She, My Other Half

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Chapter 5

"Heh, I didn't expect to experience the same fate as me!" I replied with a smile."Are you like this too?""Yeah, the brothers didn't fight.
I didn't want them to be sad, so I came alone.""Oh, hehe!
The smell is the same!"Soon, the warm pot overflowed with water."Are we going back to the classroom?
I'm going back to the dormitory," I asked."Return!
Today's mission hasn't been completed!
There are so many monthly exams in the school and it's too late for revision, how could I dare to relax!""Oh, I'll take my leave then.
Bye bye!" After saying that, she went back to her dorm room alone.When I returned to the dormitory, I didn't mention anything about me.
Of course, they didn't know either.
Actually, I hadn't taken a fancy to her this time.
She and I met each other on the corridor every day.
When we met, we greeted each other and continued to walk without saying anything.
Everyone at school said that the days were like the year, but I never thought so.
One month passed in the blink of an eye, followed by the irritating monthly examination.
As soon as I listened to the monthly examination, my head swelled.
We were in a daze during class, and the day after class was a ruckus.
How could we survive the crescent exam?
However, we didn't pay much attention to it, so we decided to use the soil to stop it and drown in the future..Everyone in the school said that the days were like the year, but I never thought so.
One month passed in the blink of an eye, and then came the monthly exams.
As soon as I listened to the monthly exams, my head swelled.
Us brothers were sleeping dragons in their classes, and we were sunghosts at the end of class.
How could we endure the accumulated crescent moons?!
However, we didn't pay much attention to it, so we had no choice but to deal with it.
In the future, we would drown in water!With the results of the exam, our dormitory's rankings were up and down, and the entire class was in total.
However, we still shamelessly went to look at the grades."Oh my god, what's this?
Yang Bingyu's number one student?" I exclaimed."Who's Yang Bingyu?
Do you know him?" The butcher asked me."En Enen, she's the girl who was bullied in the restaurant that day.
She's Yang Bingyu.""Oh, so it's her!
She's very beautiful, but she's a little too good at crying.
She's going to cry when she throws a bowl down, and she's going to die.
Oh, and..." Before he could finish his sentence, I received."Don't say it, if that person didn't bully her, would she have cried?
Besides, she's not a boy, it's normal for her to cry!""Hey, hey, I'm so touched that you're saying nice things for this woman!
Tell me honestly, isn't that the one?
Ah, haha!" Zhuang Zhuang said jokingly, "I was just saying that no one can understand feelings.
What you guys say is nice, what you don't want to chase and what you don't do is bullshit."...""Hey, what are you talking about?
There's nothing between us.
Stop messing around here.
I'm worried about you," I said angrily."See?
I told you that there must be something wrong with them.
Explaining is covering up.
Concealing is the truth.
Hehe!" Without any hesitation, he continued to accuse them."I'm going to take you." I fumed."Don't be annoyed, hurry up and take a look at our grades!
Let's not talk about the finals of the class, we'll also count the finals in the entire school!" Fatty shouted.Zhuangzhuang and I stopped the verbal battle, and crouched on the wall, looking at the exam papers in disbelief."Really, our grades are still close.
Next time, let's take the exam together!" Lizai said."Of course, we're the Eight Great Arhats, we can't leave each other!" I compared them."Yes, yes, yes, whatever our new cadets say is what they say.
" Zhuang Zhuang still didn't let me go."If you have the ability, then fight.
Come, I'll train you separately."We continued to shout.
Soon, we split up.
We ran to the school grounds to play.
However, I couldn't believe that Yang Bingyu would be able to take first place in school.
That night, I smiled at the sky alone.
I didn't know what to laugh about."Hehe.
Hehe, hehe.
""Hey, what are you laughing at?
We can't sleep with you," said Pangzi."Who said that?
You don't think Zhu Tai was sleeping well?
Seriously," I replied.
Then I continued to look at my sky."Ah!
Ah!" Lizai suddenly cried out."Nonsense.""What's wrong??
Who screamed?" I was startled."It seems to be Lizai," said Fatty."Ah!
You scared me to death!
Who wrote this horror novel?
It's really scary!" Lizai broke out in cold sweat."Kid, you're reading ghost novels.
You scared the brothers to death.
You scared them so much that they almost jumped out of the building.
The balcony railings aren't high," I replied."Alright, alright, I'm scared to death.
I'm not going to look anymore, I'm going to sleep.
Seriously, you're the same.
Why aren't you sleeping on the balcony?
Why are you laughing sillyly?
Sooner or later, you'll fall to your death.
I'm going to sleep!" The butcher slowed down and regained his original tone."Go to sleep, I'm sleeping too!
I was scared out of my mind in the middle of the night!
Sleep, haha!"We fell asleep, and the dormitory fell silent.
The night passed again.One day, she woke up from the morning and rubbed her sleepy eyes.
She got dressed and became lazy, easily facing a new day."That's nice.
Another new day.
A day gone by, and a new one is coming.
Haha!" I break the silence."That's true.
We've already passed yesterday's event, and we've been waiting for a brand-new day together.
We'll have to move away from the mountains that we remember yesterday, right?!" Lizai immediately responded."That's right, let's face it calmly, put down all the burdens, spread out our arms, and ignite our passion and hope.
Let's quickly take one day as two or three days.
Hold your hand and charge forward.
No one can fall off the team and run fast on a new day's journey!
How about it?" The fatty said elegantly.."Yes, let's go.
We'll welcome all the new things today with new eyes.
Let's go to class!"We marched into the classroom as usual.
To be honest, fate was something that no one could stop.
As soon as we arrived at the dormitory and were about to walk around the sports field, we bumped into Yang Bingyu, who was also heading down the female dormitory.
Lizai said,"Look, isn't that the first place in this exam, isn't it?""Why not?
Who do you think you are wrong?
We brothers with the surname Yang can't be wrong." The fat man said."You'd better go on your own!
It's not your business to me.
Our new quarter hasn't spoken yet.
Ruan, right!" Zhuang Zhuang said to me again."Get out of my way, I've already told you.
There's nothing between us, and it's yours for a day.
I haven't had a lesson yesterday!" I shouted at him.
In fact, life would have been boring if I hadn't been strong every day!
Although I argued with him every day and argued with him, I was still very happy.Seeing that Bingyu was about to walk over, I took the initiative to strike up a conversation."Hey, we meet again.
Are we going to class?
Let's go together!""Yes, is there anywhere else you can go without going to class?" she replied."The exam this time isn't bad, you actually got first place in the entire school?
I got the last place!" I looked for a topic to talk about, "How did you get the exam?
It's so good.""Me?
Heh heh.
I don't know either.
It's just a random exam.
If you don't study at school, you naturally won't be able to pass the exam.""True.
Looks like I'll have to study hard in the future, heh heh.
Don't be too embarrassed." I went on."Enen, study hard in the future.
Alright, I'll go back to the classroom.
Bye!" She turned and left.I went back to my classroom, and after meeting and talking over and over again, I started to like her, but didn't talk to my brothers.
One day, I couldn't hold it in anymore, because I'd met the so-called love rival.