A False Journey

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Chapter 5

On the asphalt road, cars passed by one after another.
Dust rose and drifted to the side of the road.
Luo Yang, who was dragging the motorbike along the side of the road, was also floating on his body.
Sweat and dust mixed together, causing Luo Yang's face to be covered in dirt.Along the way, Luoyang was afraid that the cars would charge towards him and the planks for no reason.
When he heard the sound of the cars behind him, he would look back nervously.
However, his vision was often blocked by Mongolian bags.
What he saw were cars that whistled away.
Mongolian bags were quite strong, and the wind that the cars passed by didn't cause it to sway.After walking for an entire morning, he arrived at a small town.
The scorching hot sun was even hotter at noon.
Luoyang decided to take a break.
His legs were already a little sore.
He parked the motorbike, picked up his backpack, and walked into a small restaurant on the side of the road.
Sitting at a table near the door, he could see the motorbike at a glance.He had already passed three small towns like this.
He and his motorbike drew curious looks, but no one came forward to ask him questions.Business in the small restaurant was relatively bland, with only three tables with guests.
The short and skinny middle-aged woman served the dishes and asked casually, "Bro, the boarded car outside is yours.
Where are you going to drag it?""To the provincial capital.
""I'm kidding, an interview.""No, the lady boss, please bring me a bottle of ice beer." The lady boss took out a bottle of ice beer from the freezer, removed the cover, and placed it in front of him.
She sincerely said, "It's not easy.
It's been so long since the sun dragged the motorbike so far away.
Are you doing some advertising?" Luoyang smiled and raised the bottle to his head and drank a third of it...Before leaving, Luoyang filled the restaurant with a cola bottle of cold tea.
He asked, "Madam boss, how far away is this place from Xin County?""There's still eight miles left," the woman boss replied lazily.
Luoyang thanked her for walking out of your shop.Luoyang thought that walking eight miles didn't take an entire afternoon, so not too far away from the town, he sat in the shade of a tree by the side of the road and avoided the venomous sun.
In these six years, he had never avoided the sun, and his skin color had also been turned into a healthy bronze color.
He spread out his bronze body and laid down on the grass, not caring about the dazzling sunlight on the road.
Thinking that he could walk more than twenty miles a day, he grinned, "Looks like I've been overthinking things.
It won't be a problem for me to reach the provincial capital in thirty days, not to mention that I can still walk faster.""..."After resting for a few hours, Luoyang picked up his backpack and ran to the foot of a hill nearby.
After peeing in the direction of the hill, he slowly walked to the front of the motorbike and put the bag back into the Mongolian bag.
He grabbed the two handles of the motorbike with both hands and set off again.In the evening, Luoyang arrived at the new county.But at the start of the day, people started walking around the streets.
All kinds of cars were lit up and drove on the interlaced roads.
The environment was similar to the cold city.
A boarded car with a slogan was common in the air, so no one came up to talk to Luoyang.Being ignored was exactly what Luoyang wanted.
He placed the motorbike in a secluded corner of the county and waited for the night to come before entering the motorbike to sleep.The destination of the next stop was Shui County.
He had already inquired about it from the restaurant where he had eaten dinner.
It was only about 30 miles away.
He planned to finish it in the morning.This area was indeed secluded.
There weren't many cars passing by in a few hours, and there were only a few pedestrians.
Luo Yang, who was sitting under the street lights, saw that most of the houses nearby had their lights extinguished.
He went into his Mongolian bag and rested his head on his backpack.
Soon, he fell asleep..In his daze, he felt the motorbike running, and thought it was a dream.
Then he heard people howling and cheering.
He hurriedly opened his eyes and found that his head was closer to the ground than his feet, and someone was pulling the motorbike and running.
Without thinking much, he quickly sat up, grabbed his backpack, turned his feet in the direction of the handles, and shouted, "What are you doing?"It was obvious that he didn't have enough manpower to drag him to the front.
As soon as he placed his weight on the ground, the man pushed aside the mop, and with a bang, Luoyang nearly fell forward.
His feet landed on the ground, and his body followed suit, leaving your Mongolian bag.
He stood up and took a look.
There were seven or eight hoodlums of about fifteen to sixteen years old standing next to him.
The person who had just pulled the motorbike was standing with disheveled yellow hair, and was staring furiously at Luoyang, "What are you doing?
Do you want to die?!""The little hoodlum immediately rushed over and nudged Luoyang, cursing him with dirty words.Luoyang understood that these hoodlums weren't easy to deal with.
In the cold city, there were also some people who were collectively known as 'little brothers'.
They were young, so they were easily impulsive when it came to doing things.
Some of them were vicious when they came out with their lives on the line.
Luoyang couldn't afford to cause any trouble, so he apologized repeatedly, avoiding those fists and kicks."You still dare to fight back?
You don't want to live anymore!" The little rascals became even crazier when they saw how scared he was.
"Brothers, I didn't do it on purpose." Luoyang dodged his fists and blocked the incoming kicks.
"Yo, you're still alive and kicking the ground.
If Grandfather doesn't let you bleed a little, you won't know how to behave yourself." Huangmao grabbed a dagger from somewhere and said to Luoyang viciously."Brothers have something to discuss.
Don't use a knife.
The knife has no eyes.
If you get stabbed, you'll die.
You'll have to go to jail and be shot to death." "Prison?
Hahaha, grandpas grew up in there...
Big fools, don't you know the law?
Even if grandpas stabbed you to death, they won't go there to eat a few years of 'official rice'."It's not like this.
Someone who kills on purpose must be shot no matter how old they are."You think you're a judge, and you're a law-blind, dragging a motorcycle and telling Grandpa the law.
Don't you know that minors are protected?""Brothers, we don't have a blood feud between us.
Please don't do something so ruthless.
It's not worth going to prison for a flounderer like me." Huangmao was stunned as soon as the dagger appeared.
After hearing these words, he remained silent for a moment, then waved the dagger at Luoyang and said, "You seem to have made a mistake.
I'll spare your life today.""That carriage of yours is quite impressive.
How about this?
Bring your grandfathers to gather some new supper and consider it as an apology." The others immediately chimed in.Luoyang said with difficulty, "I'm afraid this carriage can't fit eight people.""Ignorant, why don't you split it into two?" "Someone's trying to push Luoyang again?" Luoyang replied.
"Let's go.
We'll pull our grandfathers to gather new ones." Then, he followed their instructions and walked to the front of the motorbike.
Huangmao led the three of them into the motorbike.
The people standing outside asked wisely, "Huangmao, what if he doesn't come back and pull us along?""Then you'll have to walk on your own." Someone responded.
Huangmao said, "He dares.
If he runs halfway, he'll definitely break his arms and legs when he finds him...
I'm going to ask you something big.
Do you dare to run away?""I don't dare, I don't dare." Luoyang wanted to give up, and he responded with a wide mouth."Huangmao, look!
This fellow has his backpack hanging on his chest!" Someone shouted as Luoyang dragged the motorbike away."Stop!
Stop!" After the carriage stopped, the blond four jumped out of the carriage and surrounded Luoyang."Old man, what's in your backpack?
Take a look at it." The blond said strangely.
"It's full of clothes.
Luoyang subconsciously tightened his grip on the backpack that was on his back." Bring it - "Huang Hao glared at me and shouted.
Then, he flashed his dagger again.There was money in his backpack, and there were bank notes.
The most important thing was that Luoyang had to transport it to the provincial capital.
This was something he couldn't afford to leave behind.
Luoyang was determined that if they didn't give him a way out, then he would have to go all out.