Love is On The Road Of Revenge

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Chapter 150

Ever since Aoxiang and Ji Yuan had gone to Yihe's manor, they had sworn to stay away from Guoguo!He remembered that day when Aoxiang and Ji Yuan came out with sausages on their lips.
The cute Guoguo even said happily, "It's nothing serious.
It's great.
the experiment was successful!
Mommy, dad, I did it!
Big bro!" Then, she skipped over to You and the others.They pitied their prince's image and had worn a mask for nearly a month!Guoguo remembered that when he sent them off, his family stood at the door and smiled.
Guoguo actually ran out and said happily, "See you next time!!!"I won't see you again!
At this moment, Aoxiang and Ji Yuan shared the same thought!In the end, in less than two days, Yihe called and said that he was going to send Guoguo to their home for two days?!"Why?!" Aoxiang and Ji Yuan exclaimed at the same time."Our family doesn't have time to take care of her these two days..." Yihe said as he did his own things."You don't have the time for us to take care of you?!
Boss, do you know how long it took for me and Xiang Xiang's mouth to recover?!" Ji Yuan no longer cared about his former gentlemanly image, "Also, why do you need us to take care of you?""That's right!" Aoxiang agreed."Are you guys my brothers?" Yihe asked indifferently.
He had expected them to be like this for a long time, so he had already prepared himself."Yeah..." Aoxiang was always slow to react."Isn't that fine?" Yihe replied matter-of-factly.
"If you dare to bully her, you're dead!""No, it's too late for us to hide from her.
You want us to take care of her?!" Ji Yuan objected, "Also, the two of us men suddenly have a little girl in our house?
That's not right.
Plus, it's not good for Guoguo either.""That's right.
She's a little girl after all.
What if we bump into her?" Aoxiang and Ji Yuan struggled together."It's fine, just leave me in a room!" Guoguo jumped out of nowhere."Ah!!!" Ao Xiang and by the abyss as if they had encountered a ghost, jumped away violently"H-what is she doing?" Aoxiang pointed at Guoguo.
"Will she be here?""No one took care of her, so she came with me..." Yi He said indifferently."Big brother, I won't bother you anymore.
I'll just stay at Brother Aoxiang and Brother Ji Yuan's house.
Don't worry about me," Guoguo said very caringly."Good, how obedient!" Yi He smiled dotingly."Hehe..." Guoguo and Yihe's mischievous and intelligent childhood experience was unparalleled!"Hey, at least ask for the opinions of the people involved!" Ji Yuan bravely jumped out."That's right, you can't..." Aoxiang said."Rejected?" Yi He said domineeringly."Brother Ji Yuan, don't you like Guoguo?" Guoguo ran in front of Ji Yuan and asked pitifully, "I really like Brother Ji Yuan and Brother Aoxiang, but Brother Ji Yuan and Brother Aoxiang don't like Guoguo anymore.
Boo hoo hoo, Guoguo doesn't like people anymore.
Guoguo is really annoying..."."Brother Ji Yuan, don't you like Guoguo?" Guoguo ran in front of Ji Yuan and asked pitifully, "I really like Brother Ji Yuan and Brother Aoxiang.
But Brother Ji Yuan and Brother Aoxiang don't like Guoguo anymore.
Boo hoo hoo, Guoguo doesn't like people anymore.
Guoguo is really annoying...""No, no, Guoguo is very cute.
Big brother likes Guoguo very much.
Guoguo lives in big brother's house.
Big brother will play with you.
Don't cry, don't cry..." Aoxiang and Ji Yuan's heart softened when they saw Guoguo cry."Really?" The tears she had just shed instantly disappeared.
She raised her bright and cute face and asked."Really?" Hanguang Guangchengaoxiang agreed helplessly..."Alright!" Guoguo turned around and smiled at Yi He.......First day:He, your sister is so nice.
She even made breakfast for us and will live with us in the future.
You don't know how happy my mother was to have Aoxiang tell Yihe the moment he came."That's right.
Besides, the rice is delicious!" Ji Yuan shared the same sentiment."Is that so?" Yihe didn't respond much, "Tell my sister not to go too far!"The next day:"Heh, what the hell is your sister doing?
She's staying in the house all day and not going out?" Ji Yuan was puzzled."You asked her to stay at home alone?" Yi He asked."And my mom?" Aoxiang replied."Your mother's back?""We'll be leaving tomorrow..."Yihe was stunned for a moment, then fell silent.On the third day:"Your sister is so cute!" Aoxiang said as soon as he arrived in the morning, "Take her to pat the big head sticker, look!""That's right.
Actually, we've all blamed him before..." Ji Yuan reflected on himself.
"Why don't your sister stay with us in the future?
If we go home like this, it won't be very boring...""Yeah, yeah!" Aoxiang agreed.
"After I told her what you said, she said it was fine.
What a good kid!""It's true that he won't be very bored.
He's also very obedient, Yihe.
