She, My Other Half

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Chapter 1

Today was the first day of school.
This was the first time I had come to this campus, the school of Changping.
I had just entered the school, and my heart was surging with excitement.
I decided to find my classroom first, but at this moment, a boy in front of me ran straight at me."Ahh!"I screamed and collapsed on the hard concrete ground.
The pain was unbearable, and my head felt like it was about to faint, but I still looked up at the man with determination.
His fair skin, paired with his dazzling, dark eyes that seemed to be able to see through his past life and present, was dyed with yellow curly hair and wearing a white T-shirt.
He looked perfect!
He also smiled at me."Haha, I'm sorry.
Are you alright?
I..." Before he could finish, I said:"What the hell are you looking at the road?
How can you bump into me on such a wide path?
It's been eight lifetimes of bad luck.
" He continued."Then I.
"Originally, I had come over in high spirits, but now my mood had been ruined by this person."Forget it, I'll take it as my bad luck today, and I won't bother you.
You're in such a hurry, what's the matter?" he replied."Mm.
It's fine.
Don't worry about it.
Go and do your things.
"I didn't want to care about him, so I answered, "Oh, this matter is over." However, I didn't expect this person to become my sworn friend who didn't know each other.
It seemed that fate was really unpredictable!As for me, I decided to go to my classroom obediently.
After the sports field was the classroom building, and the front door was full of people.
Could it be that I'm really unlucky today?
Even finding a classroom would cost me my life.
Half an hour later, I finally found one.
I was assigned to Class 76.
On the far right of the first floor, I was secretly happy.
"Hehe, there are many trees here.
Besides, it's summer, so it must be very cold inside."Sure enough, I felt a breeze as soon as I entered.
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure.
However, I didn't consider the other people's opinions of me at all.
I would wait until I opened my eyes."Wow, it can't be!!" The students in this class looked at me."What are you looking at?
I'm embarrassed."I looked at my seat and saw that I was the last to arrive.
I found a random seat at the back and sat down.
As soon as I sat down, the boy who had knocked me into the classroom also entered.
He tricked me and sat down.
He saw that my expression was completely different from when I entered the classroom."I didn't expect us to be in the same class!" I said."Yeah, I didn't think of it either.
I'll be your companion in the future.
I'm really sorry about what happened just now."I suddenly remembered what had happened.
I asked him,"By the way, I almost forgot.
Why were you so flustered just now?
What happened?""Why not?
There's someone bullying my sister.
I'll go take a look.
Can I not be anxious?""Oh," I replied.
"I'm not interested in fighting.
I hate it.
Where's your sister?"I saw that he was talking to me with a smile on his face.
He should be fine, so I asked him."It's alright now.
With my help, what can happen?
Hehe!"As soon as I heard what he said, I immediately thought that he might be a gangster in society.
I had always ignored a gangster like him, so my attitude became serious.
"Are you related to a gangster in society?" He seemed to have noticed something and replied."It's nothing..."He obviously didn't want to say it.
I didn't make things difficult for him, so I didn't say it.
Anyway, it didn't have much effect on me, so I tricked him.As we chatted, we felt like time flowed, and we passed by quickly.
Unknowingly, the teacher came in.
This teacher was tall, and his clothes were plain.
There were two long eyebrows on his face, and under those eyebrows, there was a pair of bright and sharp eyes.
His long ponytail was combed all the way to his shoulders.She should be in her twenties, a young bone instructor.
Her charming face alone was intoxicating.