Yicheng.
This bastard always had a good opinion of himself.
He relied on his superior family background to run amuck in school, which made Liu Xiaodan look down on him.
"Xiaodan, you've broken my heart.
What's wrong with me?" "There's no girl who can't be handled by me!" This was Liu Yicheng's confidence.
Thinking of his so-called girlfriends at school, Liu Yicheng still had endless memories in his mind.
It was just that compared to Liu Xiaodan in front of him, those vulgar creatures were just some people who didn't care.
It was his ultimate goal to deal with this junior sister in front of him.
Hearing this, Liu Xiaodan frowned and said angrily, "Some people don't think they can do whatever they want with money.
In this society, money can't buy everything!" Liu Xiaodan was very depressed.
In truth, she didn't want to pay any attention to this fellow.
"But he actually threatened me with the assistant school foundation of Tianhua!" The Tianhua Associate Fund was established by the charitable Associate Fund established by the university of Tianhua Foreign Language College and several major enterprises, and Liu Yicheng's father was one of the shareholders behind the scenes.
If it weren't for this reason, Liu Xiaodan would have immediately turned and left.
Liu Xiaodan's family was not very good.
His mother was fired because of an accident in the factory, and now she relied entirely on the father who opened the small restaurant to maintain the family life.
In addition to her own efforts, she relied on the Tianhua Associate Fund to continue studying.
Liu Yicheng in front of him was like a second rich generation without brains.
With his dominant family in school, maybe this damn guy thought that as long as he had money, there was no need to have brains.
"Don't be arrogant?
Little Dan, I am sincere!
As long as you promise me, I can give you anything!" When he thought of his evaluation of Liu Yicheng, he found that Liu Yicheng was sick.
Because of anger, he picked up the ashtray on the table and threw it out!
Damn it!
Which bastard is it?" It didn't matter that he threw it, but this guy just threw it on the head of a fat middle-aged man next to him.
"Brother Cheng, what should we do?" Liu Yicheng's younger brother, who usually followed behind Liu Yicheng, looked at him worriedly from the side.
Dressed in a suit of Western clothing, the middle-aged man glared at Liu Yicheng furiously.
When he saw Liu Xiaodan, he showed a hint of obscenity.
Liu Yicheng glanced at Liu Xiaodan.
He stood up and yelled, "What's the fuss?
Where's your injury?" "Come, here are two thousand yuan.
It's more than enough to examine your body dozens of times!" "Hey!
Take it.
You're lucky." As a loyal follower, he threw a large pile of bills on the table with his head held high.
The equally obese middle-aged man immediately stood up, threw away the cigar in his hand and said angrily, "You bastard!
What do you take me, Zhang Zitao, for?" "2000,yuan?
That's 10,000,yuan.
Now I want you to bend down and apologize to me immediately!" When the middle-aged man stood up, the three big men at the table next to him also stood up at the same time.
Had he stepped on the tough master?
Liu Yicheng looked at the three men who suddenly stood up, and then looked at the middle-aged man who dressed up as ordinary people and the 10,000,yuan on the mountain table.
He never thought that he would provoke such a person!
"Big brother, what should we do?" "Get out of my way!" No matter what, Liu Yicheng was only a 17-year-old student.
Under such circumstances, it was impossible for him to be tough.
He relaxed a little and said, "Brother, I think it's all a misunderstanding.
How about this?
I'll buy all the bills today and pay you 10,000,yuan for the medical expenses." "You bought it?
Is it because I, Zhang Zitao, can't afford this coffee?
Or because I look down on patients?" Zhang Zitao smiled slightly, but his sinister smile made Liu Yicheng's heart tremble.
He just wanted to show off in front of Liu Xiaodan, but he didn't expect to meet such a master.
Although he was a little flustered, Liu Yicheng, who thought he had seen a lot of things, still smiled slightly and said, "Brother, look!
What's the problem that money cannot solve?
Besides, it's just a misunderstanding, isn't it?" "What's the problem that money cannot solve?
Haha, well said!" Upon hearing this, the man named Zhang Zitao smiled brightly.
He unfurled his sleeve and revealed the golden watch of the workman.
More than 60,000,pieces of Rolex Cyran watches!
What was he trying to do?
Liu Yicheng was confused by the man's behavior.
"A rich guy wants to fight with him?" "Who knows?
Let's stay away and watch the show!" The other customers around him all stood up and hid at the door.
Although they were afraid, they still couldn't get rid of the bad nature of the people in the country!
They just watched the fun!
What's more, it was the liveliness of two local tyrants!
"Little brother, you're right.
Money is not a big deal.
I'm not a problem of money now, but a psychological trauma!" Pa!
Under the gaze of the crowd, Zhang Zitao took off his watch and threw it out of the window.
The Rolex's watch was immediately smashed into pieces by the car after it landed.
"Hey, little brother, look!
I'm wrong again.
What should I do with 60,000,yuan?" He smiled as he looked at the bewildered Liu Yicheng.
"Does this little kid still want to fight with me?
If a young man makes a mistake, he should pay the price!" Liu Yicheng couldn't help but sweat when he saw this scene.
After adjusting his mood, he pretended to open his arms easily, showing the more expensive railwayman watch that his father gave him on his birthday.
This watch was worth more than 70,000!
"Plop!" He looked at the disdainful Liu Xiaodan behind him, gritted his teeth and threw the watch in his hand directly into the fish tank beside him.
Only then did he say with a smile, "Oh my brother, you are really bold.
You see, I was also instantly frightened and there was something wrong with my mind." "Great!
Brother Cheng is generous!" "Awesome!
No wonder he's rich!" "Go on!
Go on!" The fat man on the side clapped his hands when he saw this scene.
The onlookers had never seen a prodigal son like him.
They all clapped their hands to fan the flames.
Damn it!
You guys really want to watch the fun?
The applause of those onlookers annoyed Liu Yicheng very much, but now he couldn't lose his composure or shrink back.
Otherwise, how could he survive in Tianhua City?
Looking at Zhang Zitao who was still smiling, Liu Yicheng couldn't wait to ask someone to beat him up.
"When did I, Liu Yicheng, ever suffer this kind of underhand?
Where am I from?" "If this continues, my pocket money will be gone!" Liu Yicheng lost 70,000,yuan in an instant with a wave of his hand!
Wouldn't it be a great loss if things went on like this?
"Brother, it's my fault today.
To apologize, I invite everyone here to have afternoon tea for free, and reserve all the food and ingredients in the restaurant!" At this time, Liu Yicheng just wanted to get rid of this damn middle-aged man without losing face!