Immortal God of War

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Chapter 2

"I'm really scared to death.
What are you doing?
I'm here to save you." The young man stared blankly in front of him.
A young man with a head like a tiger's head and a head like a tiger's head was impatiently looking at him as he spoke.The young man rubbed his eyes and couldn't help but sigh in his heart.
What kind of world is this?
It's hard to let people live.
One hand broke a stone and it's as if nothing happened.
Heavens, you're pitiful for my fragile heart.The youth with the head of a tiger and the head of a tiger was puzzled as he looked at this youth who was shorter than him by one head.
He used his thick and sturdy arm to pat the youth's frail shoulders and thought, "Don't tell me you're scared silly?"After a long while, when he saw that there was no response, the young man with the head of a tiger and the head of a tiger shouted in his dazed ear, "I'm called Ironhead.
What's your name?"The youth was still immersed in his shock.
First, he was slapped like a bear's paw.
Then, he was bellowed again.
Right now, the youth felt as if the sky was filled with little stars.
He shook his head helplessly and threw the little stars away.
"My name is Yunfei.
Why are you making such a loud noise?
Don't you know that I'm being hunted?
Be serious."..."Ironhead scratched his head in embarrassment and chuckled, "I'm sorry, I thought you were scared silly." Yunfei rolled his eyes at Ironhead.
If it weren't for the fact that he was here to save him, and the fact that Ironhead had a robust body, he would have been beaten up.
Yunfei would have gone up and fought for his life.Tie Tian scratched his head and pointed to a nearby forest.
"My big sister, big brother is there.
Let's head over there together!" Yunfei thought for a moment and said, "Will I bring you any trouble?" Tie Tian smiled sheepishly, "How is that possible?
It's my big sister who asked me to bring you over.
Let's go.
Big sister should be in a hurry soon.""Ironhead couldn't help but carry Yunfei like he was running in the direction of a forest.A few figures suddenly appeared on the side of the grass.
One of them, Scarface, said to a young man, "Brother Long, should we head over?" The young man in the middle looked at the forest with deep eyes and said slowly, "There's no need.
This mission is of utmost importance.
Inform everyone to set off.""Let's go" scar-face shouted in a low voice, and dozens of figures rushed away.
Brother long looked back in the direction of the forest and said to himself, "what are they doing here?".Yunfei listened as the wind blew past his ears.
It felt as if he was riding the clouds.
Everything that happened felt so surreal.
He had wandered for so many years and had heard many things.
It seemed like these people were the legendary Qi Condensation cultivators.That's right, only Qi Condensation cultivators had the ability to do so.
The eyes of Yunfei, the peak powerhouse of the continent, glittered brightly.
Yunfei was still thinking about this when he suddenly felt the gust of wind in his ears disappear.
He looked at the iron head in confusion.They saw the iron head laughing at a young girl.
Yunfei looked at her, and his eyes immediately widened.
The young woman slowly walked towards him and said, "We're from the Iron Sword Sect.
Why would they want to kill you?"Yunfei could hear what the young girl was saying.
Yunfei could feel the refreshing fragrance coming from his nose and into his body, causing his head to faint.
His gentle words were gentle and warm, like the warm sunlight, dispelling the winter haze.
Yunfei felt as if he was about to melt into this soft and gentleness..Yunfei subconsciously swallowed his saliva.
The young girl frowned and thought, "This person deserved to be hunted.
First, he looked around, but now he's not only staring at me, but he's actually swallowing his saliva."Angrily, the girl raised her hand and sent a gust of wind towards Yunfei.
Yunfei was still immersed in his fantasy, but he could vaguely feel the girl beckoning him.
Yunfei felt his heart beating violently.
Yunfei quickly pressed his hand on his heart to avoid his heart coming out.
He thanked Yuhuang Huangdadi, his mother, Taibai Jinxing, and Xiao Tianquan..Yunfei happily greeted the gods in the sky.
Could it be that something had happened to him?
Who was the one who had bullied him?
Could it be that the big sister of an angel had turned into a beautiful woman to help him?However, the beautiful reality of idealism was cruel.
It was clear that Big Sister Angel didn't have the time to deal with a minor character like Yunfei.
The strong winds slammed into Yunfei's cheeks.
Yunfei clutched his face and felt a burning pain in his heart.
He suddenly realized that he had been slapped away, and only two traces of blood flowed in the air.
He didn't know whether it was because he had been beaten or because he was too angry.Yunfei looked helplessly at the girl in front of him and complained in his heart, "What's wrong?
Isn't it just looking around?
Did you do anything?
Is there a need to use your hand?
Why does my face hurt so much?
Isn't my image of a handsome man ruined?"Thinking of this, Yunfei glared at the young woman.
The young woman didn't even bother to care about herself when she saw Yunfei's furious glare.
"We're from the Iron Sword Sect.
How could you be hunted down?
Did something bad happen to you?"Yunfei hammered his chest and rolled his eyes weakly.
"Beauty, do I look like a bad guy?
I'm already like this, so why are you still making things difficult for me?"The young woman's face reddened.
