Fall of The Immortal Deity

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Chapter 4

"Who's there?!" Just a dozen meters away from Lian, the man who referred to himself as Senior Apprentice-brother suddenly changed his expression and looked towards Lian and Litian's hiding place.
It was clear that he had discovered Lian and Litian's presence."It's us, Taoist Priest!
We're from the Calf Village!" Lian thought to himself.
The two of them had arrived at the back of Mount Calf in the middle of the night, and it was very likely that they were going to do something shameful.The two men in daoist robes frowned.
After pondering for a moment, they finally recalled that there was a village called Little Ox Village in the surroundings.
They immediately said seriously, "This place is filled with mountains and mountains.
Demonic beasts appear and disappear from time to time.
What are you doing here?""Fellow Daoist, my brother and I used to be villagers in the village, but we have been lonely since we were young.
That's why we came to the Little Cow Mountain to hunt and feed ourselves!" Lian's expression was somewhat ugly.
He had listened to their conversation earlier, but he didn't know what they were going to do next."Since that's the case, you two should hurry up and leave!
Today's full moon isn't a place for you to stay in the forest for long!" The man who referred to himself as Senior Brother nodded.
Then, after a moment of deliberation, he waved his hand, indicating for Lian and Qin Yu to leave.A voice of thanks came out of Lian's mouth, and then he clasped hands and Litian went back the way they came.The man stared blankly at Lian, who had cupped his fists in thanks just now.
He hadn't expected Lian to be so indifferent when facing his two martial brothers.
For people like them, no matter where they went, they would receive the kowtows of these villagers.
They were incredibly panicked, as if they were gods in the distance, and they were all fascinating.
However, in this place where they couldn't even call out their names, they would meet such an indifferent young man.The man looked at Lian, who was about to leave, and lightly laughed.
"This kid's temperament is excellent.
If he can step onto the path of immortality, he might be able to see the heavens.
However, I don't know if your Spirit Vein is the same as yours.
If that's the case, I'll accept you!" The sword in his hand flickered and appeared on his back without anyone noticing..At the same time, the man raised a hand and swiped it between Lian's eyebrows.
A strange scene occurred, and a black pupil appeared in his eyes.
It was Lian himself, who was about to leave."Huh?!
It's actually a rarely seen wood, water, fire, and three spirit veins.
That's not right.
All three spirit veins are low-grade spirit veins.
If they're allocated based on their aptitude, then this kid's aptitude can only be considered low-grade!" The man was surprised at first, but when he saw that Lian's spirit veins were low-grade, he began to laugh and cry..The existence of the Tri Spirit Vein was truly rare.
Not a single one of the tens of thousands of people knew about it.
Although this youth in front of him had the Tri Spirit Vein, his aptitude was too poor.
Even if he cultivated for a hundred years, nothing would change."Senior brother, why did you open your Heaven Eye?
Did you find anything?" The junior brother who had been following the man the entire time asked happily as he looked at his Senior Brother who had opened his Heaven Eye.
He thought that his Senior Brother had found something."I found a person with a Tri Spirit Vein!""What!
Tri Spirit Vein, Senior Brother, you must be joking, right?
Only monsters possess a Tri Spirit Vein, how could it be so easy for us to encounter it!" The man clearly didn't believe his Senior Brother's words, and he sneered.
In his view, anyone with a Tri Spirit Vein was a demon, just like their Eldest Senior Brother who possessed three Spirit Veins."It's just that all of his three Spirit Veins are low-level existences.
Even if we bring them back, it's useless!" The man sighed again and had a bit of regret."Alright, let's quickly find that thing and go back to report!" The man saw that his junior brother was still sneering, and did not explain anything.
The sword appeared in his hand again in a flash, and his eyes scanned the surroundings, and he began to look for it again.After Lian and Qing Niu left the two daoists' line of sight, their speed involuntarily increased.
Just a moment ago, Lian had noticed something incredible.
