A False Journey

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Chapter 4

A small truck stopped in front of Luoyang's house.
A young woman wearing glasses got out of the truck and explained to Luoyang, "Hello, we're from an advertising company.
Boss Li sent us to fetch Mr.
Luo's car."Luoyang cooperated with the two young men brought by the woman and carried the wooden shelf onto the minivan.
He also handed the two disassembled cartwheels over and asked the woman, "Would you like me to help you reload the cart?" The young woman smiled and said, "There's no need to trouble yourself.
The reloading is just a tool for putting the shelf on the wheels.
We have a hand."Luoyang continued to ask, "When am I going to get the carriage?
How are you going to renovate it?" "The young woman just happens to open the door of the truck's driver's seat.
She turns around and says to Luoyang, "We'll send it over before nightfall."You'll understand when we see it, Mr.
We'll take our leave first.
Goodbye."Hold on." Luoyang waved his hand again, and watched as Qiaotao made his way back to his room."Kiddo, how did that car transport your motorcycle away?" "Mastro Wang came from the other side of the road." It's an advertising company.
They want to drag my car back and renovate it." What was going on?
Didn't they agree?
Why did they have to do the same thing?
"Luoyang smiled when he heard that.
Matcha Wang said, "You're too honest.
Why did you blurt out the whole situation?
Why did you try to look at you and ignore it?
Now, what a beautiful thing to do!""You'll have to rely on your personality for the rest of your life...
You can't just be honest...
Don't be too sad, aunty doesn't want you to reimburse phone bills.
If there are any good girls in the future, auntie will give you priority.""Auntie, I'm not sad, I...""Let's not talk anymore.
I'm just here to see the situation.
I can't help much at this point.
Let's go.""I'll come and look for you if there's a suitable one.
" Matchmaker Wang didn't even turn around and waved her hand.
She left much faster than before.In the morning, Luoyang went to the bank to open a new account and deposited the 30,000 yuan.
Then, he took out another 2,000 yuan from his previous account.
In addition to the 1,000 yuan that he had taken yesterday, it was used as the cost of his travel trip.
Luoyang set up a raincoat.
In order to prevent the heat from falling, he went to the pharmacy to buy several boxes of Benevolent Pills and Zheng Qi Water.Later on, he went to Big Tree Bay and found Old Zhang, who said that he wanted to go out for a month and asked Old Zhang to take a look at the house for him.
In fact, there was nothing valuable at home.
The TV and the electric fan were old, but every family was bought with sweat from him and his father.
Old Zhang was relatively honest and agreed without asking much.Luoyang handed the key that his father had used when he was still alive to Laozhang.
After chatting for a while, he headed home.There was a black Mercedes-Benz parked at the entrance of the house.
Luoyang was curiously leaning close to the window and looking inside.
The glass had begun to fall." Mr.
Li smiled and greeted him.
Luoyang replied, "Uncle Li, you're here.
Please take a seat in the room." "I have something to tell you.""Mr.
Li opened the door and allowed him to take a seat inside.
Luoyang sat down and closed the door tightly, and the window automatically rose up.
Only then did he notice that there was a driver seated at the end of the driver's seat.
There was a transparent glass partition between the driver's seat and the passenger cabin.Mr.
Li glanced at the things in Luoyang's hand and smiled, "I bought raincoats and positive fluids?
Very good.
Did you prepare anything else?" "Luoyang replied," he said.
"I've brought money with me.
I'll buy whatever I need on the way.""Have you decided on the route?
Cars can't go up the highway." I heard that.
I looked at the road map of the entire province and asked as I walked."..." Thirty days?
Do you feel confident about the provincial capital?""It's a bit out of sorts."?Don't worry too much.
If you don't take the highway, you'll be able to reach the provincial capital.
However, you'll have to hurry up." Mr.
Li grabbed a pillow-like green film bag from the side and handed it to Luoyang.
"I'm here to deliver this to you."This sealed waterproof bag required you to drag the goods to the provincial capital.
It contained 10 catties of wheat flour and you could use it as a pillow."Face?""The other side powder.
Although it's not expensive, it's a token.
