Evil Fist

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Chapter 4

Liuhu and Liubao didn't bother to respond to this statement, and immediately asked with a stern voice, "The patriarch has just died, and there hasn't been a month since then.
Why are all of you here to provoke us?
What's the point of this?"Qing Shanke said indifferently, "Your Liu Family's evil fist is stained with too much blood in the Wulin.
It should have ended long ago, right?"Liuhu said, "Did my teacher go too far?
Everyone said that my Liu Clan's evil fists are terrifying, but in truth, what's really scary should be the hearts of all of you!
No matter how terrifying the Liu Clan's fist techniques are, they haven't reached the point of killing innocent people yet?"Relying on the presence of the experts from the Six Units, Duqi's courage instantly increased.
He shakily said, "But did you use cruel methods to cripple my body?"Liuhu sneered, "Oh!
Do you need me to tell you what you've done?
You've raped a young girl and Ol' Five crippled your arm.
How can you be merciful?"Qing Shanke immediately glared at Duqi, who quickly turned around and stopped talking.Du Ningkong said, "But the Wulin of the Central Plains doesn't need your evil fist techniques.
It's time to end it.
Don't shrink your head like a turtle.
Come down and fight to the death, right?"Shi Xiaotian said angrily, "Do you think a mere stone gate can stop me?" After saying that, he took out two huge hammers from his back and slammed them on the stone door.Shi Xiaolong's Heaven Breaking Force was extremely strong, how could the stone door withstand such a powerful attack?
In an instant, it shattered into pieces.However, the moment the stone door shattered, Shi Xiaotian's muffled groan rang out as he was sent flying for several zhang.
He fell to the ground with a thud, and the giant hammer landed on the ground as well.Seeing that Shi Xiaotian had fallen to the ground, Du Ningkong was immediately startled.
He quickly charged forwards, but when he saw a figure flashing towards him, he felt his chest and abdomen empty!Everyone looked over and saw Liuhu holding several ribs in his hand, drenched in blood.
Du Ningkong cried out in pain and fell limply to the ground.
Not long after, he died.He looked at Stonebreaker and saw several holes in his chest, all of which had been pierced through.
His internal organs had been ruptured and he was already dead!It turns out that when the stone broke through the sky and opened the stone door, Liubao's hand was half a fist.
In an instant, he punched five times, and every punch pierced his chest.
Liu Hu also used the "Tiger shape" "bone-drawing" form in a moment, and took out one of Du Ningkong's ribs.As soon as Liu Jiaxie punched, he immediately killed "two masters in the six words department".
Immediately, he was shocked to the point that Wulin Hao didn't say a word.Liuhu slowly spread open his bloody hands, and his ribs fell to the ground, emitting ear-piercing noises that shocked Wulin Hao's entire body.
First, he looked at the scene of Shi Xiaotian's death, and then at Du Ningkong's rib.
How could everyone have seen such a cruel method?
They were all dumbstruck and shocked.In the face of such a wicked fist, it seemed that this battle had no chance of winning.Truth be told, the Liu Clan's Evil Fist was good at using the best timing to deliver a fatal blow.
Shi Potian and Du Ningkong shouldn't have died so pitifully.However, who would have expected that Liuhu and Liubao would attack their enemies so quickly or so?
Qingshan didn't expect this, but he could tell that Liuhu and Liubaosheng were lucky.He understood a principle.
If his momentum was seized, he would definitely lose!
He immediately shouted, "Gold earth qi, the form of a tiger and leopard, destroying the bones and breaking the organs!
This is incomparably evil!
To actually use the Dark Assault Technique, what are you all waiting for?
This kind of evil skill must be eradicated?"Originally, when the disciples from the Five Mountain Alliance and Divine Flame Palace saw that their master had been instantly killed by their opponent, their fear had reached their limit.
When they heard the word 'secret attack', they thought that their master had been ambushed to death.
They immediately turned grief into strength and surged forwards, fighting together with the disciples from the Fist Valley.The sectmaster of the Water Pavilion led a group of disciples to surround Liuhu and shouted, "Disciples, heed my order and set up the water grid formation?"As soon as the words left his mouth, all the disciples formed a four-sided array.
There were a total of 16 people.
They surrounded Liuhu, and they all lit up with water thorns.
The thorns had a reverse hook on them, and there were golden threads on their tails.
They were connected to each other.
As soon as they pulled and pulled, they wove together with the golden threads to form a large net that resembled a four-sided grid..Lin Qiushui was like a person who had cast a net, bullying Liuhu and attacking him.On this side, Lin Wanfei had already used his wind blade to fight Liubao.The wind blade was sharp and light, with many variations.
