Transmigration: The Empress Dowager

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Chapter 128

It was useless to have that kind of ideal.
It was so tiring.
It was better to rest at home.
The harem was so good.
There would be no war and no quarrels.
It was really the life of the harem.However, things were different in this imperial palace.
The people in his family had given them a lot of ideas.
If they wanted Jiang Ziang to continue living here, what would happen in the future?After such a big incident, Hai Tian naturally wouldn't be willing to go back to heaven with his mother."Mom, don't worry.
Today's incident is an exception.
I promise that it won't happen again.
Ask dad if you don't believe me." Jiang Ziang thought to himself.
He wouldn't let something like this happen again.
Although Uncle had seen the excitement, he had harmed a lot of people.At the very least, now that Jiangru and Luo Anchen had left this place and were far away from here, they didn't know if they would return in the future.Originally, Jiang Ziang didn't think much of these two people, but at least they weren't animals.
No matter what, he couldn't bear to watch them leave one by one.Jiang Ziang's grandfather was different.
He immediately returned home with some delicious food for Hai Tian.
"Ziang, hurry up and eat more.
Don't let yourself be so tired from now on."Thank you, Grandpa.
I got it.
As Jiang Ziang spoke, he received the food that his grandfather had kindly brought over.
Otherwise, it would have been too rude of him.Actually, in Jiang Ziang's heart, no matter what happened, as long as someone cared for him, he would be content.The Jiang clansmen of the past didn't know how to do this, but so what if they did?
Jiang Ziang had already found his own father, so of course he wouldn't care about it anymore.At the very most, she only felt grateful towards the people in the family, and would no longer have unspeakable family affections like before.Things like feelings weren't easy to talk about, nor were they easy to express.What happened now was too sudden, and Hai Tian couldn't accept it all at once.
Naturally, it was normal for his grandfather to worry too much.It wouldn't be normal if he wasn't worried at all.No one would have thought that Grandpa Hai had transferred everything under his name to Jiang Ziang's name.In that case, Jiang Ziang would be able to take over everything in the Jiang Family, which meant that he was the richest man in the court.However, Jiang Ziang didn't seem to care about these things the most.
What he cared most about was his own abilities.
He had to make himself a true king.As for money, he didn't seem to care at all.
Since he had a job now, of course he would have money.
Since he didn't want to get married so soon, there was naturally no need to save money.Also, his parents had a lot of money.
Money wasn't something he had to worry about, so he naturally didn't care about it.After leaving this place, perhaps Jiang Ziang would find some other things to do in the future.
However, it was impossible right now, because his mother would never let him do anything else.Now that she had asked him to manage the Jiang family's affairs, it could be considered as giving her some face.
Otherwise, she would have held onto her son and stayed at home to accompany her every day.Now that so many things had happened, Jiang Ziang knew that he was the person that his mother cared about the most in all these years.
It seemed like his father's position in his mother's heart wasn't that high.Of course, he was happy inside.
No matter what happened, as long as he had his mother in his heart, he believed that she would definitely agree.After so many things had happened, Hai Tian also wanted to let his mother not be so bored at home.
He really wanted to go find something fun and let him stay at home in peace.But how could there be anything fun right now?
His mother had never seen it before.
After thinking about it for a long time, he came up with a good idea.In any case, my mother had always hoped that he could get married quickly, and then give her a child to take care of.
Now, Jiang Ziang would go outside and bring a child back, so that my mother could help him take care of it.Of course, that child belonged to Jiang Ziang.
However, he didn't know if his mother would help him take care of the child.
Furthermore, he didn't know if he could bring it with him when he returned to the mortal realm.So now that she had to do something like this, did she have to ask daddy and mommy?However, if he asked his mother now, it wouldn't be a pleasant surprise.
He might as well ask his father first.
However, what he believed even more was that as long as Jiang Ziang carried the child home, as long as their entire family liked it, even if his uncle didn't agree to let them bring it back to the imperial harem, they would have a way to get the child to return with them..Of course, this was an exaggerated thought.
Big powers were not something Boss could possibly imagine.
