A False Journey

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Chapter 101

The shadow paused on the ground and said, "Greetings, let's go back.
They have to stay.
""But, Ancient God...""At the Ancient God's place, the shadow will explain in the future.""This...""Do you want me to take action?" the silhouette shouted.The deities turned into three green flames and charged into the sky...Luoyang stood up and said, "Shadow...
god, I want to ask you something?"The silhouette looked at him and said, "Want to ask what happened on that stormy night?""Yes, exactly what did you do to me?
And why did you do that?"A glint of green light flashed in the shadow's eyes.
He said, "Alright, let me tell you something.
I happened to pass by that night and saw you being hit by a car and thrown to the side of the road.
Your soul has yet to leave your body, so I gave you a corpse pill so that no one or beast can harm your body..."Luoyang said, "That night, I stood on the side of the road.
It was a huge wind that led to a car accident...""You were too careless.
You should have hugged a big tree.""Did you make that wind?""There's no point in saying that.
I want to hurt you, I want to hurt you.
There's no need for so many fames.""So you're saying that you owe me a second life?
But I remember you once said that I've been looking for you.
What does that mean?
Have you been looking for me for a long time?""Ho, your memory is not bad.
At that time, I was looking for an experimental host, and you just met the requirements...""Test what?""Testing the effect of the corpse pill.""Then why did you give me the glass bead and the sign later?""After you were brought to the Immortal Plane by this little snake immortal, the Corpse Pill cannot guarantee your safety.
Therefore, I want Xuanyuan Guangguang to give you the glass bead and the Invincible Token.""Then why are you stopping us from going to the God Realm now?""The God Realm is extremely unsafe for all of you.
Even if I want to protect you there, it will be difficult for me to protect you.
If I don't pay attention, this experimental host body of yours might be destroyed..."The shadow's explanation seemed to make sense, but Luoyang sensed that something was amiss.
He fell into deep thought.Haohao said to the shadow, "Shadow God, why did you also intercept seven of us?""It's not safe for you guys to go to the God Realm..."Dong Dong said, "Since you intercepted us, you should fulfill our request.
""What logic is this?""Don't say.
" Originally, we would have met our requirements after going to the God Realm.
Now that we can't go to the God Realm, you should bear the consequences.
""It's not safe anymore..." The silhouette said.
"If you have any requests, just mention them.
I promise to fulfill them, but I have one condition: you must leave Luo Yang immediately."Haohao smiled, "Why should we leave?""You have too many questions." The silhouette glanced at the silhouette and shook the saber.Haohao wasn't afraid and said, "We will never leave.
What do you want?
Come."The silhouette swept a glance at them and said, "Even if I don't leave, I still have to leave.
Gushen will soon descend into the Lower Realm.
At that time, I won't be able to protect you all so much..."Haohao said, "I don't need your protection..."Dong Dong said, "We will not leave.
"The silhouette paused the saber a few more times, saying, "You guys are overestimating yourselves..."Xiaoman said, "What do you mean?
Do you want to use martial arts to drive away?"The silhouette said, "If I want to take Luoyang away, who can stop me?"Luoyang asked, "Why did you take me away?"You You said, "Take you back and destroy the evidence.""Who are you?" The silhouette asked."Fairy.
"As soon as she received a profound enlightenment, she exclaimed, "Oh, you must have done something to Luoyang."Xiaoyi grabbed Luoyang's shirt and said, "We can't let him take Luoyang away."The silhouette sneered and said, "Smart is a mistake.
A bunch of ignorant people.
Without me, he would have died long ago."Chaibang smiled and said, "I don't think so.""Who are you?""Young man, stick.""Little stick, stick stick..." The shadow looked at the youth and said, "You're not an immortal, you're a god?
But I've never heard of you before.
"Xiuyue said, "You are the god, but you did something you shouldn't have done."Luoyang asked, "What did he do?"Xiuyue said, "He can't use his own divine ability to destroy the path of a kind person's life.
This is one of them."Luoyang said, "Are you talking about me?
Are you saying that he shouldn't have saved me?"Xiuyue said, "He didn't save you.
He created a disaster for you, and then used you to work for him..."The silhouette said, "Who are you?
You're a god too?""I am the white flower who ascended to the God Realm earlier than you.
" Xiu Yue turned around and said to You You, "God has not been reincarnated.
God will be in the Lower Realm for the time being, and will temporarily lose God's memories and abilities..."The silhouette said, "So it's you...
It's clear that I saved him..."The stick said angrily, "You're still trying to quibble?
Shadow, you can't escape.
Just wait for the law."Xiuyue said, "The shadow, from the moment you stole the divine pill, it was destined to end today..."The shadow's great saber flashed and slammed into Luoyang's neck, "If you want him to live, then let me go."Chaibang said, "Do you think that broken knife of yours could kill this Luoyang, who you fed him with the divine pill?""Little stick, don't come over.
He'll cut off my head.
His blade is so cold that it hurts my bones," Luo Yangzhe cried out anxiously.Xiu Yue had a little white flower in her hand that glowed brightly.
She said, "Shadow, don't resist uselessly...""What did I do wrong?
