Immortal God of War

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Chapter 3

Yunfei let out a long sigh of relief when he confirmed that he wouldn't be discovered.
He calmed himself and looked up at the battlefield in shock.
He didn't expect Su Zhiyu to be so ruthless as to beat up three people.
When Yunfei found out that he was safe, the onlookers began to discuss the contents of the battlefield together..Passer-by A: "Look, Greenwood Academy is the most dangerous place.
Ge Zhanglao fought four of them and forced them to retaliate..." Yun Fei followed the directions of the passer-by and saw an old man with a long, snowy beard flying up and down the battlefield, wielding a longsword.
Sword qi rampaged about, and the demeanor of an expert forced the surrounding enemies to not step forward."..."Yunfei's face was filled with envy.
At this time, he heard passerby B say, "Otherwise, even though Rocah's strength is extraordinary and there is a stalwart man with a fan, the strength of the teachers of Greenwood Academy is low.
Moreover, these black-clad people are clearly extraordinary.
This time, Greenwood Academy will be in trouble.""..."Passerby Jia continued, "What do you know?
The dean of Greenwood Academy has something to do with the saber saint.
I wonder if the saber saint has come.
If this old man shows up, these people aren't petty."Passerby B was shocked.
"But the Greenwood Saber Saint likes to travel around the world.
Who knows if he'll be in the academy?"Passerby A: "Who knows?
Let's see.
It's a free fight.
"Yunfei was extremely worried.
Originally, he had intended to take refuge in Green Wood Academy, but now that he heard that Green Wood Academy was in trouble, if it weren't for the fact that he couldn't defeat the black-clad man, he really wanted to go up and fight them.
At this moment, Yunfei could only hide behind the onlookers, so that the black-clad man wouldn't discover him..Ge Zhanglao's longsword trembled, and silver luminescence radiated from it, forcing the four black-clad men who were besieging him back.
The longsword trembled as it spoke, "Who are you people?
What are you doing here in my Blue Wood Academy?" Ge Zhanglao was now struck so hard that he didn't even bother to say a word..Su Zhiyu opened the iron fan and closed the three leaves.
The three leaves turned into three beams of light and shot towards the black-clothed man.
The black-clothed man leapt to the side and said with a chuckle, "The iron fan is only like this."All of a sudden, the black-clothed man discovered in horror that his secret technique was unable to block the incoming leaf.
He watched as the leaf on his chest slowly descended.Su Zhiyu killed the man in black without even glancing at him.
His true energy poured into the man's head.
The man in black's head exploded like a balloon, and his flesh and bones became the most deadly hidden weapon.
The men in black hurriedly dodged..The bloody scene sent a chill down Yunfei's spine.
He rubbed his heart and said, "I didn't expect this little girl to look so good.
She actually attacked so badly.
What kind of violence is this?
Hey, you have to hide from me in the future." Yunfei's face turned pale as he glanced at the meat powder on the ground.
He spat out a mouthful of it.Su Zhiyu took advantage of this opportunity to leap over to Ge Zhanglao's side and say, "Master and the others clearly came with ill intentions.
They seem to want to severely injure our Green Woods Academy."Ge Zhanglao looked at his proud disciples and smiled bitterly.
In truth, he could tell that this group of black robed men were very strong.
Now that they were in school, many experts had been protecting some talented disciples to prevent them from harming their peers.
These were the future of Greenwood Academy, but they could only barely resist the black robed men's attacks..If it weren't for the addition of Su Zhiyu and Tie Ye, he would have already been defeated.
Su Zhiyu could tell that Ge Zhanglao was worried, "Master, why don't you use the Thousand Feathers Meteor?"Rowa's complexion changed.
The Thousand Feather Meteor was the unique technique of the Sword Saint of Green Woods.
If he used this move, not only would it consume his true energy, but it might also harm the innocent.Su Zhiyu stomped on his master in a hurry.
He was too merciful.
If he hadn't killed them, he would have died.
At this time, the black clothed men who had been forced to retreat had already surrounded him.
Su Zhiyu took out a concealed weapon from his pocket and spread it around.
At the same time, he anxiously shouted to Raka, "Master.""..."Ge Zhanglao withdrew his thoughts.
This wasn't the time to hesitate.
Blue Wood Academy might have been destroyed in his hands.
Ge Zhanglao lifted a breath of true energy and forced it into a straight line, like Su Zhiyu's voice transmission: Zhiyu, as your master, you can only use this Thousand Feather Meteor once.
Your master needs some time to stop you."..."Su Zhiyu was overjoyed.
He immediately called for Ironhead to come over and help.
Ironhead's mighty body stood in front of Su Zhiyu, using his true energy to form a wall of defense.
From time to time, Su Zhiyu would shoot out a hidden weapon.'Treacherous villain'??Yunfei sneered in his heart.?Damn it, if I let your brother act as a meatshield in front of me, you'll be able to deal damage to me from behind!The black-clothed people surrounding Greenwood Academy were the people Yunfei had met.