He smiled meaningfully.On the fourth day:"Why are you alone?" Yi He asked Ji Yuan, "Where's Xiang?""There's a fire at home.
Let's put an end to it!" Ji Yuan said wearily."..." Yi He looked at Ji Yuan."There's really a lot to talk about.
Your sister pulled us to sing last night and then sang until it exploded.
The machine exploded!" Ji Yuanmu walked over."..." Yi He was silent.
"Where's my sister?""Very good, I don't know what you're doing...""...""Then the machine is very good.
Why would it explode?" This puzzled Ji Yuan and Aoxiang."...""Guoguo said something seems to have broken..." Ji Yuan muttered to himself.
Then he looked at Yi He, who shrugged helplessly.The fifth day:"Cough cough, He, help!" Ao Xiang was depressed."What's wrong with you?" Yihe looked at Aoxiang and Ji Yuan, who were both covered in dust."We moved," said Ji Yuan."???The house was burned?""That's still a good thing.
The house is full of giant pythons and poisonous insects!" Aoxiang and Ji Yuan were about to cry.On the sixth day:"He, how long do we have to take care of her?
Bring her back!" Ji Yuan and Aoxiang had lost a lot of weight recently.On this day" Guoguo came happily!"Did you have fun?" Yihe asked."That's right, Brother Ji Yuan and Brother Aoxiang's families are really interesting!
Look, this is the Blue Fox that I've obtained from a thousand hammers and hundreds of refinements!" Guoguo lifted her long hair, and a blue hairband moved.
Then, he swam into Guoguo's hands.
It was a snake!
"Brother, I'll send you off!"Ji Yuan and Aoxiang were sweating from the side, shivering."This is for me?
Thank you, Yihe."That's right, hehe, I'm amazing, right?""That's right!"At this moment, the door to the Prince's lounge opened and a handsome young man walked in!"Who are you?" Ji Yuan asked coldly."Willow's..." The man's voice was magnetic and playful.
He was extremely charming.
The aura he exuded could easily control a person, making Aoxiang and Ji Yuan, who were known as the prince, feel inferior."Who allowed you to enter?
This isn't a place where you can enter at will!" At this moment, Ao Xiang was no longer as frivolous as before!"Huff!" The man smiled disdainfully."Mommy!" Guoguo ran over to the man!"How are you doing, Guoguo?" The man picked Guoguo up."Mommy?!" Ji Yuan and Aoxiang looked at each other in confusion before turning to Yi He."Mom, is it over?" Yi He asked, confirming Ji Yuan and Aoxiang's thoughts."That's right, that person is much harder to deal with than your Uncle Nangong, but I still won!" You haughtily chuckled.
"The spoils of war" and tossed the two keys to Yi He.
It was just the spoils of warlass sports car!"Uncle Ying lost miserably..." Yihe sympathized with Shadow."I'm willing to accept my loss!" You have always been proud and noble!"Sister?" Ji Yuan and Aoxiang called out tentatively."I haven't seen you for a few days, can't I recognize you?" You Yue asked in reply."It really is you..." Ji Yuan was shocked."Handsome!" Aoxiang regained his usual open-mindedness."Heh!"These people were chatting happily here, but they didn't know that the news about the newspaper and television had spread like wildfire.
Everyone knew the truth p the fact that he was a comrade!Why?It was very simple.
It was just a photo taken by a paparazzi, and it was just taken 'new blood', but in the end, that person was in the male school again.
With a villa and a limited-sized sports car as the bet, Mystery agreed.
After winning, Mystery returned with her spoils of war.
Before she changed into men's clothing, she arrived at Che's place.
That domineering man kissed Mystery in men's clothing and was directly photographed by the paparazzi............."Tsk, tsk tsk.
So you have such a fetish.
" The ghostly apparition looked at Che and then looked at the photo.
"This person's skill isn't very good.
It's not romantic at all.
That's you?
Take a closer look, okay?" The flames of fury ignited.
Who reported it?
I'll kill him!""Fortunately, I'm not married to you yet..." Mystery felt extremely fortunate as she spoke."What did you say?!" Che Che was even more enraged."Dad, Mommy said she's lucky that she didn't marry you..." Guoguo kindly repeated what Mystery said."That's right, that's what Mommy said..." Yi He translated kindly too."Ah, it seems that there is no need for some special means." The next second, Mystery was carried in the air"Ah!
Xiu Chunchi!
Another move, let me down, let me down!
Don't think I can't beat you, let me down!""Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a certificate and I'll let you off!" Che carried You You straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau.They saw Ji Yuan and Aoxiang at the door!"What are your parents doing?!""Get a marriage certificate!
Go!" Yihe was very kind as he listened to them."Marriage certificate?!""Yeah, Dad and Mommy aren't married yet!" Guoguo also knew.On the way, a sports car zoomed past and rushed towards the Civil Affairs Bureau!He had been in love for ten years, and his child was already so old!It was time to end it and enter the wedding hall, right?Oh right, there's going to be a wedding ceremony!