The two people earlier weren't from Qing Niu's dao shrine, but had been faked by someone else.
Because everyone from Qing Niu's dao shrine would have hairpins on their heads.
This was the symbol of Qing Niu's dao shrine, and it was also the symbol of Qing Niu's dao shrine.
However, they didn't have this hairpin earlier..This wasn't the most important part.
He thought that Lian had discovered a few blood spots on their robes.
Although these blood spots had dried up and seemed to have been there for a long time, Lian, who had hunted for fifteen years, had already condensed a set of Flaming Eyes Crystallized.
He knew that the blood spots on the robes didn't exceed two days..This discovery caused Lian to feel extremely uneasy.
When he recalled the conversation between the two of them, he had a vague guess that the two of them didn't have any good intentions."Let's hurry up and leave this place.
These two are extremely dangerous!" Lian was naturally worried about the two of them, and didn't dare to say anything."What's wrong?
Aren't they people from Qing Niu's dao shrine?
Why are we in such a hurry to leave?!
Do I even want to worship them as my master?" Litian was puzzled as he watched Lian walk faster and faster."I'll tell you when we get back.
After all, we can't stay here for too long.
We need to leave as soon as possible!" Lian didn't want to explain anything.
He glanced at Litian, who was standing behind him, and didn't say anything.
Instead, he grabbed his arm and began to climb up the hill.Lian's speed was extremely fast.
Even the night wind whistled in his ears, causing Litian to be unable to believe what he had just heard."There's no need to go.
I'm so tired.
Let's find a place to rest!" Li Tianshi couldn't hold on any longer.
He looked at Lian, who was still holding onto his shoulder, and gasped for breath.Although Lian had brought Litian with him a great deal of strength, he still needed Litian to shoulder most of it himself.Lian looked at the two Daoist men who had already disappeared.
He couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief.
However, since he was a child, he had been very careful in his life.
He didn't dare to be careless at this moment."Let's rest when we reach the village!" Lian looked at Litian, who was panting heavily.
He didn't show any pity for Litian because of his fatigue.
Instead, he didn't hesitate.
Instead, his steps grew even larger.The tea was very fast.
Li Tianlei was panting as he lay next to Lian's room.
Occasionally, he could even hear a few words popping out of his mouth, as if saying that he would never go hunting again.Lian gasped for breath as well, but it was much better than Litian's.
He took two bags of water from the hut and tossed them to Litian, who was panting heavily on the ground.
Then, he slowly began to drink."Litian Tianlitian!" Just as Lian closed his eyes and was about to sit down, a bell-like voice rang out from within the village.The village wasn't very big, and even the east side of the village could hear it clearly.
At this time, Lian opened his eyes and said loudly, "Here!"Just as his voice faded away, a woman dressed in linen appeared in front of Lian.
She was slightly taller, and the linen clothes on her body didn't fit her well.
However, she didn't look astonished at all.
There was a red flower stuck in the top of her head, but the flower had already withered for a long time.Lian smiled awkwardly upon seeing this woman.
This was Litian's older sister.
Her name was Litian, a year younger than Lian."When did you come back?!
You weren't here when I first arrived!" Litian glanced at Lian, then glanced at Litian, who was panting heavily on the ground, and was slightly surprised.Lian chuckled.
"Little Tian and I went to climb Little Ox Mountain just now, but we forgot the time.
We haven't just returned!" He didn't dare to say that they had gone hunting.
If that happened, he would have been lectured by this girl again.Litian nodded gently, and then turned to Litian, who was still lying on the ground, "You should hurry back!
Father is back!
He said that he wants to see you!"Li Tianyi, who had been lying on the ground gasping for breath, suddenly stood up and asked worriedly, "Why did father come back?
Didn't he go to Wei Zixi Town?"Litian covered his mouth and laughed.
"I don't know either.
I just want you to bring the three bows with you!" He couldn't help but laugh as he looked at this naughty little brother of his.