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Chapter 2

The four surnames of the Bright Phoenix Town consisted of the Zhu Wang, Li Zhou, and many people.
Their roots were intertwined and their foundation was deep.
But now, the most distinguished people in the town were the Jin Clan and the Hong Clan!
The Jin Clan was guarded by the Fengyang Commandery.
His older brother, Eunuch Jin, was even more powerful in the imperial court.
Thus, he could be said to be the real king of the earth in the town!
However, was Jin Bu Yang hiding the sky with one hand?
Because there was another person with Feng Yang's prestige, he was Hong Yanming!
At Feng Yang, you wouldn't know that the governor was called Jin Bao, but you must know that Feng Yang's number one divine investigator, Hong Yanming!.Therefore, he could be said to be the real emperor of the Earthen Lands in this town!
However, was Jin Bufei hiding the sky in Fengyang's hands?
There was another person who possessed a powerful prestige in Fengyang, and he was Hong Yanming!
In Fengyang, you might not know that the governor's name was Jin Bufei, but you must know that the number one divine hunter, Hong Yanming!The Hong Clan was an expansive family.
They had only moved to Fengyang for several decades, and they weren't particularly flourishing.
Their ancestors didn't have any wealthy businessmen, nor did they have any leaders.
They were just ordinary families.
It wasn't until ten years ago that Hong Yanming had become the commander of the Ancient Phoenix Town that he began to shine.Hong Yanming had three brothers in his father's generation, with five sons and four daughters.Two sons and one daughter, one eldest son and one youngest son, Hong Yanming.
Second brother, there were three sons and one daughter.
Third son, there were two sons and one daughter.
Hong Yanming, go for seven!
Eight years ago, the Red Cloak Bandits rebelled and swept across the lands.
After being annihilated by the royal court, they transformed into small groups that slithered about in all directions.Originally, the poor refugees had become bloodthirsty and bloodthirsty when they saw the blood.
In fact, they had become even more aggressive in their kidnapping and plundering.
They treated human lives like grass, and slaughter was like numbness!
The Fengyang Land was located on the road of transportation, but it was Hong Yanming's work that allowed them to escape.On that day, he stood alone outside the town.
With his pair of iron fists, he killed more than ten bandits.
The bandits were scared to the point where they ran away with their heads held in their hands.
For a moment, they were incredibly powerful.Because of this, he was bestowed the title of Chief Commander of the Fengyang Clan.
Then, Hong Yanming used his formidable strength to deal with his fellow seniors and wielded his authority.
Then, he used his methods to subdue the entire Fengyang Clan's underworld forces.
Together, he gathered all the hoodlums and ruffians in the streets and streets of the city.
The Fengyang Clan was in a good mood, and Hong Yanming's reputation soared.In the following years, regardless of whether it was the Jiangyang bandits, bloodthirsty killers, bandits, or bandits, anyone who committed a crime on the Fengyang Land would be caught by Hong Yanming, and the reputation of a Godly Preceptor would spread like wildfire.
If you thought it was just a mere criminal, then you wouldn't have much authority.Then, you were wrong.
Unlike other places, Fengyang's location was very special.
It was located in a traffic fortress, and it had always been a place for soldiers to fight over.
Thus, it had been a long time since the city was established with a special structure of authority.
The position of Chief Policeman was no small matter because he controlled all the military forces in Fengyang City.
He was the second most important person under the county.The Fengyang Town's prison was made of blackish-brown stones.
It was watered with iron juice and was incomparably hard.Ten steps on the wall was a long lamp.
The dim yellow light didn't bring about any satisfaction, but it made one feel eerie.
After walking for a hundred meters, a hall was revealed.
It was filled with torches that were dazzlingly bright and dazzling.
A plaque hung in front of the hall, with the words "Feng Yangda" written on it.
Over a dozen men stood in the middle of the hall, brimming with killing intent.There was a table with a person sitting upright behind him.
He was dressed in a purple robe, with sharp eyebrows and phoenix eyes.
His broad forehead had a short beard.This person was none other than Hong Yanming.
He asked, "Zhoujie, is there any abnormalities in the prison today?"A small-eyed man replied, "My lord, everything in the prison is normal.
With you here, how could these brats dare to mess around?"Hong Yanming nodded, saying, "All expenses in the prison cannot be cut off!" Zhoujie replied, "Yes, my lord.
Those bastards are so kind to you.
By the way, my lord, that old madman from the Yin class said that he wants to see you.
