Fall of The Immortal Deity

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Chapter 1

Little Ox Mountain was located on the north side of Wei Ziyu Town.
Because it looked like a cow head, it was the locals' Little Ox Mountain.At this moment, a youth of seventeen or eighteen was seated on Mount Ox.
His face was dark, and he was dressed in a greyish-black sweatshirt.
Two large patches appeared on his elbows.
A few drops of sweat trickled down his cheeks, and in addition to his undulating heartbeat, he was able to depict the entire process of running up the mountain."There's still one month left until Qing Niu's Dao Scripture is about to recruit disciples.
I wonder if I can pass the three trials with my current abilities!" The young man sighed and slowly opened his eyes, muttering to himself.The young man's name was Lian, a villager from Calf Village.
His parents had unfortunately passed away when he was five years old.
After ten years, he had relied on the help of his neighbors to persevere until now.
However, this young man was a strong person.
When he was fifteen years old, Lian had gone hunting in the forest alone.
Although his life had been tough for the past three years, it was still acceptable.
At the very least, there was no way for him to eat or eat."If I can't pass the three trials of Qing Niu's dao shrine this time, I'm afraid I won't have another chance in the future!" Whenever Lian thought of this, he would always feel a little depressed.
He couldn't help but recall the sad past when he hadn't been able to enter Qing Niu's dao shrine twice..Qing Niu's dao shrine would recruit a certain number of disciples every two years, but the disciples they recruited were extremely strict.
Those who had not passed the five stages of slaying six generals would not want them!
Those who did not have great willpower would not want them!
There was also one thing they would not want if they were twenty years old!
As for Lian, during the two recruitments of the dao temple, he did not even pass the first of the three trials.
This endless haze gradually turned into a knot in Lian's heart that he had never been able to unravel.."This year, I will definitely enter Qing Niu's dao shrine.
No matter what difficulties I face, I won't be able to stop my advance!" Lian gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.
This reminded him of the tragic scene of his parents dying under the bear's paws more than ten years ago.
If not for the fact that a Daoist cultivator from Qing Niu's dao shrine had just passed by and saved him, Li Anzao would have turned into food in the bear's mouth right now..Perhaps it was because of the tragic experience he had experienced when he was five years old that Lian yearned for the mysterious daoist from Qing Niu's dao shrine.
He dreamed that he would be able to face dozens of giant bears one day without any change in his expression."I also need the ability to send the black bear flying with one punch.
Moreover, it's the kind that can fly into the sky and escape from the earth!" Lian's eyebrows twitched, and his heart was abnormally firm.Soon, an hour had passed, and Lian's fluttering heart was close to calm.
Just as he was about to get up and leave, a gust of wind came from behind him.
The wind blew past his hair, bringing with it a few strands of messy black hair.Lian's ears twitched, as if he had sensed something from the breeze behind him.
Panic appeared on his face, and he quickly turned to look down the mountain."Damn it, I can't believe I forgot something so important!" Lian muttered to himself as he stared at the next figure on the mountain, his face filled with bitterness.
Then, he sighed and leaped down the mountain."I hope Lil' Tian doesn't tell anyone about what happened.
Otherwise, I wouldn't have the face to live in the village anymore!" Lian muttered to himself as he hurried down the mountain, as if he didn't want anyone to know what had happened.When they reached halfway up the mountain, the sound that could only be heard a little at the top of the mountain was now magnified beyond limit.
The sound reached Lian's ears, like the death god's life-threatening talisman, making his complexion even worse..Although Lian's expression had changed a lot, it was hard to believe that he was actually smiling in a flattering manner.
Looking at Lil' Tian, who was still shouting at the foot of the mountain, he dashed toward Lil' Tian as fast as he could.
With an apologetic smile on his face, he said, "Little Tian, didn't I ask you to wait for me at home?
Why did you come looking for me?".Although Lian's complexion was a lot worse, he couldn't believe that at this moment, he actually showed a very flattering smile.
He looked down at Lil' Tian, who was still shouting loudly.
With his fastest speed, he dashed in front of Lil' Tian and said apologetically with a smile, "Little Tian, didn't I ask you to wait for me at home?
Why did you come here to find me?"The newcomer was a tall and burly young man who was one head shorter than Lian.
His name was Litian, but his face was full of immaturity.
He was only eleven or twelve years old."Don't forget what you promised me.
I have something you can use against me.
If you treat me like a burden, you'll be done with just a few random excuses.
Don't blame me for telling my big sister about what happened that day!" Litian smirked.
Lian had no choice but to grit his teeth.
However, he had no other choice.
Who would have thought that this brat would see the extremely indecent thing that day?.Because of this, the little brat began to pester Lian like a dog's skin plaster, insisting that Lian take him out to hunt.
