Evil Fist

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Chapter 3

Hearing that, the four of them hurried out of the hall.
From time to time, flames flashed in the night sky, accompanied by loud noises and vibrations.
The azure crane looked over and saw that it was in the direction of the stone forest, and it couldn't help but palpitate.Not long after, a disciple rushed over and said in a fluster, "Martial Uncle!
This is not good.
I don't know who came at the entrance of the Fist Valley, what kind of evil technique did they use?
The stone forest is about to be destroyed, and they're about to attack us?"On the hillside of the entrance to the fist valley, the green-robed guest stood proudly with his hands behind his back.
Wang Meng held a longsword in his hand and stood behind him.Di Tongshi asked, "Mr Tianjian, why did you wake us up again?
Didn't you prepare to attack the Fist Valley early in the morning?"Qing Shanke said, "I have a feeling that someone has already discovered our whereabouts.
Not many people have been able to detect our whereabouts until now.
Liu Canghe should be this kind of person.
His Crane Body Art is the finest lightness skill in the Wulin!
If he really noticed us, I'm afraid that by the time we entered the valley early in the morning, people would have already gone to the valley.".Qing Shanke said, "I have a feeling that someone has already discovered our whereabouts.
There aren't many people who can make me realize it until now.
Liu Canghe should be this kind of person.
His Crane Body Art is the best Qinggong in the Wulin!
If he really noticed us, I'm afraid that by the time we attacked early in the morning, this fist valley would have been empty, right?"Di Tongshi praised, "Mister Tianjian's considerations are indeed thorough.
We've planned this matter for so long.
If these people manage to get away, wouldn't that be really inappropriate?"The azure-clothed guest didn't reply.
From time to time, he ordered people to light up something that resembled a ball.
The surface was attached with a fire tarpaulin and it was extremely easy to burn.
Just as it ignited, it was thrown towards the stone forest by the tools of the first tossing stone.
Then, a fierce explosion occurred!The lion said in praise, "Mr.
Heavenly Sword, what a wonderful method!
I didn't expect that there would be such a wonderful item in your chest, so why didn't you bring any more?
Just this kind of weapon can flatten the entire valley, so how can we use it?"Qing Shanke said, "It's not that easy.
It's sulfur and kerosene used to make firebolts.
I collected them for a long time."The lion said, "Firebolt, sulfur, fiery oil?
It seems that there is something that the lion doesn't know about."Wangmeng said, "Why didn't you attack the people in the Fist Valley?
Why did you come to this stone forest to scare them?"Qing Shanke shook his head and said, "Of course not.
Firstly, we don't have enough range, so how are we going to use it when they discover us?
Secondly, do you think this stone forest is simple?"In order to make up for his ignorance earlier, the lion said to Wangmeng, "That's right.
This stone forest is actually a stone formation.
If we don't destroy it, even if we have an army of thousands, we won't be able to leave this place.
My subordinates were lucky enough to follow the disciples inside before leaving the valley."As they conversed, the stone forest ahead was already filled with flames.
The green-clothed guest looked at the sky.
It was almost dawn, so he said, "The other four groups have already been ambushed on both sides of the stone forest.
Now is the best time to deal with the horror of the Five Element Evil Fists.
What are you waiting for?"As soon as the voice fell, the Wulin guests beside him surged into the stone forest like the tide.The stone forest had been destroyed, and the mechanisms and array formations inside had all failed.
The blue-robed guest and the lion were the first to take the brunt of the attack.
If they encountered someone who tried to resist, they would be trampled to death like elephants stepping on ants.Liu Tianlong gathered his disciples.
Just as he was about to step forward, he saw fifty to sixty people rushing towards him.
More than a hundred people rushed out from the left and right sides, gathering together.
For a moment, a black pressure pressed down on a group of people, rushing towards the hall.Seeing that there were so many opponents, the Canghe hurriedly asked, "Sky Dragon, bring your disciples back to the Heart Nourishing Hall?"Hence, everyone quickly retreated.
The Rising Heart Hall was extremely high, and it was extremely defensive.
It was a place that was easy to defend and difficult to attack.It didn't take long before Sky Dragon led his men into the Heart Nourishing Hall and closed the stone gate.
Canghe and the rest hurried to the top of the stone gate.
As they looked around, they saw a group of people rushing towards them.
Before long, they had gathered at the bottom of the stone gate and were cursing.
However, the stone gate was too heavy for them to open.Canghe looked over.
Apart from the green-robed guest and the lion, there were four more people leading the group.
One of them had a broad shoulder and a fat waist, and his face was sharp.
One of them was in his fifties, wearing a loose robe and holding a wooden staff in his hand.
He was the leader of the Five Yue Alliance and the master of the Divine Flame Palace.The other two men and women were very handsome.
The man was wearing a long white robe, and his clothes fluttered in the wind.
He held a thin knife in his hand.
The woman was slender and unboneless.
Both of her hands held a water thorn, and following behind her were mostly women.
These two people were the Wind Saber Sect Master and the Water Pavilion's Division Master.Canghe's thoughts hardened.
He recalled a month ago when he investigated the strange "Six Words Division" in the Wulin.
Wasn't it precisely these six great sects?Canghe immediately asked, "Are you from the Heaven, Earth, Mountain, Water, Wind, and Fire Division?"Qing Shanke said, "That's right.
I'm Qing Shanke of the Heavenly Sword Mountain Village.
I think you must be Liu Canghe!
To be able to follow me without being discovered by me, I think it should be your ' crane body technique'?"Cang Hexin was taken aback.
He thought to himself, "It seems that Qing Shanke has discovered that I've been following him.
It seems that this person isn't a trivial character.
As expected of the word 'Heavenly Sword'." His expression flickered with astonishment as he turned to look at the others.The lion piped up, "The earthbound sect After the lion's announcement, the other four also reported:"Fifth Mountain Alliance "The Divine Flame Palace - Du Ningkong?""Windblade Gate - Lin Wanfei?""Water Pavilion Bureau - Lin Qiushui?"The rest of them reported to the sect.Liu Canghe chimed in, "I'm Liu Canghe?"As the inheritor of the evil fist, Liu Tianlong also responded, "I'm Liu Tianlong?"Although a great battle was imminent, everyone still didn't forget to report to the sect.