Evil Fist

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Chapter 5

Liuhu tightly clenched his fists.
Yu Shuige's Great Array broke through left and right, and sometimes his fists transformed into tiger claws.
Although he seemed to be incomparably brave, in fact, the more he fought, the more chaotic he became.
It could be seen that even though the "Tiger Form destroys bones" was powerful, it couldn't destroy even the bones of the Water Pavilion's disciples.
All that remained was to resist.Although the Water Pavilion's master's individual battle prowess wasn't strong enough, he was protected by a large water grid formation.
However, Lin Wanfei didn't feel well.
Although the wind blade was fierce, he couldn't do anything about it.
The strength of the Leopard Shattered Inners' fists were unusually fast and fierce.
Lin Wanfei gradually couldn't resist them, and cold sweat flowed down his forehead.How could it be that the Wind Blade Sect's disciples were loyal and devoted.
Seeing that the Sect Master wasn't backing him up, they started to bully him."Leopard form shattered bowels!" With full force, the Wind Blade Sect's disciples fell to the side, piercing their chests.
Lin Wanfei's heart ached for his disciple's life, and he hurried forward and slashed his wind blade at Liubao.Liubao's eyes were already bloodshot from the killing intent.
He turned to face Lin Wanfei with his fist in the shape of a fist.
Lin Wanfei was sent flying, and his left arm had been broken by the fist.
He fell to the ground, coughing up blood from time to time.Liubao didn't feel well either.
The Wind Dagger was so fast that it sliced open a hole in Liubao's lower abdomen, drenched in blood, and his intestines seemed to have been cut off.
However, Liubao stood tall and proud.
He didn't dare to bully any of the Wind Dagger Sect disciples, so he quickly shielded Lin Wanfei.Seeing Lin Wanfei's injuries, Lin Qiushui hollered, "Big brother?!" He immediately charged towards Liubao.Liuhu's entire body had been cut into bloody pieces by the golden threads, but Lin Qiushui had made a fatal mistake.
She shouldn't have left.
Right now, no one had been able to stop Liuhu's advance.The tiger-shaped bone-crushing technique was used with all its might.
Ignoring the pain of the golden silk wrapping around him, it tried its best to force him to the outer regions.
Liuhu clenched his fists, and blue veins popped up on his arms.
With two punches, two Water Pavilion disciples' ribs were broken and killed on the spot.
Shuige's great array formation suddenly revealed a large gap.
Liuhu quickly left the array.
His eyes were bloodshot and he gasped for breath.However, when Liuhu saw Lin Qiushui slowly approaching Liubao, he asked, "Slut?" Just as he was about to step forward, seven swordsmen suddenly descended from the sky, all dressed in black and wielding cold iron swords, and surrounded Liuhu.Liuhu asked in shock, "Seven Swordsman?"It was none other than the Seven Demise Swordsmen.
Once the Seven Demise Swordsmen arrived, the Sect Master Wulin would definitely arrive.Sure enough, they saw a white-robed man flying forward with a sword.
Not long after, he approached Liubao.
However, Liubao didn't know that the white-robed man's sword had pierced through his chest, but he didn't fall to the ground.
His eyes widened in shock.
He didn't seem to be in a miserable state.Liuhu's heart ached, but he was entangled by the Seven Swordsmen.
He was already seriously injured, so how could he be the opponent of seven people?
Seven swords and seven wounds, how could there be any reason for immortality?
Although he died, he still stood there, his eyes wide open.
It was as if both brothers had died!Liu Tianlong and Liuhu Huliubao were in the same boat.
Seeing the two of them die miserably, Liu Tianlong immediately threw his head back and howled in pain.But in a battle between experts, how could he be distracted?
He was struck by the lion's fist, and the Lifeless Hidden Artifact struck his chest.
He immediately took several steps back, blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth.Canghe used a wind blade to force Qing Shanke away.
He hurriedly shielded the Sky Dragon and exclaimed, "Sect Master Wulin?"The white-clothed man stood tall and proud, his brows exuding a dignified aura.
