Love is On The Road Of Revenge

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Chapter 5

The next day Yuxuan, I'll give you ten minutes to get down here.
Otherwise, you're dead." Anxue stood outside the door."Snow?
What are you doing?
I haven't fully slept yet," Yuxuan yawned in his sleep."Enough sleep?" Snow's mouth was on the verge of popping out of its mouth.
She took a deep breath.
"It's 8:15 in Beijing right now, and there's only 15 minutes left.
Your Miss Xing Yuxuan will be receiving Director Yan's saliva for breakfast." Director Yan was the only person in the school who was afraid of his name into her hands, just like an eternal calamity.
The saliva stars could drown people alive."Oh?" Yuxuan still hadn't realized what was going on.
Mommy, I'll be right there."Ten minutes later, a beautiful girl with a loaf of bread in her mouth, wearing her school uniform and carrying her school bag ran out of the door.
That's right, this girl is Miss Xing Yuxuan.
"Why didn't you call me earlier, Snow." And she was still complaining."My dear Miss Xing Yuxuan, I arrived at 7:45 pm, and I didn't even pick up the phone when I called you seven times.
It wasn't easy to get through the phone the eighth time and you even said you were sleepy.
I really want to slap you to death." Anxue became more and more excited as he spoke."Don't get agitated, don't get agitated.
Hehe, I'm really sorry.
Who told you to stay with me?
Besides, are you willing to hit me?" Yuxuan smiled ingratiatingly.
As they spoke, the two of them got into the car."You..." Anxue Xuewunai continued, "You'll be moving over today.""Really?
That's great, I have company, haha."In the blink of an eye, the two of them arrived at the school.
The entrance to the school was still crowded with people.
Yesterday, Yuxuan's actions attracted the attention of many students.
Firstly, it was because of Anxue, and secondly, her appearance.
Thirdly, it was because she sat next to Pei Zheye and snatched Xing Yunfei's seat."Xue, why didn't you wait for me today?" Leng Liyan ran over when he saw Anxue."Yan, I'll go pick up Wanwan.
I'll stay with Wanwan later.""I see.
"............In the classroom beautiful, I'm Pei Zheye.
I didn't say hello to you yesterday, but I'm officially introducing you today.
Don't take offense." As soon as Yuxuan sat down, Pei Zheye started hitting on him."Haha, ancient people." Yuxuan couldn't help but laugh when he heard the phrase 'don't take offense'."Huh?" Looking at Yuxuan's smile, Pei Zheye couldn't help but feel his heart skip a beat.
However, because of what she said, he found it funny."In that case, I won't care about the others.
I won't bother you, haha.
My name is Xing Yuxuan.
It's a pleasure to work together.""Hehe, your surname is Xing?
Then you and Yunfei are.""It doesn't matter." Yuxuan's expression flickered drastically.
She couldn't forget the damage she had inflicted on her.?The eldest miss of the Xing Clan?Hmph!?She recalled the expression on Xing Yunfei's face when he saw her yesterday morning.
Furthermore, he hadn't been to the academy since then.
He must have been thinking of a way to deal with her.
Furthermore, he had already told the Xing Clan that the Xing Clan would return to find her soon.Seeing Yuxuan's reaction, Ye didn't say anything else.
His intuition told him that something must have happened, so he leaned on the table to accompany Zhougong.At this moment, a group of girls entered the classroom.
To be precise, it was a group of delinquents.
To Yuxuan, the smoky makeup looked comical.
They walked in front of Yuxuan and all the other students in the class were driven out of the class.
Of course, apart from Pei Zheye, Anxue and the others hadn't arrived yet."You're Xing Yuxuan?
How dare you snatch Sis Fei's seat and sit next to Peishao!" said the leading girl haughtily."What?" Yuxuan already knew what to do."You don't want to live anymore.
Our boss asked you a question and you dared to sit down.
" Another delinquent said."So?" Yuxuan decided to tease this 'boss'."You, do you know who I am?" The leading girl was enraged by Yuxuan's provocation."Well, let me think about it.
Ah." Yuxuan pretended to think and then seemed to remember something."Got it?" The leading girl smiled, thinking Yuxuan was scared."I don't know," Yuxuan replied honestly."You." The girl was enraged when she heard Yuxuan's reply.
She had a certain status in the academy, but she actually..."Zhuang Sijie, let's teach her a lesson," the girl beside him said aggressively."Pretending to die?" Yuxuan pretended to be helpless, "You're too unfilial.
Your parents have worked so hard to raise you, yet you're actually pretending to be dead?
Sigh, poor old man." Yuxuan's heart had already flipped with laughter when he said these words, and he even pretended that his parents weren't worth it."You!" Zhuang Si was so angry that she couldn't finish her sentence.
"Teach him a good lesson!"In the blink of an eye, Zhuang Si's group of delinquents were lying on the ground.
"You!" Zhuang Si was even more speechless!"Why did you hit the muzzle of the gun?" Yuxuan walked over to Zhuang Si and whispered into her ear."Huh?" Zhuang Sisi regretted putting on a show of force.
This person looked petite but wasn't easy to deal with.
This was what the school had thought of Yuxuan after this incident."Ring..." The class bell rang."It's class.
Are you going to stay here?
It seems like there isn't enough space.
Yuxuan kindly reminded her."Let's go.
" Zhuang Si walked out of the classroom in an atmosphere, and the classroom instantly became much more spacious."Ah, fortunately, I learned a few self-defense techniques.
I didn't expect a pervert to be so scared of a delinquent." Yuxuan casually said.
In truth, she had deliberately said these words to Pei Zheye because she knew that the person sitting next to her hadn't slept, and the earphones in his ears were just ornaments.What kind of girl was she?
Pei Zheye had indeed not slept.
He had heard everything clearly.
He was testing this poor student, but the result was that he was even more interested in Yuxuan.