A False Journey

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Chapter 2

Matchmaker Wang sat in front of the four-sided table under the light and held a piece of watermelon with both hands.
After swallowing all the melon meat and melon seeds into her stomach, she burped three times in a row.
She picked up a dry towel and wiped her mouth.
Without tidying up the melon skin on the table, she went to another room.Matchmaker Wang lit up the lights in the room, sat on the edge of the wooden bed, picked up a pair of flowered glasses by the pillow, and put them on.
She took out a soft leather notebook from under the pillow and flipped through a few pages.
Her eyes stopped on the first page of the newspaper clipping.
She put the notebook a little farther away before she could see the lead words on it.
It was a wedding ceremony: a woman, twenty years old, with excellent height and looks in all aspects.
She wanted to find a kind and honest young man from this city to repair her life with him for a hundred years.Note, there is no material requirement.
If you want to, please call electricity.Matchmaker Wang remembered that this notice had been cut off half a year ago at the time of the city.
At that time, she also thought that it was probably a joke or a lie, but she still cut it off and kept it as a collection of information.
Now she wanted to make the call and try her luck.
She stared at the newspaper clipping and said sincerely, "God of Fortune, please, Yue Lao..." She took out a straight phone from under the pillow and pressed one key at a time..Matchmaker Wang remembered that the notice had been cut off half a year ago in the city.
At that time, she also thought that it was probably a joke or a lie, but she still cut it off and kept it as a collection of information.
Now she wanted to make the call and try her luck.
She stared at the newspaper clipping and said sincerely, "Fortune God, please, Yue Lao..." She took out a straight phone from under the pillow and pressed one key at a time.Ever since he'd met matchmaker Wang, Luoyang's mood had become unusually good, and he'd been extremely energetic in his work.
He'd pulled several hundred catties of goods, and even up the slope, he'd still be able to walk as fast as he could.
When he'd been doing some easy work or waiting under the shade of a tree, he would occasionally whistle a few times, and the joy in his heart would be reflected in his eyes.
Even though he hadn't gotten a single stroke of luck yet, he still felt that his good luck was about to come..Three days later, matchmaker Wang ran over to Luoyang.
Her eyebrows jumped up and down like two magpies.
From a distance away, she opened her mouth and shouted, "Kiddo, you're going to be lucky.
Why are you dragging a carriage?
Hurry up and take the carriage.
Put on your clothes and go with your aunt to the rich fragrance of France to meet your wife.""...""Alright." Wang Haaliang responded.
Without any hesitation, he dragged the empty carriage and ran home, leaving the matchmaker Wang far behind..."Auntie, the rich fragrance of France is a high-class place.
It's not enough for you to bring a thousand dollars with you," Luoyang said to his matchmaker on the chariot, dressed in a pure white shirt.
It had been his first time fighting Luoyang on a roller coaster.
If the matchmaker hadn't reminded him to bring money with him, saying that he wouldn't have been willing to let the child slip past the wolves, and that he wouldn't have gone to the bank to collect a thousand yuan in his pocket."Calm down.
Nephew, aunty has already asked around.
The coffee in there is only worth eighty-one cups.
Your money is definitely enough." Matchmaker Wang looked at Luoyang and said, "You must be calm and don't let anyone see your ugly face.
Nephew, as long as the girl likes you, you'll be able to get out of your misery in the future.""..."The red taxi stopped in front of the tallest building in the city.
This building was known as the International Park of Riches, and because the entire building belonged to the Fragrant Entertainment Group.
This building was also known as the Fragrant Restaurant.
Any taxis on the streets would definitely send their customers to this building.
Even if they didn't know the name of this building clearly, if they went to France or the place where high-level entertainment expenses were, they would be sent to this building.Not to mention chauffeurs, the residents of the small city didn't know where France was.
If it wasn't a fool, he would definitely be a child under a year old.How many times did Luoyang pass by this building?
He dragged his motorbike and passed by those high-class cars.
Looking at the tall and shiny buildings, he felt both envious and ashamed."Nephew, auntie has lined up for three days to get this chance to meet a beauty.
You have to cherish it, you have to grasp it." Aunty, you've worked hard.
I'll listen to everything you say when I get in." That wouldn't do.
You had to say that you had to show your charm, but don't spout nonsense.
You have to look into auntie's eyes."Auntie, I don't really know how to talk.
