Biography of Virtual Goddess

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"It's really calm!" "Oh, calm?
So this is the reason why you asked us to come here?" Lin Yiyi was really speechless with Liu Hao.
She had just come back from her father's place today, and this guy had invited her and Momo to go sightseeing by the white riverside.
The sun was setting, and the white river seemed to be very quiet at the moment.
There was almost nothing passing by.
The glistening lake was calm, as if signaling the peaceful arrival of peace.
"Do you think we have succeeded now?" "Succeeded?
Do you think we will succeed just like that?
Aren't you talking nonsense?
We haven't graduated yet, and we haven't even stepped out of the campus!" Lin Yiyi looked at the thoughtful Liu Hao.
She didn't know why he was so serious today.
Zhou Moru did not care and said, "You are really crazy.
Isn't it just that this period of time is too quiet?
This is also good.
Does something have to be done?" At this moment, the Lin's and the Liu's had reached their peak in the playboy circle.
Zhang Guangkun was dealt with in an instant.
It was totally meaningless.
However, this also showed the strength of the Lin and Liu families in the playboy circle!
However, Liu Hao just felt a little bored now.
After all, they were very exciting and full of fun every day since they came to this Chinese world.
"Well, we've been here for one or two years, haven't we?" "More or less, I don't remember!" Lin Yiyi did not know what this feeling was.
It was that time passed very quickly and she seemed to have gotten used to her current identity as the eldest daughter of the family.
As for other things, he did not think about them, such as the view of love.
Now he only considered the road in the future and enjoying his present life.
Zhou Momo became furious when she heard this topic.
She threw away the sausage in her hand and said disdainfully, "Hum, you really don't mention it!
I'm angry just because you mentioned it.
Look at you two, there is everything!
What about me?
When I just came here, I almost sold my body!" When he thought of that period of experience, he felt that it was very ridiculous.
If these two guys really did not come to save him, wouldn't he be a fool?
Would he become someone else's plaything?
Liu Hao looked at the two and helplessly spread out his hands and said, "What on earth are you thinking?" "Or what's your plan?
You two are in a very special situation, haha!" Lin Yiyi and Zhou Mo were enraged by Liu Hao's words!
"What do you mean by ' our situation is special'?
How can it be special'?
Didn't you mean that you are the only male after our three brothers were reborn?" "You are f*cking awesome!
It's so angry to think of it now!" At this moment, Lin Yiyi's and Zhou Moru's thoughts had a rare resonance, and they decided that the gun's muzzle had to be pointed at the opposite side!
"What do you mean?
If you don't make it clear today, you can't leave!" "Right, right, Mo Mo hit him, this guy mentioned the pot that doesn't boil!
Kill him!" Hey, you didn't do that, did you?
Liu Hao quickly moved aside and said, "Haha, isn't that a fact?
I have a detailed plan for myself, inherit the business industry of my family, and then find a beautiful wife!
I'll be happy in my life!" "Hey, where are the two of you?
Do you want me to introduce you to a good family?" "Ha ha!" Hearing Liu Hao's words, Zhou Moru immediately clenched her fist and was ready to make a move!
Lin Yiyi's face was filled with anger as well!
To tell the truth, Zhou Momo felt that it was unfair, and Lin Yiyi also felt that it was unfair.
Why was it that you, this fellow, were reborn as a noble young man?
And I became a girl?
"Ah, don't!
Don't, don't, don't!" "I'm wrong, okay?
Two elder sisters!" Zhou Momu didn't care how Liu Hao explained.
She rushed towards Liu Hao's chest and hit him so hard that he almost fell to the ground.
As for Lin Yiyi, she didn't have Zhou Momo's current skills.
However, she still waved the flag and shouted at the side, for fear that Zhou Momo would not kill this damn mouse!
Half an hour later.
When Liu Hao returned to his seat by the riverside with bruises all over his face.
He sighed and said, "Brothers, then what!
Can we have a good talk?
Don't do it, okay?" Liu Hao himself was also convinced.
How could he be chased and beaten by Zhou Momo?
If it was spread out, how could he lose face?
However, Zhou Momo did not care about this at all.
This mouse's words were really annoying!
None of them spoke again!
However, they were all immersed in their past.
To tell the truth, they all knew that it was not easy for the three of them to walk all the way.
They had met so many damned guys along the way.
Fortunately, they had all won.
Otherwise, Liu Hao and Lin Yiyi might become Bai Mo and Bai Hui!
The end of the Bai family was theirs now!
"All right, all right!
I don't have any other ideas.
Anyway, now we are almost all the playboys, so I decide to study hard!" Pu!
"Study hard?" Hearing Liu Hao's words, Lin Yiyi and Zhou Momo both wanted to laugh.
However, he managed to control himself.
Was there something wrong with this Rat's brain?
He actually thought of studying hard to make progress every day?
Hahaha, what a joke!
Was this guy insane?
How could he say such a thing?
What a miracle!
"Stop laughing!" "Okay, okay, okay.
I won't laugh, I won't laugh!" Looking at the exaggerated smiles of the two beautiful girls in front of him, Liu Hao's self-esteem seemed to be shattered.
Lin Yiyi looked at Zhou Momo and said to Liu Hao, "Rat, I don't want to hide it from you!
In fact, I and Zhou Momo have already planned it!
Our purpose is similar to yours, but just focus on studying!" "Well!
Let's prepare to have a good life and be happy every day.
As for you, you can do whatever you want!" "What the f**k!
What kind of person do you think I am?
You want to surf together!" "To surf together?" Although they didn't know why, Zhou Mo and Lin Yiyi still smiled.
It seemed that this Rat was very loyal to his friends!
"You two go with me?
Hey hey, is that possible?" "What the fuck, you damn rat!
Stop right there!
Don't run!" Hearing Liu Hao's sarcastic words, Zhou Momo immediately became furious again!
You f*ck*ng brat!
Do you believe that I'll castrate you?
Mo Mo!
Catch him!" Lin Yiyi followed them when she saw the two rushing over.
These two guys really haven't changed at all!
In fact, Lin Yiyi was not really angry when she saw this scene.
This scene made her feel very warm and friendly!
Then she shouted, "Mo Mo, catch him!
Then give him a good beating.
Mo Mo!" Looking at the two very interesting people in front of her, Lin Yiyi showed a brilliant smile!
"Who cares?
Who knows what will happen tomorrow?" (End of the book)