Otherwise, he would have told his older sister about what had happened.Of course, Lian knew the prowess of that incident.
If Litian's sister found out about it, where would his reputation be?
And where would his reputation be?!Lian suppressed the urge to beat Lil' Tian up and said unwillingly, "Alright then!
Go home and pack up.
I'll take you to hunt tonight!
But that's it for once.
If you threaten me with this again, even if I have to suffer the disdain of the entire village, I will still have to see you beat you up once!".Lian suppressed the urge to beat Lil' Tian up and said unwillingly, "Okay then!
Go home and pack up.
I'll take you to hunt tonight!
But this is just this once.
If you threaten me with this again in the future, even if I have to suffer the disdain of everyone in the village, I'll have to see you beat you up again!"Lian gritted his teeth in a slightly sinister manner, but Litian, who was standing to the side, smiled widely and nodded happily.
Then, he turned around and ran towards the back.Looking at Litian who was running further and further away, Lian's face turned bitter.
There was a clear rule in the village that anyone who wasn't eighteen years old was not allowed to enter the forest to hunt.
Anyone who violated the rules would be punished by fifty!Although the punishment wasn't very severe, it was mainly to remind those teenagers who had grown up arrogantly!Back then, Lian had entered the forest to hunt at the age of fifteen.
Of course, he had no choice but to do so.
His parents had left the mortal world a long time ago.
All that remained of him was his lonely and lonely life.
If he didn't take on this heavy burden, how could he possibly defeat these ten-odd years?.Back then, Lian had entered the forest to hunt at the age of fifteen.
Of course, he had no choice but to do so.
His parents had left the mortal world a long time ago, and all that remained of him was his lonely and lonely life.
If he didn't take on this heavy burden, how could he possibly defeat these ten-odd years?As the saying goes, life is a butcher's knife.
It is not you who have changed me, it is I who have changed you.
Lian naturally understood this superficial logic.
Although Lian could not be considered as having a carefree life under this butcher's knife, he was at least able to live freely at this moment."Sigh!
It's really not wise to watch Xiaotian's bath being discovered by his younger brother!" Whenever Lian thought of this matter, a look of regret appeared on Lian's face.
Judging from the tightly furrowed brows, Lian's expression was filled with regret.However, he was the only one who knew whether he regretted sneaking Xiaotian's shower or whether he had other intentions.
This had to be discussed in detail.The little villager was simple and honest.
Since the establishment of the village, there had never been such an incident.
Although there weren't any explicit rules in the village, Lian knew that it was against tradition.
Unconventional things were not allowed to happen in the village.
That was why he had no choice but to bow down in front of Litian, as if he wanted to pay the debt.."Looks like I'll have to work hard again today.
I remember it's fifteenth today!
Those damned things are coming out again!" Lian muttered to himself.
Then, he suddenly realized that it was the night of the full moon.
His expression hardened as he sighed several times.It was already early summer, and under the influence of the outside world, the lush trees made rustling noises.
The chirping of birds and insects also began to cheer happily at the same time, as if they were going to play a unique melody in the world at this moment.Lian walked in the direction of Calf Village with heavy steps.
The depression in his heart gradually became a bit uncomfortable.
He hadn't figured out how Litian had discovered him yet."How did Lil' Tian find out?!" Lian muttered under his breath.
He looked at a rock that had appeared on the road ahead and kicked it away, as if he wanted to vent the unwillingness in his heart with this kick.Under Lian's kick, Unbounded Stone immediately shot out from the depression on the ground and rolled towards a small ditch.With a splash, water splashed everywhere, and ripples appeared.
But Lian didn't even bother to look at them.
He placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the setting sun.
Not only did he speed up his pace, but he had to hurry back and arrange things.
Otherwise, he might have had some trouble with Lil' Tian as a burden at night..Little Ox Village wasn't too far from Little Ox Mountain.
It was only a dozen minutes' journey.
In less than a cup of tea, Lian arrived at Little Ox Village."Lian, why are you back so late?!
I've been looking for you for half a day.
Hurry up and come here!" Just as Lian was about to reach Calf Village, a burly man shouted at Lian, his face filled with anxiety."Uncle Feng, what's wrong?!" Lian looked up at the burly man and said with a smile.The burly man's name was Fengke, and he was the only villager with a foreign surname in the village.
He had come to the village more than ten years ago to avoid disaster.
The villagers were simple and honest, and Fengke was a very kind person.
Therefore, he had had a good reputation among the villagers in the past ten years."It's not good.
Come back to my room with me!" Fengke's expression grew even more anxious.
Without waiting for Lian to speak, he grabbed Lian's arm and pulled him into a simple flat roof room."What?!
There's actually something like this happening?!" Not long later, Lian's somewhat incredulous words echoed throughout the hut!"Impossible, how could something like this happen?!"