Fall of The Immortal Deity

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Chapter 139

These cultivators glanced at Qingfeng with disdain.
Just now, Qingfeng had used the same words to ask them to buy the jade ornament in his hand.
Furthermore, the price was still very high.
This was clearly the jade ornamentation, so how could it really be a defensive artifact?
Even though it was able to block the attacks of ordinary magic swords, it could only mean that its materials were good.
Five mid-grade spirit stones were a bit too high.Qingfeng ignored his gaze and chuckled.
He put away his flying sword and said to Lian, "Fellow daoist Li, this Yu Ruyi's defense ability is indeed not weak.
This common sword doesn't even have a trace of it!"Qingfeng touched the jade ornament in his hand and immediately praised it.Lian laughed when he heard Qing Feng's words.
The things that could make the strange stone heat were treasures.
Although he didn't know what use this was, he couldn't let it run away.Lian's complexion became serious and he also revealed a somewhat difficult look.
He seemed to have a bit of money.
He asked with uncertainty, "Fellow daoist Qingfeng, this jade Ruyi's defense ability is indeed not weak, but I'm afraid it's just a hard material!"Hearing Lian's question, Qingfeng immediately revealed an awkward expression.
However, it was clear that Qingfeng was also an old fox.
After a moment of awkwardness, he laughed and said to Lian, "Li Daoyou doesn't know about this.
This jade ornament is the sect heirloom that my mentor gave me before my death.
Today, I saw that you and I were fated, and that was why I could bear to part with it.
If you really want it, I will accept three mid-grade spirit stones from you!".Hearing Lian's question, Qingfeng immediately revealed an awkward expression.
However, this Qingfeng was clearly an old fox.
After a moment of awkwardness, he immediately laughed and said to Lian, "Li Daoyou doesn't know.
This jade Ruyi is the sect heirloom that my benefactor gave me before I died.
Today, I saw that you and I were fated, so I endured the pain and sacrificed my love for you.
If you really want it, I will accept three middle-grade spirit stones from you!"Lian knew that Qingfeng was trying to trick him again.
He was probably lying to him about what happened before his death and what kind of sect heirloom.
However, Lian didn't care about these things.
What he cared about was the jade ornament in Qingfeng's hand.Lian gently shook his head.
Three mid-quality spirit stones were also a lot.
He lightly said, "I only have three low-quality spirit stones.
If possible, I'll buy them!""What?!
Three low-grade spirit stones?!" Qingfeng's expression was filled with helplessness and helplessness.
This jade ornament had spent five low-grade spirit stones to buy it.
It seemed that it had a pretty good appearance, and he had thought that it would fetch a good price.
Who would have thought that there would be someone even worse than him who would actually ask for three low-grade spirit stones?.Lian looked at Qingfeng and pretended to be innocent.
"Three low-grade spirit stones are already my bottom line.
I don't have many spirit stones on me either!"Qingfeng looked at Lian's expression and didn't look like he was lying.
He asked with a guilty conscience, "Since Li Daoyou wants it, I'll give way.
As long as fellow daoist takes out ten low-grade spirit stones, I'll sell you!"At this moment, Qingfeng was clearly lacking in skill.
He fell from three mid-grade spirit stones to ten low-grade spirit stones.He had already asked around a dozen cultivators, but these cultivators were clearly knowledgeable.
Zheyu didn't even spare Wang Ruyi a glance.
Now that he had finally met a cultivator who didn't know what was good for him, how could he give up so easily?Lian was surprised.
He didn't expect Cultivator Qingfeng to actually lower the price.
With a bitter smile, he said indifferently, "I only have six low-grade spirit stones.
I wonder if it's possible!"As he spoke, Lian took out six low-grade spirit stones.Qingfeng revealed a bit of helplessness.
He never thought that he would encounter a poor boy with six low-grade spirit stones all over his body."Alright, I'll accept the offer this time.
I'll sell you six low-grade spirit stones!" Qingfeng said with an unusually generous tone, as if Lian had taken advantage of him.Qingfeng handed the jade ornament and quickly received the six low-grade spirit stones from Lian.
Without saying a word of farewell, he walked into the crowd.
He didn't look as respectful as before.Lian was a bit speechless.
He didn't expect this cultivator to change his expression so quickly.
He gently shook his head and then looked at the jade ornament in his hand.Looking closely at the jade Ruyi, he discovered that it was crystal clear and flawless.
The jade Ruyi's materials were indeed quite good and there were some patterns and veins carved on it.
It seemed that it was extraordinary.
It was no wonder that this cultivator actually spoke of five high-grade spirit stones.Just as Lian was lost in thought, he reached out with one hand and grabbed the jade ornament in his hand.
This jade ornament was about to fly towards the strange stone on his chest.Li Anxin grabbed hold of the jade ornament and stowed it into his bag of holding.
Although he didn't know what it was, he didn't want to see anything strange in front of everyone's eyes.After putting Yu Ru-Yi into his bag of holding, Lian let out a soft exclamation.
He sensed that Yu Ru-Yi was restless.
It wasn't until a while later that she finally calmed down.Seeing that Yu Ru-Yi had calmed down, Lian couldn't help but feel relieved.
He didn't expect Zheyu-Yi to possess such spirituality.
This was something he hadn't expected.Lian smiled, and his heart was filled with joy.
For no reason, he had obtained an unknown treasure.
Anyone would be happy."Hey!
What are you laughing at?" Lian was still overjoyed when a familiar voice came from the side.Lian looked over and saw a woman wearing a long dress in a palace dress approaching him and asked softly."So, fellow daoist Zhiyun!" Lian hurriedly cupped his fists and said respectfully.The newcomer was none other than Zhiyun, who had been gone for several days.
At this moment, Zhiyun was dressed in a light blue palace dress, which gave him an extra sense of charm."Are you still going to call me 'Fellow Daoist'?" Zhiyun looked at Lian, who had already become serious, and chuckled softly.Lian looked at Zhiyun in confusion.
If he didn't call his fellow daoist by name, wouldn't there be other nicknames?
Lian pondered for a moment, but didn't think of any other way to address the two of them."You're my father's third disciple, and I've entered the sect earlier than you.
Naturally, you have to call me senior martial sister!" Zhiyun nodded.
He looked at Lian, who was filled with confusion, and began to explain slowly.Li Anlu suddenly realized that he had forgotten about this matter.
This woman in front of him was his master's daughter, so it shouldn't be an exaggeration for him to call her Senior Sister.A smile appeared on Lian's face.
He laughed loudly and said without any pretenses, "Since Senior Sister said so, then Junior Brother would be respectful and obedient!"Zhiyun also smiled and asked, "What are you laughing at just now?
You look extremely happy!"Although Zhiyun was his senior-apprentice sister, Lian felt that there were some things that he couldn't share with her.
He briefly explained them, but he didn't mention the jade ornament he had bought.Zhiyun stared at him in disbelief.
Lian chuckled and didn't explain much.