His beard that was like a knife at the corner of his mouth was especially eye-catching, and he said indifferently, "This one is Yun Tian?" Then he turned to look at Liu Hu and Liu Bao, and lightly praised, "Such a good man, what a waste of time!" Although his words were indifferent, there was an endless amount of shock..Seeing that the head of the Wulin Sect had personally arrived, the hero immediately attacked and killed the two experts with evil fists.
His morale immediately rose.
But since Yu Yuntian didn't take action, the heroes retreated behind Yuntian and waited for an opportunity to move.The disciple immediately retreated behind Canghe.Canghe looked over.
Corpses were everywhere in the valley, and blood flowed like rivers.
There were less than a hundred Wulin nobles, but the Evil Fist disciples were also less than thirty.
The Sky Dragon was heavily injured, so he had the strength to fight.When Canghe saw the situation, he immediately became impatient and said miserably, "Sect Master, you're so lucky.
Are you really going to kill all of us?"Yun Tian stood proudly with his hands clasped behind his back, and a swordman was already standing behind him.Yun Tian stepped forward and said indifferently, "For the sake of the righteousness of the Wulin, today's battle will determine life and death?"Tianlong stumbled and took a few steps forward.
He angrily said, "What a righteous word of the Wulin Sect!
There is a saying circulating in the Jianghu, 'South Monk, South Ghost, East Valley, West Mountain'!
Only your Martial Forest Sword Sect is not included in it.
But now, although you have established the Wulin Sect, your reputation is not as famous as the Fist Valley."Five years ago, my master defeated Yunluo.
Now, if your Wulin Sect annihilated the Liu Clan's evil fist, you will be publicly acknowledged as number one in the Wulin.
Could it be that you can't deny that you made rivers of blood here for this false reputation?
What is the justice of the Wulin?
How laughable is that?"Yuntian was the head of a sect.
He had experienced such a confrontation for some time, but his words seemed to have reached the depths of his heart.
However, he couldn't refute them.
Instantly, he was enraged and shouted, "How can I forgive you for your nonsense?
Yuntian came here to learn your techniques?"Tianlong leaned forward, "Alright!
I, Liu Tianlong, will come and receive Sect Chief's peerless sword technique?"Yuntian snatched the Black Steel Heavy Sword and saw seven small swords inlaid on the sheath, about three inches long.Yuntian lightly held the sword sheath and said indifferently, "In order to practice this sword technique, I haven't come out of seclusion for five years.
The sword hasn't been full of human blood for five years.
Now, I will use you to test my sword?"As soon as the words left his mouth, there was a "puchi" sound.
The little sword shot out of its sheath.
Yuntian was still standing tall and proud.
He held the sword in his right hand, and the little sword was still spinning on its own.
It slithered around Yuntian's body and slithered around him!"The Seven Fiend Stars?" The Canghe exclaimed.Yes, this kind of sword technique is the "Seven Fiend Star Luo", which is even more profound than the "sky sword".
Any sword technique will be overshadowed by the light of "Seven Fiend Star Luo".
At this time, Yuntian has reached the realm of using luck and sword to hurt the enemy.Qing Shanke's Heavenly Sword was far from reaching this realm, but he could see that there were only six small swords bursting out from the sheath.
It was clear that Yun Tian had been in seclusion for five years, but he still hadn't reached the seventh fiend realm.
"Seven swords flying together!"The azure-clothed guest could see it, and the azure crane could naturally see it as well.
How could it be that the little Xing Luo sword's speed was extremely quick, and everyone naturally did not realize it.
Although they did not reach the seventh baleful realm, the azure crane was still shocked.The 'Seven Fiend Star Luo' of the Sword Sect of the Wulin Sect had long been lost for a hundred years.
Who would have thought that Yun Tian would actually learn it and train it to the sixth fiend?
It was extremely powerful.
Canghe knew that he had no chance of winning now.It was because there were dragons in the world that there was a technique to slay dragons.
With Liuxie's Five Element Evil Fist in the world, naturally Yun Tian also practiced the Seven Fiend Star Luo.However, only Yuntian himself knew that Liuxie's powerful enemy was the reason why he had practiced such a powerful sword technique.
He had suffered so much, and had only practiced such a sword technique.
But now, he suddenly realized that Liuxie had actually died.
His eyes were filled with sadness, but as soon as the great battle was about to break out, the sadness vanished in an instant.
His eyes were filled with killing intent!