What's wrong with borrowing his body to collect divine artifacts that have been lost in the lower realm?"The stick swung, and a steady ray of light slammed into the saber in the shadow's hand.
The saber broke.
Startled, Luoyang hurriedly ran behind the stick and said, "Cap stick, you're too risky.
You're just joking with my life..."The silhouette held the broken saber in his hand and said, "I admit that I used my divine ability to create wind and rain and create the illusion of a car accident to kill him.
I fed him the divine pill when his soul was not out and used his body to find the lost divine weapon..."Xiuyue laughed lightly and blew on the white flower in his hand.
The white flower phantom turned into a big white flower and slowly flew in front of the shadow.
The white light made the shadow pale and transparent.
Xiuyue said, "Shadow, the Divine Forbidden Hall's divine treasure is not something that you can steal as you please.
You can take it as you please.""..."The green light in the shadow's eyes was still faintly visible.
He said, "I will hand in the divine weapon when it's all gathered."Chaibang said, "Your first crime is stealing the forbidden items of the Divine Forbidden Hall.
Your second crime is to harm the weak mortals.
As for not handing over divine weapons, it's useless."Haohao said, "This silhouette is so famous.
How could it be so easily defeated?
Why didn't he resist or run away?
He kept talking and didn't act at all.
It was boring..."Xiuyue said, "This white flower of mine is Kexing.
Haohao, if you fight him, you will feel powerless.
No matter how fierce a rooster is, it is still weak in front of a tiger..."The shadow shouted, "I will submit, I will plead guilty, take back the white flower, it will destroy me."Xiuyue said, "Voldemort, jump into the stamen..."The silhouette leapt into the pistils of the flowers.
The white flower petals bloomed and turned into a flower bud.
Then, it flew up to Xiuyue.
After putting away the flower bud, Xiuyue smiled and said, "I've completed my mission.
I can return to the Divine World now."Luoyang asked, "What about me and us?"Xiuyue said, "I'll send you back to the end of your life.
As for you guys, just wait here.
The Ancient God Realm will reward you..."Haohao said, "Brother Luo, we will look for you."Xiuyue said, "Let him live his life well.
You, we don't belong to the same world as him."Luoyang said, "Which point?
I can't drag the motorbike back to the provincial capital.
There will be assassins in the ambush ahead who will kill me."Chaibang said, "The memory will be erased after the break.
As for whether or not you will continue walking, what will happen in front of you is your real life.
We have no right to interfere."Luoyang said, "My life is so bitter.
Are you going to just watch me die?"Haohao said, "I won't wait for the Ancient God.
I'll accompany you back and clear your path."Xiuyue said, "Haohao, that will only bring you and Luoyang endless troubles.
Luoyang, you're bound to die.
You must cherish your life."Luoyang sighed, "I didn't become a hero in the end.""As a person, if you don't lower your head to fate, and if you don't lower your head to great difficulty, then you're a hero.
Luoyang, I can only give you my blessing." Xiu Yue said.Chaibang said, "Luoyang, I'm going to take back the divine pills and the divine weapons now."Xiuyue said, "Young man, which part of you didn't arrange for you to help me?"Chaibang smiled and replied, "I'm the number one secret of the God Realm.
You don't have to be too curious.
I'll be the one taking the divine pills and divine weapons.
Luo Yang will be able to reduce the amount of pain and trouble."Xiuyue smiled and said, "Okay, you can come."The stick seemed to be scratching Luoyang's body with its right thumb and index finger, and then tossed it onto the grass.
There was a jade-green pill, a small black sword, a battle helmet, a brand-new blue battle suit, and a dim sign....The stick seemed to be scratching Luoyang's body with its right thumb and index finger, and then tossed it onto the grass.
There was a jade-green pill, a black sword, a battle helmet, a brand-new blue battle robe, and a dim sign...Chaibang said, "Alright, Luoyang, you've completely turned back into a mortal.
White flowers, take these things back and hand them over to him.
You'll erase the memories in his mind..."Xiuyue put away the things on the ground, walked in front of Luoyang, and kissed him on the lips.
Her kisses were sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter, and Luoyang was crying.
He waved his hands in a daze as he bid farewell to his friends..."Hello...
Open the door...
Open the door..." "There was an urgent knock on the door, and Luoyang suddenly heard a woman's shout.
He opened his eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling.
His mind was in a state of chaos, and some illusory mirrors kept appearing...
He sat up and muttered to himself, "I had a dream?
I had a dream that I couldn't remember?
Is that so?"."Hello...
Open the door...
Open the door..." "There was a rapid knock on the door, and Luoyang suddenly heard a woman's shout.
He opened his eyes and stared blankly at the ceiling.
His mind was in a state of chaos, and some illusory mirrors kept appearing...
He sat up and muttered to himself, "I had a dream?
I had a dream that I couldn't remember?
Is that so?""Nephew Luo, open the door.
Why are you sleeping like this?
The sun is setting on your buttocks, it's time for a blind date.""Since the sun is setting on my buttocks, should I go and have a date?" Luoyang put on his shorts and swayed as he opened his own door.
He saw Aunt Wang's anxious face."Nephew, hurry up and dress up.
We have an appointment.
We're going to France to see your date today..."complete