Transmigration: The Empress Dowager

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Chapter 1

Jiangru was a 19-year-old girl.
Ever since he was young, he had always depended on his only grandmother for life.
His life wasn't very good, and even university studies relied on national policies.
This kind of life could be considered simple and warm, but it was only before his grandmother fell sick.Jiangru didn't know what kind of situation he was in, but he had signed granny's death notice.
In fact, it was more likely that he had lost granny's help.
Jiangru didn't know, but all she knew was that from today onwards, he would be alone.
From then on, he would no longer have any relatives around him.Three months ago, Jiangru had lost his only family member.
Ever since she had lost her parents at the age of three, the most important person in her memories had always been her grandmother.
And now, the most important grandmother in her life had passed away.Jiangru spent three months and walked out of the shadow of his grandmother's death.
Jiangru felt that he still hadn't grown up.
Ever since his grandmother passed away, Jiangru had wanted to find a job to support himself, but he realized that he couldn't do anything.Night descended and the city's neon lights lit up.
The Wan family lights lit up at night while Jiang Ru walked down the street, lost in thought as she walked.At this moment, Jiangru heard the ear-piercing sound of a car honking.
His eyes were instantly illuminated by the bright lights.Bang.
Jiangru felt as if his body had slammed into a hard object.
Then, he felt his body begin to move in a parabola.
He landed heavily on the handrail.The pain immediately spread to his mind from where he was standing.
It was so painful that he wondered if I would die.
Jiangru asked himself, "Will I die?" Jiangru replied.Perhaps it would be better if he died.
Perhaps he could reunite with his family.
Jiangru's nose was sore that he wanted to cry.
He had always been so useless.
After all, he didn't have any relatives anymore.
It would be better if he died.
Jiangru held this thought in his mind.
Then, he was dragged into the darkness by the pain and fell into deep sleep......."Protect His Majesty!" A male voice pierced through the sky.Hearing the sound, one could see people dressed in black rushing out from all directions.
They were well-trained and surrounded by two gorgeous carriages on the road.
They were in a protective manner.
They walked into the carriage and immediately stood outside the carriage.Upon closer inspection, Jiangru could vaguely see a woman in strange clothing lying in the middle of the road.
Upon closer inspection, it was Jiangru, who was wearing short-sleeved jeans.
Jiangru was lying in the middle of the road, his long hair covering his face.
However, a small jade ring could be seen on his neck........During the 24th year, while Ran Xuanhuang and Prime Minister Zuo were traveling south to return to the capital, they found the national jade ring of Ran dynasty, which had been missing for many years, as well as the Empress of Ran dynasty, who disappeared 18 years ago.
Empress Ranhui should be said to be the current Empress Dowager of the Holy Mother.At this point, the entire nation was celebrating.Heaven knows that Ranhui Huihuanghou was only 13 years old when he went missing.
It was rumored that he had been kidnapped by a criminal.
In fact, he had been missing for the past few years.
The king of Ran Guo had dispatched a large number of men to search for the empress, but it had still been fruitless.
Meanwhile, the Empress Ran Guo, who had been missing for six years, had coincidentally been found by Ran Xuanhuangnan on his way back to the capital.The Palace of Peace was built by the first emperor for the empress after Ran Guo's founding of the country."Luo Aiqing, do you think this woman will be empress Ranhui?
Although the ring is indeed a national jade ring, but..." The dragon-robed emperor stood not far away from Jiangru's bed, carefully observing Jiangru.
His appearance was neither kingdom-toppling nor city-toppling.
He could only be considered average, but his skin was fair.The white clothed man beside her looked at the Emperor and pondered for a while before answering, "Is His Majesty doubting this woman's identity?"The Emperor sat in front of the table and let out a heavy 'uh-huh', his expression serious."In my opinion, this doesn't matter.""Oh?
Why is that?
Did Aiqing forget the power behind it?""This minister, I did not forget.
It is just that this official feels that since the daughter of the Jiang family has become the Empress Dowager, then if these two Deputy Prime Minister and the General Protector want to rebel and usurp the throne, then they will have no name.""Go on.""Your Majesty, it doesn't matter whether Ranhui Huihuanghou is real or not.
If it's true, then the problem will be a little tricky.
But it's a lie.
It's a great benefit for you to come up to me.""Oh?
Why do you think so, Aiqing?" The Emperor smiled and looked at the white clothed man in front of him."If it's fake, His Majesty can allow him to play the role of Empress Ranhui.
When it comes to his role, this subject believes that Empress Ranhui has been missing for six years.
This can be considered a benefit.""Why do you say that, Eiqing?" The corners of the Emperor's lips curled even wider."Six years of disappearance.
Let me ask you, who saw the Empress's appearance during this period?
When she disappeared, the Empress was young.
Six years later, the Empress was already nine out of ten.
Even if the late Emperor was alive, he probably wouldn't recognize her.
It's a great benefit.
But how can she be willing to help me?""Doesn't the Empress Dowager have any interest in women in this world?
The Emperor might not underestimate her.
I believe that if I have a good discussion with her, this woman will definitely become a great help to the Emperor!" The white-robed man's tone turned sharp and his words were filled with confidence."Abbess is right.
Then let's wait for the good news of Prime Minister Zuo." After saying that, the Emperor stood up and patted the white-robed man's shoulder with a smile on his face.
Then, he strode out of the door of the Palace of Peace.
One could see the Emperor's joy."Your Majesty, please rise." The sharp eunuch's voice rang out once more.
Zuo Xiang respectfully knelt in the direction of the emperor's departure and stood up.If one took a closer look at this left resonance, they would discover that his appearance and the white clothes on his body made one feel warm and scholarly.
He had thin lips, phoenix eyes, a high nose bridge, and a sharp eyebrows.
He had a pair of eyes that looked like water, as if a spring breeze had brushed through the water.The Deputy Prime Minister looked at Jiangru, who was lying on the bed, and muttered, "I wonder if you really are Jiangru?"Jiangru didn't sleep well on the bed.
In his sleep, she was in a dark world.
She didn't see her parents, nor did she love her grandmother.
There was only chaos.
Jiangru was running in his dreams, trying to escape from this sky.But no matter how she walked, the scenery around her did not change.
Jiang Ru was extremely afraid.
She did not know what to do, but could only shout out loudly, helpless, lonely, and deeply enshrouded Jiang Ru.The prime minister only saw Jiangru flipping around on the bed, but didn't seem to wake up at all.
He reached out to touch Jiangru's forehead, only to find that Jiangru's body was burning slightly."Men, hurry and summon the imperial physician!" The palace maid who was waiting quietly at the door shouted.Xiang Ning Palace.
All the palaces were boiling like boiling pots.
After six years, the quiet Palace finally began to change.
However, one did not know if the change was good or bad.In Jiangru's room, the palace servants were all busy.
They carried the water, carried the blankets, cooked the medicine, and cooked the food.
The order was orderly and everyone had their own duties.