Immortal God of War

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Chapter 5

Yunfei straightened his clothes and gently knocked on the door, "Elder." The door suddenly opened.
Yunfei was startled and thought, "Damn, you're really scary.
It's not like you don't know that you're from the Qi Condensation Sect.
What's the point?" Yunfei rolled his eyes.He carefully looked around and saw an old man sitting cross-legged on the bed, motionless.
Yunfei whispered, "Elder?"Seeing that the old man didn't respond, Yunfei tried his best to relax his footsteps and walked in front of the old man.
He raised his hand and waved it in front of the old man.
Yunfei thought to himself, "This old man won't die, right?
Damn, that's bad stuff.
This really has nothing to do with me."Yunfei looked around and saw that there weren't any people around him.
He was prepared to leave.
"I'm not an ordinary person.
It's not easy for me to learn some cultivation techniques.""I didn't expect that."Yunfei was just about to run away when he suddenly placed a hand on his body.
A faint voice rang out, "Brat, why did you leave before you could do anything?"Yunfei stiffly turned his head to look.
A withered figure was waiting for his bloodshot eyes.
He looked at himself without moving and immediately screamed, "Ghost!!" His feet didn't stay idle either.
"Absolute martial arts!" he threw his grandson's leg over.The old man was startled by Yunfei's words.
"What's wrong with this kid?
Why is there a ghost in the early morning?" He was just astonished when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his lower body.
The old man broke out in cold sweat from the pain.
He clasped his legs and felt embarrassed to rub them with his hands.The old man resisted the pain and smacked Yunfei on the head, "What the hell are you screaming for?
How can a handsome man like me come back here to watch over ghosts?"Yunfei pointed at the old man and said, "Aren't you the only one?
Don't come over.
I'm not afraid of you." Most importantly, this old man's appearance was terrifying.
How the hell could I describe him?
Yunfei looked like a rotten peach, filled with mystifying imaginations.The old man stepped forward in confusion, wondering if Yunfei had a fever.
His withered hand reached out towards Yunfei's head.When Yunfei saw that the old man's withered arms wanted to reach out, he hurriedly slapped his withered arms away and backed away in a panic.
He shouted, "Don't come over here.
I have nothing.
I'm a man.
I'm pure.
Wow, I ate human beings.
There are monsters here!".Yunfei saw that the old man's withered arms wanted to reach out to him.
He hurriedly slapped his withered arms away and backed away in a panic.
He shouted loudly, "Don't come over.
I have nothing.
I'm a man.
I'm pure.
Wow, I eat people.
There are monsters!"It wasn't easy for the old man to understand that Yunfei was talking about himself.
The old man couldn't help but rage, "Kid, what are you looking at?
Are you even as handsome as I am?
Why are you calling me this early in the morning?
This is a primary cultivation technique.
Take a look at it yourself."The old man stuffed a black book into Yunfei's hand."This is a pill that opens your meridians.
What's its name again?
It seems to be a Foundation Establishment Pill." The old man might have aged a bit, and was a little confused.
He scratched his head and finally remembered a name, "Go and get the clothes from Elder Ge Zhangfeng.
He'll arrange a job for you.""...""I was scared to death.
So it wasn't a ghost," Yunfei said, wiping away the cold sweat on his face.
He looked down at the book in his arms, which read "Starfall Arts".
Yunfei scratched his head and said, "How do I cultivate this?
This damned old man didn't tell me anything.
Also, what's this black thing?
Boiled eggs?
Holy crap, we haven't eaten eggs before.
We haven't even seen an egg run away.
We really think we haven't seen it before."Yunfei cursed angrily and placed the ash gray pill in his arms.After pushing Yunfei away, the old man thought angrily in his room.
This damned brat actually said that he was a ghost, and that he was screaming so loudly.
Was he really that scary?
The old man rummaged through the room for a long time, and then found a bronze mirror.
A moment later, a miserable scream rang out from the old man's room.Yunfei walked on in boredom.
He had always lived like a wild crane, so he couldn't adapt to the life of Blue Wood Academy at all.
If he hadn't been afraid that the black-clad man would have discovered him, he would have fled long ago.
But now, he was struck dumb by this withered old man, "Damn, Nima really doesn't have any good people here.""...""Yunfei, what a coincidence!
How is your cultivation progress?" Ironhead had just returned from the back mountain when he saw Yunfei.
He walked up and greeted him from afar.Yunfei lifted his head and looked at the iron head.
His mood improved a lot.
The iron head was more honest and honest.
Yunfei felt quite familiar, "What cultivation?
I'm just a servant.
If I didn't, I would have given you an 'Boiled Egg' and the 'Starfall Divine Art'..."Tie Tian scratched his steel needle-like hair and looked at Yunfei strangely, "How come it's the Divine Art of the Falling Stars?
