Transmigration: The Empress Dowager

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Chapter 4

"Chuanhui, come in.
By the way, the Empress Dowager has woken up.
We'll have dinner as well," Luo Anchen called out loudly.As soon as the words left his mouth, a woman walked in from outside the door.
Jiangru looked around thirty years old.
Her hair was combed together with a golden hairpin, and her body was covered in an orange color.
Jiangru couldn't help but associate it with the color of her chrysanthemum."Cough cough.""Jiang Ru coughed lightly, pulling back the little angel that she was imagining.The woman in front of him turned to face Jiang Rufu and said, "This servant greets the Empress Dowager, Your Highness Qiansui Suiqiansuiqianqiansui." Then, she immediately stood up and bowed towards Luoan Anchenfu.
"This servant greets Lord Deputy Prime Minister." Jiangru looked at Chuan Huihui's smooth movements and clicked his tongue in amazement.Luo Anchen smiled and said to Chuanhui, "Aunt Chuanhui, there's no need to stand on ceremony." Then, Luo Anchen looked at Jiangru and explained, "This is Aunt Chuanhui.
He was originally serving by the emperor's side, so he can be considered an old man in the palace.
From now on, he will be serving as a personal assistant by your highness' side.
Your highness has just returned to the palace.
If there's anything you don't understand, you can ask her for more advice.""..."Jiangru sat on the bed and listened to Luo Anchen's words.
Then, he simply responded with a simple 'oh'.
Then, he continued to scrutinize Chuanhui.
In modern times, Chuanhui could be considered as an aunt.
Jiangru pondered briefly.
He didn't expect Chuanhui, who had originally served the emperor, to come over to serve him right now.Luo Anchen saw that he was almost done explaining, so he stood up and straightened his clothes.
Then, he respectfully made a salute to Jiangru and said, "This minister will take his leave."As soon as Luo Anchen finished speaking, Jiangru turned back to look at the 'beauty' and replied, "Then you can leave." After Jiangru finished speaking, Luo Anchen, who had to ask for Jiangru's reply, didn't even turn his head back towards the outside of Xiang Ning's palace.
To be honest, Luo Anchen didn't think there was anything he could do to turn back.
After all, Luo Anchen himself was still in a hurry for the morning court session.As soon as Luo Anchen walked out of the Palace of Peace, a eunuch dressed in a blue eunuch stopped him.
Then, he knelt on the ground and said, "This servant greets Lord Prime Minister Zuo.
I have been serving you under the orders of the emperor for a long time." Luo Anchen raised an eyebrow and looked at the eunuch kneeling on the ground, "Get up.""Did you just say that the Emperor was looking for me?"The eunuch stood up awkwardly and replied, "My Lord, when the Emperor left in the evening yesterday, he ordered me to wait in the Palace of Xiang Ning.
He said that if you did not leave the Palace of Xiang Ning at night, I would have led you to meet the Emperor." The eunuch wiped away his sweat, but he was still very respectful towards Luo Anchen.When Luo Anchen heard this, he gave a soft 'uh-huh' and guessed what the Emperor was thinking.
He just wanted to ask two things.
One, to see if Chuanhui had made the arrangements, and two, to see if Jiang Ru could be used for his own use.The eunuch heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Luo Anchen wasn't making things difficult for him like the prime minister did.
Then, he led Luo Anchen out of the main gate of the Mysterious Peace Palace.
Unfortunately, the little eunuch didn't think that Luo Anchen was someone trustworthy by the emperor's side.
How could he be the same as the prime minister?Luo Anchen followed the eunuchs through the courtyards of various sizes in the palace and finally stopped in a courtyard full of lotuses.
The lotus flowers bloomed in summer, and under the gentle breeze, one could see the flowers swaying.
Wherever the breeze passed, the summer heat and the refreshing fragrance of lotuses filled the air.
As Luo Anchen moved, the fragrance that followed Luo Anchen also followed.It made Luo Anchen look like a 'fragrance beauty'.Passing through the Nine Bends Bridge, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the small pavilion in the middle of the pond.
He saw a person standing in the pavilion, clad in yellow robes.
The yellow dragons on his robes roiled, and auspicious clouds filled the sky.Luo Anchen knelt down towards the pavilion and said, "This minister greets Your Majesty.
Long live the Emperor!"The person in the pavilion was none other than Ran Xuanhuang and Rancheng.
Beneath his sword-like eyebrows were sharp, hawk-like eyes, tall nose, rosy complexion, and wheat-colored skin.
His first impression was that he was Kangjian.
There was also a feeling of bloodthirstiness, but it didn't lose out to the aura of a dragon prince."Get up.
I'm here to ask the people I brought back yesterday..." Rancheng didn't finish speaking, but he believed that his beloved minister would understand what he meant."This woman is very good.
But..." Luo Anchen paused.Rancheng sat down on the stone bench and said, "Hmm?
Go on.""I'll be frank with you.
I guess this woman isn't Empress Ranhui, but I've already made a deal with her.
She's willing to help His Majesty play the role of Empress Ranhui." Luo Anchen's expression was extremely respectful."Can you trust me?"Luo Anchen's eyes lit up.
"This woman has no one to rely on, so it's easy to grasp her.
However, for the sake of safety, I'll send someone down to investigate after I return to the manor.""What's your name?""Jiangru, in fact, generally knows that she's a Barbarian.
Seeing her travel all the way to the capital, I'm guessing that she's probably an unrelated person.
I'm sure there aren't many people who know about her.
To His Majesty, she's considered a good chess piece.""How's Chuanhui?" Rancheng took a sip of tea."I have made arrangements to stay by her side.
""Mmm, let's do this for now.
I don't think there are any sincere people in the palace.
Since Jiangru can help me out a little, how about you take a look at me, Aiqing?" Rancheng suddenly smiled.
The smile on his face deepened when he thought about the person who had most likely been shoved into the palace by the right side."Your Majesty?" Luo Anchen saw the smile on the emperor's face and immediately felt a chill run down his spine."Tell her that as long as she doesn't go too far, I'll give her a wink." Rancheng continued to sip his tea, pausing for a moment before continuing, "I've decided that three days from now, I'll hold a banquet for Empress Ranhui and call upon everyone in the world.
Empress Ranhui will be the Empress of the Holy Mother, conferred the title and wise spirit."What do you think, Aiqing?""As Your Grace commands."Rancheng's face flashed with a hint of viciousness, and the teacup in his hand was crushed in his hands.
"I'll inform all the ministers in a while.
Heh, I believe that the Jiang family will definitely be grateful to me from the bottom of my heart when I hear this news.
I will also repay them well in the future, and repay them for their 'care' that they have shown me all these years."......