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Chapter 4

The night was strong, and the arc moon hung high; the wind was light, and the shadow of trees swayed.
Most of the residents of the Ancient Phoenix Sun Town blew off their lights, bid farewell to the busy work of the day, and dreamt.There were only a few brightly lit and rowdy places.
These places were no more than the brothels of the inn, nor were the sleepless young masters and drunkard gamblers.
Of course, there were also some other places where the lights swayed and people didn't sleep.For instance, the Governor's Mansion.
For instance, the Hong Yanming Clan was located at the western city gates.
They entered the small courtyard without any shadow wall covering them.
At a glance, they could see the various vegetables and vegetables planted in the outer courtyard.
There were several large water vats on the corner of the wall, and there were several stone locks of different sizes on the open space in the middle.
The ground under their feet was stepped on as hard as iron.
There were four large tiled rooms in the inner courtyard, and all the things were prepared.
Although there were no paintings, one could tell that there was a solid family.The kitchen was still on fire, and several pieces of cooked meat in the boiling water were churning from time to time.There was a table with four chairs in the middle of the hall.
It was none other than Hong Yanming and his sister-in-law, and the last one was actually the mysterious old man who had been imprisoned yesterday!
He was holding a wine jug in his left hand and holding a chicken claw in his right hand, and was enjoying his meal.
His sister-in-law couldn't help but speak up to console him, "Senior brother, take your time.
Why are you in such a hurry?!
This table is yours!
Look at your cuisine!
If the martial brothers and sisters in the sect saw it, they would think that we didn't know how to bully you!""Do you think I don't need you to eat and drink all these years?" The old man sneered.
"Hehe, junior sister!
Your man doesn't understand your senior brother and I.
Do you still not understand?
In my life, other than practicing martial arts, my senior brother has always been greedy.
However, master has shown me to bring a bunch of bitter and bitter people with me to rebel.
He also told me to protect the young master in the dark in this ruined place.
It's not like you don't know how famous my reputation is.
If the emperor knows that I'm here, he will send an army to flatten this place the next day.
I won't leave any chickens or dogs behind, and I won't miss it."So!
Your Senior Brother is smart.
Junior Brother is a police officer in this small town.
The safest place here is the prison.
Is it dark under the lamplight?
But it has been hard on my stomach.""Tsk tsk tsk!
I know you are greedy.
That 15th month of the year.
Didn't I prepare all the dishes for you?
Besides, that old prison can stop you.
I don't know who took those delicacies from the Immortal Phoenix Pavilion from time to time!
I feel like I have suffered.
Put down your chicken paws!"."Tsk, tsk, tsk!
I know you're greedy.
I've prepared dishes and wine for you for the 15th month of the year.
Besides, that old prison can stop you.
I don't know who has taken those delicacies that the Immortal Phoenix Pavilion throws away from you from time to time!
I feel like I've suffered.
Put down your chicken paws!""Don't, don't, don't, Junior Sister!""Look at what you're saying!
Didn't I just say it?
It's not like I don't know that your Wind Department's headquarters is nestled here in Fengyang Town.
These brats are all very clever.
I'm a bad old man, how can I escape your eyes!""Hmph!" He put down his teacup and said, "Zhang Hufa, what's the situation with the Holy Maiden of Winter Moon this time?
Why is it more than a year earlier than expected?"The old man put down the things in his hands and said, "Replying to Young Master, ever since the sect master was defeated by the Imperial family's old undying, four great deans, my subordinates were also beheaded by the royal family and the four great academies' high-end military forces.
The entire army of red clothed soldiers were defeated without a head.As the war ended, we, the ox, ghost and snake god, were chased everywhere like mice passing through the street.The majority of the factions in Hot Sun Stream were suppressed, while the four halls of Wind Volcano's Forest Dipper Division were suppressed.
The protectors also returned to the High Command to cultivate.
In contrast, although Han Yue Liu's forces were suppressed, they weren't exposed much, so they were completely preserved.
With this Red Cloak Revolution, they took advantage of the power of Great Chu's power to develop their hidden forces.
They had information network and business influence throughout the entire dynasty.And some of the elites in the sect held power in their hands, or became the trusted aides of high officials, or even those who slept next to them.While the sun was running low, I used the wealth and talent accumulated by the sect for thousands of years to grow rapidly.
The hidden powers were already shocking.
Of course, as the other party grew stronger, some people would inevitably have some wondrous thoughts.
Seventh sister-in-law's eyes widened.
"Senior brother, the young master is asking you about this Winter Moon Saintess.
Why are you saying so much useless stuff?" The old man snorted.
"You know it.
I'm afraid that the young master has never been to the sect, so I want him to know more.".Of course, as they grow stronger, some people can't help but have some strange thoughts!
Seventh sister-in-law's phoenix eyes go wide, "Senior brother, Young Master is asking you about the situation of this Hanyue Saintess.
Why did you say so much useless things?" The old man coldly snorted, "You know, I'm afraid that Young Master has never been to the sect, so I want him to know more about it, right?""Zhangyan!
You!""Seventh Sister-in-law!" The old man interrupted her.
"Zhang Hufa, continue!" He chuckled and said: "Yes, Young Master.
Last year, the Treasure Gathering Pavilion in Jingdu received a auction item.
