Rebirth: A Lifetime

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Chapter 128

As Huaite and the unknown blond youth confronted each other, a dazzling light sprinkled down from above.
One was screaming in the air while the other was laughing in high spirits.
An overwhelming force was ignited along with Sa Feisi's raised scepter.
Sunlight focused on the wand's magic crystal, and then the magic crystal turned the focus of the sun into a powerful beam of light, which hit the golden whip that was swinging.
The golden surface of the beam of light began to melt, and was carried away by the beam of light.
The beam of light continued to shoot backwards, coincidentally hitting the back of the golden-haired man.
The man was hit by the sudden attack, then rushed to the ground by the beam of light, and rose up a large amount of smoke..It wasn't long before the beam disappeared and the smoke and dust dissipated.
In an instant, it was deathly silent.
There was only a huge pit and a puddle of golden dregs left on the ground.
Originally, he thought everything would be over, but he didn't expect that the puddle of golden dregs would start to vibrate violently.
Then, he crawled out of the liquid gold and a person whose skin had been scorched to the point where only his muscles and bones were exposed.
He slowly climbed to the ground and said, "Ha!
You've schemed against me.""..."Then, he stood up and said, "You caused me to lose another set of skin pouches." As soon as he finished speaking, he transformed into Jiansheng Shengderuite's appearance and continued, "The undefeated Sang Desi's bloodline is indeed troublesome.
You've already messed it up before I could even hit you.
Looks like I'll have to show my true abilities.""..."Huaite smiled and explained, "My business is business, and I usually hide behind the scenes."As soon as Huaite finished speaking, the newcomer, De Ruite, had already arrived in front of Huaite's eyes.
He thrust a saber straight at Huaite's heart and shouted, "Then let's close up with you.
Let's see how you deal with it."Huaite immediately took out a small knife in his right hand to block the attack.
Xinsheng Shengderuite also threw the handle of the knife towards his left hand when he saw this.
He received the handle of the knife with his left hand and raised it upwards.
Then, he thrust the knife towards Huaite's left shoulder.
Huaite didn't panic and jumped backwards, causing Xinsheng Shengderuite's attack to miss.
He also took the opportunity to take out the Thunder Archery Spear and shoot at Xinsheng Shengderuite's back several times.
Xinsheng Shengderuite then used his Violent Flame Technique and plunged himself and his surroundings into a sea of flames, intending to use this to stop the shot and burn Huaite to death..Unexpectedly, Huaite had already dodged with a single step.
Not only did the flame fail to block Huaite's shot, but it had also triggered Huaite's trap.
The saltpeter that Huaite had sprinkled on the ground earlier was instantly triggered by the flame, causing a series of explosions.
In order to dodge the explosions, Xinsheng Shengderuite flew into the air.
However, just then, Huaite fired several more shots at Xinsheng Shengderuite, accurately striking several vital organs on his body.
Even so, Xinsheng Shengderuite was still alive..The newcomer, De Ruite, waved his hand to the side, and the holy sword flew into his hand.
Then, Ruite brandished his holy sword, sending out countless sword auras to strike Huaite, who was on the ground.
As he swung his sword, he charged towards Huaite, his aura unstoppable..However, Huaite didn't hurry and dodged the sword aura slash that was invisible to the eyes.
In the face of the newcomer De Ruite's advance, he didn't retaliate in the slightest.
"Could it be that there's a trap?" thought the newcomer, De Ruite.Several seconds later, the newcomer, De Ruite, charged less than a meter away from Huaite.
In less than three seconds, he would behead Huaite.
Unexpectedly, at this moment of nervousness, Huaite blurted out, "Your reward!"A grenade exploded between Xinsheng Shengderuite and Huaite.
It wasn't a first class grenade, but a black hole grenade that couldn't devour everything.
Xinsheng Shengderuite immediately jumped backwards and created several stone walls to block the black hole that had suddenly appeared..Just then, a question popped up in Xinsheng Shengderuite's mind, "Wouldn't Sang Desi's family harm the gravitational force of the black hole?
To think that they would dare to set off a black hole grenade in close proximity."However, the answer was obvious.
Huaite, Sang Desi, had already moved to his back.
He raised his sword with his right hand, while Xinshen Shenderuite dodged the black hole.
His back was facing Huaite as he flew straight to where he stood.
Then, Huaite stabbed his heart, causing Xinsheng Shengderuite to spit out blood.
He said angrily, "Is everything within your calculation?
Sang Desi's family?""..."Huaite smiled and said, "Alright, now is the end of the game.
If you have any other abilities, don't use them."After being stabbed in the chest, the new De Ruite changed back into a weak old emperor and replied, "Since all the roles are here, I'll take a rest first!""This time, it's a king.
How interesting!"The old emperor shouted, "My son!
There are assassins trying to kill me!"Huaite looked around and found that the prince had already led the army to surround the two of them.
Then he said, "The prince is here!
Do you think he and his men can deal with me?"After hearing Huaite's question, Lao Huangdi responded, "You're a human after all.""But you're a devil.
You should have other plans!
They're not your reinforcements, but your offerings!"However, the old emperor ignored him and continued to shout, "My son!
Kill him!"