He had long become the most powerful person in the imperial harem.
However, he loved Chuanhui too much, so he naturally didn't want to be in that position.
He just wanted to stay at home and spend some time with his wife..How would he know that even if he didn't sit in that position, he still had official business to do.Otherwise, he wouldn't have been misunderstood by his wife for having a path with another woman.
His wife ran over to the palace in a fit of anger.Furthermore, he had lived his entire life for more than twenty years.
This caused him to feel an indescribable pain in his heart.
If he could do it again, he definitely wouldn't let himself walk the same path again.Although he didn't want to snatch the position from Boss, he wouldn't let his wife escape him for so many years.
He had been waiting for so many years.No matter what happened in Hai Tian's heart, those things were not very important.
Right now, the most important thing was to see if anything fun would happen next.Uncle's idea was really good.
He had made everyone so nervous for quite some time, but what happened next?
What would happen next?As long as he could compare his intelligence with Uncle, Hai Tian was happy because he knew that he was just an ordinary person.
If he could compare his intelligence with the people in the sky, it must be a happy thing.What happened now made him look forward to what would happen next.But no matter what, Hai Tian was still very happy in his heart.
It was so exciting.After so many things had happened, he couldn't say what he was looking forward to.
His father seemed to still be the same as before and didn't care about anything at all."Daddy, aren't you worried?" Haitian probed.
He was afraid that he really didn't care about himself at all.
That would be the end of it.Thinking about it, he knew how could his father not care about him.
Of course, he wouldn't say that he didn't care about him.
His mother was also in the lead."Worried?
What's there to worry about?" The big guy wasn't worried at all.
He had the same expectation as his son.He didn't know what tricks the old general meeting had up his sleeves, so he was looking forward to it.
He really wanted to see his tricks right away, but he really didn't have any to worry about.In his heart, there was only a little bit of worry, and that was for his son.
However, this worry was only because he was his own son.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have any.
Just like before, there was a very important decision deep in his heart.If someone dared to harm his son on purpose, he would definitely not let that person off easily.
In his heart, his son was the most important.Nothing mattered.
His son was his life.
Of course, his wife was also his life.However, he had always known that his wife wasn't someone ordinary could bully, so there was no need for him to worry about his wife.Because his son had always been too strong, it was not impossible for him to be bullied.
Of course, it was normal for him to worry about his son.However, he couldn't tell him right now, because everything that had been done was fair.
He wouldn't speak carelessly, let alone randomly making decisions.He was afraid that when the people below started to move, it was not something that he could handle alone.No matter what, a contest like this required a person's heart to be stable.
Although he could go on and do whatever he wanted, he wanted everyone to be convinced.
No matter what happened, there would be no complaints.The things that happened now weren't that easy to solve, right?
No matter what, in Hai Tian's heart, daddy was a powerful person, so he obviously wanted to learn from him.In the past, when he wasn't a father, he worshipped him especially.
Now that he knew that he was his father, he wanted to learn from him even more.Even if she couldn't learn 100% from him, she still had to be 99%.
Otherwise, she would really disappoint daddy and make herself even sadder.Most people said that it was because of a light basket, but now that they had arrived at Jiang Ziang's place, it was fine as long as they weren't much worse than their father.Of course, this was just a decision he made now.
Perhaps he wouldn't think like that anymore when he had more martial arts in the future.Father knew very well what kind of person Hai Tian was.
He didn't want to admit defeat in his heart, otherwise he wouldn't have lived so tiredly.However, he had to admit that it was better for people to be a little tired sometimes.
At the very least, he had learned a lot to broaden his horizons.What happened now made Jiang Ziang's heart feel even more comfortable.
He watched as Jiang Ru sat down one by one.
His father had also entered the event.However, he didn't know what sort of tricks would be waiting for him.
He really wanted to know right away, but he knew that his father always separated work from work and wouldn't say anything related to work.If he wanted to get some reliable information from his mother, then that would be impossible.
After all, Jiang Ziang seemed to know a lot more than his mother.As long as Jiang Ziang and Chuanhui were together, the entire world would be at peace.The entire book was finished!