Evil Fist

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Chapter 2

The green-clothed guest shouted and quickly rushed out of the courtyard.
Looking around, he saw that there were still a few horses in the courtyard, but there was no movement.Di Tongshi and the others arrived and quickly asked, "What happened?"Qing Shanke shook his head and smiled wryly, "Are you probably too tense these past few days?" Then he turned to look at the roof.However, there was no one on the roof, only a deathly silence!The grey-robed man was clinging to the back of the roof, soaked in cold sweat.
He probably made a sound when the tiles were closed, but the green-robed guest was so alert.The grey robed men only dared to fly far away after they left the courtyard.
Their figures disappeared into the night sky like cranes!The grey-robed man ran crazily, and soon arrived at the entrance of a valley.
The word "Fist Valley" was engraved on the boulder.
It was mottled and dark red, and strong.
When he entered the entrance, he slipped through the steps in front of him.
The grey-robed man rushed up without a second.
Suddenly, he was stopped by the two of them.
"Who is it?"The grey-clothed man paused for a moment, but did not take action.
He only took the bamboo hat from his head.
The two men immediately respectfully said, "Martial Uncle." The grey-clothed man nodded towards the two of them, and then flew upwards.
In front of them, another forest of stones appeared.
They saw the grey-clothed man walking around the stone forest three or two times in a carefree manner.A short while later, the grey-robed man stepped into the main hall in a courtyard in front of them.
As soon as he stepped into the main hall, he was greeted by three people.
One of them had a slender physique, slender phoenix eyes, eyebrows that were similar to knives, and a green beard on his chin.
He looked like a scholar.
This person was Liuxie's eldest disciple, Liu Tianlong.
Two of them stood behind him.
One of them had a rosy complexion, a high acupoint, and their eyes were shining with vigor.
The other one had a thick physique, and the other one was Liubao.At this time, Liu Tianlong, who was standing at the front, quickly walked up to him, "Uncle Cang, have you returned?""Uncle Cang." It was Liuxie's three disciples who referred to the grey-robed man as 'uncle Cang'.
This was because the grey-robed man was none other than Liuxie's junior brother, Liu Canghe.The grey-robed man stroked his gray hair and asked with a serious expression, "Tianlong, is your master really dead?"Liu Tianlong was shocked.
"Only my seniors and juniors know about this matter.
They didn't disclose anything to anyone.
How did you know, Uncle Cang?"Liu Canghe's expression grew stiff as he slowly said, "If the three of you hadn't disclosed this to the outside world, there would definitely be spies in the valley.
The news of Liuxie's death has already spread far and wide."Upon hearing these words, the three of them were shocked.
Liuhu said angrily, "Which guy doesn't know life from death?
If I find out, I'll chop him into thousands of pieces?"Liu Canghe frowned, "I'm afraid the spy has already left." His voice paused briefly before asking, "Tianlong, when did your master pass away?""Uncle Cang, you've been gone for more than a month.
Master passed away on the tenth day after you left," Liu Tianlong replied.Liu Canghe knitted his brows and sighed, "Sigh!
How did this happen so suddenly?
How did he die?"Tianlong said, "Master's cultivation has gone astray, and he died from the backlash of the five elements.
Has he been buried?"Hearing this, Liu Canghe's face turned solemn and he sighed, "Alas!
The heavenly tribulation has arrived.
It seems that the five elements qi cannot be recklessly cultivated?" Then he shook his head repeatedly.The three of them asked curiously, "What is heavenly tribulation?
Why haven't you heard of it from your master?" Unexpectedly, Canghe didn't respond.
He glanced around and asked, "Why are there only the three of you?
Where's Liusi?"Liubao was immediately enraged, "As soon as Master died, he didn't know where to go?" Liuhu became even more furious, "Could he be that spy?"Canghe shook his head, "I don't think so.
Although Liusi's actions are bizarre, he has a lot of hatred in his heart.
He should have known that the Fist Valley will face a great calamity." With that, he turned to look at Sky Dragon.Sky Dragon looked into the distance, his eyes like torches.
