Immortal God of War

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Chapter 103

"It's a boy."An aged, yet very powerful voice said this.
Afterwards, the officer's small body was carried up.
A type of spiritual energy that he had never experienced before directly swept through his body, causing him to feel as if everything had been seen through."What's going on?!" He struggled desperately, trying to break free from that person's grasp, and even landed a heavy punch on the face of the person who was carrying him.
"Pass!" Although the strength was not enough, the place where he was attacked was where the defense was weak.The person who was carrying him suffered a slight injury."What a powerful little fellow." The man chuckled disapprovingly, "He's healthy, and his talent isn't bad either.
Kasi Sitanyin's family has successors."The last sentence was directed at her mother, who was lying on the bed with a pale face."I hope he will become a true guest of the night in the future." The mother forced a smile.
However, the sorrow between her brows did not fade away from her smile."I believe this day will come," replied the old voice.
He saw the mother's face, and sighed slightly.
"What name do you want to give him, then?"At the mention of this, the mother seemed to be even more saddened.
After a long time, she finally spoke again, "My husband told me...
that the boy's name was Yunting...""It's a good name." The old man nodded and agreed with his mother's words.
Then, he sighed and advised her, "Weisi died because of our tribe.
He died valiantly, and deserved it.
Don't be too sad.""But father..." At this point, the mother finally couldn't help but cry, "No matter what, he died.
No matter how nice he sounded, he died.
The person I loved died.
Why do I have to live..."Seeing his daughter crying out loudly, the old man was a little flustered.
Even his hands that were holding onto the baby stiffened as well.
He felt the same in his heart, and was also very sad.Ka Sitanyin's son-in-law, the Count of Ka Sitanyin's family, had always been a wonderful match for his daughter.
Although the two of them were in a political marriage, they were still childhood sweethearts.
They had grown up together since young, and their relationship was quite good.
After getting married, they became even sweeter.
A few years ago, they had given birth to a daughter, and now they had a son.However, she didn't expect that a war would end with the death of her son-in-law.
The date of her birth was just around the corner when she received the news.
Her daughter couldn't handle the stimulation, which led to her premature labor.
She was almost killed by the adults and children...The more the elderly man thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt.
He unconsciously used his strength to hold the child's arm.
This made the officer officer feel very uncomfortable, so he used the child's way to protest When the old man heard the wails, he immediately snapped back to his senses and began to pacify the children.
At the same time, the wails stirred the old man's mind, and he quickly came up with an explanation, "Aren't there still children?!
You and his children, Wa Leide and Yisha Shabeila.
Even if it's for their sake, you have to live on well!"Listening to the old man's words, the mother immediately came to her senses and looked straight into the old man's embrace.
The old man understood and took a few steps forward, handing the child over."Yunting..." The mother held onto the infant that had just been named Yunting.
It was almost as though she was holding onto her own life.
She didn't look like a normal person.
However, she finally calmed down.
The old man heaved a sigh of relief and felt a little at ease.
Even though he couldn't bear to disturb her any longer, he still had things to do according to the rules...In the mother's arms, Yunting felt exhausted.
His consciousness was hazy, and he was about to fall asleep.
And in this hazy state, he could faintly hear the intermittent prayers of the people around him."May our faith in the truth of death bless our new clansmen, may he be healthy, handsome and handsome, may he wear his longsword and wand and ride on his stallion, may he be rich, may he rule the world...""We also hope that the blessing of death will make our clansmen become even stronger.
As for us, we will use the laws of death and magic to reshape this world and flatten all chaos and disputes.
We will establish an absolute and eternal order..."After an unknown period of time, when he woke up again, he could already open his eyes and take a look at this world.
By then, the sky was already completely dark, and there were no lighting devices around him.
There was only a pitiful little window in the room.
It was opened three meters above the outer wall, and a trace of soft moonlight shining in, but it was not of much use.However, for some unknown reason, the infant named Wa Leide could still see his surroundings.
Whether it was the soft, velvet bedclothes, the dark red bedside cabinet with gold wires, or the blood-red sword hung on the wall, or the geese shield with bat wings, filled with blood.They were all clearly seen.This was the process of Yunting's birth.
To him, everything was useless.
There was no point in believing in the gods and the gods.
He had too many burdens on his shoulders, and only the existences of the blood race were perfect.
He wanted the dark mage to have a new light!.This was the process of Yunting's birth.
To him, anything was useless.
There was no point in believing in a godly lover.
He had too many burdens on his shoulders.
To him, only the existence of the blood race was the best and most perfect.
He wanted the Dark Mage to have a new light!In particular, after arriving on this road, countless corpses could allow him to experiment.
This was simply a paradise of happiness.
He had already witnessed the rise of the Blood Race and the time when the Dark Mage had informed the world!Thus, in the next few days, Yunting was even more immersed in his magic experiments.
Sometimes, he and Lili would spend the entire day in the laboratory, and then spend the rest of their time researching.
As for the most recent research topic, how was it possible to control even more undead army under the same level of casting?As a guest of the different worlds, Yunting had his own opinion on controlling the undead army to fight.
He believed that controlling so many zombies alone was very rigid, which made high-ranking zombies like soldiers who ruled lowly.With this kind of guidance, Yunting asked Lili about the fastest way to improve his ability.
