A False Journey

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Chapter 1

Cold City was a county-level city.
In the past few years, along with the economic development, the buildings in the cold city had also risen rapidly.
Several buildings that were 25 floors tall had appeared.
However, there were still a bunch of low, single-storey flats on the edges of the city.
These houses lived in farmers, planks, etc.
Most of them were rented here.There were many old people who lived here with a property permit.
A young owner like Luoyang could be counted on one hand.Therefore, a good number of elderly people sighed behind Luoyang's back.
What a pitiful child.
His mother died before the age of one year old, and his father died before he even reached adulthood...
It wasn't easy.
This honest kid didn't become bad, and he relied on his strength to live on...
He was an honest and reliable person.
Why didn't he find a single girl to marry him?.Therefore, a good number of elderly people sighed behind Luoyang's back.
What a pitiful child.
His mother died before the age of one year, and his father died before he even reached adulthood...
It wasn't easy.
This honest kid didn't become bad, and he relied on his strength to live on...
He was an honest and reliable person, so why didn't he have a single girl to marry him?It wasn't that Luoyang couldn't hear these friendly discussions.
After hearing these words, he decided to remain silent.
He could only smile wryly in his heart - Who wouldn't want to have a daughter-in-law when they're single?
But there were so many beautiful young women on the streets, and there were also several people who glanced at me.
Who would have thought that I would be able to catch a glimpse of someone who was so young?
In fact, even the matchmaker hadn't taken the initiative to step into my home...On this very morning, Luoyang had unloaded a truck of steel plates with the scorching sun.
At noon, he unloaded the wheels of the carriage and put them back into the room.
After taking a shower, he changed into a pair of clean short sleeves and pants.
After removing two bowls of cold rice, he bowed three times to the two small photo frames on the wall.
Then, he strode out the door.During the night before, he made up his mind that he had to take the initiative to visit the matchmaker Wang and rely on her to end this difficult and lonely life.Aunt Wang also lived in this common room, not far from his home.
After a few turns, Luoyang, carrying a large watermelon, appeared outside the matchmaker's door.
The door of the matchmaker's house was half open.
Luoyang walked from the left side of the door to the right side of the door.
After standing there for a while, he walked from the right side of the door to the left side of the door.
He looked like a timid school student who had arrived late, so he didn't have the courage to call out the report.Luoyang wasn't either disabled or ugly, but he hadn't even had a girlfriend.
The reason why he was poor was important, and most importantly, he had a shy heart.After a while, he retreated to the bottom of a tree not far away.
He hid under the shadow and stared at the half-closed wooden door, his heart still hesitating."How disappointing." He scolded himself and walked towards the door.
Standing outside, he coughed a few times.
A voice came from inside the room, "Who's here?" Before he could reply, the door creaked open and a short and fat Aunty Wang walked out.
She smiled, and the flesh on her face squeezed her eyes into two.
"Oh my, it's Luoyang's nephew.
My aunt has been looking forward to you coming.
Please sit inside.
The sun is fierce outside.""Aunt Wang hugged the big watermelon with both hands and said with a smile, "Kiddo, if you want to come, then come.
You even bought such a big watermelon.
It weighs ten pounds, right?""I followed Aunt Wang into the room and sat down on a bamboo stool that she handed over.
Luoyang looked rather uncomfortable.
Aunt Wang handed him a cup of water and said in a low voice, "Eldest Nephew, tell me the truth.
Which girl do you like?
Aunty will tell you right now.""...""No, no, no." Luoyang waved his hand and whispered, "I haven't picked anyone yet." Then, he lowered his head and began to drink his tea."Oh, Auntie understands.
What do you think, kiddo?
What kind of girl do you like?
Do you like to be tall or short?""High.
"Luoyang drank half of the tea in his hand, and his voice became a little more unrestrained, "You have foresight and foresight.
The high-spirited heirs that my wife has found are also tall.
Nephew, tell me all of your requests.
Aunty, please see if there are any girls suitable for your requests.""..."After hearing this, Aunt Wang paced back and forth in the room in deep contemplation...
