She, My Other Half

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Chapter 2

She stood on the podium and smiled at us, saying, "I'll take over the class teacher from the first year of high school and teach math.
My surname is Song, you can call me Teacher Song in the future."As soon as he finished speaking, Lizai spoke up, "You look pretty good when you smile.
I wonder how your lecture is going?
Hehe!!""I'm new here, and I still need to learn from the other teachers." Just like that, a day passed and I returned to my dormitory at night.
I got to know many other students and became a good brother who would die together in the future.Two days later, we went to the classroom together, looking rather imposing.
We attended classes just like yesterday and met a group of classmates.
It seemed like there was a big difference between the feeling of going to high school and junior high school.
How refreshing!
We really were in a good mood.
However, there was inevitably a conflict at school.
It was all my fault for saying whatever I wanted to say.
During one meal, my roommate accidentally bumped into a classmate from Class 78.
That person was rude and rude.
When the butcher saw him, he immediately rushed over to confront him..Haha!
However, it was inevitable that there would be conflicts at school.
It was all my fault for saying whatever I said.
During one meal, the people in our dorm accidentally bumped into a classmate from Class 78.
That person was rude and rude.
The butcher saw him and immediately rushed over to confront him."What, you're not satisfied?""Which onion are you again?
Get lost!"As if there was no room for negotiation, Zaizai added, "Who are you fooling around with?
If you dare to touch my brother, I, Lizai, will accompany you whenever you want to fight."Soon, the two sides got into a fight.
It was my first time fighting that day.
Afterward, the teacher asked us to do a self-reflection.
I wrote down the examination seriously and read it out in front of the class.
From then on, our relationship with the teacher gradually worsened and eventually became enemies.At the same time, we became the 'rogue' in teacher's eyes.
Our studies weren't good to begin with, and since we were going against teacher, we would be even more outrageous in the future.
We had a brother named Guo Zhuangzhuang in our dormitory.
One day, he came up with a suggestion that we couldn't think of, saying that he was looking for a girlfriend.At that time, we were quite surprised when we heard this.
"Whoever finds the right one and catches up to them first, we'll treat them to a drink.
When we heard that there was alcohol, we became even more excited and agreed."The first thing he did was to be strong and strong.
That day, he started his operation and found a girl from his class called Liyao.
She had delicate eyebrows and delicate eyes.
Although she wasn't a beauty, she was still one of the highlights of the academy.
He had used the method of writing love letters, and each person would write love letters on their desks during class.
It had really been written.
The love letters were written well, but the paper used was actually copying a piece of paper.
It was too "small".
The other girls all said that he was too outrageous.
How could he not be so serious when chasing girls?.Not only did he not change his mind, he even rebutted, "Can you guys manage my affairs?
Just watch!
What's my name?
I'm pure, and I'm not like them.
I'm using good paper, but I'm not using sincerity." Unexpectedly, Liyao accidentally heard his words.
He immediately rushed into the classroom and said to Zhuangzhuang, "You're right, but how do I know if you're sincere?"Liyao laughed.
Zhuangzhuang was dumbfounded at this moment.
The girl next to him saw that Zhuangzhuang had stopped moving, and immediately urged him,"Why are you so stupid?
You're saying that we're so good that we met someone you liked and didn't say anything?
Tell her everything you want to say.""I, I, I, I like you!
I will definitely treat you well!""You're so stupid.
How dare you say something like that?
You even stammered." Liyao continued to laugh, "Hehe, alright, don't force him.
I've already agreed to it!
It's just that this idiot can't tell!"