When I reach such a high level, my heart is a little trembling." It was also the first time that aunty entered such a high level place.
There was a saying, "Yes, how can I get a tiger without entering the tiger's den..." "While talking, Matchmaker Wang took out her mobile phone and dialed a number.
When she called, her voice was exaggerating like she was cursing on the street, but the exaggerated affection was very chubby.After the call ended, her smile remained frozen.
She turned to Luoyang and said, "Let's go.
The young lady has asked us to go in.""..."The moment the two of them reached the door, the coffee colored glass door silently opened on both sides.
Two rows of beautiful beauties stood on either side of the door.
They were all wearing red short-sleeved cheongsams, and their smiles and voices were as sweet as honey.
"Welcome.""...""Thanks for your hard work." Matchmaker Wang looked up and walked in.
Like a leader, she nodded towards the reception ladies, and Luoyang followed suit.
When they entered, the glass door behind them automatically closed.
Summer was set on the road outside.
It was cool and refreshing, and there was a strong sense of coolness in it.
Luoyang glanced around the hall, and suddenly remembered the term 'brilliance'."Mister and Madam, France welcomes you all." A young woman wearing a red tie smiled at them.
"Ah, this...
we're looking for someone." Matchmaker Wang cleared her throat.
"Is it Mr.
and Mrs.
Wang?""Yeah, you are...""Please come with me.
Mister Li is waiting for you on the 18th floor." The woman dressed in professional attire led the two of them to the elevator and pressed the button.
When the elevator doors opened, she turned to the middle-aged woman who was driving the elevator.
Then, she gestured to Luoyang and the others, "Please come with me.
When we reach the 18th floor, someone will naturally lead you to Mister Li's office.""..."Matchmaker Wang said, "Is there a mistake?
We're here for a blind date, and we're looking for Miss Jinhong.
I even called her just now...""There's no mistake.
Don't you two know that Mr.
Li is Miss Li's uncle?" "Oh, I understand.
Nephew, I'll tell the seniors to take care of this.
Let's go." Matchmaker Wang walked into the elevator without saying a word.
Luoyang's heart began to pound in his heart.Mister Li had a buzz cut on his head, and he looked to be in his forties.
When he saw the two of them enter the room, he warmly grabbed Luoyang's hand and said, "I've heard so much from you.
Please have a seat." Luoyang appeared to be overwhelmed with flattery.
He wondered how to address this man, but he couldn't speak for a moment.The pretty secretary who led them in poured them a glass of mineral water before leaving the room and closing the door behind them.The two of them sat on the soft leather sofa with stiff expressions on their faces.
Li sat down on his chair, picked up a metal box on the table, and raised it to Luoyang, "Would you like a cigarette?""No, thank you," Luoyang said quickly."Mr.
Luo, I've got an understanding of your situation.
I heard that you have a house and a car and a decent income job.
That job is very free and it's up to you whether you go to work or not." Mr.
Li said.With a swoosh, Luoyang's face flushed red.
He looked at the matchmaker.
It was clear that the matchmaker had made a false advertisement for him.
The matchmaker frowned and shook her head.
However, she couldn't stop Luoyang.
"Boss Li, I only have two bungalows, which were left by my father.
The car was also left by him.
It's a man-made carriage with two wheels.
My job is to transport the carriages, and I'm free to rent in the Big Tree Bay.
But my income..." "The matchmaker Wang pretended to cough and used all her strength to look at Luoyang, but he still couldn't stop Luoyang.
He said, "My parents died and I lived through labor.
You know that hard labor isn't worth much.""Matchmaker Wang had an awkward smile on her face, and there was an indescribable despair in her heart.
She thought that this trip was in vain."Mr.
Luo, the mop is very hard," said Mr.
Li thoughtfully."Mr.
Luo, when I was younger, I had also dragged on a carriage for half a year, so I understood the hardship.
However, as long as people are willing to fight, they will have a chance to succeed.
Look at me, don't you have a building like this now?
Of course, this building is nothing compared to the wealth of Jinhong's family...
Luo, you are young handsome and honest.
Not bad.
I'm happy for Jinhong and his parents.
There's a show between the two of you.
Congratulations on passing through my first phase.
Boy, your future is limitless.""...""Thank you, thank you.
" Matchmaker Wang said excitedly, rubbing her hands together."Boss Li, can I meet your niece?" Luoyang asked softly.
He secretly pinched his right leg with his right hand.
This pain made him want to continue...