Please don't lose it." Mr.
Li noticed that Luoyang seemed to have some doubts, and he continued, "Haha, you won't suspect that it's a white powder, right?
Don't worry, we're businessmen.
But I don't think there would be such a silly drug dealer who would give ten catties of white powder to a board master.
He would spend thirty days on his journey, risking his life...
nephew Luo, after you arrive at the provincial capital, go to the gate of the underwater world and wait for you.
Someone will come to pick you up on time.I wish you success.
Get out of the car."..."After the Mercedes-Benz left, Luoyang pressed on the bag.
His hand felt soft, and there was something inside.
He believed that it was also flour.
Li was right.
If there wasn't a drug dealer as silly as him, he would have spent 30,000 yuan to get a stallion to drag him along the road for so long.In the evening, someone had brought him a motorbike.
It was dragged over.
A circular tent, one meter tall and one meter tall, was set up on the shelf.
It was a Mongolian bag, red in color.
It was surrounded by a red tent with golden words.
It was a sign: Luo Yang, the master of the twenty-first century, was dragging the provincial carriage for love..They dragged the boarded car that had advertisements on it and walked on the streets of Leng City.
This was called an advertisement.
Luo Yang had done this a few times.
The difference was that he was advertising for his actions this time.He opened a cloth bag and looked inside.
Luoyang saw that there were new green bamboo slabs on the surface of the carriage.
It was flat and flat.
There was even a faint fragrance of bamboo in the Mongolian bag.
Luoyang looked back and smiled, "You're really thoughtful.
You can save all the accommodation costs along the way.
I wonder if this tent is waterproof?".He lifted a piece of cloth from the Mongolian bag and looked inside.
Luoyang saw that there was a new green bamboo plank on the surface of the carriage.
It was flat and flat, and there was even a faint fragrance of bamboo in the Mongolian bag.
Luoyang looked back and smiled, "You're really thoughtful.
You can save all the accommodation costs along the way.
But I wonder if this tent is waterproof?""This is made from the latest nano material.
Not only is it waterproof, but it's also indiscernible.
No matter how fierce the sun is outside, it's more comfortable to lie inside than in an air-conditioner room." The waiter who came to send the carriage smiled and said, "There's also the wheel.
It uses the best grinding wheel.
It drags hundreds of catties of goods and doesn't need to be reborn."...""In that case, that's great.
I was worried that there wouldn't be a place to change my body on the way.
Luo, you don't have to worry about this at all.
Also, there's a mini-pill on the new wheelling, which will record how far you've walked.
Well, the boarded car has arrived, and I should go back."The man left, and Luoyang dragged the carriage a few steps.
The Mongolian bag looked as big as a car, but its weight didn't increase much.
He was even happier.
Luoyang's carriage attracted the curiosity of the neighbors.
They pointed at the large golden characters and Luoyang, laughing.
They said, "Luoyang, what do you want?
The entire wedding carriage is so interesting, and you're looking for your wife to find the provincial capital."They guessed what kind of interesting journey Luoyang would have.
They cheered for Luoyang, and they wanted Luoyang to win glory for the Wang Clan's courtyard...Luoyang's residence was called the Wang Family's courtyard.
Now, it was deep into the night.
Luoyang looked at the red Mongolian bag alone and thought to himself, If I could use this carriage to drag Jinhong home, how romantic would that be?The next day, Luoyang, who was sleeping with a backpack in his Mongolian bag, woke up.
He unlocked the lock on the door, turned on the lights, and checked his backpack.
His ID card, money, deposit, and goods bag were all brought with him.
He turned to his parents and said, "Daddy, mommy, Luoyang is on his way now.
Please bless me with my successful return and marry your daughter-in-law.""..."After the street lamps were switched off, Luoyang welcomed the faint rays of dawn as he happily set foot on his journey.
According to the plan, it would take him twenty kilometers to reach the nearest 'new county'.He hoped that nothing would hinder his progress along the way.
He knew that without the Mongolian bag, he would be able to walk even faster.
However, the moment he saw the golden words on the bag, he found it sweet.For the first time in his life, he was overjoyed that he was dragging a motorcycle.