She knew that the young man was innocent, or else she wouldn't have let Ironhead save him.
However, this pervert was staring at her and gulping.
When she recalled what had happened earlier, she suddenly felt a strange feeling.
She quickly changed the topic.
"What's your name?
Didn't you hear what I just said?""The girl felt like she was going crazy.
This pervert was still staring at her."I'm Yunfei, then what's your name?" Yunfei retracted his gaze and muttered, "It's not gentle at all.
Tsk."The girl coldly said: "Why should I tell you?
You lecher, you only know to inquire about girls' names.
Tie Yan, tie them up!"Yunfei felt a heavy blow to his shoulder, as if a bull had slammed into his body.
Yunfei couldn't help but fly away.
Yunfei felt dizzy.Ironhead stood there and scratched his head in astonishment.
He hadn't used much strength before, so why did he fly out?!
"Ironhead, he's still an ordinary person." The girl's heart was already blooming with joy.
She felt extremely comfortable watching Yunfei smash a dog and gnaw on a girl's poop.It wasn't easy for Yunfei to clean up the mud in his mouth.
He felt that his mouth was dry.
He gritted his teeth and let out a grinding sound.Tie Tian chuckled in response.
He didn't know that Yunfei was so weak.
Tie Tian turned around and said to Su Zhiyu, "Sister, Brother Yun's situation is very dangerous outside.
Why don't you let him come with me to Greenwood Academy?" Yunfei crawled over to Tie Tian's side and wrapped his arms around Tie Tian's thighs.
"Big Brother Tie treats me really well!" He had goosebumps all over his face.
If it weren't for the fact that he couldn't stand it, he would have kicked Yunfei flying.Su Zhiyu furrowed his brows in contemplation.
Yun Feisheng was afraid that she wouldn't agree, so he hurriedly said, "Beauty, don't even think about it.
Your frown will always turn ugly."Su Zhiyu's eyebrows rose, and his face was filled with sourness, "Who are you calling ugly?"Yunfei waved his hands dismissively, "Take it as though I didn't say anything.
It's all a misunderstanding."Su Zhiyu rolled his eyes at Yunfei and said to the ironhead, "Alright, let's see how capable this kid is to escape under the pursuit of so many people.
It's not a big deal for us to bring another person with us at Greenwood Academy." We shouldn't waste any more time.Su Zhiyu didn't know that she would be able to save the Tie Clan.
This was just a matter of time.Three days later, Yunfei looked at the buildings in front of him and sighed with emotion.
Humans have to die when compared to others, and people have to throw their goods away when compared to others.
He was originally a wandering child who could spend the night in a straw hut, so he was thankful to the heavens and earth.
Who would have thought that he would be able to live in such a house?Ironhead stared strangely at Yunfei, who was staring intently at the women's toilet.
Then, he glanced around, muttering to himself, "Yunfei, that's the women's toilet.
Why are you going in there?"Yunfei's head was covered in black lines.
He fiercely punched the iron head.?What are you doing?
This dead iron head doesn't know how to whisper at all.
Yunfei felt the gazes of the people around him.
He really wanted to find a hole and burrow into it.Su Zhiyu took a few steps to the side and glanced at Yunfei.
"This pervert really did everything."Yunfei felt the urge to commit suicide when he saw Su Zhiyu's vigilant expression.
How could I blame a wandering child like me for being able to come to a place like this?
I knew that such a large house was a toilet.
Yunfei glanced at that place again, "Sigh, it's really like this in a toilet.
It should be a nice place to live in.
Sigh...""..."Ironhead took a few steps to the side and whispered to Yunfei, "Yunfei, I don't know you." Yunfei didn't bother to explain himself.
Who would believe an explanation...?"Enough, don't make trouble at Greenwood Academy.
It seems like something has happened.
Let's go take a look." The three of them arrived in front of the gate and saw two groups of people fighting there.
Su Zhiyu couldn't help but gasp when he saw them.
It was Ge Zhanglao from Greenwood Academy, leading the teachers.
On one side, there were black-clad men with longswords.
It was obvious that they had come with ill intent.Su Zhiyu thought for a moment.
The relationship between the Yan Clan and the Azurewood Academy wasn't ordinary.
This was something he had to help with.
Su Zhiyu turned around and shouted, "Ironhead and I will go help.
Yunfei, take care of yourself.
Hey, Yunfei, what about you?"Tietou shook his head and said, "Brother Yun just said that he had a stomachache and went to the toilet."Su Zhiyu cursed in his heart, "This coward must have run away after seeing a fight.
It's important to help Green Wood Academy first.""Ironhead, you don't have to hold back.
Attack with all your might!" Su Zhiyu waved his hand and a silver fan appeared in his hand.
He moved with his lotus steps, and then appeared in the middle of the battle.
The iron fan enveloped the bodies of the two men in black.Yunfei carefully poked his head out of the crowd and wiped away his cold sweat.
The world was truly small!
Just now, Yunfei had seen the people who had chased after him a few days ago among the group of black-robed men.
That long scarred face of his made him tremble when he recalled it for the rest of his life.