Transmigration: The Empress Dowager

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Chapter 3

"But what?" Jiangru raised his head and looked at Luo Anchen hopefully.
It was better to have a place to live than on the streets."We have to talk about a deal." The emperor's orders had to be heard.
Although he wanted to get rid of this idiotic woman, Luo Anchen thought to himself.Jiangru raised his head and looked warily at Luo Anchen.
"Can I stay here?
What deal?""I need you to act as someone.
As long as you agree, you can live here.""Who?" Jiangru became even more vigilant."I'll tell you when you agree." Luo Anchen smiled playfully at Jiangru, who was becoming more and more vigilant.Shouldn't she agree to the fact that she could stay here by pretending to be one person?
She didn't seem to be at a disadvantage since she was a homeless person after all.
"Alright, I promise you." Although Jiang Ru seemed to smell a hint of conspiracy, she still agreed.
After all, it wasn't a bad thing for her."But you have to tell me in detail what kind of person you want to play."Luo Anchen replied with a triumphant smile, "Of course.
But I'm warning you, don't play any tricks after you find out.
You'll have to die in my hands.""That's for sure.
I know about that.
Since I've already promised you, I'll definitely do my best." I knew that this was a world where killing was not illegal.
If the Emperor were to break the law, he wouldn't have committed the same crime as a commoner.
Jiangru muttered to himself."The one you're going to play is Empress Ranhui.""What is it?
Empress Ranhui?
The emperor's wife?" Jiangru's head buzzed as if it wasn't enough.
He had never been in a relationship with a young man before.
How could he be so excited?"No, no, no.
Empress Ranhui is the wife of the late Emperor.
Empress Ranhui entered the palace at the age of ten and was granted the title of Empress.
She was granted the title of Ranhui.
Two years ago, the late Emperor died and the new Emperor took office.
As the wife of the late Emperor, she should have been conferred the title of Empress Saint.
However, six years ago, when Empress Ranhui was 13 years old, she suddenly disappeared with the national jade ring.Of course, since Yujie represented the nation's phoenix seals, no one had ever taken over the position of Empress Ranhui."...""Ten years old, how could a ten-year-old Luoli be crippled by you?
So young." Although Jiangru knew that he didn't have to act as the emperor's wife, or more accurately, as the royal widow, he couldn't help but sigh in admiration at how the feudal monarch had done something to a young sapling.
Was there a paedophile?"Don't misunderstand.
Back then, the late Emperor was forced by the circumstances to marry Empress Ranhui.
Yes, Empress Ranhui's father and grandfather were the prime minister and the founding minister of the nation.
As the Jiang family is too powerful, there are signs of usurpation.
Thus, in order to balance his authority, the late Emperor could only marry the second daughter of the Jiang family, Jiangru, so that he could buy some time for the new Emperor.
Unfortunately, who knew that Empress Ranhui had entered the palace for a year and disappeared with the national jade ring?"Luo Anchen took a sip of tea."Empress Ranhui's name is also Jiangru?
Well, I still don't understand why I should pretend to be her." Jiangru scratched his head."Ahh, think about it.
If your daughter is the Empress Dowager, then your daughter will be alive.
If you want to obtain the throne without being despised by the common people, isn't this a very difficult thing to do?"Jiangru felt helpless.
"Their reputation is so great.
Then do I look like her?
How am I supposed to prove my identity?
Didn't you say that the national jade ring and Empress Ranhui disappeared together?" The ancients really valued their reputation to a great extent."Actually, you already have the most important prop to play empress Ranhui." Luo Anchen smiled as he stared at Jiangru.
Jiangru felt a chill run down his spine, even though Jiangru admitted that Luo Anchen was rather handsome.
"What prop?" Jiangru gulped."Pass on the national jade ring.
The jade ring on your neck is the national jade ring that has been missing for six years." Luo Anchen smiled and put down his teacup.Jiangru excitedly pulled out the ring again and examined it carefully.
Except for the flying phoenix carved on the ring, there didn't seem to be anything special about it.
Jiangru rubbed his aching head."Do you understand now?" Luo Anchen asked Jiangru."I understand.
Then can I ask if there's a time limit for this act?" Jiang Ru continued to swallow her saliva."Mm, of course.
When His Majesty challenges them, you won't have to continue to play this role.
When you succeed, I will give you a huge sum of money and let you leave the capital."It sounded like a pretty good condition.
However, Jiangru sank into deep thought.
Jiangru asked weakly, "Then what if there hasn't been a fight?""Then why don't you just stay here?" Luo Anchen smiled like a fox.Jiang Ru fell heavily onto the bed and looked up at the top of the tent.
How could this be?
She felt as if she had boarded a pirate ship.......Last night, Luo Anchen had accompanied Jiangru to talk about many things.
For instance, when Jiangru found out that Luo Anchen was Ran Guo's prime minister, he had also learned about the history of this country.The nation had only been established for twenty-four years, and its internal affairs weren't very stable.
The great general of the State Protector Empire grasped the military power of the Raka.
Although Deputy Prime Minister Luo Anchen had suppressed the right resonant power, half of the military power was in the hands of the General Protector, so the throne of the emperor wasn't stable enough.Of course, the emperor's ultimate goal was to drag the State Protector General and the Right Deputy into the water and regain half of Ran Guo's military authority.
However, this was not an easy task."Alright, that's it." After a whole night, Luo Anchen finally finished talking about the dark history of the State Protector General and the prime minister."Mm...
okay." Jiang Ru's eyelids were twitching, looking completely listless."You look very tired.
Are you hungry?" Luo Anchen finally greeted her kindly."Gulp!" Jiangru's stomach began to ring."Mm, your stomach answered.
Alright then, I'll go get someone to eat.
Oh, right." Luo Anchen paused.
"Let me introduce you to your personal assistant.
She's one of His Majesty's people.
You can ask her if you don't know anything in the future.""Hm?" Jiangru found it even more mysterious.