Biography of Virtual Goddess

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Invisible Destruction is the Deadliest!

"Sister Dan!" "Sob sob sob, Xiaodan-jie, are you alright?" When Luo Qianqian came to the laundry cafe with Lin Yiyi, Luo Qianqian threw herself into Liu Xiaodan's arms.
"Little Dan, and Yiyi.
Why are you here?" "Bitch, didn't I tell you to wait for Yiyi outside?" Liu Xiaodan knocked on Luo Qianqian's little head, and there was a trace of gentleness in his eyes, which were pretending to be angry.
These two people were the best friends that Liu Xiaodan had known in middle school.
She did not want them to get involved in her troubles.
However, Liu Xiaodan noticed that there seemed to be something wrong with Lin Yiyi.
Lin Yiyi's appearance attracted the attention of everyone in the cafe.
Oh, my god!
Is this beautiful girl also a friend of Liu Xiaodan?
The eyes of Liu Yicheng, who was still in a dilemma, almost fell out of his head.
He knew that Liu Xiaodan had two very good friends, but he did not expect to have such a beautiful girlfriend!
Not only Liu Yicheng, but also the middle-aged man Zhang Zitao was stunned.
As she swept her gaze across the surroundings, Lin Yiyi, who had more than twenty years of experience in her previous life, immediately felt something.
What should he do now?
Liu Xiaodan didn't know what to do at the moment.
Liu Yicheng and Zhang Zitao were obviously not good people.
He knew Liu Yicheng when he worked in the same school with him.
His father was the boss behind his supermarket.
On one occasion, when he saw her, he tightly entangled her, which made Liu Xiaodan feel very helpless.
She was mature and politely dealt with Liu Yicheng for a long time, but still failed to get rid of him.
In front of her, Lin Yiyi was cheerful, but she was just a simple little girl.
As for Luo Qianqian, she was even more confused!
What should he do?
Liu Xiaodan was very anxious.
She did not wish to implicate her good friend, but she could not think of a good solution at the moment.
"He just left like that?" "Yes!
Let's do it.
After all, I have nothing to do with Liu Yicheng!" "But what if he stops me?
Even if he doesn't stop me, will that Zhang Zitao let me go?
I came with Liu Yicheng!" "Sister Dan, it's too boring here.
Let's go." Just as Liu Xiaodan was feeling extremely anxious, a sweet voice suddenly rang out.
Liu Xiaodan raised his head and saw Lin Yiyi's beautiful and immature face, as well as her sunny smile.
She pulled him and wanted to go straight out of the door.
"Ah, Yiyi.
Be gentler!
It hurts!" Liu Xiaodan felt the strength in Lin Yiyi's hand and looked at her side face in surprise.
"Hold on!" Just as Liu Xiaodan was surprised at the strangeness of his friend, the three of them were stopped.
It was not Liu Yicheng and the fat man who stopped them, but Zhang Zitao, who was grinning.
"All of you!" "Is there anything else?
If there's nothing else, we'll leave first." Just as Liu Xiaodan was about to speak, Lin Yiyi took the initiative to coldly look at Zhang Zitao and the three strong men in front of her.
Zhang Zitao narrowed his eyes and looked at the beautiful woman in a white dress, revealing a playful smile.
"Little girl, your friends and her friends' relationship with me hasn't been resolved yet.
Is it not good for you to just leave like this?" "Take care of it?" Zhang Zitao and the other two men could scare Liu Xiaodan and Liu Yicheng, but they couldn't scare her.
No matter what, she had lived for more than twenty years in her previous life for no reason.
Never mind being intercepted.
In her previous life, it was common for her and her two best friends to fight in the streets and fight on the streets.
What's more, in this life, she was no longer the commoner's house!
Looking at Lin Yiyi's calm smile, Zhang Zitao felt a little strange, but he still said, "Yes, this child and we have not solved the problem, so your friend can't leave!" "You damn fatty!
Tell me, what the hell is going on?" "Damn fatty?" Liu Xiaodan's friend was too awesome!
How could he call this fiendish man that?
Liu Yicheng, who had a fight with Zhang Zitao, knew very well how difficult this guy was.
Wasn't this little angel afraid?
Zhang Zitao didn't care about the name.
He smiled and said, "He hit me in the head with the ashtray, which caused my loss..." After listening to Zhang Zitao's narration, Lin Yiyi finally understood the whole story.
"He's just a kid who doesn't know much and offended you, a guy who thinks he's a big shot.
It's none of our business!" "Go ahead, tell me how to solve this problem!" "Haha, little girl.
It's very simple.
There's no need to ask for compensation.
I can let go of this little brother's rudeness." Speaking of this, Zhang Zitao looked at the three ladies with a greedy look and an obscene smile on his face.
"As long as the three ladies spend this beautiful weekend with me." "By the way, let me introduce myself.
My name is Zhang Zitao, the CEO of Wanlong Media.
