Transmigration: The Empress Dowager

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Chapter 5

The emperor in the pavilion was unhappy, but no one in the palace knew about it.
Instead, there were cheers and laughter in the Palace of Peace."Your highness is so pretty." Chuan Huili looked at Jiangru, who was looking into the mirror.Jiang Ru was dressed in a purple dress, with small milky pear flowers embroidered on her body.
The lines on her cuffs were of the same color, delicately embroidered with a few auspicious clouds.
Her hair was carefully tied into a loose bun by Chuan Hui, and a jade hairpin was inserted in the side.
It looked a little languid, but it did not lose its elegance.Jiangru's heart was filled with excitement.
There were some things that needed to be seen.
If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he wouldn't have been able to imagine the wisdom of ancient people.
Most of the things that were made in modern times were mechanized, so how could they be made purely by hand?
Jiangru couldn't help but admire this comparison.
As expected, the ancestor's wisdom was limitless.That's right, it's a bit hot.
But Jiangru sighed even more.
Fortunately, he had left his hair behind.
Otherwise, he would have become a strange person if he had come here.Jiangru loosened his grip on the belt around his waist, feeling slightly better.
Upon closer inspection, he saw that Jiangru's left index finger carried the so-called national jade ring.
Jiangru looked at himself in the mirror, and a strange feeling welled up in his heart.At this moment, the little eunuch carried something into the room.
Chuanhui smiled at the little eunuch.
Jiangru snapped out of his daze, feeling curious."What did you bring?" Jiang Ru asked the little eunuch.When the eunuch heard Jiangru's words, he was startled.
He immediately knelt on the ground and replied in a trembling voice, "Replying to the Empress Dowager, this is the token made by the Internal Affairs Bureau for your highness.""Me too?" Jiangru was curious.
To be honest, all she knew was that each of the officials in the imperial court had a waist tag, but she didn't know that there was a waist tag in the imperial palace."Your Highness, everyone in the imperial harem has their own token.
This is a symbol of their identity," Chuanhui replied patiently like an instructor.
He took out a small jade pendant engraved with phoenixes from the box held by the eunuch and took a closer look.
On the other hand, there were two words engraved on the other side, "Spiritual"."Spiritual intelligence isn't my name." Jiangru held the jade tablet in his hand and examined it carefully.
In fact, he thought to himself that it was fortunate that he could recognize some of the words in this country.
Otherwise, he would have been in vain after reading for more than ten years."It's your title, Empress Dowager." Chuanhui furrowed his brows in response to Jiangru's self-proclaim."I see.
""Your Highness, I don't know what to say." Chuanhui hesitated."Huh?
What are you talking about?" Jiangru looked at Chuanhui.
To be honest, Jiangru believed that Chuanhui could be considered a beauty.
Although he wasn't young anymore, his attitude towards dealing with others was gentle and amiable.
He was an amiable elder."Your highness, from now on, you can't call yourself 'me' anymore." Chuanhui frowned."Mm.
Should I be the empress, or should I?" Jiangru earnestly accepted Chuanhui's suggestion.
He tried his best to recall what the empress had claimed to be."It's fine as long as it's changed." Chuanhui heaved a sigh of relief when he saw how clear Jiang Ru was.The little episode went on quickly.It was only during lunch that Jiangru finally felt that the lives of rich people were different.
Jiangru lived in a commoner family, and had relied on his grandmother since he was young.
He had never seen anything like today.
He felt like he was like the dreamy old lady of a red pavilion and entered the grand hall..The palace maids were busy eating their meals.
There were six palace maids on both sides of the hall, and four eunuchs waiting outside the door.
However, the living room was not crowded at all.The table was a round table made of yellow rose pear, with elegant peony engraved on it.
What made Jiang Rushi most surprised was the sumptuous delicacies on the table that dazzled her eyes.
The large round table was almost full in quantity."Auntie, auntie...
are these all for me to eat alone?" Jiangru couldn't help but widen his eyes."Your highness, these are all for you to eat alone.
