Fall of The Immortal Deity

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Chapter 5

After sending Litian and Litian off, Lian took a deep breath and shook his head vigorously.
Then, he muttered to himself, "Let's not peek around tonight.
Let's rest easy and get some sleep!"As the sun rose, the night passed quickly.
However, quite a few things happened that night, but Lian didn't know about it.
Blood suddenly appeared in the forest of Calf Mountain, and some messy cloths hung on the branches of the trees.
What was even more unexpected was that Litian had left home that night."What?
Little Tian ran away from home?!" Lian, who was still a little sleepy in the morning, immediately collapsed when he heard Litian tell him the news of the thunderbolt in the clear sky.
He ran out of the cottage in disbelief."It's true.
He stole my father's three bowstrings yesterday, so my father punished him for not being allowed to participate in the academy's recruitment a month later.
At that time, he didn't bother to defend himself.
Who would have thought that he would leave a note this morning, saying that he ran away from home!" The more Litian spoke, the more anxious he became.
Lian's eyes reddened as he stared at him.
It was clear that she was very worried about Litian.."You don't have to worry.
I'll go look for him right now!
By the way, tell Uncle Feng to go check out the surrounding woods!" Lian pondered for a moment, then thought of something and said to Litian in a fluster.Litian couldn't help but burst into tears.
"We've searched everywhere in our village, but we still haven't found Lil' Tian.
Hurry up and think of a solution.
Little genius is 12 years old.
If we encounter any danger, I'm afraid it'll be much worse!"."You don't have to worry.
I'll go look for him right now.
You'd better inform Uncle Feng!" Lian also had an anxious expression on his face as he patted Litian on the shoulder.
He didn't dare to stay any longer.
Instead, he leaped into the air and ran towards the back.After leaving the village, Lian frowned slightly.
He didn't know exactly where Litian had gone, so he could only start looking for the places he and Litian frequented.One joss stick's worth of time passed.
Lian stood in the middle of a forest and looked around for a long time, but he didn't find any sign of Litian's presence here."I've never been here before.
It should be somewhere else.
But where is it exactly?" Lian had already searched all the places he and Litian frequented, but he hadn't found any traces of Litian's whereabouts.
Furthermore, he had also encountered many people searching for Litian in the village along the way.
However, he hadn't discovered anything."Where is he?!
I went to the back mountain as well, but I didn't find any traces of him..." Lian frowned even deeper.
Although Litian had been fiddling with Lian from time to time, Lian had always treated this brat as his younger brother.
Since he hadn't found Litian yet, he was more worried than anyone else.."Just where are we?" Lian's eyes narrowed.
He suddenly recalled a place he hadn't been to before.
"Little Tian didn't go to the cave, did he?"With a flash of inspiration, Lian couldn't be bothered to think about it any longer.
He turned around and ran towards Mount Niu.
It was a cave in the belly of Mount Niu.
Because there were many fruit trees growing inside, he and Li Tian would always pick some fruits and eat them when the fruits were ripe.However, this cave was extremely secretive.
If not for the fact that Lian had fallen into the cave, he probably still wouldn't have known that there would be such a mysterious cave inside.Lian hadn't been to this cave for half a year.
Because it hadn't reached the ripening of the fruit, he hadn't thought of this cave in the beginning.Two hours had passed, and Lian stood in front of a cave that was only one meter in size.
Looking at the weeds that had been pressed down, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.
The weeds' marks weren't very long, just several hours.
Thinking about it, Lian immediately concluded that Litian must have caused these marks..As Lian shouted, he crouched down and entered the cave.
The cave wasn't as dark as he had imagined.
Instead, it was somewhat bright.
After Lian walked in, he didn't see Litian, but the footprints left behind in the cave confirmed Lian's speculation.
Litian was indeed here..The cave was not very big, only seven to eight zhang in size.
The ground rose up and down, stretching all the way to several fruit trees that were filled with vitality."Xiaotian actually went to the cave!?" Lian muttered softly as he looked at the footprints that extended all the way to the depths of the cave."Eh?
That's right!" Lian was just about to move forward when he saw a kitten-like animal standing under one of the fruit trees.
It looked at the fruit above its head and leapt over and over again in an attempt to pluck the fruit off its head.
However, the animal was too small.
Every time it leapt, it would only jump a dozen centimeters away from the fruit.
There was still a considerable distance between it and the fruit above its head.
However, the animal didn't give up just because of this.
It continued to jump..Lian was stunned.
The little beast's persistence had reminded him of his experiences over the past ten years.
He had spent the same amount of time.
Looking at the little beast that was still holding on, Lian felt pity.
He walked to the side of a fruit tree and picked a fruit and handed it to the little beast.The little beast cried out softly, then picked up the fruit and started gnawing on it.
As it chewed, it let out a whine.Lian smiled and placed another fruit in front of the little animal.
However, he didn't waste any time.
Instead, he turned around and walked deeper into the cave.
He needed to find Litian as soon as possible.Lian walked into the depths of the cave.
He bent down and looked at Litian's footprints, then determined his direction.
Then, he strode forward and chased after him."It's already been a cup of tea.
I can't believe I haven't reached the end yet!" Lian looked at the darkening passage ahead, and his heart began to shiver.
There were several animal bones scattered on the ground."This brat actually dares to move forward!" Lian, who was feeling a little creeped out, suddenly felt admiration for Litian for no reason."Hmm?!
What's this?" Lian, who had been walking for less than a hundred meters, suddenly paused.
His ears perked up as he carefully listened to the intermittent cries coming from the depths of the cave."This voice seems to belong to Lil' Tian!" Lian's face lit up when he heard the voice.
Then, he shouted towards the other end of the cave, "Little Tian, is that you?!
If so, hurry up and come over!"