It was a spirit beast, the Moon Rabbit.
Although it was a pet for people to play with, it was still a spirit beast bloodline.As such, they were secretly auctioned off and sent to the sect.
Unexpectedly, Mi Li happened to see it and caught it with just a glance.
Moreover, she immediately used a Soul Sacrifice on it, and the heavens were also looking after her.
Who would have thought that all of them disdained the Spirit Pet, and that it was actually a different kind of Immortal Beast!
After transforming into a hidden charming talent, after the Soul Sacrifice, the Heavenly Sky Universe Meridian unexpectedly broke through to the ninth level and awakened the Soul of the Cold Moon, its strength suddenly rose by leaps and bounds!.Hence, they were secretly auctioned off and sent to the sect.
They didn't expect that Mi Li would happen to see it.
With just a glance, she had fallen for it.
Moreover, she had immediately used a Soul Sacrifice on it, and the Heavens had also taken care of her.
Who would have thought that the Spirit Pet that everyone disdained was actually a different kind of Immortal Beast!
After the Soul Sacrifice, she had transformed into a hidden type of Charm Talent.
After the Soul Sacrifice, she had become one with her, and the [Yuantian Moon Technique] had actually broken through to the ninth level, awakening the Soul of the Cold Moon.
Her strength had improved by leaps and bounds!Hehe, that old witch, Mei Wu, saw this and used this opportunity to create a huge commotion at the Elders' Gathering.
She had won quite a bit of spirit medicines and rare treasures for her.
Not long ago, there was a message in the sect that the little girl Wanwan had come out of seclusion and officially passed through the God Awakening period and entered the Soul Condensation Period!
Under the guidance of the Old Demoness, the Elders' Gathering passed the decision to let her enter the world.In the ancient teachings of the sect, the young master and the holy maiden had to have one person overseeing the headquarters.
That was why the Council of Elders summoned the young master back.Weng Jian nodded and didn't say anything.
It was just that his gaze was deep and profound, and he didn't know what he was thinking.
Seventh sister-in-law glanced at her cousin with a complicated expression on her face, and couldn't help but feel worried for him.
She turned to Zhangyan and asked, "Senior-apprentice brother, will the young master suffer when he returns to the sect?"Zhangyan raised an eyebrow and said, "Hmph!
What kind of thoughts do you think those grandsons have?!
They must be thinking about the Holy Maiden's outstanding cultivation.
As the young lord, how can you be so humble?!
But I'm guessing that they never would have thought that the young lord would be so monstrous!
At fourteen years old, you're still at the late stage of Soul Convergence, not to mention that you're still at the late stage of Soul Convergence!" A hint of a smile appeared on Hong Yanming's stern face.
After all, no matter how noble he was, he was still his younger brother, and he had some achievements.I'm proud of myself!
Hong Yanming said, "Senior brother, let's go back and teach our brothers and sisters what to do!"Zhangyan said, "No, don't move.
Continue to hide in Fengyang's ancient town.
Fengyang has always been a land of war between soldiers.
We will secretly control Fengyang and make things very convenient for us in the future.
Besides, it's a pity that you've spent so much effort and abandoned your foundation for nothing!
Moreover, once word of this leaks, dozens of members of the Hong Clan will also be implicated.Therefore, I'll just have to go with the young master!?Seventh sister-in-law frowned and said, "Then how are we supposed to tell Little 9th?!" She sighed and continued, "Let's talk about my cultivation.
Seventh sister-in-law, Zhang Hufa and I are leaving overnight.
Tell him about this!" Seventh sister-in-law was shocked, "I don't know when you'll be back, but you won't be able to see him again?".Therefore, I'll just have to go with the young master!?Seventh sister-in-law frowned, "Then how are we supposed to tell Little 9th?!" She sighed, "I'll just say that I'm going to cultivate.
Seventh sister-in-law, Zhang Hufa and I will be leaving overnight.
Tell him about this!" Seventh sister-in-law was shocked, "When will you be back?
Will you never see him again?"Weng Jiao said, "With my connection with him, even if my Desire Scripture reaches the Soul Condensation Realm, it's impossible for me to lie in front of him!""This...
Alright!" The golden pheasant exclaimed at dawn, revealing the whiteness of a fish's belly.
Hongjiu opened his eyes, rubbed his face, and let out a long sigh.Thinking of Seventh Brother's face that was about to drop out of water last night, he couldn't help but shudder.
It was too scary!
Fortunately, he pulled Old Brother over!
By the way, how did I get through it yesterday?
He straightened up and looked at the messy papers on the table.
He couldn't help but shake his head and sigh."Plagiarize the book!
Bookize the book!
Damned Seventh Brother, even if you want to beat me up!
What the hell!
Who gave him the idea that you're telling me to copy the book?!
And it's a hundred times!
A hundred times!
When will this day come?!
You're not allowed to go out and play!
I don't even know how my Tigers are doing!" Seventh sister-in-law cried out loudly.
Ever since Hongjiu's parents died, Grandmaster Tianzhi had taken them to the temple.
Hongjiu had lived with Hong Yanming's family.
Although they were older brother-in-law, they were comparable to parents."Understood!" Hongjiu replied weakly.
He stood up and saw Hong Yanming training in the outer courtyard.