Fall of The Immortal Deity

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Chapter 3

Not far ahead, a black cloth-like object appeared on the ground.
Tonight's moonlight was still bright, but there were many trees here.
Litian stared at the black cloth-like object that Lian had pointed out for quite some time before he saw it."What's that thing?" Litian asked cautiously."Looks like these things are much better than before!
I didn't expect these strange things to be so close to Calf Mountain!" Lian pondered for a moment.
Then, the three bows on his back appeared in his hand, and he pulled out a very sharp arrow from the quiver behind him..The arrows shot out, and with a whoosh, the arrows whistled towards the black clothed object in front of them.The black cloth seemed to be empty, and nothing substantial was concealed inside.
The arrow pierced through the black cloth and nailed it to the ground."Fortunately, those things didn't appear, so we shouldn't delay any further.
We should hurry up and leave!" Lian said to Litian after noticing that there hadn't been any changes to the black cloth."What's that black cloth?
There's nothing special about it!" Li Tianjian didn't seem to have changed at all.
He had been so careful just now that it had vanished without a trace, and his voice had also risen by several degrees.Lian took a few steps forward and took the sharp arrow off the black cloth.
Then, he explained to Litian, "They're ghosts.
Uncle Feng often tells us about strange things.
As for the rest, I don't know!""What?
A ghost?!
You're not lying to me, are you?
How could there be something so unclean in our village?!" Litian shivered.
He felt something strange.
He looked around and said with a slightly frightened voice.Fengke often told the children in the village about strange and bizarre stories.
Most of the stories were about ghosts, but these ghosts were the same after death.
However, Lu Li's stories didn't scare the children.
In fact, the children liked listening to Fengke's stories more and more."I don't know.
Uncle Feng didn't tell me the truth either.
He just told me not to enter the forest, no matter what!" After saying that, Lian pointed at a dense forest far away, as if telling Litian not to enter the forest.."Let's hurry up and leave!
If we wait until late at night, this damned thing will be able to move.
We won't be able to hunt anymore!" Before Litian could say anything, Lian's silhouette strode ahead."This...!" A hint of bitterness appeared on Litian's face.
He didn't even move his feet.
After all, he was only eleven or twelve years old, and he didn't have the maturity of Lian's mind at this moment.
After seeing a true ghost, he was somewhat scared.
Furthermore, he had heard Fengke mention that this ghost had to eat people.."What's wrong?
Are you going to retreat now?!" Lian chuckled softly as he looked at Litian, who hadn't moved at all.Litian gently nodded and said with some promise, "Why don't we go back?
I think this place is very dark and scary!"Lian chuckled softly.
At this moment, Litian didn't have the domineering look he had used to threaten him back then.
Just like a frosted eggplant, he didn't have the slightest bit of confidence."Since you want to leave, I won't force you to leave, but you only have this one chance!" Lian didn't force Litian to leave.
This would be even better, and it would save him a lot of unnecessary matters."This..." Litian was rather generous in his choice.
After all, he had already promised Lian that he wouldn't use this matter as a bargaining chip in the future, no matter what happened.
If he were to go back on his words, he would be ridiculed by Lian."Can we accommodate him once?
Let's go hunt somewhere else!" Litian was quite smart.
Before Lian could respond, he gave it some thought and came up with an all-rounded plan.Lian smiled playfully.
He knew that even though Litian was young, he was still a ghost.
His mind was full of ideas, and he was well-known in the village.
There had been several times when he had been tricked by Litian.Just as Lian was about to refuse Litian's refusal, Lian's ears twitched slightly, and an extremely faint sound of footsteps resounded in his mind.
Unable to help himself, Lian's face instantly vanished, and then he made a gesture and rolled towards the nearby trees.Litian was naturally very familiar with Lian's movements.
These were some of the hidden words that people in the mountains often used to hunt in the mountains.
He had studied since he was nine years old, and he was already very familiar with these hidden words.
How could he not understand Lian's intentions?
This meant that someone had come from afar.Looking at Lian rolling into a nearby bush, Litian naturally knew what to do.
Just like what Lian had done earlier, he rolled back into the bushes.The two of them did not speak.
They silently stared ahead.
Not long after, two men appeared not too far ahead.
These two men wore white daoist robes, and from top to bottom, there were no specks of dust on them.
Each of them held a sword that shone with golden light in their hands, and their bearings were increased by several degrees.
Above their heads, a golden hairpin directly passed through their tied hair."Who are they?
Why are they here?!" Litian muttered in a low voice."They're probably from Qing Niu's Dao Sect, but I don't know what they're doing here!" Lian looked at the two men's attires and quickly recognized that they were from Qing Niu's Dao Sect.
However, he didn't know what they were here for.."Senior brother, where do you think that thing would run to after such a serious injury!
We have almost searched the entire Calf Mountain, but we still haven't found any traces of it!" One of the two men was a slightly thin man with a sword in hand.
After inspecting the surroundings, he didn't find anything he was looking for and said a little dejectedly.."If we still can't find that thing, the one waiting for master to come out from his seclusion will be his old man's Thunderous Fury!
After all, this is the reason why he was injured this time, so you'd better calm down and slowly search!
Furthermore, that thing has suffered such a serious injury, and its intelligence hasn't fully awakened yet, so it definitely won't escape from this forest!" The other man was extremely serious, and he only gave this junior brother of his aloofly a glance before carefully searching again..When his junior brother heard the man's words, he seemed to have thought of something.
His body trembled, and his mouth that wanted to say something was immediately shut tightly, and then he began to look carefully.