You can call me..." "You damn fatty!" Just as Zhang Zitao introduced himself, Lin Yiyi interrupted him.
Bullshit CEO, how could you be more powerful than the Lins?
"Wanlong Media!" Liu Yicheng was the one who reacted the most strongly to this name.
Wanlong Media!
This was the top enterprise in Tianhua City.
Wanlong Media was a well-known group all over the country.
Wanlong Media was most proud of its entertainment industry with a certain number of stars under its control.
After knowing Zhang Zitao's identity, Liu Yicheng instantly broke out in a cold sweat!
Although he and his father were the leading roles in Tianhua City, his father was just a CEO.
He and Zhang Zitao were senior workers with some shares.
It was just that Wanlong Media's influence in the country was much greater than his old man's company.
Liu Yicheng's father's family property was less than ten million yuan.
The wealth of Zhang Zitao in front of him was absolutely higher than his family's!
"Hee hee, Wanlong Media, right?" "That's right!" Lin Yiyi similarly narrowed her eyes as a smile remained on her face.
"I've never heard of it, and I don't want to know what it is either!
Fatty!" "Are you kidding me?
This chick is so cool.
She doesn't even care about Wanlong Media." Liu Yicheng was stunned.
He didn't know what to say now.
"How dare you!" Regardless of how hard Zhang Zitao tried to disguise himself, he could not help but fly into a rage when he saw Lin Yiyi's aggressiveness and disregard.
"Let me tell you, little guy, the world is not as simple as you think.
As long as I want, I can let you out!" Good heavens!
What exactly did Yiyi want to do?
At this time, Liu Xiaodan and Luo Qianqian looked at Lin Yiyi, who was holding her hands coquettishly, in great surprise.
They could guess from Lin Yiyi's clothes that her friend was not simple, but they had never seen her in such a domineering manner.
Her small, fair, and lush hands were wrapped around each other, looking angry and murderous.
Lin Yiyi looked at Zhang Zitao from the corner of her eyes and said faintly, "You want to go shopping with us?" "That's right!
I'll pay all the shopping expenses for the three ladies today!" "Yiyi, you!" When Liu Xiaodan heard that Lin Yiyi had agreed to Zhang Zitao's rude request, he quickly grabbed her delicate arm.
Lin Yiyi smiled and nodded at her.
He continued to look at Zhang Zitao and said, "Can you buy anything?" "Of course!" In Zhang Zitao's life, he believed that it was best to deal with greedy women.
As long as he was greedy for money, everything would be easy.
Thinking of this, Zhang Zitao stared at Lin Yiyi's petite and immature body without any hesitation.
Lin Yiyi resisted the urge to beat up Zhang Zitao and slowly took off her slightly-old leather watch.
Liu Yicheng looked at the miserable Liu Yicheng and the disgusting Zhang Zitao said with a smile, "Well, I've seen the two ravages of the watch.
Now I also feel that this watch is very old, so I'll just throw it away!" Pa!
Lin Yiyi, like the two of them, threw the old watch on the ground heavily.
"Oh, beautiful miss.
Your decision is correct.
Throw this broken watch away.
Countless watches will be yours later, be it for work workers or all the famous watches of the other countries..." Zhang Zitao walked up to Lin Yiyi with a smile and wanted to pick up the watch that had become a piece of trash like a gentleman.
But before he could finish his words, the look on his face froze.
Zhang Zitao's face was as dark as pork liver.
When he looked up at Lin Yiyi, who was smiling, he suddenly closed his eyes, as if the beautiful and dazzling girl in front of him had suddenly become a shining sun.
"Let's go!" When Zhang Zitao stood up, beads of sweat started to fall from his face.
As if he had turned into another person, he instantly called his three bodyguards and quickly walked toward the gate.
"What's going on?" "Yes, it ended just like that?" The onlookers, who didn't know the truth, became confused when they saw Zhang Zitao leaving.
"Boss, boss, why should we leave?" Zhang Zitao, who had just walked out of the cafe, took a deep breath as if he had been liberated from hell.
He turned to look fiercely at the bodyguard beside him and said angrily, "Do you know what the watch is for that little girl to fall?" The bodyguard who was asked was confused.
"Isn't it just a worn-out watch?" Although he thought so in his heart, as his subordinate, he still did not say anything.
"F*ck, it's Patek Philippe, its surface material is 950,platinum, its surface material is sapphire crystal glass, and its price is 1600,million in real estate, which is the world's top-rated display.
Now that the template has been destroyed, it can be said that only rare treasures are left in the world!" "I was smashed by this damn girl just like that.
I'm convinced!
I, Zhang Zitao, am totally convinced!" 16,million?
The price of that little girl's fall was 19,million!
After listening to Zhang Zitao's narration, they finally understood the reason why their boss ran away.
"The world is already so abnormal?
Such a little devil is not someone that they can afford to offend!" "Damn, it doesn't look like a broken watch!" An invisible spendthrift was the most deadly!