I don't know what he's up to!" Hong Yanming was stunned, but he didn't show any worry.
Instead, he said quietly, "Mm!
I understand!
Wangcheng, is there something wrong in the city today?" Wangcheng, who was dressed in gray, took two steps forward and said, "Lord Qi, everything is normal, but..."??Hong Yanming narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, "Speak!" Wangcheng gritted his teeth and said, "It's noon today, and Zhu Santai was blocked by the members of the Tigers in the Old Street of the West District.
According to what we know, it's just a superficial injury.
It shouldn't be a problem for him to recuperate for ten days and half a month."That fellow even went to the Immortal Phoenix Pavilion with Jin Decai to drink wine!""Hmph!
I know this, I'll deal with it!""Seventh Brother." Wangcheng noticed Hong Yanming's sullen expression, and didn't dare say anything else.
"Lifeng, have you made any arrangements for the rest of the night?""My lord, everything has been arranged.
It's just that father Zhu from the east of the city passed away last month.
I have arranged for the third leader to replace him.""Mhm, sure, it's almost autumn.
The weather has been quite dry recently, so I'm reminding the villagers to watch out for the candles!""Yes, my lord!""Wangxin, have there been any rumors in the Jianghu recently?""Replying to my lord, Young Master Xi Hua seems to have recently come to our area.
The surrounding provinces left traces of him committing crimes!
It seems that the route will pass by Feng Yang soon.
Hehe, I wonder if this brat dares to extend his claws here?""Don't be careless.
Send out orders.
Report to me immediately if you discover this person's whereabouts.
Don't allow this person to commit crimes because of our reputation.
Young Lady's innocence is more important than our reputation!""Yes, my lord!
This subordinate understands."Roughly an hour later, when they saw that the matters in the city had been sorted out, Hong Yanming said, "This is the end of the day.
Brothers, please return!" Everyone cupped their fists and left.
However, Wangcheng stepped forward and said, "Seventh elder brother, don't blame Little Jiu'er.
The fat cat has really been tormenting itself recently.
With this relationship, it's not convenient for us to take action.
Let Little Jiu'er teach him a lesson so that he won't be able to stir up any trouble again!"Hong Yanming patted his shoulder and said, "Don't worry, Chengzi.
I know what to do.
You go back first and I'll go to prison!" Looking at his childhood playmate, Wangcheng smiled.
This guy was cold outside and warm inside.
He was clearly decisive, but he was compassionate.He was clearly admiring evil and wielding authority, but he was a righteous man.
But that was also why he was our big brother!
Fengyang Prison, cell number three, Hong Yanming, lowered his head and entered the prison cell.
He looked at the skinny old man in front of him.The old man was old and skinny, but his eyes were as bright as stars, reflecting the entire galaxy.His body was thin, but his bones were tall and tall.
His clothes looked like they were hanging on his body.
When he saw Hong Yanming, he grinned and said, "You're here?"Not only did Hong Yanming not scold, he instead bowed and cupped his fists.
"Mm, this prison is a bit colder!
Senior Brother, are you used to these days?" The old man laughed and waved his hand.
"Junior Brother, remembering that year, your senior brother and I killed people as if we were numb.
We have experienced the battlefield for a long time, and when we entered, we saw that there were broken limbs, and we were bleeding.
What can that little bit of Yin energy in this prison be of my use?!" With that said, his withered body straightened up and a murderous aura surged out.
It was as if the entire prison was frozen, as if it were several tens of thousands of winters; there was no sound at all.Hong Yanming felt as though he was in a battlefield of Asuras, where millions of corpses were lying on the ground, and blood flowed like a river!
A thought flashed through Hong Yanming's mind, and his vision returned to clarity.
He was astonished when he saw his mysterious senior brother.
The old man nodded and continued, "Junior brother, it's almost time!
Yesterday, I received a message from the sect's secret technique.
The Holy Queen Han Yueliu has been sent out by the Sovereign to train!
According to the rules, it is time for our young master to return and get everything he deserves.".Hong Yanming felt as if he was in a battlefield of Asuras, where millions of corpses were buried, and blood flowed like a river!
A thought flashed through Hong Yanming's mind, and his vision returned to clarity.
Looking at this mysterious Senior Brother in front of him, he was astonished!
The old man inwardly nodded and continued, "Junior Brother, it's almost time!
Yesterday, I received a message from the sect's secret technique.
The Holy Queen Han Yueliu has already been sent out by the Sovereign to train!
According to the rules, it is time for our Young Lord to return and take back everything he deserves!"