When Scarface saw Ge Zhanglao standing there motionlessly, his heart couldn't help but thump.
He quickly reported, "Brother Long, that old b*stard seems to be preparing some sort of conspiracy."Brother Long couldn't help but jump in fright as he followed the direction of Scarface, "Damn, this old b*stard isn't coming to the Thousand Feather Meteor, right?
Cut him to death!"Right now, Long-ge was also feeling a chill in his heart.
This Thousand Feather Meteor was not something that he could block.
If he were to get it out, they would all be done for.
Therefore, Long-ge led everyone to rush forward desperately.Instantly, the pressure on Ironhead and Su Zhiyu increased greatly.
Ironhead resisted the joint attacks of three black-clad men.
He let out a muffled groan as blood trickled down from the corners of his mouth.Su Zhiyu couldn't see the blood flowing down from the iron head.
He could sense that the iron head's true energy wasn't as smooth as before.
He knew that the iron head had suffered internal injuries, so the hidden weapon in his hand was even more ferocious.
Right now, they could only hope for Yu Ge Zhanglao to complete his preparations for the Thousand Feather Meteor.
Su Zhiyu had already used up the hidden weapon when he took out a Plum Blossom Nail.
Suddenly, the iron head flew back.
Su Zhiyu gently caught the iron head with a hook.
He lowered his head and saw that the iron head was infuriated.
It was as if he had suffered a serious internal injury..Su Zhiyu gently put down the iron head, and several experts immediately surrounded the iron head to protect it.
Su Zhiyu relaxed a little.
He looked up and saw a scarred face with a perverted smile, "Haha, the Qi Blade Art is really fierce.
Brothers, attack!""..."The black-clothed man saw that the obstructions had vanished completely.
Su Zhiyu gritted his teeth and began to divide the iron fan into eighteen leaves.
His true energy poured into the leaves and began to shine brightly with silver light.
Then, as soon as he struck forward, a black figure suddenly appeared with both hands dancing in the air, drawing the support of all eighteen leaves.Su Zhiyu was shocked.
His martial arts skills were extremely powerful, and he was actually able to catch his Eighteen Soul Needle.
Scarface saw that the man in black caught the concealed weapon and quickly flattered, "Brother Long's martial arts skills are unparalleled.
Brothers, go."After Scarface finished speaking, he took the lead and charged forward.
Scarface ran a few steps forward and looked at the crossbow arrow in disbelief at the front of his chest.
Hadn't all the concealed weapons been taken by Brother Long?
Why didn't the crossbow arrow come from behind?
Scarface fell down with a belly full of questions.
Brother Long waited for a long time but didn't see his own people rushing up.
He turned around in confusion and looked back in anger.
His own people had all fallen on the ground with crossbows inserted in them..Yunfei proudly raised the crossbow in his hand.
Just now, Yunfei took advantage of the chaos at the scene and ran to the weapon shop.
While the shop owner and shop assistant were watching the show, he secretly picked up a crossbow and a flagon of crossbows.
Then, he sneaked behind the man in black and shot cold arrows..Yunfei was very satisfied with the results of his work.
He couldn't help but lose his composure when he saw how powerful his martial arts were.
He jumped and cursed, "Aren't you going to kill me?
Didn't you have fun chasing after me a few days ago?
Now I'm going to kill myself here." Yunfei's face was full of lust, as if he had used to vent all of his anger.Brother Long's true energy surged, causing the crowd to be in a mess.
These people were all experts who had experienced hundreds of battles, but they didn't expect that their boat would turn upside down in the gutter today.
The more Long Ge thought about it, the more angry he became.
He waved his hand and a red light shot towards Yunfei.Yunfei was stunned.
The ancients didn't lie to me.
It was really Leji who had given birth to such a tragic ending!
He had secretly killed so many of his subordinates.
Even if he escaped, he wouldn't be able to show off his authority.
Yunfei's intestines were green with regret.
The red light made Yunfei feel powerless..Just as Yunfei was waiting for his death with his eyes closed, an aged voice rang out, "Rather, take this old man's move." Brother Long was flustered.
"Are you ready, old b*stard?" He hurriedly retracted the red light and bombarded Dorkar.
Brother Long's body retreated dozens of steps and spat out a mouthful of blood.
He had already suffered a considerable amount of internal injuries.
Brother Long quickly threw out several round objects on the ground, and black smoke rose up.
By the time the black smoke dispersed, Brother Long had already disappeared from sight..At this moment, Ge Zhanglao's body trembled, and the longsword in his hand fell to the ground with a clang.
Su Zhiyu hurriedly stepped forward and supported it.
He loudly ordered, "Qing Mu and the others, return to the academy immediately." Several experts of the Azure Wood Academy stood guard by Ge Zhanglao's side as they slowly walked towards the academy.Yunfei wiped away his cold sweat.
It really wasn't nice to have walked around the gates of hell just now.
Yunfei quickly followed Su Zhiyu towards the Blue Wood Academy.
He didn't want to be hacked to death by the man in black.