Do you find them unsatisfied?
Or do you need a servant to order the imperial kitchen to change to another table?" Chuan Huizhan asked respectfully.Jiangru smiled awkwardly.
"No, no, no, that's enough.
Um, aunt, I don't think we should eat so much in the future.
I think the four dishes are enough.
There are too many of them.
It's a waste.""I understand." Chuan Huifu bowed.
It seemed as if he didn't think of the children of the Jiang Ru family at all.
He simply felt that the Empress Dowager Ran Guo could be considered as a blessing to the nation.Ran Xuanhuang's meals in the palace could have been considered delicacies and delicacies every day, but he still ate four dishes and a soup with the prince.
However, the women in the palace didn't seem to be so consummate.
They ate and drank like the sea, and even the imperial palace felt that it was a bit too much.Therefore, Chuanhui's opinion of Jiangru had changed a bit.Jiangru didn't notice Chuanhui's contemplation.
He picked up a piece of fish and asked, "Huh?""Your Highness?" Chuanhui snapped back to reality when he heard Jiangru's voice."It's nothing.
It's just that I find it strange.
Why didn't the fish stab it?" Jiangru wondered.Chuanhui covered his mouth and laughed.
"The chefs know that this is a meal for the Empress Dowager.
They even picked the fish thorns.
They probably think that the Empress is old...""What's the New Year?""It's an old woman over half a hundred years old." The palace maids in the hall couldn't help but laugh inwardly when they heard Chuanhui's words."Aunt..." Jiang Ru pouted and looked at Chuan Hui.At this moment, a eunuch stood next to Chuanhui in a low voice, muttering something."Your Highness." Chuan Huizheng called out to Jiang Ru."What's wrong?" Jiangru had just noticed Chuanhui chewing on the little eunuch's ear, and he immediately snapped out of his daze and began to dig into his mouth.
His answer was somewhat blurry."Your Majesty, Your Majesty has decided that three days later, there will be a grand banquet to celebrate the return of Your Ladyship.
At the same time, it will be added.""Seal what?""Empress Dowager Sheng Muhuang." Chuanhui responded.Jiangru continued to dig, while I returned Shengmu Mumaliya.After dinner, Jiangru listened to Chuan Huihui's report on his next few days.
"Tomorrow, the Internal Affairs Academy will send imperial concubines some clothes and banquet materials.
I'll let you know the etiquette of the palace the day after tomorrow.
Early the next morning, the imperial concubines will pay their respects to you.
In the end, it will be a grand banquet.""...""Huh?
Where's the emperor's mother?
Oh, well, how many concubines does the emperor have?" Jiangru prayed that there weren't too many concubines in the palace."Do you think Queen Li?
Empress Dowager Li had already passed away a year ago.
One of His Majesty's imperial concubines was Noble Consort Ning, and there were three imperial concubines.
They were Consort Zhang, Consort Li, and Consort Lu.
There were nine imperial concubines: Madam Zhang, Madam Sun, Madam Qian, Madam Great Zhou, Madam Little Zhou, Madam Lu, Madam Qin, Madam Yang, Madam Chen.There were 11 of them, 12 beauties, only 31 of them, and..." Unfortunately, reality was the opposite of Jiangru's wishes."Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Why are there so many of them?" Jiangru made a mental calculation.
There were 68 people in total.
It looked like his aunt hadn't finished speaking yet.
Mi Li."These are all results of the selections in the past two years," Chuanhui reported."Aunt, why didn't you mention the empress?" Jiang Ru asked curiously."The Phoenix Seal has been lost for six years.
Now, there is no Empress." Chuan Hui smiled sheepishly.When Jiangru heard this, he yawned deeply.
He knew that it must have been because he had spoken to Luo Anchen all night last night, and he felt extremely tired right now."Does Your Ladyship want to rest for a while?""Mm, okay." Jiangru felt that Chuanhui was really understanding, so he let the maids undress him.Lying on the bed, she fell asleep not long after.......