All of a sudden, she shrieked and giggled like a hen that had just laid its eggs down.
She suddenly patted Luoyang on the shoulder, "My dear nephew, you're so lucky.
Do you know Wang Huahua?
He's asking me to matchmake him.
He's most suitable for you."Luoyang couldn't help but nod and shake his head.Aunt Wang continued, "She's 1.65 meters tall and has a good figure.
She's also a good person.
Whenever someone calls, she will hold the big black dog tightly and stop it from screaming.
She's afraid that it'll scare people to call her...""Auntie, no, no...
I don't want her.""Why, it's just right for your request.
It's good to have a master.
""You're talking about Widow Wang.
She's ten years older than me and has two children.""What's the big deal?
A three-year-old woman holding a gold brick, and a ten-year-old woman possessing the key to the vault.
There will always be one.""No, no, I heard that she pulled on dog shit to scare those beggars, so they didn't dare to get close to her house and beg...""Who said that?
Ah, it's all just a rumor." Aunt Wang noticed Luoyang's unwillingness, and then changed her tone, "Nephew, what's most important is that Luoyang's requirements are low.
A lady needs money and money, and a car for a suite.
Can you afford it?""Auntie, she...
doesn't suit me.""Don't worry, don't worry.
Drink some water.
Miss, you're right.
Let aunty think about it..."After thinking for half an hour, Aunt Wang said with a smile, "Nephew, aunty thought of a girl that's absolutely suitable for you...
You're absolutely satisfied...
But if this matchmaker is successful, how are you going to thank aunty?""Auntie, just tell me, as long as I can take it." A good child, a good child, I will definitely do my best to help you.
If it becomes a big deal, I'll just give you 2500 yuan.
Nephew, 2,500 isn't much.
It's really not much.
Right now, 60 to 70% of the work costs 60%.
How much does aunt have to run and how much saliva will cost?
Think about it...
If it was someone else who asked me to talk about this girl, there wouldn't be 5000 aunties who wouldn't be able to touch her.
Aunt said that you have a lot of work to do...
Besides, 2,500 isn't even enough to buy two hundred and fifty pigs..."."Good child, good child, auntie will definitely do her best to help you.
This matter has become Aunty's problem and she doesn't want anything else.
She just needs to pay 25,000.
Nephew, 25,500 isn't much.
It's really not much.
Right now, it's 60 to 70% for a work job.
Aunty needs to run as far as she can and spend a lot of saliva on it.
Think about it...
If it were someone else who asked me to talk about this girl, there wouldn't be five thousand aunties who wouldn't be able to move.
Aunty said that you're a hardworking person.
Besides, two thousand five thousand now, you can't even buy two hundred and fifty pigs...""Auntie, don't say anymore, I promise you." Also...
What if it doesn't work?
As long as you see the higher-ups, you should pay some phone fees for the mother, right?""That's right.""This way, auntie will be able to do whatever she wants for you.
Nephew, go home and wait for my good news.""Auntie, that girl...""The people in the city have good family conditions in all aspects.""Auntie..."Luoyang nodded and stood up.
"Nephew, it's your first time going on a blind date, isn't it?
Aunty is a matchmaker, a game of running errands and sharpening her mouth.
If you succeed, you'll have to wait until the two of you meet and see what's going on.
I'm holding a red line, and the most important thing is your fate.
Do you understand?".Aunt Wang sent him to the door and said, "Nephew, I'll definitely give you an answer in three days." Luo Yanghan smiled and walked back home.After walking a little further away, he whistled.
Our country is a garden.
The flowers in the garden are really bright.
Wahavahaha...When he got home, the first thing he did was to give three heavy bows to his parents' portraits and solemnly say, "Dad, Mom, son needs to have a wife, and you all have a daughter-in-law.
"At this time, the sun had already sank behind the mountain, and the noises were still rising and falling.
Luo Yang, who was crouching on the ground with a bowl of vegetables, heard these beautiful sounds, like a little song filled with joy.
He couldn't help but snort...