Transmigration: The Empress Dowager

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Chapter 2

In the latter half of the night, Jiang Ru, who was having a fever on the bed, seemed to be relieved.Jiangru dreamt of his grandmother and his parents in the photo.
Grandma..." Jiangru muttered to himself weakly...Deputy Prime Minister Zuo sat on the pear stool in Jiangru's room and gently knocked on the table.
As he listened to Jiangru's dream, his heart was filled with questions.
He realized that what Jiangru had said wasn't from the Central Plains, but rather the language of the Barbaric Land that he had heard when he was young.
The State Protector General, Yi Man, shouldn't have been in contact with him.
Then, is she really Empress Ranhui?
Do you want to investigate your identity?
The prime minister thought to himself.Thinking about the rest, she felt tired, so she propped her head up and rested slightly."Mn..." A soft moan sounded in the quiet night.Jiangru woke up in a daze.
His dizziness was severe, and his throat was still a little painful.
However, when he opened his eyes, he saw a yellow gauze curtain and a vermilion quilt embroidered with a golden phoenix.
Jiangru propped himself up, and the yellow metal at the head of the bed revealed the nobleness of the owner, similar to showing off his wealth.Jiangru rubbed his clothes and discovered that his clothes had changed as well.
Suddenly, he asked, "Where is this place?
The Golden House?
Did I change into the uniform of the Heavenly Hall?" He pinched his fingertips and felt a slight pain in his head, "It hurts.""This, this is not heaven!
Am I not dead?
This doesn't make sense.
What's going on with this set of clothes?" Jiang Ru tugged at her clothes, confused.Deputy Prime Minister Zuo, who had his head propped up, did not sleep very deeply.
When he heard the faint sound of someone talking, he opened his eyes and saw that there seemed to be a figure moving in the bed curtain."You're awake?" Like a spring breeze brushing his face.Jiangru followed the sound and looked over.
Next to the round red wooden table was a chair carved with pear flowers.
There was a white-robed man sitting on it.
Half of his long head was fixed by the jade hairpin above his head, and the other half was free.
His face was as white as jade, with sword eyebrows, tall nose bridge, phoenix eyes and thin lips.
Where did he sit?
He looked like an immortal.His slightly curved lips were looking at her.Jiangru was a bit confused.
This man was comparable to a beauty.
"Actually, I died, right?
This is definitely not the mortal realm." Jiangru murmured, as if this was the only way to explain why this man was so beautiful."You didn't die.
This is the mortal realm, and this place is comparable to hell." The Deputy Prime Minister turned to the side and his eyes were cold.When Jiangru heard the man's words, he started to carefully look at the room where he was lying.
The bedroom was spacious, and the door was red in color.
The window was pasted with golden paper.
On the left side of the bed, there was a dresser with the pattern of a phoenix on the tree.
The bronze mirrors on it were polished brightly.
The beams were red, and the floor of the blue bricks were also flat.
It wasn't like a small farmhouse.
It could be seen that the owner was rich and expensive.
There were even tables and chairs in the bedroom.
At this moment, the man was sitting there, and there was a royal consort's chair on the left.
The room was huge and there were curtains.Seeing this, Jiang Ru understood.
This place was completely inconsistent with the buildings of the 21st century.At this moment, Jiangru felt that his brain wasn't enough."Uh...
May I ask, where am I?
I should be here.
Mm, who are you?" Jiang Ru instantly became embarrassed."This is the imperial palace.
My name is Luo Anchen." Luo Yuchen rubbed his temples, looking exhausted."Huh?
The imperial palace?
What?" A multitude of thoughts flashed through Jiangru's mind.
Then, he began to analyse them one by one.
The only explanation he could come up with was that she had transmigrated.
This dramatic transformation caused Jiangru's mind to suddenly stop working.Jiangru was also one of the ten million young girls in China.
Back when his grandmother was still alive, Jiangru had deeply loved passing through novels.
He had also fantasized about crossing to an unknown ancient world.
However, when it came to this moment, this kind of mentality was not something that could be expressed in words.The joy that had gathered in Jiang Ru's heart after learning that she had survived was shattered at this moment, leaving not a single bit of residue behind.