Li Liya also replied that he was going to merge with the zombies.
If he could merge with the high-grade zombies, even if it was only a small part, it would be a huge improvement.At the same time, Lili also contributed a copy of the countless dark magics she carried with her.
There was a somewhat incomplete ancient magic that used the blood of women to fuse with it.
In the past few days, the two of them had been studying this dangerous project.Yunting and Li Liya discussed for a bit, and concluded that in the end, the failure of the experiment was still due to the lack of resources.
For example, even if you were to give a tube of draconic blood to a Brazilian tortoise, it wouldn't be able to turn into a Black Tortoise.
Instead, it would be smashed into pieces with a 'bang'.Therefore, today, Wa Leide had obtained an even better experimental material - a Heavenly Soldier.
He had used the unicorn general to get the prisoners of war from the frontlines."Whether it works or not will depend on this time." Wa Leide thought to himself as he pushed open the doors to the laboratory...By the time Wa Leide entered the laboratory, his assistant and fiancg he needed.
After a series of failures, Wa Leide decided to experiment in another way.
He cut open the skull of the experiment subject and took out the entire brain.Then, she placed it in the utensil filled with potions.Of course, at this time, this human hot mage was still alive he split-up brain was still alive and had thoughts.
His soul was also floating nearby.
However, he did not have any sense of view, could not see, could not hear, could not speak, could not sense sense of smell, could not sense the temperature...
other than his existence, there was nothing else that could prove his existence.One day later, this fella went crazy.
Of course, there weren't any problems.
Wa Leide wanted to test his brain.
As long as his brain remained normal, everything would be fine."Let's get started, then." Li Liya smiled excitedly as he watched Wa Leide enter the room.
It had been quite some time since she had been living in the laboratory, and she didn't seem to want to leave.Yunting nodded and hurried over to the glassware that had been used to nurture his brain.
Then, he opened it.
A strong medicinal liquid wafted into his nostrils.
Yunting didn't care about it either Then, this is the last step." Yunting muttered to himself as he stretched out his finger.
The five-colored magic wind on his finger gradually turned into milky white.
Then, Yunting's finger directly touched the top of his head, causing it to shine brightly.
The originally dim white light in the blink of an eye became dazzlingly dazzling.At the same time, Wa Leide felt a powerful spiritual force rush towards him like a sharp sword!"You're already on the verge of death, yet you still dare to cause trouble?!" Yunting knew that this was most likely the master of this brain.
That heavenly soldier's desperate counterattack.
However, as a heavenly soldier, what was this if he didn't want to die?When a wave of Mental Energy reached three inches from Yunting's side, a crisp 'pa' sound could be heard.
It was as though the Mental Energy had slammed into a wall and couldn't be stored.
Then, an orange color slowly appeared in the air.
It was like a headless fly scuttling about, growing smaller and smaller, until it finally disappeared...Just like that, Yunting's defensive spells counterfired on his psychic power, burning it into smithereens.
The expression of the mage's soul also changed from restless and restless to lifeless, but it changed from a madman to a fool."The development of the brain has risen to 40%, but a portion of the area has been damaged, and the spiritual perception has increased by four times...
There is even more, and the reaction rate has increased by two times.
At the same time, a certain mutation has occurred in the brain.
The activity of the brain cells has increased by more than fifteen times!"Yunting muttered to himself, "The damage to his brain should have been caused by the burning of his psychic power...
Everything else is the same as the plan.
Is this experiment successful?" However, before his smile could take shape, the brain on the other side began to change violently.The soul next to the brain instantly shattered and was absorbed into the brain.
The entire brain rapidly expanded as if it had eaten too much fertilizer.
In just an instant, it broke through the jar made of reinforced glass and continued to expand by several geometric levels.A terrifying mass of zombies and vampires appeared before everyone's eyes!"Roar roar roar!" A beast-like voice reverberated throughout the entire open valley!"Report!
There's an invulnerable army in front of us.
It looks like it's formed from undead!" A sword cultivator from the Heavenly Sword Sect ran over in a fluster.
He was the first to notice something like this.
Of course, he was very nervous.
If it really was a Flying Heavenly Zombie or something, then they would have to wait for death.
It was really over for them!."Report!
There's an invulnerable army in front of us.
It looks like it's formed from undead!" A sword cultivator from the Heavenly Sword Sect ran over in a panic.
He was the first to notice something like this.
Of course, he was very nervous.
If it really was a Flying Heavenly Zombie or something, then they would have to wait for death.
This was the end for them!The Sword Lord was also very worried about this.
If there were really more than 10,000 Soaring Sky Zombies, their Sect wouldn't be able to fill their teeth.
Even though the Soaring Sky Zombies didn't have any special offensive abilities, only the blood of a Second Sage could break through that powerful body.
The rest of them weren't useful..The Sword Lord was also very nervous about this.
If there were really more than 10,000 Soaring Sky Zombies, their Sect wouldn't be able to fill their teeth.
Although the Soaring Sky Zombies didn't have any special attack power, only the blood of a Second Sage could break that powerful body.
The rest were simply not useful.When he arrived at the front gate of the camp, he saw a group of zombies.
The Sword Lord of the Heavenly Terror Country shuddered.
Even he was terrified, and his heart trembled!