He said indifferently, "I also know that once Master dies, the Fist Valley will definitely attract the siege of the people in the Wulin.
Therefore, I have been locking down on the outside world all this time.
I didn't expect this news to still spread out?"Canghe said seriously, "Why don't the three of you go with Liusi, because they'll attack the valley tomorrow?""Tomorrow?
So fast?" The three of them asked in shock, "How did Uncle Cang know?"Canghe said, "Seven days ago, I followed a group of bodyguards.""A group of bodyguards?" Sky Dragon asked suspiciously."It's a group of bodyguards.
Although they're very common, one of them is very rare.""This person is?""Blue-cloaked longsleeve, Swords of the World?""Could it be Sir Heavenly Sword?""It's the Heavenly Sword's Green Cloaked Guest?"Tianlong said, "This person has become famous since he was 20 years old.
The phrase 'green robes, under the swords' has become a slogan.
The sword in his hand is unsheathed and blood is seen.
In the year he was established, he had already established the Heavenly Sword Mountain Village.
After that, his sharpness faded and he has been in the Jianghu for eight years.
Who would have thought that he would appear this time?".Tianlong said, "This person has become famous since he was twenty years old.
He used the word 'green robes and swords under the heavens' to become a slogan.
The sword in his hand was unsheathed and blood flowed.
In his first year, he established the Heavenly Sword Mountain Village.
After that, his sharpness faded and he had been in the Jianghu for eight years.
Who knew that he would appear this time?"Canghe said, "Think about it, how could such a person be inferior to a bodyguard?
I guessed there must be something fishy in it, so I followed along and discovered another big shot."The three of them frowned.
"Who else?"Canghe enunciated each word, "The master of an underground sect, Di Tongshi."The faces of the three of them turned even uglier.
Sky Dragon's expression was indifferent as he said, "The underground society is extremely well hidden in the Jianghu.
With this thought, I won't doubt how the news spread out.
But with just the two of them, I, Liu Tianlong, can still fight them."Canghe shook his head.
"It's not just these two groups.
I secretly listened to their conversation.
There seems to be a total of six groups of people coming here."Liuhu and Liubao weren't afraid at all.
Instead, they said solemnly, "Then let's go all out.
Our Liujia's evil fists aren't used to deceive children, right?"Canghe shook his head again, "It's far from that simple.
I saw that they had five iron chests, which seemed to contain extremely powerful weapons.
Also, think about it.
Who could gather six groups of people?
Although Qing Shanke is powerful, he doesn't have such prestige.
Moreover, those who can subdue Qing Shanke must be swordsmen, and their sword techniques must be extraordinary.I thought to myself.
There seemed to be only one person like him, and that was the Wulin Sword Sect, the Wulin Sword Sect, Zhu Yuntian.Sky Dragon said solemnly, "It should be this person!
Everyone knows that the green-robed guest is the Heavenly Sword.
His sword techniques are extremely powerful, but what kind of sword techniques are more powerful than the Heavenly Swords.
It seems that I'm lucky to see them this time?"Seeing the indifferent look on Sky Dragon's face, Canghe comforted him and said, "Sky Dragon, you've become much more mature.
But since you're Liu Xiexuan's inheritor, and you're in dire straits, it's best if you leave the valley as soon as possible.
You'll be useful to me in the future, won't you?"But Sky Dragon said seriously, "Since you are the inheritor of Evil Fist, you should not retreat in the face of strong enemies!
If you escape before the battle, what face do you have to live in?
If you die in the future, what face do you have to see your master again?"Liuhu and Liubao said in unison, "Tianlong is right.
We must fight to the death.
We mustn't disgrace the reputation of the Five Element Evil Fists?"When Canghe saw how resolute the three of them were, he immediately fell silent and slowly asked, "Since it's like this, why don't we gather our disciples and prepare for battle?"As soon as the voice fell, suddenly I saw a flash of fire in front of me.
I heard a "boom", and the whole fist valley was shocked.The Canghe was startled and asked in his heart, "You came so fast?"