The rest was just at a loss."So you're saying that this is the imperial palace?
You picked me up?" Jiang Ru stared at him intently and asked in a slightly idiotic manner."Ah, that's right.
This is the imperial palace." Luo Anchen was extremely patient right now."That?
May I ask, you're not the emperor here?
No, no, no, that?
What's the current dynasty?" Jiang Ru asked carefully."Dynasty?
The normal Rotsa people should know, right?
Don't tell me you're not?" Luo Anchen suddenly realized that he had encountered a strange person.
His hand that was holding a teacup almost buckled.?Emperor, if I was the emperor, then what did that person count as?
Moreover, those with a bit of common sense knew that the emperor would be so polite as to speak to you??Luo Anchen concluded that the woman in front of him was definitely an idiot.."Ran Guo?
The ancient history of China doesn't seem to have the existence of this country, right?
What kind of dog blood is this?" Jiang Ru muttered softly.
She couldn't describe everything that had happened to her with her fortuitous encounters.
This was simply a miracle!
What kind of character was this?."Can you answer me a question now?" Luo Anchen stared at Jiangru."Mm, what's wrong with you?" Jiangru's voice was slightly nervous.
After all, he was being stared at by such a big 'beauty'."Your ring, the jade ring on your neck.
Where did you get it from?" Luo Anchen asked with a slightly serious tone."Wait?
A jade ring?
On his neck?" Jiangru was slightly taken aback.
He pulled out a red string and pulled it out.
A small jade ring engraved with a flying phoenix appeared in front of Jiangru's eyes.
"Are you talking about this ring?" Jiangru suddenly felt like laughing.In fact, this ring was something she had casually found in a street stall.
Although the shop owner had repeatedly emphasized that this was a real jade, Jiangru had always believed that this was merely a marketing method.
Therefore, he had merely bought it at a low price just because he had taken a liking to it."I bought it," Jiang Ru replied honestly."Buy it?
Where is it?
By the way, you can't possibly be someone from the Barbarian Lands, can you?
What's your purpose in coming to the Central Plains?" Luo Anchen asked sharply."Li Man, I used to call people from the south.
I'm from Sichuan, so it should count." Jiang Ru lowered her head and murmured.
How should I say it to him?
Tell him that I'm not someone from this era, and that I'll be treated as a demon and then put to fire.
Then I can't tell the truth, so I'll just make it up."That's right.
I'm from Barbaric Land, a ring.
I just bought it on the way here by accident.
Mm, I bought it on the way.
"Luo Anchen turned his head to one side, secretly calculating in his heart.
Since she wasn't from the Central Plains, she was from the Barbarians.
She didn't know the true value of the ring, so she probably wasn't empress Ranhui.
Mn, I've already figured out the general direction she had taken when I returned."What's your name?" Luo Anchen raised his eyebrows and looked at Jiangru."I, my name is Jiangru," Jiangru replied weakly, looking extremely honest.Luo Anchen was instantly alerted.
How could there be such a coincidence in this world?
Although he had the jade ring on him, his name was Jiangru?
However, she didn't seem to know the importance of the ring just now.
It didn't seem like it was fake.
Wasn't it just a coincidence?.Luo Anchen was instantly alerted.
How could there be such a coincidence in this world?
Although he had the jade ring on him, his name was Jiangru?
However, she didn't seem to know the importance of the ring at all.
It didn't seem like it was fake.
Wasn't it just a coincidence?"Where do you live?
How about I send you back?" As long as you left the ring behind, Luo Anchen would naturally be able to say the second half of his sentence in his heart.
After all, he couldn't expose the value of the ring.
This was a basic method of negotiation, and anything of value would always be kept in his hands.Home?
Jiang Ru sank.
In this strange world, home?
Where did my home come from?
How did a penniless self like her have a home?Luo Anchen smiled inwardly as he looked at Jiang Ru, who had lowered her head in an instant.
It seemed like she had no family.
This didn't conform to Empress Ranhui's status."You look like someone who doesn't have a family.
I can let you live here.
But..." Luo Anchen was in a particularly good mood.