Lin Wanfei had already used ten percent of his strength to fight with Liubao.In the next moment, a man suddenly attacked Liu Tianlong, and the dragon's claws slammed into the man's three acupoints, which were his head, Heaven Span, and Seal Hall.
Then, the dragon didn't even bother to look at them as he dashed towards the green-robed guest.
After a few seconds, he suddenly heard a shrill cry.
The man's three acupoints suddenly exploded, and blood gushed out like a fountain!Qing Shanke praised, "That's a good move to follow the dragon point acupoints.
What's the big deal?" Then he quickly drew his sword and made it sound like a dragon's roar!
It shot straight at the sky dragon.Seeing that only Liu Canghe was left in the lion's eye, the lion knew that things were not looking good.
These people were very intelligent, so how could they leave such a powerful person for him?One had to know that the [Hero Wind Blade] was the most powerful amongst the five forms.
However, the lion had so many people in the Wulin, so it was naturally not easy to retreat, so it braced itself and attacked!Canghe coldly snorted.
His fingers gathered into a hand blade and tried to bully his body.
He waved his hands casually, "Send out the crane-shaped wind blades." In an instant, two sharp wind blades suddenly broke through the air and shot towards the lion, forcing the lion to retreat.
Who knew that the lion occasionally didn't support the lion, so he rushed into the crowd and then attacked and dodged.
This kind of fighting method was almost rascally.The pitiful Wulin warriors in the crowd were beaten to a pulp by the wind blades and their limbs were cut off!
The lion said to himself, "A crane-shaped wind blade, is it really fierce?"Liu Tianlong and Qing Shanke attacked so quickly that they had unwittingly unsheathed more than a dozen moves.
The Dragon-shaped Dot Acupoints were used, and they would occasionally transform into the shape of a tiger and leopard.
The changes were unpredictable, and Qing Shanke was secretly shocked.
Liu Tianlong was the inheritor of the evil fist, and he could already transform into three shapes.
But looking at the flames, he had yet to fully master the three shapes of qi.
Otherwise, he would definitely lose!.Liu Tianlong and Qing Shanke attacked so quickly that they had unwittingly unsheathed more than a dozen moves.
The Dragon-shaped Dot Acupoints were used, and they would occasionally transform into the shape of a tiger and leopard.
The changes were unpredictable, and Qing Shanke was secretly shocked.
Liu Tianlong was the inheritor of the evil fist, and he could already transform into three shapes.
But looking at the flames, he had yet to fully master the three shapes of qi.
Otherwise, he would definitely lose!But Qing Shanke was known as the Heavenly Sword, and he wasn't just in name.
With a flick of his wrist, the sword phantom flashed, forcing Liu Tianlong to take three steps back.
Qing Shanke hurriedly stepped forward and drew circles with his sword, making it a famous killing move of Qing Shanke's, a place of Heavenly Circle.The "Dragon Point acupoint" needs to be hit by fingers, elbows, and other acupoints.
But at this moment, the azure-robed guest holds a longsword in his hand.
The sword qi is everywhere, and the sky dragon can't get close to the blue-robed guest's body, let alone hit the acupoints on his body with his fingers, elbows and other parts.
Suddenly, with a "puchi", the longsword has cut through the chest of the sky dragon, and blood flow directly.Canghe was frightened by what he saw.
He hurriedly threw down the lion and rushed forwards.
He used the Crane Wind Blades and swung out a wind blade, blocking the blue-robed guest's longsword.Seeing the powerful enemy heading towards the green-robed guest, the lion was overjoyed in his heart, but he saw the Sky Dragon tumbling over.
He chuckled and thought, "This time I'm picking up a bargain and bumping into an injury number?" With this thought in his mind, he quickly attacked the Sky Dragon.In the water grid formation, Liuhu was like a fish trapped in a net.
He couldn't extricate himself from it, but the golden threads were unusually sharp.
With a flick and a flick, they caused Liuhu's mouth to bleed.Lin Qiushui stepped on the golden threads, occasionally unprepared.
The sixteen Water Pavilion disciples attacked from time to time, occasionally scattered, and the water thorns in their hands stabbed out from time to time.It seemed like the Water Pavilion's disciples were interlaced and disorderly.
In fact, there were rules: there were 12 disciples guarding the formation around the Water Spark Array.
The other four people were the main attackers and changed to attack the enemy.
Once they were free, they would immediately be replaced.
This rule was actually controlled by Lin Qiushui.Liuhu had already seen the rules.
As long as he broke the rules of the array, his array would definitely be broken.
How could he be so weak?
He thought to himself: If Uncle Cang had used his lightness skill, he would definitely beat these women until they were full of teeth!Of course.
"The Crane Body Art is the best in the world.
However, the green-robed guest is holding a sword, and the azure crane can't escape.