Let me take a look.
Yes, it's still the original.
However, I advise you not to practice it.
This isn't a cultivation technique, so you can only practice it until you're distracted.
The rest of the cultivation technique is gone.
This is a broken book."...""Damn, I knew that the skeleton was not a good thing.
Damn it!" Yunfei raged.
Although he couldn't understand what a god-stealing period meant, he knew that the incomplete cultivation technique was not a good thing."Alright, alright.
Although this is an incomplete arcane effort, it is still complete before the Demigod-stage.
Furthermore, the power of this arcane effort is still alright.
If you manage to complete half of the book in the future, you might be able to soar into the sky in one go.
Also, let me take a look at that Foundation Pellet.
""Ironhead comforted Yunfei.
He felt that Yunfei was rather pitiful, but he couldn't give Yunfei his family's things to cultivate.
If his family found out about this, they would definitely hunt down Yunfei.
At the very least, it would be a waste of his cultivation.
It wouldn't be good for him either."Here, this little gray ball." Yunfei took out a Foundation Establishment Pill and threw it over, causing the iron head to catch it in a hurry.Tie Zhi couldn't help but want to go crazy.
Even though this Foundation Establishment Pill of yours wasn't a good item, it shouldn't be like this.
If this item were to be passed to the mundane world, it would be incredible.
He glared at Yunfei and carefully observed the Foundation Establishment Pill."This isn't a good thing either.
There are too many magazines.
Rakshas really is stingy.
Fuck, I'll give you this." Ironhead casually threw away the Foundation Establishment Pill.
This fellow seemed to be complaining about Yunfei just now.Ironhead thought for a moment.
No matter what, he and Yunfei had already suffered a great deal.
He took out a gourd and poured out a pure white pill and threw it at Yunfei.The pure and white pill emitted a strong medicinal fragrance and flew into Yunfei's hand.
It smelled like a good thing, "This is Zhu Jidan?
Why is there so much of a difference?" Yunfei wasn't sure.
This Zhu Jidan was just too good."Hurry up and eat when you get home.
Remember to eat in your room.
There is a small Spirit Gathering Array here.
With your minor cultivation base, you should be able to use it." Ironhead felt a little embarrassed.
Although he was telling the truth, he felt that he was looking down on others.Yunfei didn't think much of it.
After all, he was a newcomer, so there were many things he didn't understand.
Ironhead had a deep background, so no matter what, it would be helpful to him.
Moreover, Ironhead's heart was not bad, "Ironhead, I just started cultivating and I don't know much about this cultivation.
Can you tell me about it?".Yunfei didn't feel anything.
After all, he was a newcomer, so there were many things he didn't understand.
Ironhead had a deep background, so no matter what, it would be helpful to him.
Moreover, Ironhead's heart wasn't bad.
"Ironhead, I just didn't know much about this cultivation.
Can you tell me about it?""Of course I can.
It's not a secret." Ironhead's heart was more straightforward.
In his opinion, these things were nothing, but it moved Yunfei greatly.From Ge Zhanglao to the shriveled old man, none of them were good things.
Yunfei didn't even know how he died when he asked them."What do you mean?
It is probably due to the difference in cultivation techniques that the path of cultivation is different from the final result." Tie Feng found a piece of clean stone and made it.
"In this world, there are cultivators who cultivate Immortals, martial cultivators, ruthless cultivators who cultivate the Gods, demon cultivators and soul cultivators."...""What?
I don't understand.
What am I cultivating here?" Yunfei was stunned.?What's going on?
I can still understand what's going on in front of me, but what's going to happen in the future?"The Ghost sect is the one who cultivates souls." Ironhead was stunned for a moment before realizing what was going on.
Yunfei really didn't know what kind of cultivation technique he was practicing.
"This [Starfall Divine Technique] is said to be a technique.
In fact, it's more accurate to call it a saber technique, a type of martial art.
It records all sorts of saber techniques and the revolution of true energy.
It is said that if this technique is cultivated to the highest level, it can split apart meteors, so it is also known as the [Starfall Saber Technique]."...""Not bad.
I actually learned such a good cultivation technique." Yunfei was overjoyed when he heard this.
He was already very satisfied that a wandering person like him could cultivate such a profound cultivation technique."Haha, didn't I say it before?
This is only a fragment, but to be able to cultivate until the demigod level, it's almost time to move." Tie Tian chuckled.
He couldn't bear to hit Yunfei when he saw how happy Yunfei was."I know you don't like it, but this is enough for me.
I just need to sign up and live on." Yunfei smiled wryly.
He knew that he should find some powerful cultivation techniques, but he didn't know anyone right now.
Moreover, Ge Zhanglao might be able to kill him anytime soon.