A False Journey

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Chapter 3

Li lit a cigarette and leisurely puffed out a smoke ring.
He opened a drawer in the boss's desk with one hand and took out a stack of hundred-yuan bills.
He waved at the matchmaker Wang and said, "Come here.
This is 3,000 yuan.
It's your reward.
Take it."Matchmaker Wang stood up and stared at the ticket.
As she walked forward, she said, "How can I do that?
This is too polite.
I don't dare to accept it..." "When I arrived at the table, I grabbed the stack of tickets that I threw on the table and swore to Mr.
Li, "I'm definitely a good man who can't be found in a lantern.
I'll definitely be reliable...""...""Take it.
Your task is done, and you may go.
I want to speak with Mr.
Luo alone," said Mr.
Li slowly."Alright, then I'll have to thank you.
You guys can chat..." "Matchmaker Wang walked to the door and gave Luoyang a thumbs up," she said.
"Good nephew, do your best." She still hoped that Luoyang would succeed.
If he succeeded, he would be able to obtain 25,000.
Perhaps there would be some unexpected benefits in the future.She closed the door and left gleefully.Mister Li's gaze and silence made Luoyang's heart tremble, "Boss Li, my request...
isn't too much.""No...
absolutely...""Then...""Be patient, young man.""I'll call her right now.
She's been waiting for you in France." Mr.
Li dialed the speakerphone and dialed a number with great proficiency.
When the call connected, he said to the phone, "Jinhong, do you want to meet your date?""Sigh." With a soft echo, Luoyang suddenly became extremely nervous.Luoyang had never seen a pie fall from the sky.
According to Luoyang's conjecture, if Jinhong wasn't crippled, then he would definitely be incomparably ugly.
Otherwise, this blind date wouldn't have happened.
However, when Jinhong stood in this room, Luoyang began to suspect that this blind date had other purposes.
Luoyang stood up, as if he were being punished.
He didn't dare to look straight at this seemingly cold beauty.
Her height was on par with Luoyang's, and she was at least 1.7 meters tall.
She was the type of beauty Luoyang had yearned for in his dreams.."Jinhong, this is Mister Luoyang." Jinhong nodded politely at Luoyang, "Hello, I'm very happy to meet you.""Miss Jin, it's me too." Luoyang stretched out his right hand.
Sweat had already soaked his palms, and he quickly realized this.
He quickly wiped his right hand on his pants before reaching out again.
Jinhong generously reached out his hand.
This time, when he shook his hand, it was something that Luoyang would never forget.
It was soft and soft.
He couldn't help but stare at her fair hand with long, long fingers."Now that you two know each other, how do you feel?
Are you satisfied with each other?" Mister Li asked with a smile.
Jinhong smiled and nodded.
Luoyang's face was somewhat embarrassed.""Satisfied." His voice was so loud that Luoyang himself was shocked.
Jinhong covered his mouth and smiled.
Luoyang's gaze was deeply drawn by her, and he refused to leave.
Regardless of whether he was real or illusory, his heart was filled with tenderness.
Jinhong had become the first woman Luoyang had ever fallen in love with."There's something called love at first sight." Mister Li walked over and patted Luoyang on the shoulder, "Nephew Luo, it won't be long before we become a family.""Sigh..." Luoyang responded absentmindedly.
However, there was still a long way to go.
Nephew Luo, we'd already grasped the truth of your situation before we could reveal it, and we'd already discussed it beforehand.
Once you'd passed my preliminary examination, the two parties would be satisfied with each other.
Then, we'd have a test for you.It was also Jinhong's intention to test you.Luoyang said seriously to Jinhong, "Jinhong, please test me.""Nephew Luo, you can't eat hot tofu in such a hurry.
Before you pass this test, you and Jinhong can't go on a date alone, and you can't exchange telephone numbers behind my back either." Mr.
Li spoke like an extremely strict parent, "Jinhong, you'll have to avoid it from now on.
Your parents have entrusted me with the task of handling the test.""...""Mm." Jinhong reluctantly walked to the door.
When he turned around and saw Luoyang looking at him, she said softly, "Good luck."Luoyang nodded deeply and watched Jinhong leave.
Then, he took a deep breath and smiled at Mister Li, saying, "Come.
Please test me."Mr.
Li chuckled and gestured for Luoyang to sit down, "Don't get too worked up...
I'll get someone from the advertising company to come to your place tomorrow and drag your motorbike away.
They'll renovate your motorbike.
The day after tomorrow, you'll drag your motorbike to carry me to my destination.
The goods aren't heavy, and they'll only weigh about ten kilograms.
However, that place is a little far away.
You're not allowed to take cars or train on the roads.
You'll have to drag the motorbike one step at a time and reach that place within thirty days, completely based on your sincerity and sincerity.As long as you stick to your destination, what awaits you will be a luxurious wedding that will give you happiness for the rest of your life...
Nephew Luo, you understand."...""Elder Li...
Uncle Li, you're not forbidden to take a plane, so you probably won't cross the ocean.
What I'm going to walk on is the road I can drag down with me, right?" That's right, the road is now open.
The place you're going to is...
the provincial capital." Mr.
Li took out a large briefcase from his drawer and handed it to Luoyang.
Then he added, "There's 30,000 yuan here.
As your travel expenses, even if you don't pass the test, this money belongs to you."However, if you can't reach the provincial capital in thirty days, Jinhong and you can only say goodbye."...""I can't take this money.
I'm taking the test on my own...""You have to take this money.
This money is nothing to us...
Boy, I think you're a good person, so don't disappoint me." Mr.
Li handed the briefcase to Luoyang.
Luoyang gestured for Mr.
Li to give it to him.
Seeing that Mr.
Li had a firm attitude and was afraid that he would be unhappy, he accepted it."I understand, Nephew." I got it." Then, you should go back and prepare yourself.
This trip was rather long.Luoyang walked out of France with the briefcase in his arms.
The commotion that greeted him caused Luoyang to break out in a cold sweat.
Luoyang turned around to look at the building behind him, as if he were reminiscing about a dream.
He thought that perhaps Dust and Sun Burst were his real life.That night, Luoyang closed the door early in the morning, and on the bed, he examined the authenticity of the hundred dollar bills in the briefcase one by one.
After confirming that it was true, he returned the money twice before putting it back into the briefcase.
Then, he continued, "Oh my god, it's 30,000 RMB.
Even though I've been working so hard for six years, I can only keep this much money.
I'm so rich...
Jinhong is truly beautiful.
Do you really think he's interested in a poor bachelor like me at a glance?
She's already been dragged to the provincial capital for thirty days?
Oh my god, our ancestors have accumulated quite a bit of wealth...".He continued, "Oh my god, that's a total of 30,000.
Even though I've been working so hard for six years, I've only been able to keep such a sum.
I've already given it to you, and you're so rich...
Jinhong is so beautiful.
Do you really think he's interested in me at a glance?
In thirty days, when the trailer arrives at the provincial capital, she's already my wife?
Heavens, our Luo family's ancestors have accumulated quite a bit of wealth..."Late into the night, Luoyang was still holding onto a manual that he had bought from a book shop by the roadside.
He muttered to himself, "The closest road is approximately four to five hundred kilometers long.
We'll have to walk more than ten miles a day...
If things go well, we'll be able to reach the provincial capital in thirty days.
But what if things don't go well...?"The more he thought about the disadvantages, the less confidence he had in completing this trial.
There were too many things that he couldn't predict.
He understood that the most difficult thing was that time couldn't afford to delay."Why are you thinking so much about it?
Whether it works or not, it's fate." Luo Yang sighed.